Some Type Of Black Ops?

January 13, 2016:

A fight in the remote outskirts out New York has SHIELD and some others responding

New York


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About 50 minutes ago, SHIELD detected a signal of unknown origin, in a remote area to the north of New York City. That signal was strong enough to be detected a long way round the world and perhaps even into space - if there were anything up there capable of detecting it.

A SHIELD TAC team was despatched, a TAC team that includes one Jemma Simmons. A Jemma Simmons who now has a dedicated security detail, which isn't likely to let the biochemist out of their sights. It's possible too, that a certain SHIELD contractor has received an update on Jemma's movements.

As the TAC team draw near, it becomes obvious they're heading into a fire fight - beams of energy are being exchanged by two groups and as far as the SHIELD agents can tell, both groups appear to be human.

Jericho is busy. He's managing a 'situation' involving some very bad people in two different 'dimensions'… and they're not even the same situation. However, when that signal goes out he recognizes the type. He's seen these signals before. Alerted SHIELD to them even. But this one? This one's a lot more powerful than anything of the type he's seen before.

He's not surprised when SHIELD responds, though he didn't contact them. Nor when he notes that Simmons is with them. The hacker arrives separately and out of sight by stepping disk accompanied by an imp. He's not even bothering to hide his traces at the moment, the blue glow showing under his black long sleeved tee. His blade case sways at his back and a very large ordinarily much too heavy gun bobs as he breaks into a run, moving tactically toward the source.

Starfire has had quite a bit to think about. The appearance of her sister a couple months ago, followed by her brother with his own crew that only revealed even more of an alien movement and Earth drawing attention. If not for the current chaos brought on by past events, but fear. Something is going on and everyone seems to want a home of earth ot a chunk of it. Also, the fact that Ryand'r and crew could cloak beyond her ships detection abilities was disconcerting and Starfire as well as K'tten were doing upgrades when the readout of activity becomes a buzz and loud blips across the screen making K'tten jump up and slam her head under the desk from rerouting sensors.

"Never ends anymore, and is only about to get worse with the sensors in an overhaul to sense galactic shifts. Though the consistency and stability is very iffy. We went from one in ten to two in ten and its been 12 hours of solid work. Now my head hurts. All you Captain." Ktten states while rubbing the shaved side of her head with a closing of eyes.

Kori on the other hand managed to dodge the desk with K'tten's own personal injuring warning, leaning over the console to lock on the coordinates and with each step bare feet become coated in the digitalizing solidifying purple armor from toes to thighs, and just as she is reinforcing the comm button is hit and her figure disspates to get teleported to the location via the ships interface.

When Starfire's form breaks atmosphere she is well above the fight and unless someone looks up she will go unnoticed, but vantage is there as she takes in exactly /what/ is going on. "K'tten, any abnormalities here? Take in radio frequency as well as thermal, home in…Nevermind we have government arrival at.."

"Your 4," K'tten responds. "I won't lock, discretion is not my fine point but I will wait to push the button a little longer." The disdain in K'tten's voice…. She liked pressing the shiny button of nuke'em.

As SHIELD, Jerico and Starfire converge the picture becomes clearer. The two groups is really one group of four arrayed against an individual female. It's chaotic though - the group of four are slinging weapons fire - energy and ballistics - at the individual, who is shielding and blocking most of it.

The female is injured, that much is clear, but as both Starfire and Jericho draw near they may wonder how one human could take such an onslaught and still be standing.

Two SHIELD SUVs pull up, the agents exiting and beginning to gear up. Simmons herself is finally allowed to alight the vehicle, two agents staying by her side - like glue. "It's not rea—-"

"We have our orders, Doctor Simmons." One of the agents cuts her off.

Opening the case she's carrying, Simmons sets of 'The Seekers', and the 12 silver spheres spin off into the air, capturing anything they can about the area. Jericho for the moment, goes unnoticed.

K'tten's scanning will determine that at least some of the weapons in play indicate that they aren't of full Earth manufacture - they are alien. K'tten might pick up the sense of some dimensional energy around the beleagured female …

The single SHIELD TAC team starts to fan out. They're aim is to stop this fighting and take all five into custody.

It's days like this that it's sort of instructive to be able to see through Jericho's eyes. Literally. As he comes into view of the firefight, looking at it from above and to the right from high ground, his HUD goes into combat mode. Sightboxes zoom in on the weapons. Two he can't identify. Two are G36 assault rifles - common German firearms, well regarded and available on black and grey markets - but they're not shooting regular bullets. At least, regular powder doesn't flash blue like that. Face scans turn up nothing. Which is… unusual. Americans - and westerners in general - love their social media and online records and the glow eyed hacker has infiltrated most of the government databases pretaining to them. Even eastern bloc and asian countries keep fairly meticulous citizenship documents. In many cases, the more oppressive the country the more complete the records. These guys? Nothing on a casual search. A deeper search might turn up something, but that's for later. The very lack of record tells him that these are either government black ops types… or people who aren't supposed to be here. Either way, he's kind of had it with mercenaries of a certain bent. So he's not feeling real charitable.

Kori and the SHIELD team both hear it. Jericho's weapon is an M2 machine gun, something you normally find bolted to a hummer or packed by a three man team. He's carrying it slung low with the barrel cut in half. Doesn't do wonders for the range but it makes it easier to swing around.

And it makes the damn thing loud.

Half inch wide bullets pitch downrange as the hacker opens up first with a warning shot into a tree near the 'black ops' team. And then with much more… aimed fire, should that not produce results.

"Technology not yet logged in our database of human orient. Advanced, note possibility of alien origin, Starfire." A warning in K'tten's tone. Yes the humans of Earth may be evolving their tech, but there are some levels that they just have not tnotably reached and brought into the open… Alien on the other hand… "Aspect!"

Kori nods and is already aiming her direction into the middle of the fray as K'tten speaks and updates her. But as she falls like a comet towards the upheaval that comet-tail streak of flame lights a path behind her, the sound sonic as the purple armor fans outward the coating of whte beneath that nearly seems as if it is painted onto her being in reinforcement, maintaining flexibility and yet a harder resilience then the woman's own makeup.

"Aspect?" One moment Starfire is clueless and the next she is cutting a sharp right to avoid the fire Jericho unleashes, but her zig is met with a zag that slams her down into the ground between the firing team of four and the woman of one. Who is friend and who is foe is unknown but in a single motion both hands splay outward and that perse glow suddenly spikes to blast into the ground before both parties, concussively lifting concrete, earth, and stone from its place to leave a crater her landing form did not.

The response from either party will be enough for her to know her next move.

Over the comm, K'tten sighs.

It's the weapons fire from another direction that gets Jemma's attention, eyes fixing on the glowing hacker "All Agents, Aspect is on site." Simmons gets that out before her eyes widen as 'The Seekers' readings are fed back to her.

Most of the readings are unintelligible - all they tell her is that these aren't 'usual' weapons in use. The signatures don't match /anything/ in the SHIELD databases. The readings spike when Starfire's glow burst forth … causing Jemma's yes to widen further.

Hopefully, Jericho's listening in on the SHIELD channel "Aspect, this is Simmons. I don't have a match for those weapons those using. Suspect advance tech." He should know she doesn't expect it is SIGMA - she's enough on file to at least identify it.

The TAC Teams, only knowing that Aspect is a friendly, start to lay down supressing fire, some of it aimed in Kori's direction.

The reaction to Aspects and Kori's 'greetings', might be as you'd expect.

Two of the group of four 'black ops' turn and open fire upon SHIELD, Kori and Jericho…. The remaining two continue to fire upon the woman, pushing forward till they meet Kori's crater.

The beleagured woman, continues to return fire and people can now start to feel a physchic pressure… urging them all to turn their fire on the 'black ops' group and leave the woman alone. Three SHIELD agents succumb to that pressure and just open up on the group.

The appearance of a bright fire-trailed woman sends Jericho's recognition protocols into overdrive, filtering out the bloom and glare of the heat of her arrival. A dossier brief shows up on the extreme left of his field of vision: Koriand'r. Tamarran. Codename: Starfire. Ally.

He knew when he saw her, of course, but his protocols just kind of kick in sometimes.

The return fire sends Aspect spinning into cover. He'd armor up but he can't be sure how effective it'll be against whatever those guys are shooting. Now that Kori's on scene though… "Starfire there's something wrong w-" He cuts off. That psychic pressure. It feels a lot like psybernetic influence… well, okay, it feels like something pushing at his head which he's come to associate with Psybernetic influence. The 'instruction' to fire on the black ops team leaves no doubt who is generating it either. "Change of plans!"

The hacker dives for another tree and comes up in a roll, leveling his oversized firearm on the powered woman who isn't a friend.

And then he goes 'rock and roll', holding the trigger down and unleashing pure hell for as long as the remainder of his ammo supply holds out. Which won't be long. Five hundred rounds a minute is a lot. And he probably only has seventy or so left in the magazine.

To aside with Aspect, K'tten speaks up to his words that fed through. "Both read out advanced tech, Kori."

That alone is what she took into consideration when she fired at both parties to draw a deep crater between. The fire fight did not stop and that was enough, especially when bullets wing off her armor from this 'black ops' team but the energy penetrates the armor, but in a manner that seems to send eletrical charges like a globe up and over Starfires form warping from their blue glow to that of the matching perse in her hands although the reason she remains unmoving is due to the impacts alone as well as the barrage that is not all -her- energy. It all is enough to make anyone have to /breathe/…

A hint, a nudge, a damn blatant demand of fire upon the soldiers echoes in her mind, but not in her gut, there is doubt there, wonder in their place in all of this as well as the womans has her body shuddering. The mixture of amassed energy, the impacts that battered across armor and stung beneath like angry hornets… Confusion and a nudge not her own. When Aspect goes for the woman her stance shifts and any sought after control in shaken to the core and cast aside with the omission of flames that engulf Starfire in energy that shoots up the length of hair and then omits from her hands, opening a hole just at the ridge of her crater to drop the ground from beneath the 'black ops' if they did not scatter. This hoping to keep them from harm of the bullety kind. Broken legs…well… Pick your battles.

But the blast shoots Starfire back and off her feet, flight taking control enough to attept to take the woman on head on and knock her out, though while on her way…

"This other group that arrived at the same time. Friend? Or need we be concerned? K'tten said government?"

That's a good question Kori has asked. For the SHIELD team, is really under pressure. With three out of the eight agents who have arrived now firing solely upon the Black Ops group, the remaining five are hard pressed to keep suppression on the three groups - particularly as they fight the psychic compulsion.

"All agents, target the individual woman, put her down." At least one of the SHIELD agents still has someone presence of mind.

Jemma herself is rocked by the compulsion, but it's not something she's unfamiliar with and she's been studying some of Mays mind techniques but she's nowhere near as strong as that agent - it will take a moment or two for her to shake that off.

One of the comprised SHIELD agents goes down, a gaping wound in their chest - the 'black ops' team aren't fussy, they're stopping the threat to their persons.

As Jericho fires on the woman, she transforms … into a ten foot tall Lizardlike being, with long talons for hands and it moves /quickly/ away from Jericho and the 'black ops' team, right towards one of the compromised SHIELD agents.

Starfires crater near the 'black ops' has their attention for the moment … and scatter? Not exactly. As they gain their feet and shake of the force of Kori's blast and the Lizardlike being appears, /all/ their attention is focussed on it … this group is somewhat single minded it seems.

Jericho's cut down machine gun runs dry and he just drops it as the woman he had been firing on is revealed to be… what had Nyx called them? A Daemonite? Good a name as any. "Simmons! Daemonite!" What is a daemonite? Jericho has no idea beyond 'ugly'. Does Starfire know? It hasn't occured to him to ask.

"Tag team!" The hacker calls out to Starfire as he sweeps out his sword and 'wolfs out', leaping in toward the black ops team that Kori just 'grounded' with her shockwave. "Other team's with SHIELD." He calls out to the woman as she moves to engage the now revealed Daemonite. If Kori needs help he'll help but he's seen her slap a man across a room before. So she may have a better handle on it than he would. Mean time, he's going to get his 'point' across to these men in black types.

The minute the woman shifted it gave Starfire pause. Open mouth close mouth just as K'tten came over the comm. "The species is parasitic. They have consumed cultures before our time from planet to planet. They never landed upon Tamaran although they are listed in the database dating back. Not a good sign unless you know how to tell what's human and what is not by looks alone."

"And that alone is causing enough upheaval here on earth." Starfire retorts through the comm to K'tten. When Jericho calls out for the tag team Starfire gives him a sharp nod that has her lifting from the ground and if Starbolts have not slowed the Daemonite, impact hopefully would. With a force that cracks the ground beneath her feet she jets towards the creature in hopes to impact it and carry it with her a bit in order to stop its attack on this SHIELD agent.

All the while Jer's comms get hacked and K'tten sounds over it for a moment before likely his backup pushes her out, unless he stops that. "So you no longer come around. Is my tech too -small- for you? Orn's cooking, wasnt it?" Heckling, down to the point where she even makes the mic screech a bit by putting it too close and causing feedback intentionally with crossed wires. "I let you get back to your little battle." *Click*

Simmons finally shakes off the last of the Psychic attack just in time to see the creature transform to the Lizardlike being. Her 'Seekers' are still spinning through the air and with deft hand motions over her tablet, three start to whirl around the Daemonite itself. "Uh, on it, Aspect." she responds to the hacker.

Kori's jetting gets her very close to the fleeing Daemonite, which had seemed like it might have been slowing for the SHIELD agent … but as the woman swoops down, it's knocked forward and puts on another burst of superhuman speed, soon taking it from Kori's immediate reach and into the trees, out of sight.

Kori or K'tten may detect 'phasing' energy as the Daemonite continues it flight.

Having lost their target, the 'black ops' teams start to strategically withdraw into the treeline, firing at the SHIELD team and Jericho - more to suppress them than harm - slowly dissolving from sight as well.

With the Daemonite gone, the psychic compulsion is removed from the two SHIELD agents who momentarily look stunned.

"Do not pursue without backup, Captain!" K'tten demands, the sound of her voice was one that could ratte to the core and not only bore a demand, but the undertone of a plea.

When it brought Starfire to a stop K'tten continued. "Because, as I said. Parasite. We cannot risk it right now… Or ever." Then she left Kori in silence to think on that while she stands there just before the amassed SHIELD Agents. She had almost forgotten about them, okay she did… For about those 5 seconds and slowly her head rises, that pupiless emerald gaze casts upon them and settles on Jemma and one hand rises. At first fingers remain splayed, a small smile forms and she waves, just the curl of fingers downward and back a couple times.

"Let Bridge know I say hi." And with that Starfire takes flight but not in a manner that craters and effects the ground around her or the people there. Deemed friendly by Jericho and a prior meet with another she takes more care, the comet's tail arching across the sky in its tracer effect.

"Hey Jer, let me know if anything is acquired of me, but right now, I think it best I let the situation cool down." A final transmission from the distance where Kori is just an eclipsed speck within the sky before the beam casts a sudden ray of blue light downward and she is gone.

Jericho disables one of the black ops as they withdraw. Well disable is… a nice word. Jericho slices his rifle in half and then kicks him into a tree hard enough to break bone. Then he's momentarily forced to cover, returning fire with his gunblade before emerging again as the SHIELDies recover. The hacker winds up standing between her and they. "She's not the one you need to worry about."

And then she's (rather prudently) taking off. Yeah, SHIELD might be on edge here.

The 'black ops' that Jericho hits crunches hard against the tree and sags to the ground. By the time Jericho and SHIELD emerge, there's one for them to detain. The other three? They're gone - although Kori and K'tten may detect some energy signatures occuring not long after they disappeared into those trees.

"Stand Down." The lead TAC agent barks into the comms. Although the SHIELD agents have all ducked for cover anyway. Slowly emerging, the Agent nearest the downed 'black ops' makes to secure them … but not before casting a look at Aspect.

As Kori's gaze lights on her, and waves (that was a wave, right?), Jemma looks a little startled … and then annoyed as her protection detail step between her and the woman. "I can't see her …"

Recalling her 'Seekers' and 12 silver spheres return to settle into the case. There's a heap of data on her tablet from the devices. When she returns to the Triskelion, she'll start analysing it.

Finally, now that the scene has settled, Jemma convinces her detail to head over to Jericho. They can discuss what's happened here as the site, and the prisoner, are secured.

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