January 22, 2016:

Rose announces she's leaving the X-Men. After returning Jean's gift.

Jean's Office


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So… All good plans end up sucking.

Never make plans, Rose. You embody chaos.

Perhaps the new 'do' embellishes in the fact. Platinum hair that was once long is now cut extrodinarily short save pieces that could be salvaged and remain longer. You can tell she did it herself in a mirror and with a knife. The excuse she gave Nate? She'd likely punch the stylist. Good enough excuse to sheer the sheep she looked like in their bathroom.

So when Rose comes a knocking she is in new boots as well. Laced and buckled to just beneath the knee, each strap bearng small metal plates, much like what contours the toe externally, soles thickly, enough to elevate her height a few inches and harbor knives when she takes them to 'her guy'. A lot got buried last night.

But from the pocket of pants a red sash hangs, hooked to a keyring within her pocket.

No knock, no ceremony here, Rose tugs the red ascot from her pocket and reveals a single switch-key to sway back and forth as she hunts down Jean or Scott…


It is the morning after the electrifying meeting at Mutant Town. Nate managed to keep Rose sleeping about eight hours, which was no mean feat. At least some bruises and burns faded by the morning. He has the impression she was far angrier about her hair than about being half-cooked. Truth is Rose allows herself few vanities, but long hair was one of them.

"You seem in quest, Rosie," he comments grumpily. They were out of coffee at the bungalow, and he has yet to raid the cafeteria. It is in among his priorities, though. Just behind finding out what is up with the girl and those keys.

So it's been an hour since Jean had returned. And really, she made as much noise of her arrival as she would any time. She'd sneak in, she'd get some work done uninterrupted, and finally hit the showers for a long nap and -finally- would address the double black eyes that she sports. And broken nose. Nurse Anne would pitch a fit, if she'd let her.

And she just smells like bad liquor and cigarettes, sitting upon her desk with her ripped jeans and Chucks, the NY hoodie nearly tattered and smeared with her blood, her red hair? Dull and greasy. She just looks like pure shit. A rare sight and something that she doesn't want anyone to see.

But she can -feel- them. It's not like Rose was hiding her presence. There was no hiding with that girl unless she wanted to and it seemed as if she had came along with Nate and a purpose. So be it.

+MEET: Scott Summers has arrived via +meet.

When Jean let Scott know she was returning to the Institute, he immediately cut short his meeting with X-Red - he was rather out of place there anyway. As she's sitting upon her desk, Scott is actually behind the desk, doing everything in his power not to jump her right then and there. But they've already had that talk as he leans back in the chair. "You'll never guess who shleped in today. Alex. And apparently Brinley talked him into X-Red." he shrugs his shoulders, and frowns a little.

He's been back into the juggling mode as he folds his arms across his chest to look up at her. "Alright, what's up?" he says, able to see the expression on her face as she feels the others approaching. "And how much liquor are we going to need?"

Not much time had passed since the Chicago trip, but right on return she helped Ripclaw and needed sleep. Or well, was forced to. Nate won, kinda since he was gunning for 12 and got 8. So she had not time to tell Nate she took the Beamer on a one way joyride.

"The past week has been…enlightening. The past 3 days especially." Pausing she looks at Nate outside of Jean's door. "You can go get coffee if you like." If he did not want to hear this, but she was not making it a demand as she entered Jean's office uncerimoniously and left the door open behind her. She knew better.

The red scarf looked like it belonged in Scooby Do when worn, now it looked like frayed scrap, but Rose did not do bows so it was knotted arond the ring and set down upon Jean's desk, with a moment of silence.

Nope, not prayer, Rose ain't a believer unless it's in chaos.

"I am returning your keys with my," Was she even hired? No, welcomed. "Departure from Xavier's."

The mismatched gaze slides to Scott with a small lift in brow, more like an upper eye tic would best describe her reaction. The man's been different and it should settle well, but it doesn't.

"Jean, you look like hell," that is Nate first reaction at seeing Jean battered and bruised like… well, someone else he knows that shows up like that when coming from work. At least the redhead kept her hair.

Rose's statement gets her a blank glance. It is not as if she has not getting more and more distant from the school in the past months. He didn't pry, and he should have. "Hell of a morning," he grumbles.

"Alex is back?" Jean questions, interested. "How'd that.. oh. X-Red." It wasn't that she was disappointed. But more and more of the people affiliated with the X-Men or not were coming out of the proverbial closet and it almost seemed like the -in- thing. Not that she minded. She only cared that they were careful. But when Scott picks up upon that look upon her face, she gestures to the door right before it's opened, Rose's new do has her brows lifting, pained of course but lifting, her brows lowering again as one draws itself upright with a slight.. slight sigh.

At least she returned the car.

"Well.." Jean states, leaning sideways to reach for the keys, her fingers grasping upon the red fabric with a twirl of it around her finger, Nate's comment about her present state is given a look and.. with a slight shrug of her shoulders. Could she stop Rose from leaving? Of course she could! But would she want to? Nope. "You mind?" She asks of Rose, gesturing towards her nose. It was still a little bit crooked and swollen, it needs a quick fix.

As Rose gives him a raised brow, his own raises in a confused glance back at the woman as the ruby-lensed young man listens to the declarations of departure and Scott folds his hands over each other on the desk as he looks between Jean and Rose. Not that Scott is going to interfere with the decisions being made, but hear Nate's tone and grumble, he offers a sympathetic smile. It's not the first time someone's come into the office and made the paticular declaration that Rose has made, and she won't be the last.

However, Scott finds himself asking the question that Jean doesn't ask. "Is there a reason behind this decision, or have you just decided you needed a change of pace in your life?" he asks, a faint bit of worry as he glances towards Nate, halfway expecting the young man to follow her out. Even if he was caught off-guard, but he holds the two of them respectfully as a couple.

"The car is impounded and evidence for police in Chicago. It's totalled and they'll be pulling pieces of someone from it for the next week." When Jean gestures to her nose, Rose obliges. She has had to do this to herself and others before, it is nothing new to her. Nate's comment gets a glance and a small bit of tenson comes to her shoulders, but she has a way to work that out…

And when she goes around the desk, places one palm, flat, on one side of Jean's nose nd brings the other against it like a clap but with a small obstruction it all cracks, the small bits of cartilage realigning… Imagine that, tension gone!

Hearing about X-Red her gaze shifts from Jean to Scott and then back, stepping away to stand beside Nate, but keeping some distance between them. "X-Red has good intent, but I prefer your methods, even if I cannot fit within them, or even touch them."

Scott's question hits it right though and for a moment her eyes snap back and forth as if the answer would come from the air.

"Your car and it's state is one reason. Scott. You have known what I came from, but not who. You fought them with me when they brought the good fight to the door of this place. So did Jean and others."

Pausing she looks from one to the next and rises a shoulder in a shrug.

"People change." Looking pointedly at Scott she felt no need to elaborate and instead hooked thumbs in the pockets of leather pants.

"I however remain constant, and despite proposing a mutant team meant to get the job done, I do not feel my methods nor the paths I cross need to bring more to the plate. Don't worry about the registration being traced back, by the way. I ripped that info out."

Looking to Jean. "Whoever did that. Hope he's singing praises in the new monks unit of eunuchs. If singing at all."

"I am staying," mentions Nate, almost hearing Scott's question. "Well, I will be available for X-Men operations. I am of no use in the school." And he has not been living in the school for a while, anyway. As for Rose, he will talk with her later. The lost vehicle is not even considered. Junk is junk, even if it has wheels.

Stepping ahead, he studies her face a few seconds and then shakes his head at Jean's injuries. "Why are you up here? You should see the nurse right away." It is very bad Nate is sprouting the common sense advice in a room. "I am going to get some coffee, and if by the time I got it you aren't in the medlab with Annie, I will drag you there myself. See ya soon." He heads out.

Jean stares at the keys. They were a gift. A well thought out gift from Scott for Christmas. Her mouth opens, then closes again, but she takes it all in, so much as lifting her chin just a little until…


…that had to hurt. She uses that hurt to mask the tears from the totaled car, her eyes blinking rapidly as she draws in a heavy, painfilled sniff, wiping away at her tears and stepping away from Rose to move to the other side of the desk to snatch a few napkins to stop the fresh bleed that surfaces.

She was listening, though it appears that she wasn't. She was really crying about that damn car, and her nose.. which came second. But what could anyone do?

"Good." Is all Jean says.. about the car or Rose leaving? Obviously the car. She didn't need Chicago cops knocking down her door as it is.

"But Rose.." Jean mutters out with a slight snort. "You do know that if you need, a home and door is always open here for you." She glances towards Nate, a clear frown upon her face. He probably was one of the many few who could actually drag her down to Annie. And with a huff she waves her fingers in his direction, her next path marked for her by the sole voice of reason within the office. Damn not-so-much kids.

As for her injuries, she gives a nod. The man wasn't a eunuch, he however was locked up after confessing to the police for crimes that he did commit and told them where to find it. That was good enough for her.

"I see." Scott watches Jean for a moment before he pushes back from the desk to rise to his feet. "Well, if you're chosing to run away with your tail between your legs because of what happened to the car.. it's just metal, metal I may have spent a long time restoring, but still metal. It's not the lives it helped to possibly protect in the process." he says flatly. "I still hold you in far more respect than I do any hunk of metal, Rose. If you choose to leave - as Jean said, you will always have a home here. You are respected, and you will be missed; not just for your abilities and capabilities. But because you provided something that some of us could never hope for. A sense of balance. You brought a sharp edge when we were thinking just a little duly, and I hope you the best in whatever you decide to do in the future."

"Now, I'm going to make sure that Jean actually listens to Nate and gets looked at, even if I have to club her over the head and drag her down to Annie myself."

"If you guys want to stay hidden - I'd close that door." A rock back on heels and that gaze follows Nate out, but only briefly. She knew he's be annoyed, but there was some reasoning that was personal and some professional.

"After your blatant and open change in stance towards me," A nod to Scott, though his words had her narrow her eyes at him, although th follow up has her rolling her eyes. "She's a grown ass woman. Far more grown than I am, has obviously hammered out several babies in one life or another. If she can squeeze something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a golf ball… repeatedly - I think she can decide on her own how fast she moves to the nurses."

Obviously Rose is a bit fed up with being told as well. Even if it is best for her. "I got a unicorn band-aid in my pocket so she can keep breathing."

Pausing she tilts her head. "I think you guys should consider a bit of an open stance." One deep breath in and it slowly blows out. "You know when people aren't aware, and you tell them to run and they don't? Because they think being a mutant is /fun/? Even cosplaying one. Unknowing of the heavier threats because…" Beat. "We're heavier people. Some don't run and they die. Slag n the concrete, one watches and cries his makeup off, spouting hatred. Hatred played out and aided by mental coersion and manipulation."

"X-Red has some things right. But that kid I told to run, I told them all, and two fried, the other bore witness. And I swore to kill the purpose, this Mother. But it is hard to do from behind a wall when she is so fast to make public her mental manipulations and deaths while we hide."

One hand rises as if she'd run it through long hair and fell…short, playing on air that made her hand ball into a fist.

"I never was good at being a ninja." Sneak to get the -point- across, oh yes. But eventually Rose's mouth gave everything the fuck away.

Jean raises her hand to at least stop the assault on words. Yes, she's a grown woman, but there were times where even the elders needed love too. She wasn't going to say that, nor speak upon it. She would actually go to the nurse when she was ready. Which.. means after a shower and a decent nap. "I don't need a bandaid."

She leans back upon the desk as she gives a shake of her head. "In regards to the children, those decisions are made when their parents or.. those without parents and have us in place decide. We don't keep them here forever. If they want to strike out into the world, then so be it. We can't stop nor change what they decide what to do with their own lives but we do and always will provide the tools and the open door to -allow- them the best decisions for all involved."

"Or.. a place where they can lay their head to relax, a sense of peace." This school was hardly peaceful, but they have a sense of comraderie here. Family, where no one else wanted them.

But she understood what Rose was saying, even if her words were a bit out of anger. And that makes her take a step forward, her arm carefully wrapping around the womans shoulder, cheek to bruised cheek, and sighs. "I love you Rose." And really, that was all that needed to be said in that moment, for a light kiss was pressed to her cheek before she steps her smelly self back and out of the way for a smack.

"I don't know what you have planned, and whatever it is, it sounds like it's going to get bad. If it ever gets too bad, just knock on the door." Scott says, deciding to allow Jean to handle most of the other things that need to be said, rather than rising to the anger that seems to be coming from the young woman. "Take care of yourself out there." he adds with finality.

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