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January 12, 2016:

The JL:A meet to discuss the troubles under the sea

Halls Of Justice - Metropolis


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Not too long ago, the JL:A has received a communication from Admiral Raevich of the US Navy, requesting any assistance they could give.

The Navy's military hydrophone network picked up a number of sounds of unknown origin, just north of the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain, about a thousand miles west of Hawaii and about six hundred miles east of Midway island.

Of most concern is that the US Navy has gone on high alert and Intelligence reports that the Japanese, Chinese and Russians have mobilized as well.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not, Kara has sent through a message advising that she has more information to share on that and asking to speak to the group. Those that can attend are gathering in one of the conference rooms of the Halls Of Justice …

Supergirl is sitting in the conference room, waiting for anyone else to arrive. She put out a general call to the League, but she's not sure who is going to be showing up. And she looks…nervous. Very un-Supergirl like today. Whatever she is thinking about is weighing heavily on her mind as she paces back and forth.

With both the Isles and Australia being part of the Empire, and islands in their own right - if one is rather large enough to be it's own continent, Captain Britain has natural reasons to be concerned, especially with the alert rising of various navies, including a mobilization of part of the British fleet. It only took a few minutes for the Captain to don his costume and travel the distance from the New York British Consulate to the Hall of Justice.

Arriving in the Conference Room, his eyes alight on a familiar uniform if an unfamiliar face and figure that fill it. "Ah. Hello. Supergirl, right?" he asks by way of introduction. "I apologize, I have not had a chance to introduce myself sooner. I am Captain Britain, liaison from Her Majesty's Crown. It is a pleasure to meet you at last."

Caitlin's a bit late to be early. Mostly because she dithered around between dressing casually and wearing the suit. On the one hand, casual is good. On the other hand… Official Bidness.

In the end, she shows up wearing her purple costume, green piping giving it some dimension. She darts into the Hall with a bit of an uncertain expression— she's /technicallly/ a member, but sort of like how a fourth stringer is 'technically' playing professional football.

She spots a seat next to Kara and darts forward, stopping a half-step when Captain Britain beats her to the location. "Oh! Hi Captain B," she says, sketching a short wave at the uniformed hero. She eyes the chair next to Kara and sliiiiides towards the seat before someone beats her to it.

"I'm allowed here, right?" she mutters to the blonde girl.

Kate was injured earlier in the week on a mission with Captain America, dislocating her shoulder. It was easy enough to pop back into place, but she's been taking it easy since. She's wearing a sling as she arrives in the conference room, keeping her right arm immobilized. "Hey, everyone," she greets, dropping off a box of donuts with her good hand.

Looking around, Kara feels a bit disheartened; maybe she's still not quite up to her cousin's level in terms of response. But still, the arrival of Kate makes her smile. A Council Member is always goot to have and something she was hoping for at this meeting. And fairchild gets a smile of relief and an encouraging nod. "Yes, thank you, Fairchild." When captain Britain introduces himself, Supergirl bows her head a bit in acknowledgement. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Captain. Thank you for comming." She looks around at the others in the room and adds, "Thank you all for coming."

Kara takes a deep breath, steadying herself before she starts. "I'm sure that most everyone has heard about the various alerts coming in about underwater conflicts. I'm here to give a first hand account of what I've encountered regarding these alerts." Another pause; Kara really is looking nervous here. "The other day, I was asked by Vorpal of the Titans to accompany him and a few others to a meeting on an island out in the Alantic Ocean, off the coast of the United States. It was a meeting attended by an aquatic woman named Ulani, whom I am not sure any of you have met, and Queen Mera of Atlantis. They were there to discuss a threat to both their peoples when that threat attacked the meeting. Or rather, part of the threat: a tentacle hundreds of yards wide and stretching for more miles than even my telescopic vision could see. The tentacle belonged to a malevolent entity called the Lord of the Deep, who has been attacking underwater nations and communities for months. Possibly even a a year or so."

Taking a seat, Britain offers Kate a grin. "The Princess and Hawkgirl are rubbing off on you on the working wounded department." It's only a slight tease that hides a hint of concern for the young woman as Fairchild gets a nod of his head. He remembers her being one of those rescued from Apokolips. And if she's fourth stringer, he's undrafted free agent on the scale of membership.

Settling down to listen to the briefing, he nods. "I believe that I have met this Lord of the Deep's represenatives before. Robes, symbols in strange places, chanting like mad hatters and when you capture them, that's all they lay claim to? Have they managed to release the whole of this monstrosity from it's bonds, then?" he asks as he gives a frown. "I had assumed the summoning circles were to pull those.. tentacles.. closer to land."

Are those doughnuts for anyone? Cause Caitlin's gonna grab one. She slooooowly leans across the table and hooks a finger into the box, then draaaags it back towards her, her features focused attentively on Kara as Supergirl gives her speech.

She glances at her smartphone with one hand and chews hungrily on a bearclaw (rawr) with the other. "A hundred yards wide and miles long? How is that even possible?" the redhead says, looking baffled. "Did you get any kind of tissue or blood sample? Are we dealing with a terrestrial animal or some kinda alien?" she inquires.

"'cause I wouldn't be surprised if aliens have tentacles," she tells Kara with a completely straight face.

"Are you saying we have a Cthulu problem?" Kate asks as she drops into her seat, quirking a brow and snagging one of the donuts before Caitlin can steal the box. "Coin toss," she grins at the girl. "Either it's ancient gods, or it's aliens. Puts a whole new spin on that ancient aliens show, right? And I forgot to buckle up," she adds to Brian.

Clearing her throat, she turns back to Kara. No making fun of the world-threatening dangers. Even if it's how you stay sane. "Sorry. So. The merfolk want some help with the giant tentacle beast. Do they have any…uh. Anything specific they were looking for? Because they live underwater, and if they can't take it there, I doubt we're going to be a lot of help."

Well, Captain Britain seems to already know about this thing. And Kate didn't laugh her off when Kara said there's something underwater with mile long tentacles attacking Atlantis and other underwater nation-states. Maybe this isn't going to be as hard a sell as Kara was fearing. "Umm…I have no idea who or what a Cthulhu is, Kate. But, if it means a gigantic elder thing that's lived for aeons, and has massive, globe spanning tentacles, then yes." Captain Britain's question gets adressed next. "The Atlantians said that these tentacles…Reachers, they called them, are kidnapping both surface and aquatic dwellers and somehow converting them to the worship of this thing. There are cults trying to spread the worship of this entity as well. Queen mera estimated that there the number of beings and creatures under the command of the Lord of the Deep numbers in the hundreds of millions." Supergirl shrugs, more in confusion than in dismissal of that figure. "Considering that Queen Mera and Ulani were very reluctant to ask for assistance from hero groups they know and have contacts with, and outright dismissing any notion of approaching the world at large to enlist other nations to aid them, I have no reason to suspect that those numbers are exaggerated in any way. So, it is looking like a full on invasion of this entity and it's minions."

"Unless they are wanting us to allow it to be summoned to land.. which I think would be exceptionally bad." Captain Britain reaches for a donut only after the ladies have helped themselves. "There's this shop in Farringdon, they actually have a Michelin star for their pastries - and their salted caramel donuts are to die for.." he starts to say, and then course corrects. Not the time to discuss donuts, Brit.

"And it appears that those nations that weren't invited are deciding to nose in and take a look themselves at what they could see of the world down there." he says with a slight frown as he sets his donut aside for the moment. "If one of these naval vessels are attacked, it will be seen as an act of aggression. They don't know that this thing.. isn't Atlantian. And with their secretive nature, I doubt we can convince His or Her Majesty to discuss the nature of this creature with the United Nations, we're not only going to have to worrk about protecting Atlantis, but also acting as a buffer to prevent some too curious navy warship from getting sunk, as well."

"It's probably a combonation of pride and distrust that's keeping them down. After all, we up here don't have the greatest.. relationship.. with the underwater world." he frowns. "To say that this will be delicate is an understatement. The question is, if we do insert ourselves as assistance, are we going to have to do so under the threat of the sword of the Atlantians drop on us or will we have a chance at least to help in their defense?" he asks, turning his attention to Kara, as she seems to have the closest relation to the Queen and her blue envoy.

"Ia, Ia, Cthulu fhthgan," Caitlin mumbles around a mouthful of pastry.

She swallows hastily, brushing her fingers on her suit. "That's basically Lovecraftian, Kara. Massive monsters that defy any ability to understand or see without going crazy, bent on destroying everything."

She quirks her lips into a moue of thought, furrowing her brow. "Okay, well, Atlantis is like, /super/ xenophobic," she says, holding a finger aloft to count her thoughts. "And they've historically not had good relationships with us surfacers. I think a few people who've seen their government in action agree that they're so conservative they make Rush Limbaugh look like a free-lovin' hippy. So we've got a culture of isolationism reinforced by geography, xenophobes who think we all suck out loud, and they're dealing with an ocean problem— something they /should/ be able to handle on their own."

"Do we know anyone who's actually on good terms with some Atlanteans?"

Wonder Woman had been training, there is no surprise there. After trying to help more with Hawkgirl's ship she resigned to not ripping out more parts and simply listening about Thangar as well as having 'safe' political debates. That ended in sparring. Friendly. Sparring.

Time ran over and when she entered the room her hair still hung in drenched waves from the shower, a white tank top on her torso and black yoga pants below, bare feet silent over the flooring as she opens the door and closes it silently behind her so as not to interrupt the information as it passes from one to the next.

For a moment, Kara gets the lingering weight of cerulean gaze, as since her return from a few months training in Themyscira the correspondance has been thin, and perhaps this is why. Brow perks lightly as the rest get a nod of greeting and a seat is claimed… Slowly. Some areas remain tender then others when Nth layered appendages smash them. Its a reminder that brings a small smile as she hopes the rival suffers the same once splinters are removed from…

A lingering gaze had settled on Kate, but no question is asked instead she turns her attenton to the gathering.

"Namor and Arthur both are…old…friends of mine, and I spoke with Ulani in the past in regards to going between if necessary. I did not think that time would come since there is their king still, correct?" When Diana finally looks up there is concern etched upon features while eyes resume their landing upon Kara.

"There was that whole thing where they tried to blame us for assassinating their king and tried to destroy us all," Kate points out to Brian, taking a bite of her donut. "So I can see where they might not really want to hit us up for help in too public a way." Not that she holds a grudge or anything. She smiles briefly to Wonder Woman when she arrives, though she turns back to Kara after. "Something that big. I'd say there's definitely a chance it's only reaching through some sort of portal, rather than being free-roaming. Otherwise it probably would've already made snacks of some underwater cities, right?"

When Wonder Woman enters, the last vestiges of Kara's nervousness evaporate. The Amazon Princess is greeted with a smile from the Kryptonian and a nod of respect. But, back to business…"I proposed speaking to the other nations of the world to Queen mera. That didn't go over so well." Kara shakes her head ruefully. "There's too much distrust displayed by both sides.Which, in the face of a global threat like this, is absolutely mind-boggling to me. It's like watching very bad history repeat for me." She sighs in frustration, unclenching the fists that she didn't realise she had been making. "As far as I know, Diana, the king and Queen of Atlantis and their family are safe, although Queen Mera wasn't too particular on details. I take it as a positive sign that she didn't mention any such trouble. As for Namor…I have no idea. He never came up in the discussion."

Kara strums his fingers on the table for a second, releasing a bit of energy. "There is another matter to take into consideration. The people being taken by the Reachers are being changed. Mutated. I know that it's a touchy subject among humans as to which metahuman is liked and unliked. There were some fears that such aquatic mutations could lead towards violence and blame shown towards surface mutants. So, all-in-all, it's a completely horrific situation. Politically and combati-wise."

"That's why I said it would be delicate, Kate." Britain says in response with a faint frown of thought. "I'm not exactly a diplomatic type. More punch it in the face until it agrees to listen type diplomacy." he admits as he finally picks up the donut to take a bite and makes a small face. Of course he thought it was raspberry and got cherry filled. He sets the donut aside to pay attention to the conversation.

"That's /like/ diplomacy," Caitlin tells Brian. "Sort of how like chess is basically small-scale nuclear war." She nibbles on her pastry.

She smiles at Diana when the (real) Amazon joins the assembly. "Hi, Diana. Want a snack?" she says, sliding the nearly empty box towards Di. It's nearly empty— did Cait seriously eat /that/ many in such short order?

"I think you're right on the money with the idea of a dimensional whatsit," Caitlin tells Brian. "I mean, it can't be natural— the energy requirements /alone/ for something of that mass are just insane. Same reason you don't see a lot of giant ants, y'know? Gravity, thermal surface area, etc."

There is a slow blink and a glance among the small party gathered, a consideration made for the donuts… A lift of fingers and then a recline of them upon tabletop to drum down rhythmically and then fall silent, just as she has while lips come to a rest and she thinks of a way to repeat her words but in a more conciliatory, yet necessary tone. From Britain to Kate, the watch resumes after the nod from Kara gets her own uplifting of chin in a manner that would be known within the Amazon court.

Temptation be damned, and thwarted though, by Cait's offer, scooching the donuts closer so that hunger from training wins out and one is snatched. Diana did not care what was stuffed inside of it as long as it tasted good and sated the nagging hunger. but once she finished consuming the pastry in a manner fit for more of a Asgardian mess hall a single finger goes from being licked to being smothered in a napkin while she speaks, her gaze sweeping along the table to all of those within at once.

"I think it has been forgotten that I am a part of the United Nations. Not only that, but an Ambassador from a place that very select few have been to and returned from to speak of. The same goes for Atlantis in this standing, and at one point the King of part of the open waters held a place at the Justice League council, and at my side." A pause as a breath is taken and a fist rises to her lips while the other hand captures a donut and brings it closer, a single finger hooked through the open center. "…These are delicious…" Note.

"It does not matter where this threat came from, nor what grounds it is upon. The people of the oceans are a proud race of people and warriors of their own right, but if what Kara says is true," A pause as she looks upon the Kryptonian. "And the threat is in dire need of witholding and help is needed to keep contained, I will offer it. I will go with Kara and see for myself as well as extend a unified hand if you all are in accord." But if they were all not, then it would be Diana alone as this was not just duty, it is friends.

"Right?" Kate smiles briefly at Wonder Woman's donut review. "Place is great." Finishing off her own, she licks her thumb clean before adjusting her sling. "I'm in for whatever I can do," she agrees, nodding to Kara. "But I'd like a little more clarity on what they're looking for from us. I don't want to be the source of another invasion if we make a mistake or fail on some front. And I want to know what they've tried and what's failed before we waste time and resources on the same things they've already done." She pauses, smile settling crooked. "Also, I'm pretty sure I'd be crushed at their depths, so there's that."

"I don't mean to dispute the courage or honor of the Atlanteans, especially not Aquaman," Kara says to Diana. "And I certainly understand and sympathize with Atlantis and all the undersea nations in regards to the treatment they've received from the surface. So, forgive me if that's how I sounded. I'm just…tired of losing homes becasue of politics." Supergirl closes her eyes and takes a deep, centering breath. "I just wish that we had known about this sooner, so that something could have been done before it got to this stage. But yes, I'm going to help the Atlanteans fight this thing. And I believe that the Queen wanted us to aid her, but for whatever reason didn't want to come to us directly with her request." Kate's lamentation about getting crushed draws Kara's attention to the archer. "Even if you cannot help physically, your tactics and investigative skills will still be an immense help. In fact, I believe Captain Britain said that there are surface cults for the Lord of the Deep that can be tracked down and neutralized. This isn't a simple 'go smash the bad guy' mission. There's going to be plenty for everyone of all kinds of skills and capabilities to do in order to win here."

"I know you're a representative, Diana.. I didn't mean anything out of line.." Britain sighs, considering the options on the table. "And I don't think that anyone here is going to say they aren't going to help, but as Kate said. We need to make sure it's the proper measure that the Atlentians will accept. Diana seems to have the strongest ties besides the recent meeting with Supergirl.. I'm willing to help in whatever capacity that is brought up."

"I can hold my breath a really long time, but I'd need a respirator," Caitlin says, thoughtfully. She looks around a bit guiltily as she finishes the last doughnut (her fifth in total), leaving behind crumbs, frosting, and regret. "I'm pretty sure the pressure wouldn't hurt me, either."

She looks at the rest of the League. "I know I'm kinda new, but isn't there an issue with the legality of just runnin' in there? I mean, they do kinda… y'know, /own/ the underseas. If we show up uninvited, isn't that potentially an act of war?"

To Kara, Diana nods, a slow acknowledgement of her words, if not deeper due to the current tumult of her own. "The people of the Ocean are allowed their own, but the ocean is on Earth and we - as the Justice League have made a promise," A glance then to Britain with small smile offered. "We will protect the people and their rights. We will uphold their freedom, and if it is taken from them, we give it back." A rise of hands and a slight flicker of lighting against vembraces, as well as the glaze of the donut that she then brings to her lips.

A moment of silence is offered if not for someone to speak up but for her to finish the dessert in a hungered fashion before letting a crumpled napkin fall and continuing on.

"The legalities are based on what rules you keep," Diana states now looking to Cait. "I have respect and friendship underseas, as well as that of their delegation in regards to land and sea."

Then, Diana looks to Kate and Brian a nod given there to Kate's words as well, slow and stopping with chin lowered in a moment of thought. "If Brian has the knowledge of what is occuring here on land and you, Kate, have concerns for the depths could you two find what we tactically need here while myself and a few others see what our involvement will incur? We have lived through one threat or war on far harsher terms. This has already struck solid ground, I do not fear wrath of involvement with diplomacy and /tact/."

A small knowing smile goes to each as eyes turn to Kara then, as well as Cait. "When do you depart to return to the Waters?"

It's that reassuring smile of Diana's that's so infectious and it spreads to kara, lifting the girl's spirits up immensely. "I'll send word right away, Diana. I'm sure we'll get a response soon. in the meantime, do you think there's anyone else we should take this to? Captain America and SHIELD? The X-Men? The Fantastic Four? Even if Atlantis only allows the League within their borders, there's going to be more problems on the surface that others will need to be ready for. If only for some technical advice on occultism and dimensional portals."

"Sure, I can look into stuff up here," Kate nods, looking over to Brian. "Granted, usually when it comes to the chanting in circles types, I go for exploding the circle, but I think I've run into enough weird things to start to grasp the general principles. Could use Strange's help, too," she adds to Diana. "Especially if we're looking at some sort of summoning issue."

"I don't think I'm the only JLAer that's responded to one of those attacks by those that are cultists of this Lord of the Deep." At least Britain doesn't think so. As Diana calls him by name, there's a small frown, but he lets it slide by quickly. As Kate brings up the exploding circles, he snaps and points to her. "Exactly." he adds. "Maybe if we can reverse the circle, we can send a hunting party directly to these things."

Caitlin nods at Diana, chastened by Diana's stirring elocution. She fiddles with the remains of her last doughnut, dabbing some chocolate sauce onto her fingertips and nibbling it away. She glances sidelong at Kara and slouches just a little bit as Kate and Kara start tossing around some Big Damn Hero names in the business— people that Caitlin hasn't even met yet, in several cicumstances.

"Since w have to handle this with delicacy as it is I would be careful on who we extend our hands to. Since you are of the Justice League, Kara, it is to be expected but the rest," A pause and her gaze sweeps to Kate in regards to Captain America, as those doors never closed on their end, only his. "That is left to the people of the waters. Not us."

Brian's name usage was under the presumption as he had told her, they were all trusted and he did not hide his identity from them, so she moved forward, Cait's posture one that has her tossing the napkin hwer way with a snap of her wrist.

"We will get you the breather required, a duplicate can be made of my own but with the necessary adjustements. Meet with the people in the lab for testing and we will have ou outfitted in no time. You're a part of this team now, you do not have to wait and ask to risk your life, let alone harbor questions of it." The smile that had lifted Kara goes to Cait as well then before she turnes her attention to Kate and Britain, nodding.

"Fill Doctor Strange in on what you may need of him and once we all have gathered the intel we require, we will move forward as necessary. If all else fails, explode the damn circle and if need be," A glance from Kate's shoulder to her face with a knowing smile. "Call for us."

"Just dislocated it," Kate smiles ruefully to Wonder Woman, shrugging her shoulder a bit. "I'm sure Cam'll be on it before I've got a chance to get into anything big." She pauses, looking back to Brian. "Reverse the circle? You can track those things?" she asks, brows rising. So many interesting things to learn when it comes to magic.

Kara nods to Wonder Woman. "Alright. I better go get on the horn, then. I'll let you know what Atlantis' response is." And with a wave to the others, kara heads towards the comm room.

"Well, I don't know exactly.. but think of a magic portal like a door - it opens both ways. If Strange can figure out how it works, we can probably open it a crack and get ourselves in there." Britain offers with a faint frown. "At least, that's how I see it." As Kara starts to rise, the Captain nods. "I suppose that means the meeting's over then." With that, he starts to rise, but not before throwing away that half-eaten cherry filled donut.

Caitlin catches the napkin easily and squares her shoulders at Diana's orders, nodding once in response. "Yes'm," she says. She uses the napkin to tidy herself and gets up, considerately packing up the empty box and a few other napkins to be thrown away in one go. "I'll go see the lab and find out if they've got anything I could use. Thanks, Diana." She smiles at the woman. "I'll be ready when the team is," she assures her, before scampering off to the tech support center.

Diana rises without aid of the chair, and upon her exit after Cait she stops by Kate and offersa half grin. "You should try the therapies and spas offered here. They do wonders." And upon exit along the back and side of right thigh a bruise of deep purple had flurished but already around the edges it has faded to that sickly yellow. Human or not, impact hurts but she does not let it hinder her gait.

"Clearance to the Watchtower levels granted to a fairchild, just exiting conference room 3 and on her way up. Escort her to lab technicians for underwater apparatus fittings and adjustments." Beat. "Order more donuts and have Hans inspect." Yep, she wanted the recipe!

"I'll add it to the list," Kate laughs ruefully to Diana, giving the empty donut box an amused look before scooting a little closer to the table. "Computer, bring up recent reports involving cults. And chanting. And tentacles. Filter…Filter stories originating in Japan for later advanced analysis."

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