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January 19, 2016:

X-23 has slipped out of the Morlock compound to find help for Beast and Betsy, as well. The help she finds is from Nate Grey.



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Mentions: Betsy Braddock, Hank McCoy

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While the majority of the people within M-Town usually travel upon the ground there are some that travel above.

Laura is one of them.

While Laura can't necessarily 'fly', as it were, she is travelling above. After making her way out of the Morlock's stronghold, X-23 stepped out onto the sidewalks to get her bearing. Once she knew just where she was, the clone easily deployed her claws and literally 'crawled' her way to the rooftops.

This is where she can be found now. She's moving with purpose from one rooftop to the next, as she easily scales and jumps the various beat-up and worn buildings of M-Town.

Most people don't look up, not even in Mutant Town. But Nate is an exception. He is a wary one and also able to fly. But spotting someone jumping from a rooftop to another is not a big deal in this part of Manhattan, and usually he wouldn't look twice.

But he does, because the small girl in black is painfully familiar, although also a complete stranger. "Laura!" He shouts before catching himself. Pause. But too late, of course she would have heard him, unless she is not who he thinks she is. Regardless, he hovers up, flying over rooftop level to get a better look of the dark-haired woman.

One leap. Two Leap. Three leap -

And upon that third leap, that's when X-23 hears someone shout her name. A name only few people know of and most of those people who do, are dead.

Landing lightly upon her feet, Laura will immediately whirl about. By the time Nate makes it to the rooftop he'll hear an all-familiar *SNIKT* coming from the dark-haired girl.

All four claws are out now, as she eyes the man hovering before her. Likely she's calculating the best way to attack him. Thankfully, that attack does not come. Yet. "I do not know you."

Anyone else and they'd have followed that up with 'who are you?', not Laura, however. She ends it right there.

Claws? So it is her. And Nate is perhaps foolish to assume she is not going to attack him, he lands on the roof and within her reach. "No, I guess you don't know me. I am Nate, Nate Grey. I don't really know you, but I… did know a girl called Laura Kinney quite well. And you look like her." He shrugs, a faint smile in his lips. "I'd like to explain, if you have time."

Within easy reach of her is not always the best place to be.

As soon as Nate Grey lands, X-23 is automatically scenting the air. Trying to determine what this odd man is doing here. Was he sent by the facility? Is he an enemy? He's not acting aggressive, but that doesn't mean he isn't an enemy.

With claws still out, Laura simply stares at Nate when he offers his explanation. Again, while others might ask him further questions, X-23 doesn't. She instead sheathes her claws and says, "I do not have time."

Then, just like that X-23 turns away from Nate and quickly runs towads the edge of the rooftop. With an easy kick-off, X-23 is leaping across to the next rooftop. Clearly, if Nate wishes to talk he best keep up with her.

Nothing in particular in Nate's scent. Sawdust, perhaps. He was in the theater earlier, but cleaned up telekinetically. "Well… you cou… wait!" Not even a little curious? Or Laura is on a mission. Damn girl.

He considers letting her go, but what if he doesn't see her again? Sighing, Nate rushes forward, matching her jump with a little telekinetic help. "Fine. We can talk as you run. Or if you are really in a hurry, I can fly you whenever."

A mission. Yes. Nate has definitely hit it on the head, as it were.

When he leaps across the building all that earns from X-23 is a side-long look. He's lucky she hasn't sliced and diced him yet, but so far he's staying in the not-a-threat cateogry right now. Perhaps more in the is-this-man-crazy category, with talk of knowing a Laura Kinney.

His mention of flying immediately garners a negative head shake from the girl. She doesn't know him, so no, she won't be accepting any free rides from him. That would leave her too open to attacks, whether from him, or someone else.

Even though X-23 is running at full tilt, she barely seems out of breath, as she finally says, "Explain how you know of me." Is her curt demand, even as she keeps an eye on the upcoming rooftop, the people below and yes, even Nate. "The other clones were destroyed." Comes the last bit, with Laura's voice devoid of most emotional cues.

"I am a mutant and I can travel through parallel Earths," explains Nate. Which might sound completely crazy to Laura, but there are weirder mutant powers out there, if she has lived in Mutant Town she would know.

The young man keeps up with Laura, but he is a flier, so he is cheating. He is also speaking quietly and Laura wouldn't be able to hear him without enhanced senses. "We became friends. We had some things in common, and I was pretty persistent."

While Laura has seen many different things in her life, alternate realities is not one of them. Not until today that is. That explanation of his causes Laura to land in an easy crouch upon the next rooftop. Rising fluidly to her feet, the dark-haired woman will pause in her dash across mutant town.

Again, she scents the air, nostrils flaring slightly. She's trying to pick up any emotional cues from his scent. Yes, she smelled the sawdust and such, but now she's looking for anything that might tell her he's lying. Or crazy. Or perhaps both.

When nothing points to the lying theory, within his scent at least, Laura says. "Friends."

Somewhere, in that monotone one word statement of hers is a question. Like how they became friends, is he really telling the truth and so on.

Nate tilts his head, slowing down somewhat less gracefully than her. "Friends, yes. Hmm, you don't have many of those, right? You wouldn't if your story is like I remember. Listen, are you in a mission for someone? I could help you," he offers. "I am with the X-Men, we are in the business of helping other mutants," he looks in his guard now, because if Laura is working for some shady mercenary agency, she might claw at him for saying that.

So he is also listening to her surface thoughts.

Green eyes narrow slightly as Nate explains even more of his convoluted alternate reality history. That narrowing of her eyes is all the emotion that filters across her features, even when he asks about her mission.

Of course, when Nate goes from affable seeming Nate to something that's more battle-ready, X-23 likewise tenses. As she shifts her weight, her hands will likewise close into fists, readying herself for action just in case it's needed.

It's, however, his next words that cause her to pause. X-Men? That name while unknown to this version of Laura, immediately causes the surface thought of X-Red HQ to pop to up. She's heard of that particular group, out there in the public, trying to help where the can. Even helping in M-Town. Perhaps this X-Men are similar. Finally canting her head to the side, the rather dangerous young woman finally says. "Two mutants are in danger. Hank. Betsy Braddock."

Nate keeps an impassible face when he sees the red team building in her mind, but when she mentions Hank and Betsy, he frowns. "Hank McCoy? He is missing, we have been looking for him; and I know Betsy pretty well. What have you heard?" He relaxes slightly, but not completely. Laura's word were unexpected, and hardly comfortable.

McCoy? That earns a blank look from X-23. She wasn't given Hank's last name, only that his name was Hank.

As for Betsy, when he confirms his friendship to her, and the fact that he knows Hank is missing … well, that seems to cement something for X-23. Perhaps that this man is a possible ally to the pair. It could still be a trap, but -

"The Morlocks. They have him." She finally says.

As for Betsy? She doesn't say about that, just yet. Hank is the more important target here.

"Hank, blue and big?" Clarifies Nate. The Morlocks? He vaguely remembers to have heard something about them, and a mass murdering years ago. "I don't know about the Morlocks, they were supposed to be gone years ago. Hmm, or maybe not. I can get Betsy to join us, though. Or to talk with us if you want a telepathic conference."

"Yes." Is X-23's prompt response to Nate's description of the obvious blue and furry mutant. As for his offer of a telepathic conference? She doesn't really acknowledge that just yet, as she says, "I cannot be gone long. I am his guard."

And while it seems that might be all X-23 really has to offer, there's more as she shifts from one foot to the other. "Their leader, Masque, he is behind this. He wishes to also have Betsy Braddock as his bride. He has sent Morlock children to capture her."

"Why are you a guard? Uh… nevermind, where is Hank? I can go get him right away," states Nate. "But I also have to warn Betsy. Okay. Lets be in touch," he raise his hand slowly to try to touch her head, and do a deeper mind-reading so he can find her mind later. "I can mind-link with you, and get Hank's location. Is that okay?"

It's good that he didn't ask her to explain how she ended up being a guard there. Specifically Hank's. Long explanations aren't exactly Laura's thing.

Even so, when Nate raises his hand upward and tries to touch her head, X-23 darts backwards just out of his reach. Her hands raise upward in an automatic defensive position, thankfully her claws stay sheathed. For now, at least.

When he finally explains just what he'd like to do, X-23 considers him a long minute. While her expression never alters, there's an extended sense of silence as she considers his request, finally she'll nod. This time when he moves towards her to place his hand upon her head, she'll not move. In fact, she stays stone still at his touch.

It's easy enough to find the location from her mind. She was just there and the whole situation is at the top of her mind. One can easily see the way to the hovel the Morlocks have taken over as their new base. The images within her mind are very detailed and very sharp. It's easy to see the layout of the hotel, as well as where Hank is being specifically held.

"Very good, I'll let the others know and we will go rescue him soon." Nate looks at Laura again, giving her an once-over. "Then I'd like to talk with you at length, okay? You seem to have your heart in the right place, which means you are… hmm, maybe much like my friend. Still too quiet, too."

That makes him smile faintly. Only briefly, as he turns northwards to seek the minds of the X-Men. Particularly Psylocke's, who is who needs to hear about this first. He will also try not to laugh about this Masque guy wedding plans.

His remark about having a lengthy chat seemingly isn't responded to, as X-23 watches the man rise upward and then turn away.

As soon as he disappears, X-23 is turning back the way she came. Intending to go back and guard her rather blue and furry charge, it seems.

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