Why Did You Stay

January 12, 2016:

The Total Codex appears at a friendly get together of friends. Furies appear

New York


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Zee's life moves rather quickly, particularly now that she's powerbound. However, she's decided to take some advice she'd received recently, and take some time out to catch up with some friends. Which is why she's headed down a crowded New York street to the coffee shop a few doors away.

Her friends will be meeting her there …

Vorpal usually believes in being early to all places. Unless Gar has distracted him with something, at which point he usually ends up being late, but with no regrets.

Right now? He's early, and he has already drank his way through two capuccinos, which is bound to be a treat once Zee makes her way in.

He hopes the table he chose was a good one. It was the best in the coffeehouse.

Ryden is dressed in an even more absentminded manner than usual. His pink chennile sweater is on inside out, the long black velvelt cloak he's wearing instead of a coat is askew under his pack and his jeans have scribbled notes in Sharpie in several different languages and colors. He's also wearing two different boots. One brown and one purple leather. Damnyou in his goose shoes waddles along side his pet magi and glances up with a soft worried cluck every few minutes. At times he moves behind Ryden and pecks at his calfs to herd him in the right direction. The lorekeeper barely seems to notice. When they arrive at the cafe Ryden stops in front of the door and just kind of blankly stares at it.

The coffeehouse is crowded. It's evening. The local students and hipsters are out overpaying for coffee and taking advantage of the 'free' wifi. There's also… something in the air. It's hard to describe. Just sort of a feeling of… incongruity? Incompleteness? General malaise? It's pretty faint whatever it is, maybe just a buzz of slight discontent from a crowd either just back at school or getting ready to be.

Meeting Ryden at the door, Zee touches his shoulder before looking down to at Damnyou and bending to scoop him up. "Come on, Ryden…." the young mage murmurs, ushering the man through the door and peering around "Ah, there's Vorpal…."

Guiding the 'older' mage to the table choosen, Zee frowns at the 'feeling' in the air. It can't be magic she's sensing - that ability is gone for the moment - she must be reading body language ….

"Hi Vorpal." she greets her friend as she slips into a chair, still a little distracted by what she's sensing … so much so she doesn't notice the two cups of coffee in front of the man "Have you met Ryden?" she asks as she settles the goose in her lap.

Vorpal gives his fellow Titan a bright, wide grin in greeting, "Zeebedee!" could what Zee is sensing be, perhaps, the caffeine that Vorpal is exhuding? At this point, it is close to being a radio signal. "It's so good to see you, I was worried that I wouldn't get a chance to talk to you after we got to that Shoggoth dimension and-HELLO there Ryden wasn' t it? I think we've met each other in passing here and there."

The lack of punctuation was not an oversight. He is not speaking nearly as fast as the Titans' groundskeeper, but it's faster than Vorpal's usual cadence. "Fellow mage of Zee's right?"

Ryden follows Zee with a slowly dawning sense of awareness of his surroundings. If she or anyone else looks closely, his eyes are clear and while there is a great deal of strain evident in his expression and and posture, the lorekeeper still seems to be completely sober. He hasn't lost that battle just yet at least. Damnyou seems utterly relieved to see Zee, insomuch as a goose can appear relieved and he snuggles happily into Zee's lap, grooming at her clothing in a careful manner with his beak while keeping an eye on Ryden. "Hm?" Ryden looks over to Vorpal and blinks, his focus sharpening. "Hi." He manages a small smile. A friend of Zees? Ryden shakes himself off and smiles again at Zee, some of the strain leaving his face. "Something like that, yes. Nice to see you." Ryden nots at Vorpal and then takes a look around the cafe, appearing a bit surprised to find himself there but not unhappy.

Sometime in the impossibly short time when everyone is greeting one another, something happened to their table. Or rather, on their table. Specifically, a large, thick leatherbound book appeared on the table. Right in the center pretty as you please. The first one to notice will probably be Vorpal. It fairly sings with possibility. Anything and everything could happen. Will happen. Probably won't happen. It's the sort of thing that resonates with Chaos but isn't quite it. And it's very, very powerful.

"Shoggoth dimension?" Maybe it is the caffeine that Vorpal's exuding but still she glances around the cafe uneasily. Maybe she's just grown paranoid.

Damnyou's grooming her clothes has her absently petting the goose as she looks to Ryden, watching him carefully before looking back to Vorpal and smiling at her friends turbocharged manner. "Bit too much, coffee, Vor—-" the words fade as she stares at the book on the table…

"Gar and I were trying to pick up a lead on some cultists and suddenly we were in another dimension with a guy who wore a tuxedo, a cape and a hat and—"

Vorpal's jet-propelled narrative comes to a stop as he follows Zatanna's eyes.

"By the prickling of my thumbs…" he mutters. Of course, he is the first one to reach for it, fingers almost moving on their own in unconscious answer to the latent chaos and probability emanating from the book alone, "Hellooo, what's this?"

He reaches for the cover and, if not stopped, will pull it back to open the book.

Ryden follows Zee's gaze and turns pale. "No. No. Nononono! That isn't fucking possible!" His voice is full of panic and his sky blue eyes wide with dismay and horror. He'd sent the damned thing to the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle. Into a space warded and protected by the strongest magics and technologies his lost people had ever found. It shouldn't have been able to get out without the entire thing self destruction and Ryden would have known if it had. "NO!" Ryden nearly knocks the table over in his haste to stop Vorpal from touching the book.

If at all possible for an inanimate object, the book almost seems disappointed that Vorpal doesn't get to it first. The sudden outburst from Ryden not only prevents that but also draws every eye in the coffeehouse. And now Ryden can feel it. So can Zee. The power. The possibility. A universe of knowledge and the strength to use it right at their fingertips. If only they'll pay the price.

Whatever that price may be.

"It's the Total Codex … Ryden…" Zee murmurs, eyes fixed on the book until the table goes flying. Damnyou flutters a bit in the excitement, causing Zee to look up and see people staring at them … if they hadn't been staring before - the three of them and the goose would certainly make a bit of a spectacle.

Taking a long shuddering breath, Zee looks over to Ryden "What if … we used it's own power to banish it?" And what would it cost them to do so.

Shaking her head, fighting the feeling that she could really do with this thing … she stammers "Fffforget I said that … "

"Oh… no touchy? Ok. No touchy," Vorpal says, sounding thoroughly chastened.

He feels like he should make it up to Zee, for basically amost screwing the pooch, so he thinks hard… and fortunately he has a lot of caffeine to fuel those gears.

"… I could open a Rabbit Hole close to the sun and throw it in there?"

It's theoretically possible. It would also create a rabbit hole that would suck anything in its vicinity into the void of space… but if done fast enough…

Ryden hadn't thought it could escape it's prison to which he'd consigned it. He'd believed he was now doomed to his immortality and would never complete the mission his people had given him as their last dying act. Only now, it's here again. Calling, seducing, drawing him in despite how very much he knows it would be a terrible thing to use. The price would be too great. One might start off with all the best intentions in the world but eventually the power would overwhelm. The temptation to use it for everything would become to great to resist. Such a thing isn't meant for mortal or even immortal hands. It shouldn't exist at all but it does and Ryden is torn between the desire to protect such a rare and precious thing, and the urge to destroy it before it can be used. An urge that goes against everything he and his race believed in. He looks at Zee with a helpless expression. For once, in all of his years, he has no idea of what to do. "I.. I don't.." Vorpal's words penetrate the Lorekeeper's shocked mind. "I.. would that.. work?" He shudders and hugs himself.

"Talk about that later."

The voice is familair to all. Fenris. The God-Wolf. He's standing at the door, having just thrown it open and holding it that way. "You need to run. NOW!" In the distance something shrieks. Make that several somethings. The sound is near glass-shattering and accompanied by the sound of beating wings. Something's approaching. Something with ill intent.

They, uh, probably don't want to be here when it arrives.

"It would just come back, Vorpal." Zee doesn't blame the Cheshire, the Total Codex is wicked powerful. The strain that had been faint around Zee's eyes is becoming more evident the longer they're in the presence of that thing.

As Fenris arrives, she looks over, the shrieking and the sound of wings have her eyes opening wide. Taking Damnyou and shoving him at Ryden "Go, take Damnyou and Vorpal … get out here. Save the people … "

It's not clear if she's going to run as Fenris suggests or wait … maybe she hasn't made that decision herself, but she opens her messenger bag … getting ready.

"What? I'm staying here with you!" Vorpal says, standing up as he summons a pair of glowing blades. "We're Titans, and Titans stick together!"

He does, however, open a rabbit hole that is aimed at Central Park.

"Everybody, evacuate calmly, no pushing, into the hole! It's Titan-tested, Vorpal approved… c'mon! Don't push, but do rush!" the cheshire starts callling out.

Ryden is on his feet as soon as he hears Fenris's voice. His eyes flick to the coffee shop patrons, then to Zee who doesn't look like she's about to run. Dammit.. He tucks Damnyou against his side carefully despite the direness of the situation and unslings his pack with great hurry. Flipping the top open onehanded Ryden uses the creamer jug to nudge the Codex inside his pack without touching it. He then eyes the patrons again. Some are fleeing out the doors, the others eye the hole with alarm and distrust. "Gun! I've got a gun and I'll use it!" Ryden pulls one from his bag. That should send afew through the hole and the rest through the doors. It's in his mind that Zee won't easily forgive him if he just teleports them all away from here now but they need to get the book away from whatever is coming and if Fenris is worried about it.. it's got to be bad. Only, teleporting isn't his specialty and he's been under so much strain and the lack of sleep and not eating has afected his focus and his power. He tries to think how to get them out without leaving half of them behind or something equally awful.

Fenris rolls his eyes when they utterly fail to run. One of these days he's going to take Zee aside and drill the 'no one here would be in danger if you lot weren't also here' lesson into her. It's too late for now. Something big lands nearby. Tall anyway. It's a woman with feathered wings. Six and a half… maybe seven feet tall. Amazonian build. With a blood soaked white dress.

The god-wolf summons his moonsilver blade into his hands and takes up a stance at the entrence. "Tisiphone…" He growls.

In the back a dozen smaller (which is say still tall and muscled) women land and throw the door open. Furies. Lots of them. Ryden may need that gun.

Zee knows they probably should have run, but it's not in her makeup to leave people alone, particularly not her friends and her mentor. She might regret that later - when Fenris decides to speak to her.

"I told you to run." The pull of the Total Codex, willing her to take its power to vanquish these people… and just pay the price … is nearly too much. It would give her magic back at the very least.

Shaking her head, she glares at the gun in Ryden's hand. She can't, and shouldn't, rush into the frey of Furies so she reaches into her bag and pulls out an … empty jar? Chanting softly, speaking backwards, she opens the jar to release the 'air' that was trapped … slowly the wind around the group of Furies picks up, hopefully wrapping them together and immobilising or slowing their progress.

While Zatanna tries to immobilize them (good call!), the Cheshire cat taps on his Fae side to attempt a diplomatic resolution. The fae and the Greek beings know each other of long- there is some ill blood here and there, especially where Oberon's meddling was involved, but nevertheless… there are some invocations that one might resort to, to try and delay a breaking of hostilities…

Stepping towards Tisiphone with his arms on either side, palms upwards, he speaks:

"Gracious Ones, Kindly Ones," the euphemistic names that Hesiod gave to the Furies,

"Hear me, illustrious Furies, mighty named,
Terrific powers, for prudent counsel famed;
Holy and pure, from Jove terrestrial born
And Proserpine, whom lovely locks adorn:
Dark-colour'd queens, whose glittering eyes, are bright
With dreadful, radiant, life-destroying, light:
Eternal rulers, terrible and strong,
to whom revenge, and tortures dire belong;
Speak ye to me, and in reverence rejoice,
For thy peace I call, with holy, suppliant voice!"

Whether the Furies chose to honor the call for a momentary truce depended, of course, on their mood. But it was an attempt! And perhaps Zatanna might be impressed that his first reaction wasn't 'CHAAAAARGE!'

Later Ryden will be puzzled about Zee's glare. He's a little bit to focused on the Furies at the moment. He wasn't actually going to shoot any of the people, he just needed them to stop hesitating and get the hell out of there. "I've got a gun!" usually works pretty good for that. The lorekeeper looks down to see which gun he actually grabbed and gives a startled laugh that sounds half amused and half hysterical. It's a blaster. From one of his favorite series of books. He's brought a few things from that series into existence, his lightsaber is one of his most prized and beloved possesions but not likely to be of much help here.

Furies. seriously. What they'd do with the Codex, Ryden doesn't even want to think about. He takes aim with the blaster after swinging the pack back on one shoulder and carefully setting Damnyou on the next table. The goose eyes the furies with his beak hanging open. If anyone could hear his thoughts aside from Ryden, who gives his familiar a startled glance, they'd hear his question full of desire and awe, wondering how and where he can get one of those. The lorekeeper shakes his head but a glint of amusement reaches his eyes and he waits to see what affect Vorpal's words will have. Knowing they are probably there for the Codex, Ryden doubts it will do much good.

The Furies, apparently, are impressed. Zee's binding blocks them up at the door and at Vorpal's verse they actually stop. And then above each and every one of their foreheads a sigil glows. One that looks suspiciously like a coiled serpent. Something binds them. Something compels them. Something powerful. Powerful enough that Fenris hasn't even bothered trying to counterspell.

"You honor us Dancer Among the Chaos." One of the women in back says even as Tisiphone gives Fenris a half regretful look.

"We'll make your death quick and painless." And then the back of the shop explodes inwards as they strike it as one. Out in the street Fenris ties up Tisiphone in a duel that would have likely fired the imagination of Homer. He's keeping the one that's on goddess level busy. But without revealing himself, and leveling the block, he can't do much more than that.

If there's a bright spot it's that the delay has given most of the civilians a chance to run through the holes, dive for cover or scatter. So, uh, there's that.

The Total Codex is still exerting its presence on the powerbound mage and her head is starting to fog. It would be so easy, just to give into it … You can be stronger than Fenris and not have to hide in the shadows…. that's part of its promise to her.

"No…" As the Furies burst through the wall, Zee pulls a jar filled with lightning from her bag and speaks quickly in that backwards of hers, opening the jar as her spell nearly completes, unleashing a lightning blast on the arrayed woman.

Ryden sighs and twitches his fingers to throw up a shield to protect them from the blast, it disengrates after the force hits it. He'd just wanted to see Zee and have some coffee and pastries and maybe lift himself out of this fog of depression and forget about the urge to drug himself into oblivion for awhile. He'd rather have that urge back at the moment than listen to the damned Codex or see the effect it's having on Zee. He doesn't like to hurt women, or rare mythological beings but these bitches aren't leaving him with many options. The lorekeeper takes aim at the eyes of the one who spoke and fires the blaster and then grabs a knocked over stool and flings it at another.
Damnyou looks around for some way to help. He can't fly fast enough to get to one of them and do any damage before they kill him. His small form has serious disadvantages sometimes. He can't pull his bookstore trick either. The ceiling is too low and these furies can also fly. After a look at the ceiling the goose jumps down from the table and scury-waddles across the floor, dodging and jumping over anything in his way and attempting to keep from view.

Vorpal rather bravely interposes himself between the furies and… everyone else. Three of them hit him at a rush hard enough to go through two walls. Fortunately that doesn't happen. The Chaos Cat opens a rabit hole behind him and vanishes with them. Well… okay. Three down.

The furies are coming from the book. There's no question about that. As Zee unleashes her inner Palpatine smoke starts to waft off them. They're tough but struck by lightning is a specialty of the Olyipian patriarch and they don't like it one bit. They shriek in pain and one of them throws a table at Zee. Another chucks a luckless patron.

Ryden finds himself trading… well he shots one of them. And hits another. And then one of them in the chaos comes up from behind him and trys to grab the book. Speaking of the book it's pulsing more powerful as the situation grows more dire. Out in front Fenris' duel has churned up the street and damaged some of the store fronts. She's taken to the sky, swooping down on him as he knocks her around with his gale rod. Both seem to be tiring. But the God-Wolf does have the upper hand.

"Get… rid… of… the … book…. Ryden." Zee's hit by the flying table, it cracking her fair in the shoulder and side of her face. That's gonna bruise and she'll be lucky if there are no broken bones.

Unfortunately for the luckless patron, she manages to dodge them … the poor fellow flying past her to land with a crunch against the counter.

Damn it… if Ryden doesn't do something about that book soon, she's going to try and fry it … if she can resist its sirens call …. she could truly end all this, just be agreeing to pay the price.

Ryden's pack is warded everywhich way he could think of over a thousand years time as well as the protections his people had placed upon it. It looks like a normal ancient and weather stained travel pack but looks can be deceiving and the fury grabbing it discovers this very quickly as they are suddenly on fire and being rappidly thrown through the wall.
Damnyou knows that some winged creatures can't fly as well when wet. He doesn't know if the furies are such creatures but figures a distraction at least can't hurt. He finally makes his way behind the counter and flies up and uses his wings and beak to grab, pull and knock whatever he can find onto the grill to cause a fire and engage the sprinkler system. Maybe they'll be lucky and it will be one of those foam supressant things. That ought to do slow them down.

Ryden whirls and shoots at the fury who hurtled the table towards Zee and then yells in alarm and starts doing a weird and panicked dance. The explosion from his pack has set his cloak afire. He immediately forgets his on fire at the tone of Zee's voice and without having to worry about splinching the others, sketches some symbols into the air and disappears with a loud popping sound. He's going to try the second option of safe keeping for the book and should be back in few moments. Unless they've changed any of the protections in the Vatican's underground vaults since he last visited. He might be in a lot more trouble than being a little bit, engulfed by flames in that case.

Agent May appears suddenly. Better late than never, right? Something like that. She fires an ICER round or two at the flying thing fighting with Fenris as she races toward the building that has (had?) Zee and Ryden inside.

It's bedlam in the building. And even May can feel the siren song of… something. Something promising power to do all the things she's wished she could do. Hold people accountable for things they got away with. If she's willing to do what's necessary. Pay the price.

And then the book vanishes. And the feeling is gone.

She may have other feelings about what she sees though. Ryden is on fire and Zee's been knocked down. There's still half a dozen angry winged women in blood soaked dresses trying to kill them, Ryden in particular has one going for his neck and someone is swinging an espresso machine at Zee.

A big one.

One handed.

Zee's not in such a great way. She's certain that table has broken her collarbone and possibly her bone and there's a large bruise purpling the side of her face. Looking up as the espresson machine whistles towards her, she rolls under it, crying out as her shoulder protests the movement, trying to sweep the winged womans legs from under her and buy a few precious moments.

Ryden, rather than try to enter the vault himself, he doesn't want to go through the hassle of another death right now, just sends the book through from some distance away and leaves it in one of the vaults. He returns with another loud pop just in time for a Fury to go for his neck. His cloak is still one fire and the back side of his jeans are starting to look scorched. Damnyou squawks angrily at the ceiling. What is wrong with this fire suppression system?! If the building were truly on fire.. people would be so screwed right now. The goose turns and looks aghast at his companions. His human is on fire and about to have his head ripped off, Zee looks hurt and is about to be clobbered, there are still furies trying to kill them, he can't see the god wolf and he definitely no longer feels any attraction to these crazy wicked flying bitches from hell! The goose exclaims loudly in relief when it spots May. "QWWWEEKK!"

May's eyes take in the chaos of the coffee shop in the matter of a second and then she's firing at various angry winged women. Yes, she's using an ICER, but she's also taking head shots. One for the woman trying to choke Ryden, one who just swung an appliance at Zee, another random one… as many as she can manage quickly.

Dendrotoxin is a strange and wonderous thing. May's shots connect, distracting for one and… well they do seem to slow the women. One of them just drops in her tracks. The one assaulting Ryden stumbles a bit… as Zee rolls deftly under her attacker. "Bring it back!" One of them snarls, presumably at Ryden…

And then the fire system turns on. And everything becomes soaked and slick. Outside there's a howl of triumph accompanying what sounds like shattering glass and concrete. Seems someone won the contest. What returns to the now broken door of the coffeehouse is Fenris… well it's a big black werewolf holding the sword Fenris was holding a moment ago. "I'm opening a Way." He snaps.

And he does. A tear opens in time and space. "Everyone through. Quick!"

That's his house on the other end, right?

"We won't…" Zee pants at the Fury who makes its demand, holding her arm across her body, readying for another attack.

The howl has her looking as the sprinklers activate, plastering her hair to her head and face - at least the bruising is somewhat obscured.

The snap in the werewolfs tone is enough to have moving through the Way, snagging Ryden and making sure Damnyou is with them "Come on, Ry. We're done here …"

When she realises The Cavalry arrived, she'll be suitably grateful but for now, she's become a little single minded.

Damnyou flies up and lands on the neck of the fallen Fury. Finally something he can do! She might live but the fury is gonna be blind for awhile, if not permanently. The goose is making hacking sounds and looks as grossed out as its possible for a goose to look when he jumps in the direction of the Way. He lands next to see and waddles at her side as she grabs Ryden, whose taken advantage of May's awesome shooting flung his burning cloak free with a vehement curse.

The lorekeeper gives Zee an arm for support and May a grim smile of thanks. "Am I ever glad to see you." He also seems relieved to see Fenris. Honestly, he doesn't care much where the Way opens onto, so long as it isn't here and it's fury free so they can take care of Zee. He didn't even respond to the fury commanding him to bring back the Codex. Ryden not telling an attacking asshole what to go do with themselves? He really must be suffering from the books effects.

"Through. Now." Yeah, May is still in mission mode. Fenris said to go, they go. She scoops Damnyou up so his waddle doesn't slow them down and rushes the other two toward and through the Way, completely not caring that she's soaked through before they can get away.

The Furies don't seem to dare follow the God-Wolf through to his own den, even compelled as they are. Fenris is the last through and then the Way thunders shut. The God-Werewolf pants, black blood gleaming on his blade.

"Zee come here." He half growls. He can smell the injury on her. "Anyone else hurt?"

Zee winces as May grabs her and hurries them towards the Way. "Thank you, Agent May." That's all she's going to say, she's concentrating on keeping herself upright.

Emerging on the otherside, in Fenris' house, the raven haired mage sags a little … waiting for something to come through before Fenris closes it. The relief she exhibits is palpable …

At the God-Wolfs half growl, she moves to his side, holding her head up "I'm here, Fenris."

Ryden eyes Zee with a worried expression. He pats himself down and shakes his head. He's a little singed and has some blisters on the back of his legs but aside from that and sick stomach from teleporting he's fine. "Good job, man." He reaches over and scritches the top of Damnyou's head. The goose grooms at Ryden's fingers and settles into May's hold. That had been entirely terrifying an she just saved all their gooses (hahahahaha) Damnyou makes an amused sound, from being cooked. So he's not inclined to go anywhere unless she sets him down. "I'm.. I'm alright. That was.. I don't even understand. That book should not have been able to escape where I sent it." Ryden drops to a seat on the floor and looks dismayed.

May takes a breath in relief when they end up safely in Fenris' residence, and she fairly promptly sets Damnyou down in an armchair while their host moves to help Zee with her injuries. "Ryden, let me see those burns." Even if she hadn't seen him openly in flames, she can SMELL it.

"Ryden, the Total Codex is ancient magic. Powerful on a scale that even the gods must respect. And you accepted it when it manifested. It can't simply be wi-" Pop. The book appears in midair and drops at Ryden's feet. It's siren song begins again only to be suddenly snuffed out. Aparently the God-Wolf doesn't have to tolerate that kind of thing in his house. Which at least saves his friends some strain.

"Someone may want to explain to May."

Then Fenris turns his attention to Zee and reaches out to put his fingertips… er, clawtips, on her bruise. Life energy flows into her but he doesn't heal the whole thing. Heal the wound, but leave the scar. There are lessions in scars. They teach strength, and caution and humility.

He'll have that talk with her later.

Ryden swears again. His people's magic and technology were ancient. And also lifted from.. he doesn't even know how many other dimensions worlds. The power behind this freaking book is just.. almost unfathomable. He frowns at Fenris. Maybe he can fix Zee's scar later. If she wants. Personally he thinks its fetching. "Uh yeah sure." He responds to May and tears his ripped and singed jeans legs off. The entire back half of his left calf is a mess of blistered and raw red skin. The right one actually has a bit of blackened flesh. Ryden pales as the pain suddenly hits him as well the scent of burned flesh and hair. "Uh. I.. Uh." He slumps over in a faint. Damnyou shakes his head and jumps down with a sigh, waddles over to Ryden and starts grooming his unconcious magi's hair. As often as this kind of thing happens, the goose is starting to wish he could heal the fool himself.

Given the other scars she's sporting, one more might not matter … That's not true and Zee will lament it later, but she'll also learn from it. Rolling her shoulder, it's painful, but it seems to be just bruised. That's something she'll get over …

"The Total Codex is magic … it looks like a book, but I'm not sure it is, Agent May." she begins to explain as the book reappears "And it calls to us, to take it up and use its power to achieve what we want. It tells me, all the time, I can be stronger than Fenris and fix all the problems in the world. We just have to accept it and pay the price it demands."

Pepper Potts huffs faintly as Ryden realizes he's injured and goes splat. "That kind of power always has a price. And some people never learn." Yes, she can hear it whispering, but she's dealt with that kind of temptation before, and she knows better than to let it trick her. Instead, she lets Damnyou try and soothe the mage while she looks at Fenris. "Do you want to handle this, or do you have ice and towels?" Those burns look like they range from bad to permanently damaging to EWWW.

"Ice and towels? Are we going to revive him or remove one of his kidneys?" Fenris murmurs half in annoyance and half in amusement. At least he wasn't high this time, mmm?

"It's not a trick, May. Zee really could be more powerful than me with that book. Even in her present state. That book can tell you anything, answer any question… but exacts a price commensurate with what is asked of it. And right now… it's teathered to Ryden." He looks at the book and then picks it up and sets it on his coffee table. It's safe enough there for the time being. Then he leans down, still a werewolf, and picks Ryden up. Come on fashion disaster. Time for a cold shower.

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