Getting The Party Started (Backdated Scene)

January 17, 2016:

A death on the streets in LA result in a chosen of Dionysus being made. (Dionysus emitted by Fenris)

San Jose


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Fade In…

San Jose, California. 3 Years Ago.

On the street outside the California Theatre, as the Theatre lets out for the night, the last blows in a street fight have just been laid.

On the ground, lays a dark haired young man in his mid twenties, blood forming a pool around the back of his head. The only sign of the aggressors are the sound of running steps fading into the background … any attempt at detaining those that did this has stopped…

"Oh my god, someone call an ambulance …" "Is anyone a doctor?" The murmurs begin to grow to something louder.

On a light post, overlooking the scene, an overly large raven watches …

Virginia 'Pepper' Potts, her hair a little longer, a little more sun-lightened, and definitely more curled steps out of the California Theatre, glancing at her iPhone as she does so. No messages yet, good. She's in San Jose on business for four days, and she's expecting messages from either Tony, JARVIS, or the PA left minding the genius while she's gone.

Hearing the cries start to go up nearby, she's promptly dialling 911 but not crowding close the way so many other people are doing.

Billy stood up and dusted them self off. They reached up and rubbed at the back of their head and winced.
"Bugger that hurt."They looked down and saw their body.

Pepper and the Raven might be able to see the ghostly man. And if they can they might also be able to hear the sudden strains of guitar and the ghostly singing. "On a dark desert highway, cold wind in my hair, warm smell of colitas rising up through the air. Up ahead in the distance I saw a shimmering light. My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim. I had to stop for the night…"

Someone's got a sense of humor. That man, looking rather like a college frat boy save for something about the eyes, appears next to the ghost of Billy. "Bad luck that. You shouldn't pick fights you can't win, you know."

The Raven can see the ghost and is just about to alight from the lamppost when guitar music and college frat boy appears. Cawing softly, in nearly an annoyed tone in his direction, its dark eyes fix on him.

Clearly The Raven is not happy about this mans appearance.

Pepper Potts relates what little she knows to the 911 dispatcher and disconnects, then frowns faintly and looks around in an attempt to locate the source of the Eagles song. It's not that it's a bad song, or even that it's really all that out of place. It's that it does NOT sound like an official recording and there is no one within eyeshot actively in possession of a guitar. She looks back over toward the people crowding around whatever's happened, and … why is no one else reacting to the two men standing and talking off to one side? The raven's caw goes unnoticed for the moment.

Looking the new arrival up and down, Billy frowns in puzzlement. They try to nudge their limp body with a toe, a foot vanishing inside it before hastily reappearing. Their scowl deepens as they turn to the man. &r&r I know few metelheads who are going to be rather disappointed that your what the reaper looks like. And as to picking fights, you always do when someone else can't.

They look up at the ravens call. Get your diner elsewhere.

Looking the new arrival up and down, Billy frowns in puzzlement. They try to nudge their limp body with a toe, a foot vanishing inside it before hastily reappearing. Their scowl deepens as they turn to the man.

"I know few metalheads who are going to be rather disappointed that your what the reaper looks like. And as to picking fights, you always do when someone else can't."

They look up at the ravens call. "Get your dinner elsewhere."

"The Reaper? No no no no no. I'm not a ferryman. Or Hades. That guy's got no sense of humor I tell you. And no sense of perspective. 'All mortals die in the end. And all come to me.'" The 'frat boy' mimics a dour and low sounding voice as a younger man making fun of an older one. "Which may be so but that's ignoring all the things you can do with them when they're alive."

The Raven gets a glance up. "Pft. Wait your turn, not exactly like he died a hero's death is it? Your standards are slipping." He hasn't realized that Pepper can see him yet.

"So! Where was I. Ah yes. I'm not Charon or Pluto or the Reaper or whatever you call psychopomps these days. Which is good for you, cause buddy, you're dead." He grins. "But you know, that's a problem that can be fixed."

And the Eagles vamp: Welcome to the Hotel California. Such a lovely place. Such a lovely face. They livin' it up at the Hotel California. What a nice surprise. Bring your alabis.

The Raven caws again and if possible, its eyes narrow at the frat boy. "A Heroes death is somewhat subjective." It actually speaks, the words a little reedy and scratchy.

"Olympians." The bird huffs, feathers fluffed in agitation. "And I was 'called' here." Not like she had a choice not answer. "Still having the same interfamily squabbles, I see." Not that Asgardians have much room to talk.

It's then that the redhead who can clearly see the two men, gets a piercing look. "Seems you two have an audience."

Okay, the music is cheesy. Those two guys are decidedly suspicious. But the bird? That's just going too far. And just to make sure she's not imagining things, she lifts her phone to take a photo. And promptly gives away her presence by the phone's camera flash going off very brightly. And rudely. And then she's cursing at the stupid phone, her attention pulled away from the bird and the two men. "God I hate this phone," she mutters while trying to find how to disable that blasted flash.

"Huh…" Billy looks up at the bird and back down to the frat boy a few times. "I really hope I'm dreaming" they mutter to themself. "Alright, you're olympian. Young, classic rock, wants to heal me from death, you're Apollo right?" They turn at the flash and look at the woman cursing her phone. "That seems out of place." Trying to walk over to the lady, striding determinedly on the spot, they call "Do you want some help miss?"

"No, it's just this stupid iPhone, I…" Pepper glances up to see who's addressing her and actually, quite literally, squeaks. "Uh, I'm fine. Really. Thank you." She's staring at Billy wide-eyed, her face gone pale and making the smattering of freckles across her face all the more obvious.

The 'frat boy' watches with some amusement as Pepper starts to curse and tosses the Raven a wink and a grin. "Not squabbles so much as knowing that the elders in my little family are a bunch of staid dinosaurs." He smirks. That's bold talk for someone as old as he is too.

At any rate the man walks up next to Billy and throws and arm around his shoulder, throwing up the horns to Pepper. "Ya want another picture? We can pose for you. Hey, she's not bad, eh Billy-boy?" Yeah he knows his name. "She'd make a pretty good groupie don't you think?"

There's a slight pause as he holds the pose and grins. "Ah yes where was I. You being dead. It's kind of a drag and eventually I'm gonna have to let ol' beaky up there on the lamppost take you on to your just reward. Or punishment. Whichever. Unless…" Clearly there's some… wiggle room here.

The Raven lifts off the lamppost, wings spreading to allow it to glide down over Peppers head, and land on a street sign near her. Which gives good perspective of its size, way larger than your average Raven …

"He thinks you're Apollo… " the bird shakes its head "… people these days don't know their classics." beat "Beaky?" Turning its gaze to Billy "Think carefully child, on what he's about to offer you. The Gift of The Gods is not without price."

Billy hrumfs at the bird. "Preety sure it's not actually a gift, Beaky. Not when it a trade goot for my life."
Still watching the lady with the cammera "You sure you're alright? Kinda looks like you've seen a ghost." They throw an arm around the gods hip and looks down at it, staring into his eyes. "Alright then, make me an offer I can't refuse…"

Blinking rapidly a few times, Pepper manages to regain her composure though it does take her several seconds. And then she's clearly mentally shaking herself and lifting her phone again. This time there's no annoying flash. "So, um, thank you both. I should probably be on my way now."

The sounds of emergency sirens can be heard faintly, approaching their location.

"Pity. Well you can catch her later old Billy-Boy. Or tell tales of the one that got away. Whichever." The Olympian next to Billy grins. "So here's my offer. I save your life. Bring you back, actually. Beaky here goes away empty handed. In return, you accept little old me as your god. And no, I'm not Apollo. Nice guess but he's really more into the ladies. He'd probably come over to make an offer to miss redhead over there but you're really not his type. Me though? I'm a lot more easy going. God of the ultimate party. Surely you've heard of me. Dionysus?" Buller? Buller? No? Ah well.

"Anyway, you worship me. You obey me. Don't worry I'm not a task master. I'll throw in some power for you too. Why not? Happy followers are productive followers. And some maenads… if you can handle 'em. Mmm? Whaddya say?"

The Raven watches Pepper, the woman is really handling all this quite well. In her experience, most mortals either fainted, shot at things or ran away screaming. Sure, Peppers about to do the bolt, but in a /very/ dignified manner.

"Dionysus, God Of The Ultimate Party And Tearing Things Apart Whilst Drunk." The Raven sounds resigned. The way this young man is behaving, he belongs with Dionysus.

"You could at least use my name."

Pepper Potts glances up at the freakishly large bird and turns to walk away as briskly as she can while still looking like she's walking and not FLEEING. She's… only kind of succeeding. "Please don't follow me, please don't follow me," she's whispering to herself as she goes.

Eyes widening Billy's mouth forms and O of surprise. Shaking themself out of it they recover from their shock. "Urr, aren't you like, also the god of madness or something? Like, literally the original wild child?" They pull away. watching peper start off "See you around." They mutter to themself for a minute. "Not much of a chice here is there. Get carried away by the bird to whoever it's dark master is, or stay here and party till scociety collapses." They turn towards the direction that their would be killers ran off, their demeaner darkening. "Tearing things apart while drunk… I like the sound of that." Turning back to the god, their head bowed, a feral grin splitting their face, they growl "I'm in."

"Good call. He has an eyepatch, her dark master. He's not a nice guy. No one who has an eyepatch is a nice guy." Dionysus grins. "Now, hold on to your etherial underpants. This is going to be a hell of a ride."

The god snapps as there's a bright flash from Billy's perspective… and only from his perspective. When it fades Dio is gone and he's back in his body. As to the others…?

That's up to them.

"Not my dark master." Astryd mutters. Gods she hates Olympians. They're all so damn cocky. "And of course he does that…" As Dionysus snaps the Raven takes wing, circling higher into the sky. She won't follow Pepper, nor will she interfere with Dionysus' get … she's not needed here.

Pepper Potts flees safely, and by the time she's back at her hotel room she's convinced herself that all of it was … a flight of imagination caused by the show she'd just watched. She dismisses it from her mind, and emails her office to request a replacement phone as soon as she returns to Malibu. Because she's really starting to HATE iPhones.

Billy stands up just as the paramedics and police pull up on the curb. A hand reaches up to feel the newly formed scar on the back of their head. Looking down at their blood cover cloths the snarl. The paramedics rush over to them as the police start putting up a perimiter and sheparding people away. When the medics get to Billy they start moving sluggishly, one staggering and nearly falling over.

"Hey guys, just in time for the after party. why dont you sit here have a drink." Billy hands them a bottle… now where had that come from. An idea forms. "Give me you're keys you shouldn't be drinking if you're driving."

Billy gets into the ambulance and starts it up, driving off in the irection of their attackers, thinking of ways to celerbrate their revival…

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