Meeting The Mentor

January 20, 2016:

Jesana wants Fenris to meet someone.

Central Park - New York


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It's not often that Jesana wants to introduce someone. Not often at all. Okay, never. Which is what has the God-Wolf intregued. Since she asked so nicely he's headed out to Central Park and is waiting there with a certain regular companion of his.

"So do you figure she's going to say she's pregnant?" Fenris is joking of course but the fact of the matter is Jesana does view him as something of an authority figure… one she sometimes avoids when he's being authoritarian. He's spent the last half hour coming up with increasingly more preposterous reasons for why she might ask for a meeting. Clearly, he's in a good mood. Or at least a jocose one.

"She's done that before, as I understand it." Astryd casts a sidewise glance at the God-Wolf, clearly amused. The tall strawberry blonde woman, simply looks stern, although there's an amused light dancing in her grey eyes. No one would mistake her for anything else but a warrior woman.

Jes is a little nervous which is slightly uncharacteristic for her and likely making her companion nervous too. Things have progressed with in her relationship though and she's very serious this time. Sooner or later Dusty is going to have to meet the other God in her life. The one she's chosen. And sooner rather than later because Fenris doesn't like powered people in his territory without his knowledge. She's told Dusty a bit about Fenris and told Fenris a bit about Dusty and now it's time.

Her explanation, "Fenris I found someone like me!" May not have tipped him off to the fact that Dusty is kind of a demigod too. "Okay, look it'll be fine. Really. Fenris is… well, he's like us in some ways. You know." The animal ways. She approaches with a sure stride despite her nerves, Dusty's hand clasped in her own.

Dusty doesn't appear too nervous, in particular. He looks … really mellow, and his posture is pretty relaxed, considering the ramp-up about this person that Jes has done. But this is more just… Dusty's normal thing. To just relax and adapt. For now, he's walking along at Jesana's side, fingers intwined into hers as she leads the way, other hand loosely hooked on his jeans' pocket. He isn't particularly even looking around hawkishly for a god. It'll be.. whatever it is. "Can't be worse than Old Coyote?" Dusty teases her, and leans in towards her ear. "…Breathe," he reminds her softly, a gentle smile in his tone.

Fenris had been perched on a table next to Astryd but slides off as he scents Jesna's approach. The God-Wolf is a tall, lean looking man who looks predatory even without particularly doing anything. More than that, though he feels predatory. Even mortals with no sense of the unseen can feel it. Side effect of not being able to entirely cloak his nature.

"And there she is now." He murmurs to Astryd, quirking a brow and watching her as if to say 'well'?

Stretching slightly as Fenris moves, Astryd slides from the table too, her hair falling down below her hips. There's a similar aura around her as well - predatory but not quite so much as the God-Wolf.

"So it is and it seems she's bought a Beau…." the Goddesses grey eyes track over the pair, expression closed. "… maybe she does have that type of news to break." Is she teasing the God-Wolf?

Jes curses low in blackfoot. How did she forget that?? "Uh. No no he's much better, just uh. They sorta hate each other so don't mention him, okay?" Her Father has a way about him. A way that usually ends with people (and gods) wanting to kill him. A lot of the time they even succeed. She visibly calms though. This is one of the reasons Jes feels ready to introduce Dusty to her God. The two of them are very well matched. He calms her wildness and reminds her of humanity, something she's been struggling with for awhile. For her part, Jes is helping Dusty learn more about his own wild side and instincts and even what she knows of their peoples history. It's more than that though, its a bond of blood and of spirit, their first meeting had been in a Native American dream realm. Old Coyote is Jesana's Father and Dusty is a descendent of the Badger god. Jes isn't sure if Dusty can sense the bond she also has with Fenris, it's not quite the same. She thinks Fen can probably sense her and Dusty's though.

"Astryd." Jes blinks. "Hi. And Fenris. Um, this is Dusty, he's my.. Mine." She straightens and her own aura shifts from nerves to protectiveness almost instantly. "I thought it was time you met. Dusty's power is a little different than mine but he's here for me, not to hurt anyone. He's a singer. A very good singer." Jes smiles and squeezes Dusty's hand.

Dusty lacks any giant predatory vibe: it's there, but really subtle, one would have to deliberately hunt for it, but he has a clearly relaxed… fearlessness. Whether that's realistic or not, it's there, but doesn't seem to be of a foolhardy type, and more connected to his mellow thing. "Well, I used to be," Dusty says, with a kind of mild wince at Jesana's announcements about his previous career that has recently taken a bad turn. He doesn't seem to mind or notice being described as Jesana's possession. "Hello, ——sir?" Dusty goes with. It isn't nervous, more that he isn't entirely sure what is appropriate, but his intention is polite, with a genuine respect. An immediate smile is flashed to Astryd, and it does come into his eyes: it's not fake. He'll let go of Jes's hand to offer an obviously calm, friendly handshake greeting to the pair, unless they clearly won't answer it.

"Hello Dusty." Fenris rumbles. It really is a rather low, growling kind of a noise. Not aggressive just… speculative. The God-Wolf looks the other demigod over. "Mmmmm, Fenris will do fine for a name. And this is Astryd. She's with me." For the time being. Until the matter of a little feather gets resolved.

"It's nice to meet you. What brings you to the area?"

There is a slight wince from Jes. She knows what happened with Dusty's career and maybe she shouldn't have mentioned it but she's proud of him. She's heard him sing and seen his affect on a crowd and he's really good. While she hasn't introduced anyone to Fenris like this before, he has met a few of her previous.. interests, and looking pretty, shooting people or dragging them into Hell aren't exactly behaviours one can be proud of.

"He was traveling through when we met and ended up staying longer and now.. now we're together." Jes answers. Her nerves seem to have settled but then something obviously occurs to her and she blurts it out with wide eyes. "I'm going to meet his parents!" Her face flushes and Jes covers her face with one hand in embarrasment. So far Dusty is being perfect, she's being a weird hot mess. Maybe a drink first would have been a good idea. Or you know, a bottle or three.

Astryd casts Fenris a sidelong glance and amused smirk for that introduction. "Jesana, nice to see you again." her voice is low. Holding out a hand to Dusty, she'll accept his - time on Midgard has taught her some of the nicieties. As Fenris had already introduced her, she'll wait.

Dusty dips his head in a nod simply. Fenris it is. He's shaking Astryd's hand calmly when Jesana's rapidfire comes in. Riiiighto then. Jesana's… quick explanation gets a slight grin, and he fills in the gaps a bit better: "Ah, few months ago I made a splash into tabloid press as being more-than-human. A bit of a career wrecking ball." His tone is rueful and offhand … about something that's clearly a big, nasty pit of issues for him, but he's not harping on it now. "This was as good a place as any to weather it out. Stuck 'round after meeting the little coyote, though - like she said." His tone naturally slips into a sort of playful, gentle one as he looks to and refers to Jesana. It's a tender tone, and he isn't attempting to mask it in any way or seem particularly ashamed of it. A blind person could tell that he's smitten by her.

Fenris can tell the inverse is true as well and he doesn't even particularly have to be looking for it. "Mmmmm. I see." Ordinarily this is the part where he gives magical 'guests' the bit about 'don't cause trouble on my hunting grounds.' Yes, he does claim all three cities in this area but in this particular case he doesn't see the need. Jesana, he's quite sure, is going to keep Dusty plenty busy just by being herself.

"Are you staying in Gotham as well, then?"

Astryd listens quietly as the man explains, her expression neutral. She knows this is Fenris' hunting ground and she's there as his guest too. She actually got that lecture when they first met.

Jesana's exburance and then embarrassment gets a small smile. Meeting ones current paramours parents isn't something an Asgardian would be too excited about.

Jes smiles at AStryd and then looks over with a sweet expression at the tone in Dusty's voice. Her weird bout of nervousness should clue anyone who knows her in about how crazy she is for Dusty. She doesn't get nervous. Well, except for when she's done something she shouldn't have and is trying to keep Fenris from finding out about it. And failing horribly. Another reason why this was important to do. "He's in a hotel near the harbor for now, he was in New York but um.." Jes looks down at the ground. "The purifier thing, that I don't remember, they were after him."

She thinks about that for a moment. "I haven't done anything that stupid since so if anything, he's keeping me out of trouble. I'm.. doing a lot better than I was." Jes looks at Dusty and grins. "The babies love him too." She hasn't let many people meet her children at all and that is probably most telling.

"It's all right, so long as they just stick to shooting me with bullets," Dusty remarks of the purifier incident, in a sort of quiet voice. As it turns out, he doesn't need to explain much, Jesana is doing great to explain it, so Dusty simply watches her explain, expression amused. "How can you tell? Or are you just saying that because you don't like changing diapers?" Dusty 'accuses' Jes of the children liking him, with a kind of raspberry sound. Evidently his teasing of her does not end when in company of god(s).

"She knows." Fenris says rather mysteriously. She's got strange kids and that's all the wolf-god is going to say about that. "Well, if you were looking for approval, Jesana, your friend seems like a fairly decent godling." There's a pause and a grin as he looks at Astryd. "Even if he does smell like mud and roots."

"Women tend know these things." Astryd offers to Dusty, brows furrowing at the mention of a Purifier. She's never overly concerned with the affairs of mortals.

If Fenris isn't concerned about the newest godling on the block, she isn't either but his comment gets a soft snort in return "Be nice, God-Wolf … he can't help it."

Her lips quirk and then Jes gives Dusty a playful shove. If Frederick's been telling him about her complete and utter failures with the diapers when they first changed to human… she's gonna chew up their shoes. One brow raises and she looks at Dusty. "He smells amazing." That might seem an awkward thing to say but for her and Fenris at least, it's just normal. She laughs softly at Astryd's chastisement.

Jes doesn't have any parents to introduce Dusty to, he's met Old Coyote already and her other two fathers are dead. While she doesn't at all view Fenris as a father figure, she does view him as an Elder, a teacher and an Alpha. Beyond her children, Fenris is the closest to family Jes has and she's relieved that this has gone so well. "Besides, I like mud and roots. You can do all kinds of good things with them."

"The mud part is just my aftershave. Helps my complexion," Dusty deadpans, obviously making a joke. He didn't expect the shove— and therefore is about as easy to shove as a brick wall. He notices a little late that she was playfully shoving him and responds 'properly', taking the shove. It should be extremely obvious, just from that tiny show, to someone that is paying attention, that he must have some defensive barrier power, and isn't all that great at pretending he doesn't. "Let's keep talk about my root, and the good things related to it, private," Dusty adds, simply, before snaring Jes with an arm.

The God-Wolf does take note of that little fact, but he's no longer concerned about what Dusty may or may not do with his powers. "Well, I think we're done here. You two play nice. Or don't. Just don't get too hurt. Astryd." And with that he opens a Way back home and steps through.

Astryd notices too and nods approvingly. "Be well, chil—-" she takes a breath "Jesana and Dusty." A sideways look at Fenris as he addresses her "Yes, Fenris, I'd to accompany you…" she teases gently as she steps into the Way ahead of him "… thank you for asking…"

Jes snickers and waves as they go, though she's a bit surprised and pleased by Astryd's mid-word change. She's familiar with Fenris's method of travel, and not surprised. "You're awesome. That went really well. I don't know why I was so nervous." And such a freakin dork, holy shit. Jes shakes her head at herself and then shrugs and laughs. "C'mon, let's go find some dinner. Or.. something."

Dusty is a bit suprised by the sudden departure, but, well, he rolls with it. Once they're gone, he gives Jes a 'did I do well?' cock of brow, but she doesn't make him wonder long. He grins at her, dropping a kiss on her as well. "Just seems like… it mattered to you. I like it," Dusty smiles, with some relief in his body language. He didn't want to let her down. "Sure."

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