Crossing That River

January 08, 2016:

Hank and Diana meet up in the Watchtower Labs to discuss findings and the best path forward.

Watchtower Labs


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Within the Watchtower Lab another area has had to be procured and occupied for the large Sentinel brought in by Oracles driving skills after their invasion and destruction of the Purifier base. This even got Wonder Woman some sidelong looks, because after her return her methods have taken a bit of a turn.

Beast was looked over, allowed to make himself freely comfortable within the expansive lab and given a passkey for not only the doors but the systems though access for now, is limited to specialty areas solely for him. Everything he asked for is delivered, arranged comfortably even down to food from Hans and accommodating quarters if needed.

A couple days here, Hank was left alone to do his work all the while parts of what they had really faced are brought in while the whole stands 'Sentinel' to be more carefully inspected and researched, as Oracle enjoyed it and the woman earned it after some things have been tweaked or completely shut down. But not after a bit of a demonstration.

What Hank is finally going to be seeing scroll over readouts as he inputs his findings as well as connects up parts of functioning Sentinels:

Research Findings: File 1-23n7in31-1 -
The inner workings of both the energy blasters and the stunner are both rather fascinating. Both they and the ion thrusters work off a patented high efficiency Inertial Confinement Fusion reactor that runs off a deuterium/tritium pellet. This stuff is actually rather remarkable because it's only very experimental in most of the world, including the US and Europe. The Sentinel Oracle steered in appears to be an attempt to evolve the scanners from not only a mutant detection but to Meta and even Alien levels. The readouts and hunts are within the stored database but through testing on resident aliens and Metas in the JL:A they are still very faulty.

The power output is significant but it's no arc reactor. With time and refinement it might someday rival that, but at the moment it's as small as it's likely to get and the limitations on its power output and fuel supply mean that the weapons aren't likely to get more effective without other sources of tech or a breakthrough in theory.

Diana is leaning against a desk, the files being read over as they are brought up in a tablet while she slowly paces around the standing monolith, the disdain evident on her features as she murmurs. "I made a promise… Not to destroy it." More a reminder to herself then to anyone else.
"The most important thing is to figure out how to render them inactive," Dr. McCoy offers to Diana's musings. "Or rather, ineffective. It may need to start from further up in the organization — whomever is making these. They obviously have genetic material from mutants, metas, and aliens in order to try and formulate coding that would allow these things to sense them through visual, thermal, or infrared sensors in the first place."

He's been doing what research he could, as quickly as possible, knowing that he has limited time with the things. "We can't change our DNA, nor should we have to. The someone or someones who are building these should really be our target."

"So then, Trask has some questions to answer, or we have to obtain it with tactile efficiency.." Diana states slowly as she looks from the data Hank had gathered to him and exhales slowly and nods to his further words. "We need to find out how this bled into others hands. If the intention was not for abuse then /why/?"

Diana has known wars, seen them in her world and here and it seems as if they days keep getting darker in both places, it was enough for her to lightly set the tablet aside and leave fingers steepled on the screen after reading final analysis:

The chassis indicates variations in materials and workmanship from the previous two wrecked sentinels in Metropolis. This confirms that they are being manufactured by different groups, possibly indicating a distributed production network that is likely mostly underworld based.
there is some indication of experimentation with alternate weapons load outs and the armor composition indicates an effort to find energy resistant materials that may be an effort to adapt to mutant and metahuman opposition in the field.

"No one should have to change who and what they are to appease anyone else. They need to accept it and work with it. I understand precautions, it is survival of the fittest and evolution. But no one should try to play a God to make another kneel." And in saying that the tablets screen cracked under the pressure of fingertips.

No look, Diana just pulls her hand away and folds her arms across her chest. A light tilt of her head has cerulean gaze settling on Hank. "Be candid with me, Doctor. What do you feel we /can/ do? I am a warrior and Ambassador first and foremost, this is -your- field." And in saying that she gave the man an endearing smile, but one that bore the weight of it all and askance for another perspective if at all possible.
"Maybe it's not seen as 'abuse'? Maybe it's seen as 'control'?" Hank points out, playing Devil's Advocate. "The answer to the 'why' is Fear, Princess. It makes people do strange things…and it makes logical thought go out the window, for the most part."

When asked what he thinks they can do, he pauses in what he was doing and looks back at Diana. "If we fight, it'll be seen as an aggressive act and could cause the general population to fear us more. If we remain peaceful, we risk being attacked by those who fear us. As it is with any new, strange subject, the key is Education. The problem is, getting people to listen and take in what is being said. People are still killing each other over ancient texts that are probably fiction, yet to them, they are Law. People are killing each other for centuries of land-rights issues. People are killing each other over the colors of their skin or what kinds of clothes they wear or who they worship. Yet no one has created giant robots to kill them."

There's a pause before he gives a sigh, "Possibly focusing on the genocide aspect will help, but we're not seen as a separate race. I'm not sure we even should be." Although the aliens could claim that.

"We already fought back and made a dent." Diana states as she looks from hank to the parts they brought back.

"Then we need to show them, tell them, inform them. My people came out of their hiding with me almost ten years ago. There was already speculation in lore and history, same as that of aliens, metas, and mutants. Hiding and secrecy in some facets is no longer the answer, we know this now because this is what they come at us with."

The hands of the many must join as one…

When Diana focuses on Hank again she is approaching him to close any distance between them. "You are a member of a group, are you not? One we have only had very brief meetings with in members alone. You have a voice among them? In this we cannot afford to be scattered too far and our lines of communication must remain open."

A pause and Diana extends her hand to Hank, the vembrace flashing in the incandescent lighting that shifts with backscroll of data analogs. "We need you, they need you, and we all need eachother if we seek to bring this to light and then snuff it out. Perhaps you can be our liaison?"

..and together we'll cross the river.

"Fought back against whom? Those meaning us harm? Sure…but if the populace stands against them as well and supports us in who we are and what we do to help them…it'll be a far stronger weapon than you or I or any other mutant, meta, or alien," Hank points out. "Your people…forgive me, Princess, but they are strong, beautiful, and come straight out of myth. There's no reason for anyone to fear them even though we know you're stronger and have abilities beyond that of other humans. See…the pretty ones with invisible powers get accepted easier. It's those who are more obvious and have powers that others fear, well…we're the ones who get targeted. I don't mean any disrespect." He's just pointing out the obvious.

When she steps closer and asks him the questions, he tilts his head some, "I…am…and I do, sometimes. Depends on who is gathered at the time, I suppose." The hand is looked at as it's extended to him. There's a moment before he takes it in his own clawed hand, "It would be my honor, Princess."

Diana smiles when Hank speaks, and it broadens when he takes her hand. Her other closing over his and looking from that joint grasp to his face, the smile fading lightly.

"Beauty is dependent on the beholder. My people are feared as well as I am. It is my words that drive the heart to see what eyes do not. You can do the same, although your version of beauty differs from mine because I look within before I look with-out." The hand that clasped over top now rises to gently rest along Beasts profile in an endearing moment.

"Stop hating yourself, you make it too easy for others to hate you for no reason. You are brave, intelligent, and beautiful Doctor. No other is more deserving."

Withdrawing her touch lightly Diana nods and the smile returns. "I will send you with a proposal for us to join sides and be able to discuss between if you like, but in this position, I trust you know exactly what is necessary."

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