Yin and Yang

January 13, 2016:

Amy aka Amethyst, decides to go out and stretch her legs. In the midst of going out for coffee, Amy runs into 'Judith' aka Satana.

New York City


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It's morning and while Amy isn't necessarily a morning person or an early riser, she is today. She plans on going out into the city. One can only sit and learn for so long and Amy is itching to get out. A slice of pizza is calling her name and that's what she intends on getting. Well, first breakfast, a little shopping and then lunch.

Either way, the young woman is quickly and quietly padding down from the second level to the first. She likely doesn't need to sneak, but she is. She's not going to get caught for lessons today, thanks.

Before she exits, however, she does pause. Her clothing, while perfectly acceptable for Nilaa, is definitely not acceptable for Earth. Frowning now, the young woman will concentrate and soon her lightly armored purple outfit disappears with a flash and is replaced with boots, jeans, shirt and jacket. "Perfect." She mutters to herself, when she gives her outfit the once over.

Early morning leaves shadows in the Sanctum, natural or unnatural akin. But one corner breathes and then expands, the pregnant birthing is one that advances in terms rapidly, taking over a corner and consuming further like a deep hot exhale, one of relief but it brings forth a single stiletto followed by another and cloaked in a lecherous cling of liqified versions of this darkness that contour every dangerous curve.

Around calf that pale furred top to high heels rustles in the wash of heated air that basks around her being, making that attire groan in the extacy of ability to cling to balmy flesh in a constriction that forms a maddening syndrome, one that dances upward over thighs and upward in a gripping shock, but the darkness breaks just above apex betwixt hips and spreads further to leave amplle bosom clung to with desparation - washed in the vitae huen waves of hair that spill over shoulders and down her back in a tentacled dance around the dark effigy of angel fallen.

Brimstone gaze flashes a feline incandescence before the darkness slinks away, leaving her in the space Amy is changing within, those eyes scathing over her with an evident predatorial gleaning, the smile bearing a flash of quartet of canines topping it off.

"My, my. The man has been busy with more collectibles. Aren't you positively -shiny-." And in a flash Satana is behind Amy, leaning in just so to invde all personal boundaries with that stifling sensation of heat and…something else… Nostrils flare as breath is drawn inward just along the crook of Amy's neck and draws slowly towards her jaw, intaking her with a draw of forked tongue along lips. "So fresh." And upon the finl word her body shudders.

Does Amy sense something? It's hard. There's so much magic around her and her senses are still quite new enough that things tend to get lost for her here, but … Something tickles her senses.

And while it's enough to cause Amy to frown slightly, it's not enough to cause her to pinpoint just what's happening in those shadows. Not until the woman steps through and the movement catches the corner of one of Amy's eyes. Amy automatically turns towards that movement, expecting Doctor Strange, or his assistant Wong, but when she turns the space is empty. Again, Amy frowns as she considers what just happened. "Oh-kay, Amy. Jumping at shadows."

Shaking her head at herself, Amy is just starting to turn away from the corner when Satana's presence is announced by the woman herself. That indrawn breath of air and words are enough to cause Amy to react and react quickly. It's almost involuntary, thanks to the training her mother drilled into her head. An elbow will be raised and jab /harshly/ towards Satana's center mass, or at least where Amy assumes it will be. Even if her elbow doesn't hit, the blonde is already following that movement with a second, as she steps out, away and around to see /just/ who's behind her. "Woah, lady. What the hell?!"

Satana knows the telltale movements of tension and fight or flight. She knows it down to the very essence, and her actions demanded reactions if the victim wanted to -live-. Instinct kicks in when beasts come in from behind, and when Amy plants the first blow Satana does not move away save to bend at the waist and take some of the blow, though the second (if followed through) will be met with the capture of a clawed hand to stop it in its tracks, the touch infernal as eyes dance with the amusement that lips only portray in a banevolent smile.

Righting her posture her hand presses, massages down along her abdomen where the blow struck, pale flesh reddened and then fading back with the interruption of fingerstrokes along skin. "You like it rough. Perhaps the old Supreme is stepping up his game, hm?" Brow waggle and the mirth bubbles forth in a huffed laugh.

Movements nearly like that of a predatorial slink carry her around Amy once more, a semi circle that leaves the long strands of deep auburn to enwrap around her but not touch, tease, tantalize, becon…

"You asked just the right question, though what -in- the Hell perhaps is better. And you? You smell so… Pure." A swift step brings her daringly close to Amyand where those silken strands had once danced before Amy fingertips now seek to not touch, but dance, over the air just along her jaw line and back to dance over her blonde strands. "Even soft. Basked in lies, that latter. Do tell, morsel, where from?" Beat as she rocks back and eyes her attire. "And I would have to say I preferred the other look."

Amethyst colored eyes will take the woman in, now that she's facing Satana, and that frown of Amy's deepens further. Especially at the infernal touch of the other woman's grip. Still, she doesn't strike again even though something makes Amy's hackles /rise/ at the touch and sight of this woman. The woman /was/ allowed in the Sanctum, so Amy can only assume that somehow, someway this woman is a friend of Doctor Strange's.

Not that Amy was raised to assume and as such, the blonde woman stays tensed. Just in case this is truly an attack of some sort.

Warily now, Amy will watch the other woman even as she drops her hand to her side. "You're a 'friend' of the Doctor's?" Amy asks and when Satana steps closer, Amy automatically steps away, careful to keep some type of distance between the two. Of course, at the mention of morsel or rather being named morsel, Amy can't help but glare at the woman now. "Morsel? The name's Amy. What's yours?"

Yeah, it's a safe bet that Amy won't be saying exactly where she's from. Not to this odd and dangerous woman.

The prowling pace around Amy commences, the cadence of heels tapping over the ground only shifts with the sway held by hips clad in that tight squeeze of darkness, those eyes flash as the heat within brimstone remains swallowed and contained though what eminates from the woman moves akin to that of a traversing sauna, enough so it leaves a sheen upon the V'd openings of flesh in attire.

The inquiry of being a friend of /anyones/ brings a smile, but the laugh comes at the mention of the Supreme and her chin lowers while eyes stare over the bridge of manicured brows while she almost malevolently stares upon Amy like a shark would its prey, or anyone for that matter. "Friend is a very loose term for people with loose morals. In that regard, yes. In reality, no. He keeps his eye on me to ensure behavior and I do essential cleanup within boundaries. I'm in it for the thrill." A finger wiggle at the final word and the smile grows to unveil deep ruby lips from those reptilian canines.

"Name, name. I like Judith. Judas…Yes. Jude. Judith." As if the name came to her right then and there with a knowing grin.

"And where were you going, Amy?"

As the woman prowls, Amy pivots upon her heels to turn in the same direction as Satana. No, she's not letting this woman get out of her eyesight. Not with that malevolent energy, feeling, whatever it is, emanating from the other woman. Blonde eyebrows are still drawn downward, as is Amy's lips, as she keeps an ever alert eye upon the other woman. It's clear she's suspicious and only more so when 'Judith' reveals she's not quite a friend of Strange's.

"Color me surprised." Comes Amy's words, when Judith finally reveals she's not all that close to Doctor Strange. And then when she says her name? One of Amy's eyebrows now rise upward, a rather incredulous look flitting across her features. "Nice to meet you, /Judith/. A pleasure, I'm sure."

As for Satana's question? Amy will once again give her that 'you gotta be kidding me' look, before she offers a shrug. "Oh you know how it is. Needed some air, so I figured I'd step out for a little walk." Obviously, she's not going to reveal where she's going, "Stretch my legs and all of that." Then, focusing a look upon the other woman, Amy asks her own question. "And you? Is there some type of message I could deliver for you to Doctor Strange? I'm sure someone as yourself is very busy."

The sarcasm seems to slip by Satana, but it is a language she speaks fluently so no offense could possibly taken unless insult was within. So when Amy offers her hand rises with a shake of head to decline and wave it off, but that is when Amy can begin to see the start of the change. Those claws sink within fingertips, leaving only lightly pointed nails, and down along her arm where tight fitting coated her flesh in a second skin it behins to breathe, /exhale/ and crease, loosening to that of a midriff leather biker jacket. Attire remains fitted beneath, black, but the icor slides over her skin and reforms. The bra-like halter encasing bosom and the low sling of leather pants dips into boots that bear no white hock-like accents. Arching up over the curve of one his is a single strap where as over the opposing that belt of loops and a demon's fanged smiling head rests just along apex.

All of that hair snapped, a protest as it shrank away, twisted in upon itself and shortened to black and red highlighted, and highly texturized, pixie cut, kept into the spires of 'horns' almost in the cast of shadow due to the band around her forehead.

"Actually, no. Not busy at all. I just returned from a long leisurely trip where I did very little walking and could use the /breather/. Plus… I acquired some cash on my trip and would love to go spend it." A small grab and pinch on Amy's attire in emphasis with a nose wrinkle. "I'll upgrade you from morsel to buffet." A wink and Satana… Judith… Tips her head towards the door.

"Strange can get the message later." As she really only comes to torment him and his.

When Satana's form begins to change there's a widening of Amy's eyes. While others have had years, or eons, to be aware of all the power and abilities out there, Amy hasn't. She's only had a paltry year and most of that year was spent in Nilaa. One could easily descrie Amy as sheltered, at least in the way of powers, metas, mutants and everything else.

The hair shortening will be watched with interest, before Amy's mouth twists into something like a smirk and grimace at the same time, when 'Judith' offers to go out with her. She wasn't expecting the other woman to want to tag along … though, is it really Amy who's tagging along? It's hard to say.

Whatever it may be, Amy stifles a sigh and says, "Hey, my clothes are fine! Totally practical." Yes, practical. Just what her mother pounded into her brain when they were hiding. Don't wear anything flashy, anything that people would remember, or notice you. "Seriously, my wardrobe doesn't need an upgrade." And while she stands there a moment longer, perhaps hoping to be saved, nor Wong or Strange appear and so, Amy drags herself forward to the door. A side-eyed look is given to the other woman, even as Amy pushes the door open. "Ladies first."

The lopsided grin given to Amy only grows at the wash of looks that come over her features during the change and some sort of internal debate takes place. Now that stroll seems more, lax. Thumbs hook into pants pockets and urge the cling of leather dangerously low over the curve of hips to that of her waist, pinky *ticking* over that of the metal looped "belt".

When the door is held open Judith pauses and smirks tilting her head to gesture for Amy to go first, "Lady? Oh dearie I am anything but a /lady/. I am a very immoral woman with the most base desires. Like shopping in a manner that leaves everything hurting even by those who watch. Make them stare." Oh yes, this is exactly opposing to her mothers teachings, but this is not Nilaa anymore, Amy - red stilettos are a necessity. But the look Satana gives Amy likely would make the girl want to drop a house on her, because that tongue sweeps ovr lower lip only to broaden the smile.

"Ladies first."

Once again, Amy just stares at the woman. Oh sure, Amy's dealt with many types of people in her life, but Satana clearly is another beast (no pun intended) all together.

Somehow, someway, Amy is going to regret this outting, isn't she? Still giving 'Judith' the side-eyed look, Amy steps through the doorway first. She'll quickly step to the sidewalk and turn, to watch the doorway. Yes, she's waiting for Satana to emerge. Even if Amy is wary of the other woman, that doesn't stop her from being polite and nice.

"I was going to hit the coffee shop for some breakfast and then a few other shops. Is there any place in specific you wanted to go to?" She asks, once Judith is outside and the two women are on the sidewalk together. While Amy barely merits a look, the passer-bys definitely give Satana the once (or twice) over..

The door is lightly closed and slowly Satana makes her way down the stairs to the streets, a passerby getting a wink, even a pivot on Satana's heel as he stares and she stares openly, right back. The opalescent topaz gaze lidded in a wink before she turns in a spin and walks to Amy's side, her tongue hooked upward over a canine, that looks a hungry that is mistakable - one of /two/ ways.

"Hm? Food. I…" Open mouth, close mouth and brows furrow. "You pick that, but when it comes to shopping," from within a pocket a deep roll of bills is revealed. "Options are wide open, Amy. So let's go by what the window shows is best." The way she says her name, a simple name and yet it is being practiced, or tasted in the way she lingers on the single syllable and draws out the end.

Though in the pace they keep to head for breakfast and coffee Satana does not remain too close, in fact a good gap between is enough for both women to inspect all the while Satana/Judith weaves between the passing bodies in a manner akin to a serpent slithering between brush and only pausing to linger for taste and scent. "How long have to been within the Sanctum and Supreme?"

The man, who's literally walking backwards, grins and winks right back. Infact, if his friends weren't dragging him away he might have found the courage to come over and ask for Judith's number. Maybe.

Amy, of course, couldn't help but see both the man's antics and Judith's and when that look is turned upon Amy? She could nearly facepalm, but instead she says, "I have a feeling that I should tell you to /be good/."

Still staying on her toes, as it were, Amy nods. "Why don't we take the long way to the coffee shop? You can scope out what shops you'd like to hit first." Her purple gaze will drop to the wad of money and with a bit of fatalistic curiosity, Amy finally says, "That's a lot of money. Just /what/ do you do?"

Uncertain if Judith heard her question, thanks to Satana's wandering step, Amy just shakes her head and does her best to keep near the other woman. It's only when Satana drifts closer and asks that question, that Amy will offer an answer. "It's only been a week or two now. He has me reading books. A lot of books." Is that a bit of exasperation to her voice? Yes, yes it is. "How did you meet the good Doctor?" Is Amy's quick follow-up, before Satana gets lost within the crowd, again.

Stuffing the roll back within her pocket, fingers resume their hook and lazed hang, her steps taking her in more of a carefree dance, something between a deadly tango between the growing bustle of New Yorks crowd and that of a freestyle, a fire hydrant hopped upon, thhe top balanced and a pirouette is performed just before practically making the motion down opposing side like a melting /slide/. One that has her stopping a woman in a power suit in her tracks as they come nose to nose. The disdain that comes over the business woman is evident, but Judith meets her with a grin that is all teeth and in one moment what looks like it may turn into a spat the woman is almost swooning as Satana takes her face in her hands and kisses her. Not just a peck, but it lingered as she held her in place and walked around her, drawing her with until she cast her back and away with a finger wiggling wave.

Though when Judith turns her back on the woman the smile fades a bit. "Bitch." A sweep of the back of her hand over her lips and casts it over her shoulder in the symbol of discard, an action that leaves the dishevelled looking business woman bereft, confused, and smoothing her suit deliberately.

The inquir abut her money acquisition has her looking sidelong and the mirth returns on words. "Je joue avec des fantomes." A double glance and shoulders exposed from the fall of the jacket roll in a shrug. "Don't worry about it. I doubt you'd approve." In more ways then one!

A pause at a shop and Judith taps a tipped nail on the glass. "Urban Dysfunktion." The name graffiti'd across the window articulately and behind is a variance of edgy attire from one group to another. Goth to Gangsta, Rasta, to hippie but all bearing the modern edge and detail.

Though when she asks about Strange her eyes narrow and arms fold across her chest. "Sounds about right for him, keeping you holed up, but he cannot -keep- all of his /preciouses/," The final word hissed out. "He helped me and in turn has made me agree to," Smirk. "/Be good./ So you don't have to." Ding!

There's so many thoughts that go through Amy's head, as Judith once again moves away. In fact, those questions only multiple when Satana and the business woman have their little interation. What do you say to that? Especially the bitch part? Nothing. At least, nothing in Amy's experience gives her any clues on how to react to that. Beyond surprise and the disquieting thought that perhaps she's in over her head with this strange woman.

Still, Amy is here and now, and it's best to stay alert.

"Somehow I'd agree with you." The blonde says, when Judith mentions the not approving of it. It's only when they finally stop at the first window, that Amy will turn her attention away from Satana. She'll quickly take in the various motifs for this particular store, even as she says, "That's some nice stuff in the window. Do you want to go inside?"

As to that last part? Amy can't help the faintly amused sound at the hissed word preciouses. "Pretty sure it's not that. I just have a lot to learn." For Judith's retort about being good, Amy simply lets it go. It's probably best not to respond to that particular statement. She wouldn't want to make Satana angry. Well, more angry. There seems to be a lot of anger with the other woman, or so it seems to Amy.

"Don't you want your sustenance?" Both brows rise lightly as Judith looks towards Amy and tilts her head towards a small coffee barista a few doors down. It seems like here there is a mix of store to restaurant to coffee shop on one side, and the other high rises start to pique for the businesses that are more dominantand yet their own private practices from law to accounting and banking. Not quite the upper echelon like in Manhattan but the prelude.

"I get mean when I get /hungry/, so I am no woman to get in the way of anothers appetite." All in the way she speaks and that tone that leave meanings to the mind, and as Satana turns to head for the tiny cafe mottled with people beginning lunch breaks, her saunter even states as much. Aloof, free, and highly unpredictable.

"And what exactly is it you have to learn?" A pause and her eyes bounce in an up-down scan of Amy, curiousity there and evident. "And do not try to be elusive. Strange does not just take in wayward aspiring culinary artists." And with that she slides into the coffee shop with a jingle of the doors chimes.

"Sustenance?" Echoes Amy, which once again earns Satana a look. "You should just call it food. No one calls it sustenance. Really." The small coffee house is given a look, even as Amy looks back to Satana at her next words. Her mouth opens … and almost she says 'no one uses appetite in that way either ', after a moment of thought, however, Amy just closes her mouth with a click. Mental note: Ask Strange about this odd woman. She may not know her true name, but she's certain if she described her to the good Doctor, he'd know who she was talking about.

By the time Amy gathers her wits back about her, Satana is already in the coffee shop. Muttering to herself, Amy says, "Seriously, Amy, mom would be disappointed with you. Letting things get to you this way." There's another jingle from the door, as Amy enters much more sedately. Her gaze will flicker around the small shop, before she's sidling towards Satana.

That last question was heard and while Amy didn't immediately answer it, she finally does now. "Magic." She says quietly, even as she shuffles her way into line. "I've only recently came into my powers -" Which she likely /shouldn't/ be telling the other woman, but she does any way, "- And Strange offered to teach me. There's apparently more than one school of thought when it comes to magic."

"I want a quad shot of your house blend, whipped cream… And a drizzle of chocolate over the top." The barista had yet to look up but the order causes it, and a double take. "Got cherries?" Slow nod from the barista whose mouth is involuntarily hanging open. "I'll take…" Up down look that was akin to undressing and even the barista shuddered despite the warmth even Amy could feel. "One."

No wors, and Satana then slides aside and nudges Amy up to the front. "I got hers too." A bill laid out and slid across the counter to the barista. Once Amy orders there is an undercharge, fingers had fumbled and they would be walking out with freebies after paying for simple coffees. The change the barista had snugly /shoved/ into the pocket of apron with a wink.

When they are out of the cluster and wandering eyes is when Judith responds, the cherry picked up off the whip cream with a very /serpentine/ bend and scoop of tongue to bring it past lips. All of it deliberate and yet -natural- to this dark woman. "Well, that is evident, what you are learning that is. And what is your school of thought?" Satana could not speak on how long Amy had been practicing as she had yet to see anything whereas Satana had not really been taght restraint… In anything.

Yup, Amy is following after Satana, like some little lost puppy. Even if she isn't. When the barista reacts as he does, Amy can't help the roll of her eyes. Oh yes, she sees how the woman works and even feels that heat coming off of her, but that doesn't stop Amy from rolling her eyes with both amusement and some exasperation.

Clearing her throat to get the young man's attention, Amy will say, "Over here, please. Yeah, could I get a regular coffee with two sugars and a splash of milk? Thanks."

Then once travel cup and lid is in hand, Amy is once again following after her dark friend. "Well, my school of 'thought' is called the Pathway of The Heart. Don't suppose you ever heard of it?" She asks, looking curiously towards the other woman, "I suppose it's like other magics, but within my House we share the magic equally with one another, or choose one person to give all of our magic too." She shrugs, before asking, "And yours? What's yours?" Though she has an idea what school Satana would be with.

The barista had no issues giving Amy attention, the heat washed over the vacinity, that /feeling/ that came with it did not leave her out in the way Satana pushed it. Even she got those eyes and that look although there was far more to undress on Amy with the eyes then there is on 'Judith'.

When they exit Satana giggles and casts a more lax glance at Amy, somewhat seeming to lighten up, but even that smile seems malevolent and the laugh deeper in the throat then natural. Though when Amy starts speaking of her path Satana takes to listening, keeping beside her as she governs the path back to the aforementioned store, pausing outside of it so as not to have this conversation is closer quarters. "Oh I would never share, not in that capacity." No, she would rather kill to rise above. Her father's daughter afterall. A waving flourish of her hand and she pauses just over plexus when Amy mentions /Heart/. "I have not heard of this /Heart/ Pathway." But the old tomes of Strange's may guide her since Amy seems just as cunningly tight lipped as Satana herself. Although…

"I do not know if you would call it a Path. It is a Life. Or Death. Let's just leave it at the Path of Darkness." Time will tell all afterall, if Satana chooses not to stay elusive.

"I think you just found a Yin to your Yang." A wink and Satana scoops up that other cherry lavishly, leaving so much in that one statement while she tilts her head to go inside the shoppe of Urban Dysfunktion.

A careful sip of the coffee will be taken, wary of burning her mouth from the freshly brewed stuff. When Satana speaks, Amy will turn a listening ear and gaze to the other woman. The mention of not sharing causes Amy to grimace slightly, thoughts going back to her Aunt. "Yes, I've encountered a few people who aren't fond of sharing. It's not always the best 'path' to take." Is all Amy will say to that, definitely not going to preach to this other woman what path she should choose, or not.

However, at the mention of darkness? Amy will consider her next words carefully. "Darkness? Well, not all darkness if you help people. Especially people like Doctor Strange." Another sip of her coffee will be had, even as she nearly goggles at the other woman.

In fact, she nearly coughs on her coffee, when Satana proclaims she's the yin to Amy's yang. "Umm." Begins the girl, clearing her throat as she does. "Not sure if I agree, but I can see what you mean. The Path of the Heart is likely more light than your pathway." Once the two are at the shop, Amy will pull the door open and keep it open with her foot, so that she can gesture for Satana to enter first as the two women step inside to shop.

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