Overdressed for Dragon-Hunting

January 14, 2016:

Captain Britain asks Meggan to come with him on an adventure, and she misunderstands the meaning.

Dragon Realm - Otherworld

A lush and fertile plane, Avalon is the homeland of Otherworld, one of the
Fae worlds that exists. Much like the Isles it is modeled after, the land is
divided into sections. To the northern highlands, Dragons reign supreme,
while to the south, the fabled Camelot still stands, along with the
Starlight Citadel, home of Roma and Merlyn.


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Meggan's phone rang while she was on the set of her show, when she was on a break between shoots. Brian had to be brief because she was needed for a wardrobe change, but he had asked her to meet him outside the consulate for an evening's adventure. The way he worded surely meant something exciting and new, after all, he is Captain Britain. There has to be something up his bag of tricks for the beautiful young woman.

He stands outside the consulate, dressed in his nice street clothes, which surely works for a casual date, right?


Meggan picks up her phone from her coffee break, flicks past her Candy Crush notifications, and emits a high pitched squeal.


Meggan emerges from the nearest subway entrance. She is easily spotted. She is wearing a sky blue dress suitable for a cocktail reception, slightly shimmery and figure flattering. She is wearing open-toed three inch heels. She has made up her face with great effort and attention to detail. She is not wearing a jacket, because she didn't think to bring one, and like Elsa, the cold never bothered her anyway.

She sees him out there.

In Meggan's imagination she immediately flies up to the top of the nearest tall building and jumps off it. The Daily Planet reads: ASPIRING ACTRESS VAULTS TO OWN DOOM - "OVERDRESSED FOR BIG DATE" - SPIDER-MAN TO BLAME?

In reality, of course, she raises her hand and beams. "Oh — hello!" she calls, as she catches up.

And when he sees her, Brian immediately blanches. She's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and he.. uh.. well, apparently his message didn't get across the right way. His cheeks brighten immediately in a red blush. "Oh.. goodness. Hullo, Meggan." he offers with a twinge of confusion. As she approaches, her magical senses will pick it up. The two of them are near one of the portals to Otherworld - which is exactly why the Consulate is located here.

"I am sorry, truly I didn't have time to explain to you what I meant by adventure.." he manages to stammer out to the blonde bombshell that just totally blew up on him with glitz and glamour. "But there's a possible war between our land and one of the neighboring fae nations, and I was hoping you could assist me?"

That's an advenutre, right?

Meggan looks utterly vulnerable for a moment.




Her eyelashes flutter and she regains her composure as she gets nearer. "Oh — like, a reception or something? I mean anything, that I might be able to do to help, that's fine, I just hope I -" She wobbles. "I'm sorry, I'm going to take off these awful shoes, do you mind if I do? Please - ah, please keep going, I'm all ears…"

The vunerable look almost makes Brian abandon what he needs to do to save two lands from going to war and actually take Meggan on a night on the town that she won't soon forget.


But the duty-bound Brian frowns just a bit. "A little something like that." he offers as he opens the portal into Otherworld with Roma's assistance. As he starts to shift into his costume to step through, the Amulet of Right from his chest causing the wrapping of the colors of the Union Jack to cover him.

"Do you consider a council with dragons to be a reception?" he asks as he steps through to the other side.

Meggan is already tipping forward to get out of those heels. This also conceals her face. At least I"m not blushing, she tells herself — who said acting isn't hard —

Fortunately, perhaps, for everyone's feeling, she's gotten shoe #2 off when Brian says a word that makes her look upright in surprise. "… Dragons?" The surprise, curiosity, and wonder in her face may do wonders for dissipating any guilt.

"It's a friendly sort of council I hope," she says, stepping forwards. Free shoes for somebody!

Stepping through the portal, the two Avalonians find themselves back in familiar surroundings. Home, for Meggan, and half of a home for Britain. He keeps his hood and cowl down. Meggan knows who he is already, and there are several Captain Britains that show up on ocassion in Otherworld. The Captain stretches out, immediately rising off the ground to float slightly as they stand in the open meadow, with knee-high grass and bright floral bloom. Off in the distance, waterfalls flow over floating isles, lush life and creatures abound. If he was taking her for a picnic, this would be perfect.

But alas. "I don't remember if you can fly or not.." he admits, not having noted that in her powers, as he gestures to a nearby grove of trees where there is a pegasus, wings folded, waiting on her. "Just in case?" he offers helpfully.

"And I'm not sure. One of the dragons has invaded another land, Nilaa." he explains. "I spoke with their Princess, and she wants more information before she can get fully involved, so I'm hoping the dragons of the Northlands will have more information." he explains.

Meggan looks around in wonderment at the beauty of the place. And the fact that it's not a dank January in New York here! That's a plus. Yes, vibrant life of the city blah blah whatever, Billy Joel, this is much nicer. "Oh, I can," she answers him. "But…"

Meggan gazes at the pegasus.

"I don't go very fast," she says finally, stepping forwards to reach out for the pegasus. Her eyes are wide and she is enraptured enough that she realizes, too late, as she manages to get astride the gorgeous beast, that Brian had said other things along the way.

Meggan looks straight at him. "Oh - yes, of course. Then that's where we're heading, then, up to the North?" She finds herself stroking the pegasus's mane. It is a natural reaction. Looking down, she says sympathetically, "I hope I won't burden you too much…"

Addressing the horse, of course, but it may feel like a poke at the Captain. If a sad one.

"I wouldn't have asked you to come with me if you were a burden." Britain responds. As she moves to board the pegasus, he slips his hands around her waist to gently lift her to place her sidesaddle upon the steed, since she's in a dress, after all. Once she's settled, he moves to float alongside as the pegasus stretches out it's majestic wings. "Come on, Valinor." he says to the steed as he takes to the air, and with a beat of wings the pegasus rises to follow after the red, white, and blue hero.

While they are in flight, Britain sticks close to make sure that Meggan can stay within earshot. "The dragons should be rather settled, it is their hibernation season.." he admits as he drifts alongside, and adds, "You look.. amazing." he says as he takes out his cameraphone to snap a picture. He'll send it to her later for her Instagram.

Industrial Light and Magic, eat your heart out.

Meggan gazes forwards with big wet eyes during the emplacement and the majestic launch of the pegasus. The faintly horsy wind round the flying steed makes her heart pound. She grasps its neck lightly, just for the sake of feeling a bit steadier. Forwards. Forwards… Her hair streams in the breeze. She touches it when attention's called to it.

Or to her, really. "Oh - if they're hybernating - aah!" she says, looking ahead as the picture's taken. She giggles afterwards, rather guiltily. "I can't believe — I mean I didn't imagine — Do I really look THAT nice…?"

Coming over to be a bit closer so she can see the phone better, Britain smriks. "Decide for yourself." he says encouragingly as he turns the phone around to show her the picture. He gives her a winning smile, which only lasts as long as a few moments…

…before there is a sudden roar and a flash of green as a wyrm slams into Britain's back, knocking the phone from his hands as his forcefield barely holds against the sudden impact and he cries out in shock and surprise as he turns around towards his attacker. "Sarafand!" he calls out, "What is the meaning of this!"

"..you are tresspassing!" the great wyrm hisses as he throws Britain to the side and turns his attention to the pegasus and the maiden upon it. "Though you have brought me a rather tasty morsel to make up for your egress. Is she pure?" the dragon asks, licking his lips.

Whether he means Valinor or Meggan isn't entirely obvious.

Meggan looks over at the phone with great curiosity. There are many questions she has - will you really upload it? Is that really me? Does my hair really stream like that? Do you have any bars in Avalon?

And then - "Ah! B — Captain Britain!" Meggan calls out as a huge green form SLAMS into him. The phone plummets forwards and Meggan dives for it on reflex, her hair sparkling as she takes momentary flight, scrabbling with it and finally ending up with only that piece of electronics in her hand with which to confront the monster.

Which speaks to her.

Her face reddens. "I /beg your pardon/?" she finds herself asking instead, clutching the phone to her chest. "The cheek of you! Are you with these dragons the Captain's trying to meet with, or are y'just flying around to bother women out on dates?"

She points a finger forwards towards the wyrm, honestly shocked at her own actions if moving too fast to react now. Maybe this is from living in the NYC area for too long. "You're not going to be eating anybody with an attitude like that! Take it back!" Valinor may not appreciate this, but at least he (or she, apparently!) would have the opportunity to scoot while Meggan is seized by suicidal insanity!

"I am one of three." Sarafand seethes as he turns to the woman and snaps his jaws hungrily. "My, are you a feisty morsel. And so pure. I can smell it on you from here." he growls, jaws opening as he prepares to spray a blast of jet hot flame towards Meggan. "But I perfer a little heat with my meal!" he snaps.

The flame that was racing towards Meggan is suddenly cut off as Britain slams into the creature's jaw, turning his head to the side. "That is not the way to address a lady, wyrm!" the British hero cuts off the dragon as he interposes himself between the woman and wyrm.

"My trespass?" he asks. "What of your compatriot's trespass into Nilaa? Do you deny that this has been done!"

Sarafand snarls. "I have no knowledge of any trespass." he lies, it's blatant, judging by his wyrmy smile. "The ones of the clear gems have told us true. You are but the lapdog of the one who should be here. Merlyn hides, and gives away our treasures, while you remain in place, pretending as if nothing is wrong!"

"I.. have no idea of what you are talking about." Britain admits with a frown. But that's all the time he gets to think before the dragon's on the attack again, snagging his talons around Britain, they actually get through some of his forcefield and dig into him as Brian is having to concentrate everything on defending his torso and head against the snapping of the dragon's jaws that want to take a bite out of him before he gets to the main course.

Meggan's eyes widen as that flame forms, and she's throwing up her hands— when Brian cold cocks the Dragon. Hurray!

She does not strike outwards, even if she feels a faint shiver of: I /could/, if I /wanted/ to. She doesn't though. Not here, not yet, not right now. Sarafand protests at length and Merlyn comes up, which makes Meggan look at Captain Britain with surprise. But pleased surprise!

Though he seems clueless. But then the dragon IS actually digging in, and that half-gathered burst instead comes to Meggan's hands; she throws them forwards, palms half covering each other, as she cries, "GET OFF HIM!"

And… the air cools a little, and some of that vivid life maybe flickers just a bit as the mana in the area pours through Meggan just a bit more intensely. And then, like when you open a faucet but there's only a tiny little hole — out it goes, right at the dragon's side.

Britain's eyes open wide in surprise. Not at the dragon's attack, but at the sudden rush of magic that he senses from Meggan. She had been holding back, and what was just a faint glimmer is suddenly a bright star as the fae brings her powers to bear and the blast of cold lances out towards Sarafand. "Meggan?!" he manages, surprise evident in his voice as he quickly adds, "Run!" his concern is evident, obviously unaware of what other powers the young woman may be packing.

The dragon squawks in pain as he releases the Captain and turns his attention back to the maiden. "Fae witch." he hisses. "Oh, what a special treat indeed!" he growls and turns, spraying flames towards Britain before he gives a snap of his wings and streaks down towards Meggan, jaws opening to try to snap down hard on the woman and rip her in half. All teeth and jaw and it doesn't look like Captain Britain is in a position to race to her rescue this time as he's battling off the flames that washed over him.

She can't run! SHE'S FLYING. Meggan gives the Captain a momentary, deeply apologetic glance, but then she looks back to the dragon. "Oh now you're just getting insulting, are you? Why don't -"

The dragon's coming towards her. What does Meggan do?

Simple. She can do nothing else…

But dodge! And as she suddenly goes into a dive, /she/ goes, of course, quite firmly, but her dress trails a little afterwards, getting most distinctly and emphatically fanged. The dress is not made of unstable molecules, and so there is a huge ripping tear, even if Meggan's accenting it with an effort to kick at the side of the dragon's jaw!

The dragon howls, the sharp kick to his jaw causing him to flap and fly backwards as he growls at the pair of them. Sarafand snaps his jaw, and he lets out a snarl of pain. Meggan's hit hurt. Flying higher up, he seems to have had the fight taken out of him. "The dragon you seek is already in Nilaa, lapdog." he says towards Britain. "With their blessings!" he adds as he turns to fly off.

Captain Britain for a moment considers chasing Sarafand and showing him whatfor since he attacked the blonde woman, but instead he flies to Meggan, glancing at her in deep concern, searching her features and all to make sure she's not hurt. He's singed, but he'll be fine, even if his uniform is slightly tattered at the sides and around the torso. "…are you fine?" he asks in worry.

Meggan, surprised, floats in midair, her dress unravelling slightly and scenically. She looks back at Brian as he comes up close. She seems startled, slightly flustered, wide-eyed, but not terrified. She picks up on the worry and says, with a sudden, sunny smile, "I'm fine. Are you fine? You look like you got the worst of it —" She looks aside then. "Did Valinor -"

She casually throws an arm over her chest. SUPER SMOOTH. "Did Valinor get away safely, I didn't see… Thank you so much, that fire…" She trails off, not having the proper language to express just how nasty it seemed to her.

"He did, he's safe.." Britain offers as he turns to look in the direction that Valinor left in. The claws did dig into his skin, leaving deep marks that may heal in time - but in the moment of protecting Meggan, he hasn't even noticed the wounds in his back yet. He returns her smile, infectious as it is. "It was a might bit of a warm reception, not the one I was hoping for. But he did answer the querry. After you shattered his jaw." he says with a small chuckle, before he droops a little, his flight faltering as he's suddenly made aware of his injuries.

Meggan looks briefly aghast. "Oh god, did I really? I didn't MEAN to - I mean is that just a weakness on them? I've never met a dragon before, but the way he was carrying on —" She stops, biting her lip and looking again for Valinor, her hair still trailing sparkles and hints of light. She giggles then, anxiously. "I hope I didn't spoil your diplomacy."

"I.. think.. diplomac.." And Britian can't offer anything else as his flight peters out and he passes out, plummeting towards the ground limply, his body twisting and falling uncontrollably.


Meggan dives down. And then…

Everything comes back…

It's a dimly lit room inside of somewhere else. There's the smell of medical supplies, as well as the oh so romantic, oh so /inspiring/ smell of fresh hot tea. "Oh - Brian, are you there? Brian?" says a familiar voice.


Right there with a big mug of tea. "Did the kettle wake you up?" she asks, obviously worried. Soon enough the details are revealed in all their dark enthusiasm… a break room in the consulate, which was hastily repurposed and then left alone in order to provide Captain Britain with the opportunity to recuperate from his wounds!

The big scratches on the back have been taped over with gauze, possibly unnecessarily, but better safe than sorry.

Blinking slowly and owlishly, he almost lurches up when Meggan speaks to him. The whistling was too much like the wind of the dragon's wings as it washed over them as he struggles to sit up. "…how long?" he asks quietly. How long has he been down. The young man frowns, his eyes studying her. She's been here the whole time, and he can't understand why. His hand reaches to touch the gauze. His wounds are sealing nicely, as his uniform attests to, but it's going to take a good night's sleep to completely heal.

"I think - two? hours?" Meggan guesses. Not a worrisome timescale. She presents the tea with a gesture of benediction.

"I had to tote you back," she says, with an awkward smile. "Now I'm feeling like the superhero a bit, I suppose. … Thank you, though."

Brian laughs a little weakly. "For what?" he asks playfully as he looks towards her as he accepts the tea, "For being dragon bait? It comes with protecting the beautiful damsel." His tone is teasing as he offers a grateful smile. "It is I who should be thanking you.." That's when he notices the clock on the wall. "Gracious, no, it's nearly 2 in the morning. There are extra rooms in the Consulate if you wish to stay here.. or if you want to take a cab home, I will have one of the guards call you one." he says. So what if she's supwerpowered, he's still concerned.

"Oh my gosh don't even be silly about it, that was so MEMORABLE,' Meggan says -

And then, "Ah!"

And then, "Well, er… I suppose I'll spend the night then… I've got a bit of a ways to go…"

"Good.. I will sleep well, knowing that you are safe." And with that, Britain passes back out. Sleepy time.

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