Kitchen Conversation

January 16, 2016:

During Peter's visit to the school, he has a conversation with Betsy, Scott, and meets Lunair.

Xavier's Staff Kitchen

A slightly nicer kitchen than the school's cafeteria.


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Having settled Peter into his new accomodations and given him a brief tour, Betsy had retreated to the kitchen for a cup of tea and some light repast. Light by Betsy's standards, though most people would draw the line at eating cream cheese out of a bowl with a spoon.

A cup of tea steams lazily at her elbow— disdaining a stool, she is eating with one elbow resting on the high counter top and her phone propped up in front of her, playing something from YouTube with a tinny sound coming from the speaker.

"Betsy." Scott says as he steps into the kitchen. Still dressed in his workout togs and as he hears the music coming from the speaker and he shakes his head. "I swear, if that's Linkin Park or Breaking Benjamin, I'm blasting that thing." he mutters ruefully as he heads to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. "I heard that Peter had decided to take a look around. How'd it go?" he asks, assuming the leggy ninja decided to handle the showing around herself - since she is the head of the school for now.

Cracking the cap off the water, he takes a long draw from it before he wipes his forearm across his mouth. "I went to have a talk with Rogue after what happened in M-Town the other day. Hadn't seen her and figured she might have been a little shaken up."

Betsy glances up at Scott. "Radiohead," she says, scooping up another spoonful of her snack. "Music does not begin and end with country, you know." She straightens up a bit and taps the screen, pausing the playback, and rests her palm on the counter, twisting her arm around and locking her elbow in casual support of a leaning posture.

"I think he'll settle in well," Betsy tells Peter. "I explained the general code of conduct and admonished him not to abuse his talents. He seems a bit wary and reticent, but I think he'll settle in. He's quite interested in pursuing his GED, which I think speaks highly of his motivation."

"Current day country is sounding more and more like crap." There may actually be a hint of dismay in Scott's voice as he starts digging around for the materials to build himself a sandwich. "I'm surprised you didn't pump his head full of images of Blob in a thong when he was poking in our heads." he admits with a small smirk as he grabs the ham and turkey, some lettuce, and a tomato before moving to the counter to set it all down. Returning to the fridge to collect some more, he gives a slight nod of his head.

"It's good to be driven." So says the most driven person on the campus. "Are we out of sliced cheese?" he asks absently as he digs around, finding the mayonaise. "But the motivation I'm concerned with is towards his former… captors, I guess would be the right word. Did you explain to him that killing is not something that we do?"

Having unpacked, which consisted of putting an extra pair of jeans, a shirt, and some socks and underwear away, Peter took Betsy at her word and started to explore the place. And while he's not actively tapping anyone's thoughts, he can't help it if they're broadcasting. Unfortunately, it doesn't get him much beyond various students' frustration over homework, disgust over it not being nice enough out to not do homework, and the occasional fantasy about the current girl/boy of their interest which is more than he wants to be hearing. Pulling a prescription bottle out of his pocket, he opens it and pulls a pill out which is swallowed before putting the bottle back. Frowning, he clears his throat and coughs once. Damn it. Water. Kitchen. It was that way? Yes. And occupied. "Hey."

Betsy glances up at Peter's entry on the tail end of Scott's frustrated statement. "It's just as rude to stick images in people's minds as it is to pluck them out," Betsy says to Scott, eyes flickering from the psychic to the team leader. "I try not to do either with any frequency."

She stirs her blanc pudding with the spoon and takes another bite. "I think Peter understands us quite well," she tells Scott. "And unless he's inclined to correct me," she says, looking at the newcomer, "I think he agrees that focusing on his health and well-being is for the moment, more important than vengeance."

"Hello, Peter." Scott says from behind the door and glances towards Betsy as she avoids the slice cheese question. The way she's eating that cream cheese just screams of a guilty conscience of a cheese hound. Blowing out a breath, he takes a couple of jars of condiments to take to the counter to start to assemble the sandwich. "Yes, well, that's why you're the psychic and I just blast holes in things." he says with a small smirk as he starts to lay out the bread to toast. "Anyone else want a sandwich?" he asks casually as he works on his own.

"For the moment." Peter agrees. Till he's stronger and/or has allies to take him down with. Sink… there. Most logical place for glasses is… He walks over to the cabinet and opens it. Nope, other one then. Yes. Taking a glass, he fills it at the sink and takes a drink. "I could go for one."

"Carbs," Betsy says, shaking her head at Scott. As if that one word explains it all. "But thank you."

She takes a last bite of her snack and moves to the sink after Peter gets his drink, rising the flatware off and setting it in the dishwasher. "If you don't want to eat in the common room, you can keep food in here," she tells Peter. "Some of us have small room refrigerators, too. Are you finding your accommodations acceptable?"

Whipping out a couple of more pieces of bread, Scott rolls his eyes at Betsy. "I should have known better than to ask." he says, a slight tease in his voice. "Everything is carbs, fat, and ten more minutes in training with you." It's said with the fondness of a friend - a friendship that sort of survived the whole idea of dating for a while. Sticking the bread in the toaster to start getting them brown, he works on slicing the tomato. "Hopefully she didn't stick you in the drafty room in the west wing." he says with a slight grin. "Anything that you want to have in your room such as microwaves and such need to be checked over and approved, however - because there are those that are sensitive to such things."

"Beats abandoned buildings." Peter answers then adds after a moment "It's fine. It's nicer than anywhere I lived since I left Harada or before he found me." He shrugs at what Scott says. "I don't have anything like that. Some extra clothes is all. I travel light." He gets out of Betsy's way and leans back against a counter.

"Dieting works if you stick to it," Betsy reminds Scott. "It just takes discipline and effort, but the results are worth it. I could return to modelling tomorrow."

She rests her hips against the countertop behind her, elbows pointing back and palms on the counter for support, looking back to Peter. "We have a fair stock of spare clothing in storage from students who moved on or grew out of their outfits," she tells him. "It's hardly haute couture, but you might find something serviceable in there."

"I never doubted that you could, Bets." Scott says as the toaster pops the bread up and he goes to pluck out the pieces to set on a plate before he starts work on assembling the two sandwiches. "There's also some cold weather gear, if you need it. Winter's in New England are a bit more harsh than those in Japan, I think. Though Betsy is the expert on that as well." Placing one sandwich on a paper towel, he slides it over to Peter before he takes the other one for himself and gives the psychic girl a dismissive wave. "You know I'll have this worked off by morning." he says blandly.

"How much about the school did she tell you?" he asks Peter, since he didn't get a chance to ask Betsy how far she got in the discussion with the newcomer before he showed up in the kitchen.

"I'll do that." Peter agrees. Just two changes of clothes tend to get a bit threadbare. Not to mention stinky. Fortunately, he's only been on the run for a few weeks this time. "Los Angeles." he corrects. "The Harbinger Foundation is there, not Japan. But yeah, it's colder. Thanks." He takes the sandwich and bites off a corner. At the question, he looks to Betsy and shakes his head. "Not much really. You teach classes, some college level stuff, and people get degrees."

"Those are the broad strokes," Betsy agrees with Peter, moving to the fridge and fishing out a diet soda. She cracks it open and takes a sip. She leans back against the cabinets near by, looking to Scott to see what he'll volunteer for the young man's edification.

"That's the big picture, yes." Scott clarifies. "We provide an opportunity to those with abilities and powers that normally would not have the chance to seek an education because of their gifts. We try to keep the playing field level with those at other private schools." Between bites, he continues the explanation. "Los Angeles, main office in Tokyo, right?" he glances to Betsy to confirm that. "And once they have completed their education, there are those that remain at the school to become teachers, such as myself and Doctor Grey, or if they want to head out into the world, we help with placing them in a life that they can feel secure in living. Besides that, we also, through X-Red, offer educational assistance and outreach to those that are not able to make it here, or fear relocation."

Scott's clarification gets a nod. "Right." Peter agrees, taking another bite as the man talks. "Yeah, I should probably get a degree. Who knows what'll happen in the future, right? X-Red, yeah. I remember hearing about them even on the street. Whole bunch of psiots - or mutants as you call them - revealing themselves and even their names. I bet Harada hates that, wanting everything to stay in the shadows so he could work without anyone suspecting."

"I know Harada's a nightmare," Betsy tells Peter. "But he is, unfortunately, singing a song we've heard many a time. However, it's quite likely that the Professor's run into him before, in one guise or another. And if he's been suppressing talent for his own gain for this long, he's surely raised a few eyebrows."

She kicks off the wall. "Well. I'm for the gym for a few hours, then bed. If you need anything before I turn in, do send a text, Peter. Other than that, you're on your own. Have a good night." She looks to Scott. "Scott, I'll see you tomorrow," she offers. She waves the diet soda in a vague salute and heads out of the kitchen.

"Frankly, I don't give a damn what this Hadara guy thinks, and if he has a problem with it, I'll gladly discuss it with him." Scott says with a shrug of his shoulder as he finishes his sandwich. "I think we have a couple of people in Los Angeles, I can ask them if they've seen any new activity." he offers before he lifts the bottle of water in a return salute to Betsy. "Of course, Bets, have a good evening." he offers as she turns to head out.

"Stay on her good side, you get on her bad side, it gets ugly, quick." he says in a slightly serious manner.

"See ya, Betsy." Peter says, nodding to her then shrugging at Scott's caution. She can't possibly do worse than what he's already survived. "I doubt there will be. He doesn't like bad publicity. I'm kind of curious how he explained the top of his building being destroyed though."

Poor Peter. Hopefully he'll never find out. Scott smirks. "As many things that have blown up, melted, disappeared and otherwise been destroyed? I'm sure there is some story around that they dug up to use." he says with a thoughtful look as he brings up his phone to pull up the news story to see if it's even addressed in the press. "Did you cause the explosion?" he asks curiously.

Speaking of things that blow other things, it's Lunair! She is actually about today. She has some potting supplies, including a few miniature rose plants. They are teeny! And cute! But for her part, her path takes her towards the others. And she hears familiar voices.

"Sort of." Peter answers. He and Scott are in the kitchen and they both have sandwiches. "After he…" Trailing off, he starts over. "When I went to kill him, he had some of his people with him. The fight kind of destroyed a few of the top floors."

Throwing away his paper towel as he's done with his sandwich, Scott pulls up the news report. "Gas leak? Lame." he mutters as he shrugs. "At least it wasn't mutant terrorism." he offers dryly as he lets out a breath. "After he..?" he prods, returning his attention to that statement before he hears the new arrival and nods his head. "Little early to be cultivating for the spring, isn't it?" he asks curiously. "Lunair, this is Peter. He's new. Peter, this is Lunair."

Sandwich! Then a blink at Peter. "Hi! And wow." The dude takes out floors. Note. FLOOR SMASHER. She seems quietly amused. "Sort of. These are tiny indoors mini roses. I think you might need them more than me." She's sharper than she lets on. "Hi Peter. Nice to meet you!" She waves. Then pauses. What was step 2…?

Oh good, a diversion so it's not obvious Peter's not answering the question. "Hey Lunair. Nice to meet you too." He looks from her to Scott. "So is it bad form to ask what people can do? You know about me but…"

Scott knows he's not answering the question, but the bespectacled man doesn't press for now. He'll ask again when he has a chance to find out more. Reaching up, he taps the side of his glasses. "I'd show you, but.. there would be a lot of damage to go with it. I have to wear these all the time for a reason." he says with a smirk and then a glance to Lunair. "Why would I need them?" As far as he knows, he and Jean are in good shape, despite the ruined date - that totally wasn't his fault.

"Lunair.. well.. it's best that she just show you. Anyway, Peter is a telepath, telekenetic.." he stops, pauses and just states the obvious. "He's like another Summers or Grey - and no, he's not mine or Jean's child from an alternate timeline, future, or other world." Just to clarify.

Lunair tilts her head. She doesn't know what is going on. Then a sagenod at Scott. "He took an entire lawn out. True facts." She saw it. "Like, twice. But it must be pretty hard." BEAMZ! "Also, he'd kick my ass in a staring contest." Literally. And poor Scott. "Here," A potted rose in deep, fiery reds and oranges. "I think you may need this later." It's dangerous to go alone.

And it won't wilt like fresh flowers! Good times. "Most people really don't believe me. Or they get upset. Especially about the nudity." SO MUCH NUDITY. "Really?" Man. That tinfoil hat sounds like such a good idea.

Peter eyes the glasses curiously but doesn't press for more of an answer. He gets the idea. He then looks to Lunair for a demonstration but as Scott clarifies what he said, he has to look back at him. "What?" Okay, the mention of nudity does distract him for a second but then he repeats "Alternate timeline, future, or other world? You have more Omega Psiots here?"

"Omega level.." Scott considers for a moment and then rubs the side of his face before accepting the potted plant with a bit of a blink. "Ah - thank you, Lunair." he says with a slight smile. "It might be better to show him - but something other than nudity, please?" he requests. "It's not that you're not an attractive woman, but I'm taken." it's a tease - really, it's meant to make her blush, and probably accidentally trip her powers. He knows what buttons to push in a way.

"Doctor Grey is one. As is.. for lack of better term, or son and daughter. Though Rachel is away for now, Nate is around as a member of Betsy's team." he explains. "So is Professor Xavier. There are a few others, but as you can imagine, we are rather well-defended."

Hmm. Well, she looks between the two, amused. Lunair doesn't really know for a moment. She smiles back, then turns red as an AK-47 drops behind her. "Hey." Pout. "I do more than weapons." SIGH. "Basically, imagine a flow chart that had a child with a Spirograph and that's totally their family tree. But they're pretty good people." Sagenod. It's true!

Lunair pauses. "The nudity thing is a reference to a weapon. It basically gets rid of armor and clothes. It's distracting slash a fight stopper." Also, abs and beefcake for miles. Lunair truly brings joy to the land. "And Omega Psiot?" Did she see something like that in XCom?

Peter nods to Scott. "Yeah, it's what Harada called us. 'Omega Psiots'. Someone who's more powerful than just about anyone else and has multiple abilities. We're both telepaths and telekinetics. We can both heal ourselves but he can't activate people like I can. If you have several of them, we can take him!" He might have said more except the clatter of a large gun falling to the ground makes him look. "Now that's something I haven't seen any of his Harbingers do." He'll digest the idea of a nudity gun later.

"Psiot seems to be another word for a mutant, Lunair." Scott explains for the young woman. "Though we have more than telepaths and telekinetics. We cater to almost any mutation that the X-gene can throw at us, from something as simple as discolored skin to something with your power set." he says with a glance towards Lunair. And he waits for her to dismiss the gun as he considers. "Have you had a chance to tour the school yet?" he asks. Though his question is loaded. He knows that Peter knows of the other function of the mansion as they had just discussed it the night before. But the wheels are turning. He has Lunair here. And Peter. It may be a good chance for a skills assessment - and give Lunair some practice with controlling her powers since making her blush still causes.. problems.

Lunair tilts her head. "I see. That's pretty cool." A smile at Peter. "Welcome to our world slash dimension. If you have any questions, please ask." Nod. Then a look to Scott. "Oh. I see. And yeah." She dismisses the gun. It simply vanishes. "I am going to set up some indoor plants, but I'm around if you need anything. I might bake some macaroons later." Ponder.

"So does Harada." Peter informs them. "Livewire can control machines and Ion controls electricity, for instance. Harada also has someone who can negate our abilities." The question though gets a shake of his head. "I was just about to start when I came to get a drink first."

"Then this sounds like something that should be planned for. Lunair, if you have the time, do you mind showing Peter around? I have some things I need to take care of - including speaking to the police about Hank's disappearance. "When Betsy or Jean's around next, I'd like to get a skills assessment on you, Peter. So we know exactly what you can use help with and where your strengths lie." he says as before finishing off his bottle of water and putting the empty container in a recycling bin.

"If you'll excuse me?" he asks the two as he pushes off from the counter to put away the sandwich makings before he leaves.

Lunair tilts her head. "That sounds cool. Except the negate thing. And welcome." A smile to Peter. "Not at all. And I hope Hank is okay," Frown. Then she waves to Scott. "It was good to see you." She looks to Peter. "Just say the word." Beam.

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