Tough Love

January 16, 2016:

Scott comes to check on Anna-Marie after she ran off when she temporarily lost her powers.

Rogue's Room - Xavier's Institute

It probably doesn't have a Justin Beiber poster in it.


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Rogue has been hard to find after the incident in Mutant Town. The thing with that weird kid shook her up and she's been hard to find, sticking to her room or out of the Mansion entirely. Currently she does happen to be in her room, listening to loud music of some kind, flopped on her bed as she plays a game on her iPad.

Scott wanted to give Anna a little time to calm down after the startlement at what happened in M-Town. A couple of days was a long enough cool down, in his mind. However, he waited until the end of the day, when the halls wouldn't be packed with school children heading to and from lessons, and after he was done with his workout in the Danger Room before he made his way up to rap his knuckle sharply on her room's door. Opening it slightly, he steps in, dressed in a pair of sweatpants, an a-frame shirt, sneakers, and a towel draped around his neck.

"Anna-Marie?" he asks, just a touch of concern allowed to his voice. "Do you have a few moments to talk?" he asks, before realizing she can't hear him. He frowns, going over, and throws the towel on her face to catch her attention.

The angsty tune is turned down but not off entirely. She's polite, usually, but nothing's coming between her and her emo music tonight. Sorry, Scott. Sitting up, she swings her legs over the edge of the bed, her head angling to the side. She too is dressed in sweats, pants and shirt both, and her feet are covered in heavy socks. And like almost always when she's alone, she has her gloves off.

"Hello, Scott." Clearing her throat, she blushes and looks down. "How ya been doin'?" The bell sounds as sheepish as she looks.

"Busy." Scott admits as he gestures. "May I take a seat?" he asks as he gestures to the chair behind her desk. He's not going to sit on the bed with her. "Hank's missing, had to see the police about that, couple of possible new members to talk to, and Jean decided she wanted to go out and not bother to tell anyone where she went." the concern flickers across his face, but quickly dissipates as he has a more important concern in front of him at the moment. "So, we had a bit of a rough time a couple of days ago, huh?" he was there. He knows what happened. However. "Want to tell me what you felt and thought?"

"Ah'm fine," is mostly-honestly said, the only hint being to how it has effected her being the slightly haunted look in her eyes. But even if she might want to say more there's more pressing subjects to discuss. "Who took Hank?" Standing, she absent-mindedly waves to the chair, inviting Scott to sit while she paces. "Why are ya jus' now tellin' me about this?" Rogue's not quite angry but she isn't pleased.

"Because you've been too busy sulking around and hiding besides behaving as part of a team." Scott is just as brutally honest as he moves to turn off the music. They're going to talk without the noise, whether she likes it or not. Linkin Park has been parked. As he settles into the chair, he folds his hands. "We're similar, in some ways. I know, you can't touch anyone. I barely remember colors outside of the red spectrum. I've never seen how truly vibrant Jean's hair is. My whole world is a red tint. It may not be the handicap that you have, but it is one regardless. But it gives me a modicrum of security. I know that if I get in trouble, I can get out of it. I'm sure you felt that same sense of.. fear, I suppose is the best way to put it, when your powers were cancelled. But imagine how that child must feel. He's a walking nullifier. He's probably more feared than any of us." he admits with a slight frown.

"Hank was taken by someone that had attacked a woman named Beverly Sunderland a few days ago. She, too, is a mutant. he wasn't alone this time.. apparently they are targetting upper class mutants." he says with a small frown. "I don't think it's the Brotherhood, unless Magneto has reworked the entire team. But I need to know, Anna-Marie.. are you going to be part of the team, or are you just going to stay in here and sulk because for a moment, you felt that touch of being.. powerless." Not human, to him, she's already quite human.

Rogue doesn't really take too kindly to being spoken to like that and probably would deck him if he were anyone but her friend. But even though he is she still visbily bristles. "Ah will be aorund to help," gets half-growled. "But…" And just like that the slight surge in anger ebbs. "Ah jus' didn't expect that. Forgot what it felt like, Scooter. It was…" Terrifying, really.

He is her friend. But he's also the field commander for the X-Men. And the former leader. He has to have the hard talks and in this case, Rogue needed the hard talk from Scott. She bristles, and he watches her as he shakes his head. "It was scary as hell, is what it was." he admits. "I dreamed about being able to see the world without that tint, Anna." he admits. "To know what flowers looked like in bloom. To watch the Rose Parade and know what the floats were supposed to be without having someone describe them. We all have drawbacks. And I know yours is bigger than most. But we're supposed to be here for each other. And when you ran off, I knew why, but that doesn't excuse the behaviour. I need you to be here with us, Anna. Do you understand?"

Rogue looks at him, Scott's words taken to heart. "Ah said Ah'll be there." A small dresser is approached and she gets a pair of simple green gloves out, the pair she normally wears on a day-to-day basis with long-sleeved shirts and puts them on, perhaps a sign that she's about to leave? Nah, she's staying put. The reason she put them on becomes obvious when she goes over to give him a hug.

Scott watches the young woman, concerned at first when she went to pull on the gloves, but once she does and leans into the hug, it makes a little more sense. Though there's a moment of confusion, he wraps his arms around her to give her a squeeze in return. She's only a year older than Rachel, which is odd when he considers that. The similarities between Rogue and Rachel are there - they both lost their parents, both have phenomenal powers, they both had a hard life. And while Scott can differentiate between the two, Scott has a certain kinship with the young woman that is slightly deeper than team level. She is someone he can trust. Which is a rare thing in this day and age.

"Alright, so no more sulking. We have a couple of new people wandering about and you need to make a good impression." he says as he releases her, a slight tease in his voice. "What all do I need to bring you back up to speed on?" he asks her.

"Jus' Hank and the new kids, Ah suppose." And with that, Anna Marie gets herself braced, preparing to have to meet new people. Not always her favorite thing to do but hey. She will help Scott and the others any way she can so she goes and puts on her game face. "So who are these new kids, huh? Prospective students, Ah'm imaginin'." The door is opened and Scott's allowed to go first so she can make sure all is in order before she goes and follows.

Releasing Rogue, Scott gives her a reassuring smile. Being social isn't exactly easy for him either, but the things he does for the Institute. "Kids.. would be an understatement. Both are pretty full grown. One isn't going to live with us. Her name is Beverly Sunderland? Might have heard of her?" She may definetly have - famous actress on one of the tween/teen networks, singer, and came out as a mutant on television. "The other is a guy named Peter. He's actually visiting here now. On the run from some Japanese Yakuza Super-Human type thing. Betsy understands it way more than I do." he explains.

With that, they step out into the hallway to head off to find Peter and Betsy.

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