Tracking Namor?

January 21, 2016:

A meeting at DMD with the Waterpeople reveals some shocking information

DMD Lab - Atlantic Ocean


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The aftermath of the Battle of the Atlantic has been chaotic. The damage to both the Blue and Atlantean armed forces, while not irrecoverable, has been considerable, and the Black have reported that the Lord of the Deep is massing his forces once again.

There is unrest on the surface. Isolated coastal towns are being emptied quietly and frighteningly of their inhabitants. Much of this happens in the third world where such disappearances escape the notice of anyone beyond the local authorities. It's bad news all around. And more evidence has been given to the surfacers that dire deeds are afoot under the waves. Can it be long before they stage some manner of incursion or intervention?

Rowan is at DMD today, visiting with the surfacer scientists, as these thoughts occupy his mind and very much expecting visitors.

Entering DMD by way of the airlock, Ulani makes sure she's dry before allowing someone to escort her to Rowan. Speaking quietly to the assigned scientist, the Blue Envoy is getting used to the questions they ask. The Blue are still fairly foreign, maybe alien, to the Surfacers and if she can help them understand, without giving away Blue secrets, she's happy to do so.

Joining Rowan, she looks over with a smile. Waiting for him to finish his own conversation.

It's possible that the Atlanteans had not been invited to this meeting. It's equally possible that they simply couldn't attend due to being ridiculously busy with everything else going on in their home realm. But, Mera still manages to do a bit of multitasking and contact Ulani telepathically. It's not one hundred percent secure — not anymore — but it's better than being completely unaware of the topics discussed.

Eventually Ulani is shown to Rowan who is in one of the larger observation bubbles. And alone. The scientists at DMD have long since accepted their status as a protected (by Rowan) and more or less neutral and secret meeting place. It helps that Rowan lets them poke at him and his odd genetics and helps find them things for their research.

"Hello Ulani." And hello Queen Mera. This is going to be awkward. "Things quiet down in the Pacific a little, I hope?" He's not been there in a week or more.

Ulani's been back and forward to the Pacific a number of times. It's keeping her rather busy "A little, Rowan. There's been no major incursions but they're still poking at our settlements and we're receiving reports that they're hitting the coastline too. Much like that town we found the other day." All of this is relayed to Mera as she talks, she's getting used to the telepathic communication.

There have been attacks on coastal Surfacer settlements? Mera's ire can almost be felt through the telepathic link. Perhaps this information will be sufficient to convince our senate that Arthur's suggestion to temporarily ally with the Surfacers might actually be less than disastrous. After all, it is either that, or have to deal with Surfacer incursions on our waters at the same time as fending off attacks.

Not only that, but the settlements are being emptied of their inhabitants. The Blue believe that the Lord of the Deep is kidnapping them via agents and using them to replenish his ranks. So not only might the surfacers come down below, but the attacks themselves likely grow the Lord of the Deep's army.

I'm afraid thre's other bad news as well Mera. A marauding force has been spotted in eastern waters. Near the Indian ocean. It's possible that they intend to pillage Lemurian villages in the area or that they've spotted Prince Namor's fleet. Rowan himself has no idea of Namor's movements but the fleet is definitely something that would attract notice.

Ulani winces a little at Mera's 'tone', the ire can felt to be sure. The Surfacers are already despatching their navy, well several nations navy's to be exact, to investigate what happened in the Pacific. Her concern is transmitted through the link And I would expect similar in the Atlantic. beat The Blue will treat diplomatically with the military, if given the chance. But we can only speak for the Pacific. The concern is, what will Atlantis do when the Navy appears in their waters?

My intelligence indicates they're following a small flotilla of ships. We suspect they are scouting party for King Namor. But they'll also hit the Lemurians' as they move through. Of that, we are sure.

The advance warning is appreciated. Their investigations will not be misconstrued as aggressive posturing. I will ensure that they are not. There is a brief pause from Mera's side of the telepathic conversation. Has anyone been able to ascertain Namor's opinion of recent events?

No. Rowan shakes his head out of reflex, forgetting that Mera cannot see him. Unfortunately the Blue have been unable to make contact. If the Black have, they haven't mentioned. And they're hard to read, sometimes. The Lemurians who //are talking to us are reporting only that some of his ships have been in the area.// There's a pause. The Lemurians are marshalling their beastmasters and, uh, allies. But knowing their government, it will take them some time to put together a coalition capable of opposing a full fledged incursion. Or at least, if things are the same here as they were on my world. The Blue are considering dispatching elements of the 1st fleet and the Elite.

Ulani has more information on that.

Again, our intelligence confirms Rowans suppositions. Ulani chimes The Blue have not heard from the Black on this matter. The Blue female looks to Rowan as he shakes his head, a small tight smile tugging at her lips before she sobers again.

Not considering sending some of the 1st fleet and the Elite. Orders were issued on my way here. I'm to report to duty when this meeting is done.

Pacing slowly round the room they are in, Ulani comes to as stop at the window, looking out into the inky darkness We're sending at least one third of the first fleet and every Elite Blue we can muster. The only Elite excused from duty are those whose injuries won't allow it and those who are pregnant. The Blue are treating this seriously.

Rowan knows and Mera will pick Ulani's concern here … can they trust the first fleet, or will it end up like the attack in the Pacific, with portions of the fleet simply not arriving. Of course, the Blue have vetted the crews again, but will it be enough?

I have informed Arthur, and that is all I can do for now. Mera's irritation is what bleeds through this time. Our entire army has been at full alert since the first major incursion. If there are rogue elements mixed in…

There almost certainly are rogue elements mixed in. The Lord of the Deep's agents have had a long time to get in position. And hide. The Blue are finding it out to their cost. The Lemurians likely will as they attempt to defend their home waters. The Atlanteans? Well Rowan hopes that it doesn't cost them too much… but they seem to know when and where to strike. We'll keep you informed, your Majesty. Good luck.

Your Majesty. I trust I will see you again and soon. Ulani is in soldier mode now, getting ready to head into another engagement Rowan, you are invited to join us, if you wish.

With the meeting coming to a close, she turns to find her escort and be led to the airlock … so she can deploy on the next engagement. An engagement she's sure will turn ugly.

Thank you both. I look forward to hearing from you again. I will likewise inform you of anything pertinent. Mera ends the telepathic communication and returns her full attention to her surroundings. Namor's fleet and the Lemurians joining. Things truly are becoming desperate.

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