Cats Don't Lie - Well Maybe They Do...

January 17, 2016:

A disturbance in the Veil has Fenris and Astryd out investigating … they meet a Cat

Central Park - New York


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"I know it's near here." Fenris growls. He'd just fixed the veils not too long ago. So sensing a major breach of them - albeit not one bad enough to do permanent damage - had set him into a foul mood. Which is why the God Wolf is out in Central Park in the middle of the night with a very, very large sword looking like he's only looking for the mildest excuse to use it on someone.

There is a pine tree several feet ahead and hidden amongst the branches, a small gleaming pair of yellow eyes study the two approaching with unreadable intent. They focus on the sword for a moment and consider. This man and the one at his side are something, something more. Unfamiliar. Or perhaps not. She does not know, she does not remember. There is anger there though and danger fast approaching. It seems unlikely her hiding spot will conceal her for long from such a pair. So quickly, before they are within a range she judges to able to reach her should she startle them, the owner of the yellow eyes jumps from her branch and lands silently on the path before them. A small black cat with a rather strange collar, black leather adorned with bone beads and animal claws and teeth.

Stalking beside the God-Wolf, a strawberry blonde woman casts a glance up at him "Calm, Fenris." Astryd murmurs "We will find it and then determine what needs to be done." Whilst others may quail at his 'presence', Astryd is generally only mildly put off. Might come from being a Goddess in her right and having power nearly the equally of his.

As the cat lands in front of them, the Valkyrie stops, gazing down at the rather bold creature. "Should I shoo it along, Fenris?" It is just a cat, right? And owned by someone, by looks the collar.

Over there. Fenris sees it now. The… wait… cat?

"Mmmmmmm…" Fenris knows how to speak with animals so… well try that.

"And just what the hell do you think you're doing?" Okay, the Alpha Wolf is in a bad mood. And… that might not be the best way to talk to a cat anyway.

The cat gives first Astryd.. "shoo her?" and then the God-Wolf a rather flat look as she sits back on her haunches to study them. She seems just as unamused by their presence as they are hers. She considers flouncing off into the bushes in a snit but.. these are the first people she has seen in.. why can't she remember? She doesn't even know where she is. The cat doesn't seem in any hurry to decide what to do however and turns its head to oneside while raising one paw to her mouth and slowly grooming it as if she's forgotten their presence entirely all of a sudden. Or perhaps she no longer considers them worth her regard. Cats are… difficult to read at times.

"It's a pet, Fenris." Astryd eyes the collar, seriously, who would put that on a Cat. "Unless you're sensing something about it, we should move on. A break in the barrier, can not be good." There's… a level of concern about the goddess when she mentions the break.

She's used to being ignored by small felines. It's in their make up and she's usually got more important things to worry about.

"It came through the breach." Fenris seems sure of that. "And it… grrrrrrrr." Fenris growls a bit and moments later there's a wolf the size of small horse towering over the cat. Growling. Growling loud enough that it sounds like he's powered by a v12 and not magic.

The cat turns its head back slowly upwards to eye the large wolf. She gives off an aura of impression at this transformation but unlike any regular cat she does leap away and scramble back up her tree in terror. Instead she gets to her feet, shakes off and then does the same. Now a large (but not quite so large as he) black panther stands before them. Only for a moment, there is secondshifting of form and now the cat-panther is a fierce looking tan skinned woman with blue eyes and long black hair.

She's clad oddly in what looks to be a black fur bikini and the strange collar is now a necklacke. "Breach? What breach? Is that how I came to this place?" She speaks now for the first time. Her expression still holds no fear but there is a note of confusion in her voice. Despite that she seems more curious than anything and reaches towards the side of Fenris's head to touch him. He looks and scents very real to her but she doesn't remember ever seeing someone transform into a giant wolf.

She looks at Astryd with interest. Can the woman do the same? "Where am I? That men turn into dire wolves?" She is almost sure he is more than that. Much more.

The woman can not nor is she going to make a showing of her abilities. As the cat transforms to a panther and then to a woman, the Valkyries eyebrows rise but she's hardly surprised. There's a small amused smile on her face as Fenris growls.

"Something has traversed the veils between worlds, a veil that my shaggy friend here has just mended. He is … not too happy about it. As you might be able to tell." As to where this is? "This is Midgard." And if the woman wants to believe that Fenris is a Dire Wolf. That's ok.

"What is your name, traveller between the realms?" The still large, red eyed, coal coated dire wolf growls. "We've had quite a few and they've made themselves most unwelcome."

Cat do not lie. If they don't want you to know a thing then they simply refuse to tell you. That does not meant they can't tell when others do it. Astryd's words have the sound of truth as well as that of one holding something back and the strange woman nods her head in a gesture of respect. Her reaction would have been very different if the woman had lied.

Her head turns back toward Fenris and one brow raises to note her surpise. He has a voice even while changed. He may note that sense of confusion again and the inward glance that quickly changes to a troubled expression.

"Midgard? Realms? I.. it does not sound familiar but now that I think upon it I do not seem to be able to recall the name of any land. How strange. My name?" A lessening of the worry. That she remembers. Now the question is will she tell him. It takes her a moment to decide. He has not yet attacked and she can sense his anger. The power and danger. The other woman called him shaggy. Strange really for he is as glorious as her she thinks, just not in the same way. "I am Shakira. I do not know how I came to be here, or why. I seem to remember very little at the moment." The woman shrugs. It is concerning but she is alive and uninjured so the circumstances are not so bad afterall.

"Well met, Shakira." Astryd greets the woman. Seeing how she responds to Fenris, Astryd sighs softly, he'll sense her amusement about that, she's sure. The fact the woman can't remember has the Goddess glancing to the God-Wolf "An exile? Or accident?" There's probably more reasons than those, but they seem the obvious ones … that Shakira can't remember … is concerning.

The God Wolf growls and turns back into a human being. Still with a sword. Where had it gone before? Don't think too hard about these things. "So you cannot remember anything?" He twirsl the sword about as if trying to decide whether to put it away or use it. "I take it you also don't remember how or why you came?"

Her eyes follow the sword movement and she frowns at him. She has done nothing threatening and he still acts as if he wishes to harm her. "Did I not just say so? I think I shall find my own way now." She turns to leave, with an offended air. Having no idea where she is, the woman simply picks a direction at random. She doesn't really care so long as it is going away from here.

Perhaps she can find someone with more politeness to converse with. Someone who will appreciate her rather than threaten and glower. Perhaps they will have food. If this really is some strange new land, well, so be it. Usually there are people who like cats everywhere. That much she is sure of.
The other two might note now if they haven't already that Shakira has no supplies for being outdoors in the winter and isn't even wearing shoes. However she did get here it likely wasn't on purpose. She's not at all prepared for anything.

"You did. But we've also had others say similar who have meant harm to this realm." Astryd points out. "And you're travel here has possibly undone the hard work my friend here has done."

As the woman walks off, clearly offended, Astryd glances to Fenris. The fact the woman is barefoot, should that matter? She can transform into a cat … which will give her any number of places to stay for the evening.

"Can we leave her roaming, without knowing her intent, Fenris?"

"I'm not sure…" Fenris murmurs. "She doesn't appear to be…" He considers just dropping her down a portal but… "I'm tempted to drop her in the woods. At least there she won't hurt anyone else and anything she kills she can eat."

Having heard them, her hearing is very keen, Shakira hisses angrily and increases her pace as she stalks off. Not only do they question her answers they speak of doing her ill to her back. If this a new world she is very much unimpressed by its inhabitants and their rude natures. She turns back, her blue eyes taking on an edge of yellow though she might be to far for it to be noted. "I do not know what land or world this is nor do I know if it is my own but I do know that if this is how you greet travelers it is no wonder you have problems with them!" Her voice is an angry hiss. "I do not tell lies. Perhaps I supposed to much of you. What do wolves know of cats anyway. Or women." Shakira rumbles and every line of her muscled and weathered body is tense with displeasure.

The tone and the words have Astryds wings flairing, and then beating slowly belying a level of agitation. "Perhaps you supposed too much, Shakira. That the guardians of this realm would simply welcome strangers without confirming their intent." Clearly Astryd is more than a woman and clearly Fenris is more than a wolf.

"Should you be concerned, God-Wolf" the Valkyrie gives Fenris one of his titles "I would recommend you do it. Shakira could always stop and speak with us … in a more befitting manner."

Fenris sighs and extends a hand. A portal opens up under Shakira and drops her back in front of Fenris from a bit of a hieght. Only eight feet or so. "You're in someone else's 'house', Shakira. And I don't have any reason to abide you in my hunting grounds. Care to give me a reason."

"How many different ways must I tell you I am not here by my own will. I do not even know where here is." She growls. If she had her spear she'd have shoved it in the wolf's human face upon finding herself standing infront of him. She blinks and looks around. Where is her spear? She remembers having one. One hand goes to her temple and Shakira rubs it with a frustrated growl. "Why can I not remember? Perhaps it you that has done this to me. You are the one with the threats, waving a sword at a lone unarmed woman in the night. It does not matter who owns this land when I do not know how I came to be here. Were you truly a wolf you would know I speak the truth. Cats do not lie. It is beneath us." Her eyes open and she looks a little pained, her head is aching fiercely as she tries to access memories that simply aren't there. Her expression though still manages to convey she might think they are beneath her as well.

"What more is it you wish me to say? I have nothing else. I know nothing else." And that is also the truth. She isn't holding anything back. Shakira wouldn't have even thought herself to be on another world or realm if they hadn't spoken of it. It would never have occured to her.

Astryds wings move slowly, down and then up, as she watches Shakira land in front of Fenris. Even she, Goddess in her own right, had met with the God-Wolf and received his agreement to stay within his hunting grounds.

"You just remembered something else…" Astryd points out as she watches the Cat Woman "As to unarmed, we both saw you shift from Cat to Panther to Biped. I have no ideas what other powers come with that… you may well be armed for all I know."

These are Fenris' hunting grounds, and Astryd a guest - perhaps a favoured one, but a guest no less. If Shakira's words have not mollified the grumpy God-Wolf, he will soon tell her.

Fernis snickers. "Cat's lie all the time. They say whatever suits them. I've known far too many cats." Bast, for example. Bast will say whatever she thinks the person listening wants to hear, if it gets her what she's after. "You are a creature of power, coming through a hole I just patched very recently because it was getting ready to swallow things on this side."

The wolf god blows out a sigh. "Head north from here. 42nd street. Find the Trip Trap. They'll shelter you for the night. Don't cause trouble for me."

She blinks at Fenris and her eyes narrow, but then the yellow edging her irises fade and the corner of one side of her mouth turns up in amusement. "Perhaps that is so here. In my.." She hesitates and looks confused. "I do not think it is the same where I am from. If we do not want someone to know something, we do not say it. Why tell a lie when you can ignore or wander off bored, or fall asleep? It is much more effective."

She studies the two of them hard for a long moment. She can't sense any untruth and if what they have said is so, then.. "I think that I believe you and see how my presense might have caused alarm." It is the closest to an apology as she can manage. She also won't admit to being wrong, even if she thinks she was. Which at the moment she doesn't.

"I will go and see this place." Shakira drums her fingers along her left thigh and thinks. Perhaps there is something she can offer to help mend this situation without it sounding apologetic. It would be a good thing to not have these people angry at her if she is stuck here. "If you have need of an able warrior to deal with more invaders, you know where to find me." She needs to sleep and think upon what she has learned before deciding anything else. "Should you also find a spear.. I think I lost one." With that she turns to go. Goodbyes are not in her nature either, apparently.

As things settle, Astryds' wings furl and disappear, leaving a stern warrior woman standing beside the gaunt man with a sword. "Be well, Shakira." she calls as Shakira walks off. Then the Goddess looks to the God "That was interesting. Shall we see to the breach and see what needs doing?"

"And me without my ethereal needle and thread." Fenris mutters as he glances back. "Yeah. Soon as I borrow some power from the ley line. I'm not going to do this the long way tonight…" The Lean faced man with the blade stretches out his hand and a portal opens. He steps through it and waits for Astryd. Then it shuts… and they're gone.

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