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January 14, 2016:

A Ninja fight on the roof of Stark Towers ends up with tea


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"Miss Potts. There appears to be a ninja battling a commando on the roof."

You know if JARVIS weren't unfailingly accurate Pepper might think that's a joke. But no. JARVIS brings up a camera feed from the roof quite clearly showing a man in a mostly purple outfit that looks a lot like it was lifted from a Splinter Cell game fighting… yes. A ninja. Black pajamas. Face covering cowl. Swords. Well, they both have swords. Sharp ones too, looks like.

Pepper Potts says, "Sorry, what?" Pepper looks up from her paperwork at the camera feed and … just stares for about three seconds. "Security lockdown on the roof, JARVIS. Arm the tranquilizer darts and fire on both of them when you get an opening. I'm heading up there." She hastily leaves her office for the elevator that leads to the roof, her StarkPhone/taser in hand, pausing on the way to 'borrow' something she'd seen Dr. Simmons bring into the building — a pistol-like thing that fires what are clearly non-lethal rounds, though JARVIS couldn't place the contents of the delivery pellets without obtaining a sample. Well, maybe today he'll get a chance at that sample.

Checking the pistol-thing's magazine and safety with the ease of someone who used to work for a major weapons manufacturer, she waits for the elevator to let her out on the roof."

An overly large raven is perched on on the taller pieces of the superstructure. Canting its head and watching the Ninja's, purple and black clad, fight. Watches for a quite a long while actually, seeing where this fight might end.

Those tranq darts don't… quite do the trick. They do send both the combatants diving for cover though. Once the danger has passed the ninja is up again in a fury and attacking and yelling. The guy in the purple paramilitary outfit seems to have been about to try to escape down the side of the building but… no dice. He has to turn and defend imself again. By the time Pepper arrives the two are duking it out near the center of the helipad, not too far from the large transmitter tower… it's… a long way down from here.

Pepper Potts watches the fight for a moment after she spots them on the helipad. It seems like the one in black is more the aggressor… what little she knows about fighting, anyway. So, she takes careful aim with this pistol-thing and fires off a single round at the pajama-man. Huh. Less recoil than she'd been expecting. But still. Darn kids! Get off my lawn! Though, how did they get up here in the first place?

As Pepper arrives, the raven launches into the air transforming into a strawberry blonde woman with giant grey/black wings and grey eyes, who hovers in the air taking in the spectacle.

Seeing the purple clad figure try to make a break for it and Pepper shoot the other, the Valkyrie makes a decision and swoops down, aiming to collect Ronin and knock him back. If Pepper is successful with hers, that will keep the purple clad one from trying to hurt the woman …

The pruple clad fellow gets caught with a rather loud and surprised squawk as he's 'collected' and knocked on his rear. The Ninja, meanwhile, never sees Pepper coming. The dendrotoxin catches him midleap and he falls… and lands… right on his face.

"The hell?!" 'Splinter Cell' sounds a bit… put out.

"Why are you on my roof?" Pepper asks of 'Splinter Cell' while approaching with the ICER aimed competently enough. It IS her roof, after all. Well, twelve percent of it. An argument could be made for fifteen. "Answer quickly or end up like your friend over there."

Standing over the downed 'Splinter Cell', a foot planted firmly on his chest, Astryd's wings beat slowly - up and then down - the only sign that she might be agitated - of course, it's likely an off putting sight to the man.

"Greetings, Pepper. I was coming to visit when I saw this disturbance." She'll let the woman shoot 'Splinter Cell' if he doesn't answer the question.

"Ow. What is your problem?" Clint groans. He's tempted to take the goggles off. "Wait a minute… I know you. You were in Gotham a few months back. With that gargoyle." Who isn't here. Thank goodness. This would be awkward otherwise.

"Uh, look, Miss Potts." Yeah, he knows her name. "I'm just kind of… passing through your roof. Trying to get away from the ninja. Seemed like a good idea at the time."

Pepper seems to accept that answer, though it leads her to another question. "Why was he after you? And should I call the police to come deal with him?"

Astryds eyes narrow as she looks at the man on the ground. The Gargoyle has her thinking "You are the Warrior that I met. On the rooftop when the Stoneborn emerged." That had been an interesting meeting.

"If I remember correctly, Pepper, this man was party to information they" she indicates the Ninja "didn't want him to have. I think the police would be in order. But our friend here" Her foot is still planted on his chest but she removes it slowly, allowing him to move again. "may wish to be away before that happens."

"Yeah, cops are good for ninjas. Though they may want a Japanese translator. I'd rather not be here though. Hard to explain the gun. And sword. And bow." He has a bow. it's on his back. And a pair of guns. The ninja must have come up on him fast. He also has a satchel, leather and locked that contains something warm and fairly bulky. "And the er, stolen goods I stole from them they stole from someone else."

Stolen goods stolen from the people that stole them in the first place. How much convoluted can it get? "Fine. JARVIS, please have Security come collect one man in black pajamas from the roof, and use the Everhart protocols," Pepper says to her phone.

"Security will arrive in thirty seconds, Miss Potts. I have informed them, and they will take the precautions you have recommended."

Pepper nods (at her phone?) and then focuses on the purple-clad man again, and the winged woman holding the man down by his sternum. "Shall we continue this conversation inside?" Strange, she phrases that as a question but it likely doesn't feel like a question.

"Suuuuuuuure." Inside. Inside is good. He can't get thrown off the roof by an angry angel from the inside. Then again, he can't make a flying leap to safety from there either. So it's a tradeoff. Should he dail Ka-… no, probably not. She's busy… and might encourage them to throw him off the roof just to see him squirm. "Can, uh, I get up now?"

The 'angry angel' isn't really angry, just … stern. Fully removing her foot from his chest, Astryd holds a hand out to Clint to aid him to his feet. "I knew a man once, who thought he was stealing from the rich to give to the poor." Knew, not knew of "Is that what you think you are doing?"

"Inside sounds good, La— Pepper. Particularly if you are offering that wonderful tea of yours."

Pepper Potts nods as Astryd helps the purple man to his feet, lowering the pistol-like weapon and re-engaging the safety. She waits for the Security team to arrive, one of them — a petite little woman with the name tag 'Rebecca' — already speaking on a cell phone and saying something about a man in black attempting to break into the tower from the rooftop. As they're trussing up the ninja, Pepper leads the unusual pair to the elevator and down several floors to … a very nicely appointed executive office. And yes, it does smell like there's fresh tea in that vintage-looking tea pot right there.

Clint is rather happy to be away from the suited security folks. They make him nervous. Stark's tend to be clean cut and professional but there's something about suits with guns that reminds him of organized crime. He does not, pointedly, take off his goggles. Though he does turn them off. No need for the thermal vision and such here. "No, no not so much with the giving to the poor. More like robbing from the rich to make sure they don't get dangerous toys they're not allowed to have."

Astryd takes a few moments to watch the security people, her wings slowly furling till they disappear, leaving a strawberry blonde with long hair and a hard planes on her face.

Following Pepper, she slowly enters the office, scanning it before looking at the tea pot, a small smile on her face. Tea. "That smells heavenly, Pepper" which is probably saying a lot, right? Clints comment gets a look from the Goddess as she considers that comment "I … think … that might need more explanation. What do you do with what you steal … back?"

Pepper Potts sets her phone on her desk, but takes an extra moment to tuck the pistol-like weapon into a drawer before moving to pour a cup of tea for Astryd. "I have to admit to being curious myself. That doesn't seem like the sort of occupation to have any longevity, and it would be a very … inconsistent hobby." After handing the tea to Astryd, she looks at the purple-clad man squarely. "Would you care for a beverage, or are you going to continue standing there imitating an insect?"

"The bug eyes you mean? They're handy for not later being recognized in Starbucks, don't you know?" The mask is… yeah. It's a safety net. Buuuuut… they do kind of have him stomping all… er… wait. "Can you turn the cameras off? I know Stark's got all these wonderful high tech gadgets. It's a case of MGH. Well… I should clarify that. I think it's a case of MGH. Stuff's available overseas in places like Madripoor but I've never seen it here in large quantities and no one seems to want to import it." Until recently. He suspects some small but significant quantities of it have been squirreled away.

"Thank you…" Astryd breaths as Pepper hands her the tea. Taking a seat, stretching her legs in front of her, she regards Clint and then Pepper. Turning the gadgets off, that's her call.

Clints words have her eyes snapping back to him "MGH?" For as long as she's been on Midgard, some acronyms are simply beyond her. "My apologies, Warrior. For as long as I've spent walking this dimension, some things are still beyond me."

Pepper's phone pings and she turns to glance at it, then looks at the bug-eyed man. "Well, I suppose I could do that." After all, turning off the cameras does NOT mean JARVIS stops listening as well. "JARVIS, please stop recording video footage from my office for … fifteen minutes."

"Acknowledged, Miss Potts."

Pepper then turns back to the shrine to tea, er, her wet bar. "Would you care for a beverage, Mr. Barton?"

Clint pauses halfway through taking his mask off… "That god damn LMD…" He mutters. That's the only thing he can possibly think of. He knows he hasn't been here before and he's pretty careful about showing his face when he does this kind of thing. The archer sighs.

"Mutant Growth Hormone. It's… super steroids, basically. Big thing in the third world. Not so much here."

Astryd glances to Pepper as she speaks to the air. She's heard JARVIS before, but still she's curious.

Astryd stops the cup, partway to her lips. "Mutant Growth Hormone?" At least now she has part of his name … the damn archer had played coy last time and glossed over the question of who he was.

"Is it used for growing mutants…" at least she knows what they are "… or … developing existing ones? I'd say the latter if you are equating it to steroids." Seems the goddess keeps up with a number of things.

"He'll have tea, I think, Pepper." Astryd might smirk if she was anyone else, but Clint hadn't answered the woman "Do you know of these Mutant Growth Hormones?"

"Not many people do…" Clint shrugs. "Which may be the point. I don't know. I just know the people who are collecting these things don't need anymore. I was gonna incinerate this stuff but I'd be happy to leave it here if you've got safer facilities to do it. Or can, I dunno… throw it into hell or something." Astryd gets a glance at that.

Astryd snorts softly at Clints glance. "I don't tend to work with a hell dimension, Warrior. But I do have … access to something." Now… she sips from her tea "However, if you don't know what it does, wouldn't it help to find out?"

Regardless, if Clint insists, she'll take it and send it to Valhalla … but it seems like a waste.

"It makes people strong. And nuts." Clint says flatly. "You don't want to see how that works. Hell I don't want to see how that works." He sighs. "And now I should really be getting on. Uh, nice… dropping by."

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