Arsenic and Chlorine

January 20, 2016:

An attack on New York by some … interesting … villains trying to make Lewisite has SHIELD on the scene

New York


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U.S. Marshals are sort of the odd duck of Federal Law enforcement. Mostly they're tasked with taking prisoners from here to there and some few of them - some few of which Marshal Thomas Nashoba is part - are tasked with tracking down people who have escaped from custody. But at the end of the day law enforcement is law enforcement and some situations are very… let's call them all hands on deck.

Today is one such Brooklyn isn't the rough and tumble town it used to be even twenty five years ago. It's grown up and grown more refined as it's gotten wealthier. Unfortunately that wealth attracts unsavory types. It'd started out as a bit of Mission Impossible style industrial espionage but now as the call goes out from the NYPD to anyone available, it's hard to call it anything but what it is: Superterrorism.

It's certainly an ecclectic group of people. The one finishing up demolishing a police cruiser with a cybernetic weapon arm is an ex-soviet operative called KGBeast, most recently seen working with the Russian Mob in Gotham. The one next to him, NKVDemon has just put paid to a rather unlucky but thankfully empty SWAT team transport. Which just moments ago was working and is now, er, upside down.

Inside Codpiece is, err, drilling on a vault. Beside him a man in what looks like the lower half of a Kangaroo outfit paces. "'struth would you hurry up mate! I coulda had that thing blasted back o' beyond by now with my pouch gun, but no, you had to drill it. With your… what is that thing anyway?"

"My mighty cannon. Shut up Captain Kangaroo."

"Both of you shut up." A blue mutant with bink painted claws on his hands and feet growls.

"No one asked you Aardwolf!" Both of them shout back.

Why Jemma has been requested to join the SHIELD detail that was called to the scene, she has no idea. But here she is, with her field gear on and field kit in hand, flanked by two SHIELD agents who won't leave her side.

Locating the agent in charge, she hurries on over to report in, unfortunately, not recognising Thomas … again.

NYC may be a gargantuan metropolis, but Brooklyn is STILL too close to SHIELD HQ for anyone's comfort. But, luckily (or perhaps unluckily), Agent May is currently NOT the agent in charge. She is, however, there with her small contingent of 'weird ass nasty' specialists, ready to offer assistance as they can. She notices Jemma approaching with another detail but doesn't comment on it. The biochemist is adult enough to make her own choices, and May is privately glad to see the kid taking some initiative.

Oh, and she's got a particular coat-wearing feline tucked under one arm so he avoids being either underfoot or distracting.

Rain is one of those odd ducks. She's a witch who fits a good number of stereotypes. Captain is with the SHIELD team. He has subtle combat abilities, and having a cat's sharp senses looking out always helps. At least a few occultists theorize that cats can see spirits and worlds that humans cannot. If Captain can, he keeps it mum.

Rain is tagging along with the SHIELD group, and she does her best to keep an eye on Jemma - if if she's not necessarily on Jemma Detail. "Um. Hi!" Rain remembers Thomas, it seems. Captain grunts. If he remembers, hard to stay. Cats(TM).

And Captain is indeed, tucked under May's arm. He is pretty okay with this.

And then, entirely unrelated to the SHIELD groups OR the terrorists (although the terrorists might think he's with SHIELD, and SHIELD might think he's a terrorist)— is a very obnoxiously bright golden glowing… blob-thing, in the sky, casting a warm, radiant energy all about it. It's not fast… sort of a vague, slow cruising speed, and sometimes the flicker of the broad glowing wings is evident. While his ambiant light is so bright as to make him just a blob that wants to create marks on a retina, the angelic Joel is simply trying to get a look at what is happening… and will linger over the nearest ambulance indecisively.

The man in charge turns out to be a youngish dark haired man with some kind of metal gauntlet on his right hand that goes up to the elbow. He's on the radio with someone. "That's right records show chemical storage for- No it's storage for chlorine compounds used to clean pools." Beat. "How should I know? I'm not a damn chemist, I'm a marshal." Another beat. "Well considering the amount of firepower they brought I'm betting they're not going to use it to clean out Posidon's jacuzzi. I'm betting that they-" Booom! "Uh oh. Call you back, sir."

Back in the compound Codpiece is… twerking is the best word for it. "Ntssss ntsss ntssss ntssss who's got the mightiest cannon of them all? That's right! This guy. I drilled that door hard."

"Yeah, you're very impressive in a compensatory kinda way." KGBeast growls as he comes back in. "'Roo, Aardwolf. You're up. Get the delivery systems set up and load the chemicals into them. We have a schedule to meet."

Back outside Thomas has walked over to a table and motioned to May and Rain and Jemma whom he recognizes even if they don't recognize him. "Okay. So, five meta types who are very, very wanted are robbing a chemical storage depot. We think they plan to refine it for something we'd rather they not do though what is anyone's guess at this point. The only clue is they may have been behind the theft of a bunch of arsenic compounds last week." Which clearly doesn't tell him anything. "Sounds like they just breached the vault so we're out of time. Can't risk a full assault so I'm, uh, going in there to see what can be done." Any help from SHIELD would be appreciated.

Jemma didn't have any say in the matter of her detail. The instruction had come down - they weren't to let her out of their sight. Essentially, no Simmons-scares were to be had.

Heading over to the WAND agents, she offers a tight smile to the pair and falls to listening as Thomas explains. The mention of chlorine has her brows furrowing but it's not till the mention of arsenic does she wince. "Chlorine and Arsenic? They could be making Lewisite." May should at least know that's a chemical weapon "That's bad …"

Well, doesn't this feel just like Bahrain all of a sudden? At Simmons' mention of Lewisite she actually visually grimaces. "Precursor to mustard gas. Great." She looks at the man in charge here, mentally frowning at that unusual arm…thing. "We need to stop this, immediately. Keep all non-essential personnel clear, if they're exposed it could get ugly, fast."

Setting the cat down, she looks at Rain. "Coordinate with the assembled EMTs, make sure they know how to treat Lewisite exposure and are prepared for it." SHe turns back to Nashoba again. "When you're ready."

Oh dear lords and ladies. Rain frowns and winces. She nods. "You got it." Captain sits on his hind legs. What are they- "Nevermind. That's too much, even for me," The cat quips. And the two will to work with the EMTs.

Joel drops down out of the air upon spotting Rain by the EMTs, which… will probably distract them for a time, but resolve that he's there to assist, via Rain, at the very least. For now, though, he's staying out of the way, and after learning what the EMTs are told … will go back to hovering near them. …and drift a bit closer to the SHIELD group. Because, well, curiosity.

"If you can find a way to neutralize or contaminate the chemicals, Doctor Simmons…" Did he just know her name or did she introduce herself? "… that'd be great. Now if you'll excuse me." And then the Marshal is off at a jog. After a moment he clears the Jersey Barriers… and then breaks into a dead sprint.

"Mmm? Lovely. We've got company. Demon, change of plans. You help Aardwolf. Codpiece, 'Roo. Come on…"

As Marshal Nashoba runs toward the building, drawing his gun as he does, three people exit rather casually. One is a cyborg with a weapon arm, one has an enormous cannon on his… er… yes… and one of them is in a kangaroo suit. Which shortly thereafter opens up to reveal a 'pouch canon.' "Just one of ya? Really, ya daft yank? Fine. EAT IT!"

All three of them open fire. It's a fairly hellish fusilade but right as it begins there's a blur of blue white light and suddenly Thomas is about ten feet to the left. And still running.

"What tha!" Codpiece exclaims. "He's a flippin' freak! KILL HIM!"

Jemma blinks at Thomas as he says her name, frowning at him slightly. She hand't introduced herself, nor had anyone called her by name. "Have we met, Marshal?" But he's gone. "Agent May, we could use Sulfur compounds to neutralise the chlorine, but that's rather bad for the enviroment. The other alternative is ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate." She's already tapping on her tablet trying to find a source … before being distracted by Thomas again

"Did he just …" yes, she's sure he did.

May actually audibly sighs at the man just takes off running at the bad guys. He has GOT to have a death wish. She looks at Simmons as the biochemist actually gets to use her degree to help this time, then after a moment realizes why the term 'ascorbic acid' is familiar. "There's a natural foods store two blocks down. Get what you need, we'll sort it out later."

After giving Jemma marching orders, May starts after Mr. Suicidal with the metal hand. She doesn't miss Brightspot Joel, though. "Glowbug, with me." She has no idea if he's a combat capable type or not, but he looks it, and he invited himself to this party. She's not about to let him just loiter about.

Joel reminds, "It's Joel," helpfully. He doesn't expect people to remember his name, so it isn't annoyed, just … helpful. He drifts down and drops to land on the ground back behind May a good distance. He's a big… target, really, since he's this very brightly lit thing that's shedding light all around him. "I should be able to heal a chemical burn after the fact if some happen, but not in a cloud of the stuff- so-" Joel mentions, making an assumption about why she'd want him there, of course. If he's combative, he doesn't think of it right away, evidently.

The weapons fire from the three… really… strange… people… continues to track the Marshal. Just when it looks like it's going to catch him he 'blurs' again and 'jumps.' And then again. He's close now and… that… that's not a regular pistol in his hand, as evidenced by the stream of teal light 'splinters' that fly from it rapid fire and impact across the Kangaroo's chest. "Augh! WANKER!"

Inside NKVDemon and Aardwolf are moving as fast as they can, loading the chemicals into what look like crates with compressed air cylenders attached to the side. "Don't drop that stuff now. I'm not gas proof." Demon mutters as he hears the fighting outside. He's hopeful his companions can hold the cops off. He doesn't know that they're too distracted to notice May, Jemma or Joel.

Shaking her head to clear it, Jemma is already ordering ascorbic acid in great quantities. It won't take long to be delivered - she's sent some agents to get it.

"We just have to work out a delivery system, Agent May." They certainly don't want to have chlorine spilled everywhere … But she'll worry about that in a moment.

With May and Joel heading towards the engagement, the biochem mutters "I wonder how they've this stored … "

All of the spray of missiles make Joel a bit… concerned. Perhaps not just for himself, though, but it's not like he's interested in being hit. However, at the very least, none of the crazy people are pointed at them. He isn't calm, though, which means, well, he's starting to glow *more*, which isn't helping his stealth in particular. Perhaps due to being partially aware of that, he draws his hands together, and focuses, starting to build… a lump of intense light there, like a crudely fluxing gold lightsaber.

Melinda May has her ICER out, though she's not at all sure it's going to make a difference against these morons. Still. When she notices Joel is getting BRIGHTER, she ducks behind cover and shields her eyes with one arm. Kinda useful having a living flashbang. WEll, hopefully without the bang part.

Jemma has some time to cobble something together. Not long. There's police equipment. Riot gear. Grenade launchers for tear gas and sundry other similar things police and SWAT use in emergencies. And of course, she's got that shiny SHIELD badge so folks will probably listen to her. She, uh, also has to make sure that acid gets here stat. Couple of patrolmen could probably handle that nicely.

The Marshal's gauntlet suddenly glows, lines down it lighting up bright orange and a row of red lights can be seen along his spine through the teeshirt. One final jump brings him within spitting distance of Kangaroo and he clocks the guy but good, sending him flying back into a wall. "YOU DON'T KNOW WHO YOU'RE MESSIN' WITH YANK! I HAVE A PREHENSILE TAIL AND A POUCH CANNON!"

Joel's glowing has gotten some undesireable attention though as Codpiece turns his, er, instrument on the man. Rockets lance out of it, corkscrewing toward the glowing being while KGBeast just puts his head down (because of the light) and bullrushes May.

Joels glowing gives Jemma an idea. She's already sent people off for the delivery and they're returning now. "Agent May. If Joels glow is Ultra Violet, we can use that. Chlorine is neutralised by the sun… over time." If May agree's, Jemmas going for a belt and braces approach.

Gesturing to the agents around "Grenade launches and cannisters that come with them…." This is where Fitz normally helps her out. That he's /still/ on assignment saddens her, that he's not there to help her now … might make her a little grumpy.

Directing some of the agents, she's soon packing empty cannisters with the fine white / yellow powder that's been delivered.

Joel doesn't react well to being rushed at. It's almost panic, but not quite. His aura kicks up from 'kind of annoyingly blinding' into a massive solar burn level, defensively due to his fear, and will start to melt the street under him. It radiates out from him, with the highest burn intensity within a ten 'very dangerous' feet zone. Hopefully May isn't going to be crisped. He'll MELT incoming projectiles… or, well, explode them by accident as they enter the high heat area——… while dropping flat on the ground to hopefully not get hit by anything corkscrewing his way. Seeing as he's a big blinding zone, he's probably not easy to specifically aim at. Belatedly, from the ground, Joel hurls the solar lance at KGBeast's incoming legs, wincing at the mild burns on his own hands. He's not immune to himself, though far better off than those that have no protection.

Melinda May sees KGBeast charging at her, and unlike what would seem wise, she keeps her back against the wall she was using as cover until the last possible second, and then skips lightly out of the man's way with the intention of letting his head meet the wall at full speed. Toro!

And then, of course, she'll fire an ICER round at his happy ass… or whatever part of him isn't armored against projectiles. His neck or something.

KGBeast is… a beast. He doesn't ram head first into the wall though. Joel's lance trips him up more than a little and he winds up arm barring it. Or tries to. The blade on the end of his weapon arm penetrates all the way through and… gets stuck. That's when May shoots him in the ass. She can tell it has an effect because he jumps… but she may need another shot or two to seal the deal. Hope she can get it before he pulls that canon free.

"WHY WON"T YOU DIE?!" Codpiece's reaction to Joel crisping and deflecting his rockets is to SHOOT AT HIM SOME MORE. A lot more actually. More than a few rockets and cannon shells it's a hole storm of them.

At least Kangaroo won't be helping though. The Australian supercriminal unleashes a fusilade of shots from his pouch cannon (there has to be a better name for that, it sounds almost as wrong as Codpiece's weapon looks), most of which are dodged by another 'jump' from Nashoba. Who then raises his hand almost like he's Emperor Palpatine…

And then shoots lightning at him. It's really sort of a convenient long range taser but boy does it look impressive. Kangaroo screams and arches stiffly.

Jemma's in position now. There are windows to deliver her neutralizing mix. And just in time because she can hear 'Stop worrying about your nails Aardwolf and close the damn case so we can launch it already!!'

This had better work. Fitz would be chiding Simmons for being such a negative nellie - notwithstanding he's normally the 'old woman' about these types of things.

Using her tablet to access the internal video feeds she uses that to aim the launchers … "Now…" the biochem nearly stutters over that word and the cannisters, filled with ascorbic acid fly … through the window and hopefully hitting their target…

Melinda May fires more ICER rounds at KGBeast as fast as the weapon is capable of, and if he manages to turn and try to attack her again, she'll get clear. Ever seen a mongoose fight a cobra? Ever wondered how the mongoose manages to not get struck by venom? He's FAST. May's gonna channel her inner mongoose if she has to, and she might even hiss at the guy just to hack him off all the more.

There's a cry of dismay from the inside of the building and then… "Koolaid! Who fills grenades with Koolaid packets?! Alrought joker, I'm comin' out there!" The wall collapses outward as NKVDemon and Aardwolf take the path of most resistance… right in front of a SWAT and SHIELD team armed to bear. "Oh… crap." Hands go up. Yup. They're done.

KGBeast slows. His struggles become more feeble and at length he simply slumps. Arm still stuck. Ow. Back behind May the Kangaroo is toast - not literally - and Joel seems to have wrapped up Codpiece, somehow. Thomas is just relieving him of his, er, hardware. Cops are moving in en masse to effect arrests. Scene's going to be a bit chaotic for a while.

It's only after the cannisters are fired that Jemma remembers to look around. The two agents who have been shadowing her this whole time, look a little worse for wear. Seems they protected the biochem from her own oblviousness. She'd been so focussed on putting a solution together.

Looking round for May, Jemmas eyes keep returning to Thomas … that was certainly interesting - she did at least see some of that.

Melinda May leaves the KGBeast to be wrapped up by the local officers, and she returns to where Jemma and her worse-for-wear entourage are. "Where did … the marshall in charge go?" Okay, she's normally pretty good with names, and not being able to remember his is honestly annoying her. But, she doesn't really have time to totally complain about it, as she has to explain SHIELD's presence to the cops. And then start working on reports. She makes Jemma stay close so her two shadows can go get checked by Rain and the medics.

The Marshal wound up back near the command tent, actually. With the situation contained the incident is once again in the hands of the NYPD, which means he's packing it in and preparing to head back to Metropolis. There's a file on the planning table that appears to be from the Police. It says 'Paradox.' It's half open. The first sheet in it is Thomas' dossier.

Melinda May is giving her statement to the police next to the planning table. She waits for the officer to be distracted by another officer, and very quickly leans over to snap a photo of that dossier page. Maybe it'll help explain she she keeps forgetting the man's name.

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