The Door Never Closes

January 22, 2016:

Alex returns to the Institute, catches up with Scott and meets Brinley Myers of X-Red.

X-Mansion Kitchen



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"It's a total wreck." Scott is saying into the phone as he walks into the staff kitchen of the mansion, carrying his mug with him as he heads towards the coffee pot. "How soon can you have a tow truck out to collect it? And I'll have someone sign off on the salvage title." he lets out a sigh as he listens to the response before he nods a little. "By noon? Thank you, I appreciate it." Clicking off the phone, he lets out a sigh. "So much for that Christmas present."

Alex is standing in the kitchen archway. He's watching his brother engage someone on the phone in such a dour mood. His left shoulder, jacketed by a leather bomber jacket, is leaned against the facing. His dark blue jeans are maintained over his hiking boots and beneath his jacket he seems to wear his original black costume top. His arms are crossed over his chest and he says, "No kidding. I never got one." referring to christmas presents, or lack thereof.

Scott's in an under-armor shirt, denim jeans, and a pair of loafers. It's a class day, after all. At the sound of his brother's voice, Scott snorts. "That's because you were never around to collect it, you lug." he mutters as he sets down the mug and goes to grasp Alex's forearm with a firm and fond grip. "Kids. If you ever have them, don't let your girlfriend loan them her car." he says with a shake of his head. "How're you?" The concern is clearly there, Alex has been gone for quite a while, and while Scott understands the need to find one's self - he's still the older brother.

Alex's hair is the most changed. It's longer, nearly shoulder length and straight. It's pulled back out of his clean shaven face. His blue eyes seem alight with his brother's image, looking about Scott's face for all the familiar things he recalls. The forearm is grabbed, he smirks with the statement about girlfriends, kids and cars, and then he doesn't just stop at the forearm, his other arm reaches to pull Scott close. Apparently he's missed his brother. From his chest, he half chuckles and then the embrace is released.
Responding to the question, Alex says, "I'm good, Scott. How about you?"

Scott hasn't changed much - but some of the softer lines he had from schoolteaching has left him. His embrace of Alex is strong for a moment then as Alex releases, he does as well. "Returning to your California roots?" It's asked in a half-tease as he steps back and rubs the back of his head with a laugh and retreats to his coffee mug. "Do you want the standard Scott Summers answer that it's all okay, or do you want the actual truth?"

Pouring himself a mug of black to take a drink from, he re-tops it off to turn around and lean against the counter. "Jean's just now getting over being mad at me for leaving the school in her hands, but then she decided to run off for a few days, I'm assuming after Logan. Tried to talk to him; got slugged for my troubles, and he's out killing Purifiers or some crap. Betsy's handling the school for now, I'm handling the team side of it. Let's see, what else. Dropped Rachel off in Scotland so she's out of sight for a while, so she's not causing trouble - oh, and Hank's been kidnapped and the NYPD wants to come sniffing around the school because of it."

"So yeah, I'm doing great." Scott concludes as he takes a draw from his mug.

Alex will enter the room with him and find his own piece of counter real estate to lean against. The rundown of current events causes Alex's brow to furrow and a look of concern forms. His lips part and he's about to say something but then realizes it's probably not best to go into details at this juncture. Instead he says a long, non commital, "Yeaaaaaah. You're not just doing great, you're doing spectacular. Dude….. things don't change here, do they?"

"Another day at Xavier's, little brother." Scott says as he lifts his mug, shifting over slightly so that Alex can have access to the coffee pot if he wants it. "Now. About you. You've been gone for a while. I didn't want to interfere or bother you, but I have been concerned." Taking another long draw of coffee before he glances towards his brother. "Want to talk about it? And nothing about I have enough on my shoulders; you're family, and you get priority."

He apparently wants no coffee, instead Alex remains somewhat pensive, yet trying to appear relaxed, against the countertop. When the offer is made to talk 'about it', Alex is caught off guard. He chuckles. Then he states, "Not really.", which is the token little brother answer or the 'nothing, or nothing is wrong' response of former years.

Scott chuckles. "Well, this is going to be a short conversation then." There's a slight worry in his voice at the fact that Alex doesn't want to talk, but that seems to be the normal for the Summers' kids. "Alright, well, if you don't want to talk about that, I could harass you to see if you've found a nice girl to settle down with yet; or better yet, if you're back here - are you back for good, or is this just a temporary visit before you run off again? Things are getting kinda tight around here, Alex. We could use the extra pair of hands around here."

"Dammit." he says with a hint of aggitation and shakes his head. There was a trigger in the lengthy notes of Scott's statements. That trigger goades Alex into responding more than just saying Dammit. He adds, "…Scott." to the sentence. He hesitates and pushes himself off the counter with a sigh. He starts to walk, because walking while talking is far better to make the brain work. "Really. I didn't come back here for that. I. I just wanted to say hello."

"Alex." Scott knows his name too, see? He watches his brother push off and pace the kitchen and his concern only grows. "If there's something you need to talk about, you know I'm going to listen. I'm not going to pry into your life, I know you want to do your own thing, and while you may think my shadow here is all-encompassing it doesn't mean that I'm going to command or lord over you or whatever you may be thinking." There's a sigh as he lets out a breath. He wants to add more, but he stops himself, allowing the room for Alex to speak his peace.

He turns on his heel to face Scott from across the room. It's almost like he's planned out the dialogue and the way the conversation was expected to go. But he fails on the delivery of his response and it comes across somewhat disjointed. "Really bro, yes. I'm looking for something. You're right. You're always right. I know it would be great to come back here. Knowing I've missed it. The people, the activity, the familiarity. But out there…" he indicates outside beyond the school, "The world is so /not Xaviers/. Not crazy, not jacked up with all the conflict and the.. crazy. You've always been here. You've always been Xavier's top student. Now look at you. Teacher extraordinare, X-Man. Leader. I really never fit in. Which is why I left. I needed to find my place, my value, my purpose. But shit. Coming back here, which is why I hadn't till now, just makes me feel like I did back when." he chuckles silently with a shake of his head and an annoyed grin.

Scott holds up his hands. "Alright, you need to know I'm not perfect? Here goes. I abandoned my post, my place here as top student, as the pride and joy of Xavier to go out and protect my daughter from the future when she did something extraordinarily dumb." There's a grunt as he sets down his mug and places the back of his hands against the counter. "I got to see what life was like outside of Xavier's, and as a wanted criminal. Within three days they had a prison built specifically to my powers to make sure they were nullified. For a month, I was treated as a prisoner of war. I put myself out there against my own thoughts because I let what I thought was best for Rachel be put in front of what was best for everyone else - even myself."

There's a hint of anger in his voice as he squeezes his hands against the counter. "I left because I knew if Rachel came back here, the school would come under siege. It would be all over the news - school for freaks harbors terrorists. The dream would be dead, most likely in a hail of gunfire." Scott blows out his breath as he turns away from his brother to cradle the coffee mug. "I gave up everything to help someone - and in the end, she was ready to even sacrifice me to prevent what she saw as her future from happening again. I nearly lost Jean, my freedom.. everything. I don't have much, Alex. And I envy that about you, that you can still be care-free and not have to worry about it all. But I do. And you're the only brother I've got. So you'll have to forgive me for holding on too tight. If you want to leave, I'm not going to stop you."

"But I'm not going to close the door, either."

The expression of Alex's face turns to that of confusion and subtle shock. His head tilts slightly to the right and he listens to Scott's speel about how much of a bad boy he had been. Then the loss, the crazy of the story and then Jean. Alex knows all about how Scott and Jean were puppydog eyeing one another back in the day. Then when Scott is done and states the stuff about the leaving and staying Alex actually smiles. His tone is jabbing with the mark of a taunt or tease, "Damn Scott, welcome to the black sheep club."

"We can't all be white sheep, little brother." Scott says with a self-depreciating smile as he turns around and smirks at Alex's expression. "I know, next thing you know, I'll be stealing candy from babies and jaywalking against the light. "And we both know that Emma Frost is the only one that can pull off wearing white around here." Though Jean made it look damn good, too. He won't bring that up though. "What's your plan, Alex? If you're not staying here, I can suggest that perhaps you talk to Brinley about being in X-Red, but you'd have to go public with your identity, something I'm not sure you're keen on. Unless you just plan to do your own thing, in which case.. what can I do to help?"

There's a slight flinch as Scott notes Emma being in the house and even a half worried look in his eyes. But then he's distracted by other words and names… Instead of going down the decision rabbit hole, he asks, "Brinley? Red?" being curious about the setup, knowing he avoids reading anything about superheroes or x-men especially, in the papers.

"Don't worry, she's not going to jump out of the shadows at you. She doesn't even live here." Scott says with a shrug, noticing Alex's reaction to the mention of the White Queen. "I haven't seen her myself since I've gotten back. Anyway.. Brinley Myers, she goes by Mana. Empath, real good with people. She and some of the others, notably Bobby and Pitor, are working out of the old TWA terminal down in the city. They're the public arm of the X-teams; wanting to make a difference in places like M-Town and be the embodiment of Xavier's Dream. No secret identities or the like - they live out in the open. I don't envy them on that. There's X-Black, it's handled by Betsy and Nate, they do the covert stuff. Gold is the staff here at the school. We're more the training arm, though we can still handle most of the field missions, and then Kurt's over in Blue, which is mainly the support staff, they rarely go out on missions."

"Jeez." Alex responds after hearing the levels and multiples of the teams. "Seriously? You need four teams. Has this turned into a paramilitary organization or something?"

"No. But the world isn't getting any nicer to us, Alex." Scott responds. "And really, it's four teams, because everyone has their own interpentation of what they percieve as to handle Xavier's ideals. Jean and I sorta drift between them all. She handles the school and students and personal issues - I just help lead in the field work when needed."

There's a brief moment of thought and he says, "I've really got nothing against going public. Dad's off in space and well, we don't have any other family that's directly linked to us. So…" and he hesitates a moment, "Lemmie talk to this Mana chick. Maybe it'll be a love connection and then I'll get to update my super suit."

Scott visibly flenches slightly at the mention of a love connection. "Careful, little bro, she can sense that from a mile away and she's a lot like one of my kids - so if you break her heart, there's going to be a lot more than noogies in the future." he cautions playfully as he roots around in a drawer to find a pen and pulls out a napkin to write down Brinley's number. "Give her a call, she'll be happy to meet you." With that, he hands over the napkin to Alex before reaching to give his brother another embrace. "And you will always have a room here if you want it. Or need it."

"Oh whoa. I was making a game show joke." Alex denies in a humorous tone and then moves to take the number. He's embraced, and returns the gesture. He's not much for words at the very second, but states, "Thanks bro. I'm.. yeah."

"You're flattered, honored, some other word I can come up with that totally doesn't match up with what you really are." Scott teases Alex, giving his shoulder a nudge. "The other thing you should know about Brin is that she's probably the only person around here better than me at finding herself in some kind of trouble." he points out as he releases his little brother to return to his coffee mug. "Now.. about your Christmas present. You didn't leave me an address to send it to, and it's taking up entirely too much room in the garage."

Alex rolls his eyes and chuckles with the shake of his head, "Yeah, honored, that's the word I was really going for. Then he processes the whole Christmas thing. "Hang on, what did you say? You actually got me something?"

Speak of the devil, or maybe not devil, Brins car pulls up in the parking lot at the Institute. After Natalia's 'assasination' and 'Bertos display, it had taken the small brunette a few days to recover and then there had been the National Exams for EMT certification.

Scott might have /suggested/ the brunette take it easy - but that doesn't seem to be in Brins genetic code.

Sliding from the car, it's clear she's come from work - the black jumpsuit with red sidepanels, belt crossing low over hips with a belt buckle made a piece of a sentinel in stylised X (a gift from Bobby), and a small lapel pin with the same X (a gift from Scott), being her X-Red uniform.

It takes a few moments to make way her way to the kitchen, where she's reliably informed Scott is, she stops briefly at the door at looks at the brothers. "Hi Scott…" she murmurs as she makes her way over to hug him. Alex gets a smile of course "Hi, I'm Brin, aka Mana."

She'd be blushing if she knew they'd just been talking of her.

"Of course I did, you're family." Scott smirks at his brother. "It's okay if you didn't get me anything, you're not the only one that didn't." he says with an amused shake of his head. "We're all adults and not celebrating that stuff, but I was feeling a little nostalgic this year. Anyway, it's hanging on the back wall of the garage. I didn't bother to wrap it." Later on when Alex goes out to the garage, he'll find a bamboo surf board that Scott had ordered for him.

"Speak of the devil." Scott grins as Mana arrives. Returning Brinley's hug, he pulls her back to check her bullet holes, broken bones, and what not and finding none, he gives a little grin. "You seem to be taking it easy." he teases her before he grins even more. "This is Alex." he explains to Brinley. "I was just giving him the layout of the X-Teams and he's interested in your little motley crew." Releasing Brinley, he does a more proper introduction. "Brinley Myers of X-Red, this is Alex Summers, little brother and the original pain in my ass before I got the rest of you."

Turning to see the new arrival, Alex will ponder the nature of coincidence when seeing that it's the woman they were just talking about. He watches the exchange between Scott and her and has no considerations of the familiarity of their connection. Instead he listens and then says, "Hey." in a simple greeting which is followed by a, "Good to meet you."

Brins dark eyes settle on Scott as he checks for obvious injuries "Sort of taking it easy, yeah." she murmurs "I've got something that I need to share with you, though" There it is, the tightness around her eyes.

Turning to Alex and holding out a hand, speaking quietly as she normally does "We're not really motley. I think Bobby's guitar playing is better, though he'll argue that. Pleased to meet you too." Taking a moment to consider the man, she continues "I'd be happy to speak with you about X-Red. Wait… Summers. Are you two related?"

A warm hand takes Brin's and Alex grips firmly. Then with the question about being related, Alex grins and glances to Scott. "No, not at all. He's just a jerk that I happened to share the same parents with."

"Before you ask, he's not from the future." That ever-present smirk returns to Scott's features as he takes out a mug for Brinley so that she can pour herself some coffee. He'll let Alex handle the relations part as he tops off his mug and takes a draw from it. "What's going on, Brin?" he asks, turning thoughtful as she gets that look that he gets when there's something that needs to be addressed.

"I … see." Brin can't help but smile at Alex's response. "Just share the same parents, I get it." The siblings Brin can claim are the ones that live at the Institute and now X-Red. "And not from the future, well that's a good thing… So where do hail from then, Alex?"

Scotts question gets a wry look as Brin pours herself a cup of coffee "Good news first, I passed my EMT certification. Which makes me legal." Reaching into her bag, she pulls out a letter … several pages with photos printed on them.

The photo's are all of Brin, from her return to X-Red early last year. All taken from a distance … all relatively public…

The letter simply says Brin, you've grown up so well

She's still holding onto to the last image though.

Alex has no clue what theyre all talking about so he keeps quiet. It's probably best that way. They're obviously catching up and things so he shifts back to the counter to lean against it. He also figures that the /interview/ will happen later on. Even though he's still not sold on it all. So with the question she poses, he answers simply, "California" and chooses not to interrupt the other conversation any further than that.

"You did? We need to have a celebration then, congratulations, Brin!" Scott says, genuinely proud of the young woman, knowing that passing the certification was a dream of hers. "He's from California, so it might be from the future, who knows." There's a pause, and a frown. "We were seperated when we were young, after our parents.." But his attention falls fully upon the photos and then the note. "How old are these pictures?" he starts with the questions immediately, passing them over to Alex if he wants to take a look as he glances at the letter and then to Brinley. Knowing his own past as an orphan and what he went through, he glances up to her. "Any idea who would have sent you this?"

Casting a glance as Alex goes quiet, Brin offers an apologetic smile, not quite sure what she's sensing from him, before looking again to Scott. "Thanks, Scott. Nick took me to dinner the other night to celebrate, but I could do more."

The admission the pair had been separated when … yeah, she's not sure what happened but it's not a happy vibe … has her wincing. At least her parents are still alive - even if she doesn't see them.

"Those ones? They go back to about April last year. Not long after I returned from sabbatical." The senior staff of the Institute know that Brin suffered a /lot/ of emotional trauma in the field when she was eighteen… it had taken a while to help her recover.

Laying the last image on the table, so both brothers can see it, she gets even quieter. Scott may recognise her there, she's eighteen and the photo is of her in the field, bloody and dirty, cradling a young man about her age in her lap … it's taken during The Incident …

"That one… about 6 years ago."

Alex will glance over the pictures, from afar, casually, but not really having a base emotional response for them. They're pictures to him. It's like reminissing with someone you don't know. It takes a reall long time. He lets them discuss these things. He's actually reminded of NatGeo photography. Who was the woman with the striking blue eyes?

"Someone's been stalking you for the last six years?" Scott can easily memorize about the incident, as it were, but to him, it's another in long line of incidents he has to shoulder and bear. "Why are they just now coming out now?" he asks in slight confusion. "I doubt something about graduating as an EMT would have brought them out. And while you're the defacto speaker for X-Red, there's nothing that suggests they want to leverage that against you. Do you have any ideas on who it might be?" he asks as he looks up to Brinley.

"Don't know, Scott. That arrived a week or so ago, well before my graduation." Glancing to Alex, the brunette smiles again "Is there anything you'd like to ask about X-Red, Alex? Sorry to drop this on you both like this…" a look to Scott "Wanda was wondering if that last image, might have been a screen capture. Was that mission monitored from here?" Because if it was, it would give her a vector to start investigating.

The more the story unfolds, the more Alex looks concerned with the concept of a stalker, stalking her and or the team. He realizes that the situation is a little more dicy that he may know and he shakes his head. "Nah, I'm good." - also realizing that he may not be ready for such a thing. Again the outsider looking in.

Scott realizes that look on Alex's face. He's reluctant, and this may not be the best time to be the big brother that pushes Alex forward, he glances towards Brinley. It might help for Alex to get a softer touch. "I.. I'm not sure, Brin. But let me take this and run it in the system and see what I can find. It may take a while - there's a lot of archives I need to go through." he admits as he takes Brinley's shoulder in his hand. "We'll figure it out." he promises her before turning back to Alex. "I'll let you talk about more pleasant pursuits." Turning to Alex, he gives him a little squeeze on the shoulder as well. "Don't let her scare you off." he teases him slightly.

With that, he makes his departure after grabbing his mug after releasing the two. He gives a wave of his hand over his shoulder as he steps out of the kitchen to head towards X-HQ to start his research.

Brin watches as Scott leaves "Thanks Scott. Anything would be helpful. It might just be someone playing with me … but these days, I'd like to be careful."

Turning to Alex, dark eyes resting on him, Brin takes a sip from her mug "Tell me a little about yourself, Alex." her mind reaches out to sense the emotions in the air.

Reticent and pensive. Also realizing that the whole thing is a little more complicated than what he's interested in. Scott just deluged him with all sorts of confict information, paramilitary team designations, and now she's being stalked - for 6 years. He suddenly misses his normal life and really shouldn't have come to the school.
His answer is not too detailed. "I was a student here a few years back. Graduated, went off to college, and now I'm just visiting." - yeah, just visiting is the best course of action at this point.

"You were a student here? So was I. Came here when I was nine." Brin looks at Alex carefully "You would have been a few years ahead of me though." And not many noticed the mousy mutant, she was so quiet.

Sensing his reticence, she cants her head "Not convinced you want to be here at all, by the sounds of it." Leaning back against one of the counters, she smiles softly "Can't say I blame you. Things are complicated for the X-Men and mutants in general."

"It was a pain in the ass then, and after talking with Scott and then hearing your information, sounds like it's a pain in the ass now. You know, it would be so easy for me. I already have a normal job and a normal life. The surfing was great in Cali. But no. I had to come back here. Thinking that things would make more sense."

"You have a normal job?" Brin smiles at that "That's great and maybe, this isn't the life for you." Taking a sip from the mug before continuing "That's sort of the aim of X-Red, to get mutants to live and work in society. Admittedly, we also try to help them find a way to use their talents to do that."

"You could go back to California, Alex. Pick up your normal life, keep surfing… " she speaks so quietly, the reserved woman that she is "… but what happens when they discover you're a mutant? Or … if they already know … what happens when one of the hate groups we're dealing with, come after you?"

"Then I blast them." is the answer that Alex has regarding the hate group coming after him. He shifts against the counter, irritated with the whole revealation that this place hasn't normalized or become something rational. He wonders if they're all going to be strangers in a strange land.

"And keep blasting them, till there are no more?" Brin sighs, this is a conversation that she's had with a few people "That's the thing about hate groups, they just keep coming… as we're experiencing."

There's a reason Brin's proud to wear her uniform. A reason that she's put herself in the public eye.

She can sense his irritation but doesn't understand the cause "Why … so irritated, Alex?"

"You have family, right?" Alex asks in a curious tone leading into storytime. "Scott and I did. But as he was talking earlier, they were killed in a plane crash when we were young. Well, my experience with nostalgia is this. When you go away from a place that drove you crazy, and then you are gone for a really long time - you become homesick. Then let's say, you go back to that place and then realize that the homesickness was nothing more than a false memory and the place you come back to is still the crazy annoying hole it was before."

"I… do…." Brin answers the question carefully "But I haven't seen them since I was about nine. Not long after I came here, actually." Falling silent, she drinks slowly, listening to the explanation. She won't comment on being homesick… that's what she has when she's away for X-Red too long, they're her family now.

"I see. Let me ask you, Alex … " again, so quiet, "…are you blaming the place for what the hate groups are doing and the way mutants are treated? Or … is there more about this place that you see and I don't?"

He wipes his face with both hands and then up through his long blonde hair that was kept in a pony. The pony is pulled and he lets his hair hang, down to his shoulders. He pulls it out of his face and then chooses not to answer. Instead he asks, "Who's on the team?" in a stronger tone as if he's resolved to make a decision.

"On X-Red?" Brin drinks again, watching Alex carefully as he … quite literally … lets his hair down. "Myself, Bobby who's Iceman, Illyana who's Magik, Piotr who's Colossus, Wanda who's Scarlet Witch" she pauses there "must remember to let Scott and Dr Grey know that she finally chose a code name. Uh Mike who's Metal, 'Berto - Sunspot, Rahne - Wolfsbane, Aaron - Sundog and Tabitha, who's yet to pick a codename."

"What did Scott tell you about us? X-Red that is? We're … a little different to the rest of the X-Men."

"Public, operates in the city, tries to maintain order in districts like Mutant Town. I'm sure you probably patrol in groups of two or three. And I remember several of them from a few years back." He pauses in thought and asks, "What are the hours, requirements?"

"We're headquartered out at the Airport and we're all public. Our profiles are all on the website, with a summation of our powers." Brin smiles as Alex outlines what he understands. "Predominantly we help mutants fit into the community, matching talents to jobs. Everyone at X-Red is paid, too. Our secondary role is the heroeing and we help in M-Town, a lot. We also respond to requests for help. We are /no-kill/."

Taking another drink from her mug "Hours … depends on the contract we get. I try to match preferences to a clients requirements. Magik's transport business is when she can do it, basically. It's flexible." As to requirements? "You'll be expected to maintain X-Reds reputation, assist in the charity work we do and … get on with the team." beat "Interested?"

Alex chuckles when she says 'no kill'. Then comments, "Yeah, my power is a bit over the top. I think I got a gold star for the highest property damage three years in a row and if my power ever hit a normal…. it wouldn't be pretty. I'm not saying that my intent is to kill. But if I'm using my power, there's going to be a whole lot of damage and it could be bad for the rep."

"You clearly haven't seen some of the footage recently." Brin remarks dryly. She's still working on Berto's last little episode. "I'm typically responsible for PR, or working with the PR team at any rate, so you might expect to have a couple of discussions with me."

"But.. with what keeps getting thrown at us, property damage … happens. Apart from that" the brunette smiles again "we can work out where best to deploy you in conflict and training with the team will help that…"

"So. I do this. And my identity goes public. Then suddenly I'm blackballed from a large chunk of my usefullness in modern society as a geologist. Is that what you're telling me? Or do I still have an actual chance of keeping my government contracts?" Alex asks about his professional career.

"I'll not lie to you, Alex. I don't know." Brin answers quietly. "I don't see why we couldn't do that, but … with the situation as it is… " Blowing out a breath, it's nearly a sigh "Look, the Government shouldn't discrimate, right? And I'd hope they wouldn't. If they didn't honour your contracts, we'd get the legal team involved… but we'd have to prove that it was discrimination."

"I don't see though, that you'd be blackballed. You're a trained geologist. Pairing you with one of the others, we could open up a whole new line of business. I'm sure there are conservationists and mining groups that would love the type of resources we could bring to them."

Brins empathy tends only work one way - she can sense others feelings not influence them. Pity that, she's projecting a level of calm as she speaks, a confidence that she believes what they're doing is right.

"It's a risk though, 'coming out' and something you should absolutely be considering."

"Yeah. I was already thinking about it while considering other teams in the city. Which is the draw for me. I really don't want to deal with the children in this place. They'd drive me up the wall. So I was really thinking the League. But since I already know a few of this team that's a huge draw. Especially Piotr and Bobby. So yeah, color me Red." answers Alex with the sound of confidence in his voice which suggests he's already decided and just needed to be convinced it was the right way to go.

"The Leagues a good look, too. Magiks' a member there as well. We're not exclusive about our team members, as long as the client contracts are delivered to specification, and the team functions are maintained, your time is pretty much your own." Brin finishes her mug of coffee and turns to rinse it in the sink, before drying it and putting it back in the cupboard. "I spend my time between X-Red and Maria Stark Foundation."

As he agrees, mentioning Piotr and Bobby, she looks over her shoulder and smiles brightly "Welcome to the team then. As an existing X-Man, it's that easy." beat "If you like, I can take you over to the Headquarters and get things started… maybe some of the team will be there as well, although at this time of day most are out."

Alex nods to the suggestion to go the HQ, "Sounds good. I'll need to scope it out anyway, look around the area for a place to live, and see about technical stuff." He pushes himself off the countertop and will walk with her if she's leading.

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