Planning a Rescue (2)

March 21, 2015:

Phoenix and Mimic meet with Magneto to talk about the location of the kidnapped children

Some empry office in Manhattan

A barren office.


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Six days have passed and Magneto asked Jean to meet with him again, this time in an empty office in the financial district. There is just a table with some folders (with the logo of Gotham Police) on it. The old mutant seems completely alone this time. No armor, but his Corinthian helmet is on the table too.

A lot has happened in three days, which possibly put the mood of Jean off. Whilst she tried to contain it, it dripped off of her like butter. But, she tightened it up, blocked out others who could sense and feel, bandaged and wrapped up her shoulder and set to the ground with her leather jacket pulled upon her arms.

« Cal? If you can hear me.. I'm meeting with Magneto. You should come. »

A little suggestion put out into the air with a beacon of her psyche attached, which is slightly fragmented to keep the peace on her end and to not distrub Calvin. The office was met, reached, brow raised in surprise as she expected another foe turned ally to be there along with Xavier's old friend. But.. no one.

"I would have expected Mystique here. But I assume she gave you all the information you need?"

It being a Saturday, Cal's in the city already. It being six thirty, he's out of the show he caught and in a bar, having a drink and deciding if he wants to catch an evening show as well before meeting up with Ryan, a dancer in the show he's debating seeing. Jean's thoughts decide it for him. He finishes his beer and leaves, heading for a nearby alley. « Okay. Let me see where you are. » he sends back. And as soon as he gets the image, he's there in a *BLINK*. "Evening Jean. Magneto, nice to see you again."

Magneto nods to Jean in greeting, "yes of course, Mystique obtained copies of the police reports, I have matching descriptions and the code-names and rough descriptions of the three metahumans coinciding with the kidnappers at the museum."

Calvin appearance brings a frown to his face. Then he remembers, "Cal… isn't it? I remember you and the peculiar statement you made at the Church of Humanity rally back in July."

Jean turns, gaze looking -up- towards Calvin with a smile. "Glad you could make it." She states, then enters in more fully to the apartment to pull out a chair for her and Calvin so that they could sit. No one likes a person who looms, and she was sure that Mimic could take care of himself should anything happen.

"I hope there will be no issue with Calvin joining us in retrieving the children. I feel he's the best to get them out of there and back home safely once we reach them."

Plus, he could return and lay the smack down. Good ol' Calvin. He's handy in that regard.

"Or Mimic when we're being formal or covert." Cal agrees. "And yes, it's been a while." Though he enters the office, he doesn't sit immediately. "If you'd prefer to speak to Jean alone, I can leave. But rescueing these kids is a priority and I'd really like to help out."

"No, of course not, Ms. Grey. We agreed one of the X-Men would come to look for the children," he offers his hand to Calvin. "I hope you have some experience in investigation and interrogation. We will be travelling to Santa Prisca, a country controlled by crime lords, most of them involved with the American drug trafficking. One, or several of them, ordered the kidnapping of the mutant children, and may still have them in his power. Perhaps Bane himself."

Jean winces a little. "Make that another. Cyclops insisted that he come along." Jean relaxes where as Calvin did not, yet, taking liberties in leaning forward to drag a file closer to her person. "So, Bane is not in control of this operation, but rumors that there is someone else?"

Glancing back towards Calvin, she covers the file itself, then picks it up to hand it towards him to look over. "When we get back to headquarters, I'm sure Calvin will be willing to help me look up the island itself through satellite imagery."

Cal clasps the offered hand without hesitation. "Given the circumstances, normal ethical considerations can be set aside. I'll get the information from their minds if they aren't shielded. If they are, there are ways to convince them." He sits down and takes the file to look through. "I'm not familiar with anyone named Bane. Is he a mutant? And what is the interest in the children?"

"Experiments with mutant children don't seem to fit Bane psychological profile," which Magneto has sketched in the past couple days. "It is unlikely Bane is a mutant. He might be a meta-human, but most likely he is just a normal human that uses an enhancement drug called Venom to become something akin to a super-soldier. Venom often kills those who use it, but Bane is an exception." He gestures to the folders, opening one. "But Bane is not above kidnapping children if being paid by someone else. I think this is what happened. Hydra might in in Santa Prisca, or this might be an ambitious drug lord. We will know soon."

Jean remained quiet all the while, soaking in the information as it comes, taking up another file that has gone untouched to give it a read. There was a sad look upon her face, for it was the file chosen that did it to her. The information passed on to Magneto by the way of a thumb drive she gave him had all of the stats.. present.

"When are we leaving?"

Cal just nods but the one hand clenches and his claws *SNIKT* in and out, revealing more than his expression does about what he thinks of people kidnapping kids for experiments. "I can be ready on a minute's notice from this moment on. My boss is very understanding about sudden absences." His boss being the Professor, of course. "

"We can leave tomorrow, but I am sending an agent to Gotham first," explains Magneto. "There is a good chance the kidnapping operation is ongoing, obvious mutant children are often kicked out of their homes when the manifest in their early teens. And too many vanish without trace. Gotham police believes these three metahumans, Hex, Sparky and Ghost, are still in town."

"Tomorrow's fine." Cal agrees. With this much advanced notice, he can even reschedule a couple of things. "Please forward us anything you learn before then so we can be up to date and make any plans we might need to. Will any of your people be joining us as well?"

"No, I work better alone," replies Magneto. Which means the X-Men are… well, a compromise with Jean. "As I said, I will send someone to Gotham, I guess Mimic or Cyclops could go there with my agent, should you prefer. I doubt your students are there, but other mutant children might be endangered."

A hand now rests upon her temple as she leans back into her chair. She was obviously funneling information to Cyclops, who's often on the receiving end of her witty banter and randomly weird thoughts. This time was no exception, this was all about the children so he was going to hear it all, whether he liked it or not.

"I'll go to Gotham. I've yet to see the area and I hope it's all that I've ever heard of." To get a glimpse into the mind of Batman would be optimal, but.. Jean wasn't the intrusive sort. "Tomorrow it is then."

"I'm not familiar with Gotham. I'm not sure Cyclops is either." Cal tells Jean. "But if you find anything or need backup, let me know and I'll be there." He closes the files and sets it on the table, taking a moment to study Magneto. So this one 'works better alone'. Interesting.

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