Why Are You Doing This Alone?

January 11, 2016:

Supergirl catches up with the Waterpeople to learn more

New York


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After the attack on the beach the other day, Ulani's received a message from the woman known as Supergirl, asking to meet and discuss the situation further.

The meeting is to take place in a waterfront cafe on New York Harbour, not far from where Ulani's apartment is. Currently sitting at a table, dressed in Surfacer clothing, a dress that falls mid thigh with a 'galaxy' pattern, the Blue Envoy has finally agreed to add a jacket, so she blends in a little better.

She's also sent out messages to a couple of others, letting them know of the meeting. They might be joining her too.

When Supergirl reached out to Ulani for more information on the huge monster living under the ocean, she didn't think things through when mentioning a public meeting. It's not exactly like Supergirl can appear in costume somewhere and not drawn a huge crowd. Then again, it's not like she can go around in her secret ID for this meeting, either. So, Kara compromises by arriving to the cafe in casual clothing instead of either costume or secret ID paraphenalia. Just a t-shirt, skinny blue jeans, and a brown leather jacket with fleece lining. As the blonde girl arrives, she smiles and nods to Ulani. "Hello there. Thank you for agreeing to meet and help me clarify a few things."

Mera arrives about the time she intended, and is very conspicuously NOT wearing Surfacer garments. So, um, if y'all were wanting an incognito opportunity to chat… yeah. Not gonna happen today. She walks right up to where Ulani and the Kryptonian woman are currently, and gives them each a nod in greeting.

The casual setting of the meeting rather makes showing up in his other skin inadvisable, so Rowan shows up as he looks most of the time, which is to say as a sandy haired young man in casual clothing. The only hint of oddity around him is the 'flashlight' hanging off his belt. Which if inspected closely is actually a short rod of superdense coral.

"Hello Ulani. Hello Mera. Hello… er… Miss…" He's trying to remember protocol for this. Outing them with their names, that's bad right? So wait for her to self identify. The Blue warrior takes a seat and rolls a shoulder.

It's a very quiet cafe, and mostly empty. Ulani eats there a bit and may even supply it with some of it's seafood… a quid pro quo type arrangement. "You're most welcome." Seeing how the woman has dressed, the Blue Envoy cants her head "You may need to instruct us on how to address you, I'm afraid." For all Ulani's reading and research, she knows that many of the JL:A are public … but still, she doesn't want to start the meeting off poorly.

"Your Majesty" Ulani offers a seated bow to the Sea Queen and then smiles at Rowan "This is Rowan, although you may not recognise him from the other day."

Offering seats, she watches Kara for a moment before continuing "We'd be happy to clarify what we may. Particularly if your indication of help, still stands… "

"Just call me Kara," the blonde girl replies with a smile. "And I'm not sure how to address you other than Ulani." Just then, Mera arrives, and Kara stands up, offering a bow to the queen. "Your Majesty," Kara echos before straightening up and waiting for Mera to be seated. And then Rowan arrives and stumbles over her name. Kara smiles, a bit of a twinkle in her eyes, and tells him, "It's just Kara. Nothing especial." Once everyone is seated, Kara returns to her seat and looks back at Ulani. "Well, I am only speaking for myself. I want to inform the League to the best of my ability so that they can make a decision on their own. But from what I've seen and the little I've glemaed from yesterday, this certainly sounds like a threat the League would be involved in fighting."

Mera nods to Rowan when he also arrives, then accepts the seat that Ulani offers her. She remembers the last time she tried having a mealin a Surfacer establishment. An insane surfacer with hair the color of kelp ruined everything. "Kara. Since we are not standing on formalities here, please call me Mera."

"That… depends…" Rowan is aware, because he follows the news, that the Justice League is a non-governmental organization dedicated to performing its mission world wide. But getting involved in this - something that he supports to be clear - means diving into the somewhat murky realm of international undersea politics. The Blue have not quite forgivin the Atlanteans for making the waterfolk's position on the surface so tenuous. And while the scale of the threat is certainly global, it may be difficult to convince any surfacer organization with less altruistic bents that it's a problem for anyone above the waves.

"We're certainly happy to make clear what we're dealing with though. I'll let Ulani lead off."

The Blue and the Atlanteans have no standing on the Surface, they aren't recognised by any Government and for The Blue, their existence is virtually unknown.

"It is Ulani." the Blue Envoy responds to Kara.

As she speaks, a server approaches the table and places a bowl full of Black Urchins and Anenomes on it … clearly fare for the Waterpeople. Looking to Kara, the server smiles "What would you like, Miss. Ulani mentioned that some of her guests would like some more traditional fare."

Waiting for the server to go, Ulani takes an urchin, opening it and delicately eating the insides. As the server leaves, she begins "We believe what we're dealing with is something that is aeon's old. When it first made itself known to us a number of months ago, it gave itself the title 'Lord of the Deep'." Blowing up a deep breath, the Blue Envoy continues "That name has been used by many Blue parents to get their children to behave." The equivalent of the Surfacers Boogey Man. "It is so old, that it's origins had fallen to myth and none of us expected it to be alive." It takes a few minutes for the first part of the story to unfold with Ulani finishing her part with "There is a cult that worships this being and we believe that is what is bringing it back."

Mera and Rowan can add to that - the trouble with mutants, the mutated creatures …

Kara smiles at the waiter and waves him off with, "Just some coffee, please. Thank you." To her credit, she doesn't squirm or cringe at how Ulani eats. Instead, she listens to the opening, nodding along. "So, it's sort of like…a god? An evil mystical force? And when you said 'it gave itself' the name, it's capable of communication? Could it be reasoned with?" Yes, Kara is wondering if the Elder God thing with miles long tentacles can be reasoned with.

Mera straightens in pleased surprise at seeing the bowl of urchins and anemones. She didn't think that was something Surfacers usually served or consumed in this manner. She claims an anemone for herself while Ulani relates what they know so far about the Lord of the Deep. There's not much she can add, though. Not without revealing exactly how badly affected Atlantis is currently. And that's information for Arthur to reveal, if he so wishes. Not her.

"It has an immense psychic presence as you get closer to it." Though not psychic himself Rowan is rather intimately familair with them, being from where he is. Which, despite sharing a common race with Ulani, isn't her oceans. Or indeed any oceans anywhere around here.

"It can communicate but I'd hesitate to say it can be reasoned with. To the extent that it wants anything it seems to want to dominate and consume everything around it. It takes creatures - Blue, Atlantean, Human, anything really - and draws them to itself to be mutated into savage beats that thirst for flesh and blood and know nothing but obedience to its will. Its army already numbers in the hundreds of millions we think, possibly more. And now its beginning to push out."

"I doubt it can be reasoned with." Ulani confirms Rowans words. "Our first encounter it told The Blue, it would be watching … and it communicates psychically and the Cult certainly treats it like a god." Ulani isn't sure of the origins of the creature. Perhaps Rowan has better insight into that.

At the mention of the mutated beings, Ulani winces a little "We uncovered a plan of the Cult to take mutants from the Surface to power a spell that we believe would have converted even more to its army." Eating a little more of the urchin that she's holding, the Blue female continues "That was a hard won battle in Los Angeles. But we prevailed."

"I know that the creatures Rowan is talking of have attacked ships as they traverse the ocean." How this has gone unremarked is a wonder to Ulani, but until now it's meant that the Blue have been able to remain hidden.

Kara has seen a lot, both as Supergirl and as Kara Zor-El. But the idea that there's a giant tentacle monster with an army that numbers in the hundreds of millions is just…mindboggling. "And…you're saying it's been threatening both the Blue and Atlantis for a couple seasons now?" She looks between her table mates with incredulity. "Why isn't SHIELD involved? Why aren't other nations involved? Why isn't anyone dealing with this except the two aquatic nations? I mean, from what you're saying, this thing is a treat to everyone, not just the undersea world. Has anyone asked for help from other powers in dealing with this thing before now?"

Mera tries to not pull a sour face when Kara mentioned that SHIELD group. She's heard Arthur 'mention' them before. "Your United Nations group does not recognize the sovereignty of either the the Blue or Atlantis. They have no vested interest in helping us, not until this threat starts overrunning the Surface. Of course, by then it will be far too late." Okay, so just a teeny bit of bitterness got out there.

"Surfacer intervention is also difficult technologically." Rowan points out. "For all that the nations of the surface have invested into flight and space, they've invested much less in the seas. Few of the surface nations could come to the depths in any meaningful way and the weapons they would bring are oriented more toward fighting other surfacers than anything below. More than that…"

Here the dragon blue sighs wearily. "It's not clear that they'd be welcome. Even you, and Kara I would welcome your help personally, would be viewed as an outsider and interloper. The Atlanteans as a people despise and hate surfacers. You saw that at work during their brief invasion. And the Blue…" Rowan glances at Ulani, this much he knows of the Blue of this earth. "The Blue have their own issues with the surface. One of our cities was destryed seventy years ago by underwater nuclear testing. The hatred of my people for surfacers is not as strong, but it's there and it's… politically significant. Even at times like these. The other undersea kingdoms and races are even more reclusive still." So… yeah…

"It has." Ulani answers Kara's first question and pauses as Rowan and Mera explain a little more. The Atlantean attack on the Surface had certainly coloured the Surfaces view of /all/ the Waterpeople.

Nodding slowly at Rowan, Ulani sighs "My Government does not wish for the Surface to know of The Blue. We have remained deep in the ocean, avoiding detection and … despite some factions that may wish otherwise, it hasn't changed."

Which might raise the question as to why Ulani, at least, was on the Surface living there.

Karaara sighs, shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "Humans…"She takes a few moments to collect herself, then moves on. "Look, I understand that there is some seriously troubled history between the Surface World and the Undersea world. Mostly on the fault of the Surface; no-one here is disputing that. But to not do everything possible when faced with this massive a threat…you have freinds and allies that can speak for you that the Surface world trusts. Wonder Woman. Captain America. My own cousin, for Rao's sake. Both your nations have an unprecedented chance here to be heroes in the eyes of the world for once, by sounding the alarm as loudly as possible. And you've both waited until it's nearly too late." kara pauses to hold up her hands to hopefully fend off any angry retorts. "No offense to either of your nations. But take it from the person who lived through the destruction of her homeworld; this is almost exactly the kind of politics that doomed Krypton. You need to be completely open and public about this threat and the need for the Surface nations to aid you. Just me and the Titans aren't going to cut it. I don't even know if adding in the League is going to cut it. We'll try, of course but…" She loooks over to the Emmassary of the Blue." Ulani, your people's desire for secrecy could destroy the entire planet. And that includes the Blue."

Mera sits back from her snack of anemone. "That is Arthur's decision to make, not mine. Though from what I've seen of Surfacers, an outcry now would only garner derision at best, open hostilities at worst." Her expression becomes distant for a moment, as if she were lost in thought. Rowan and Ulani would know, though, that she is very likely consulting with her husband telepathically.

"I do not think it will be possible to compel the Blue government to reveal themselves formally…" Not with the way things are at home. The Blue might manage the outcry better than the Atlanteans, with less of their population invested in revenge on the surface, but with the specter of the Cult infiltrating the military and government it may not be a risk possible to take. "But…" And here the Dragon-Blue glances at Ulani. "If you can give us a platform, I can promise someone will sound that alarm as loud as possible. Maybe… Ambassador Kraye… but if not him I will. I'm not beholden to this Blue government. My home is far, far away."

"I don't disagree, Kara." Ulani speaks quietly. Mera and Rowan get a small nod from the Blue. "However, revealing ourselves to the Surfacers may well just bring about our demise." For how powerful the Blue they aren't as numerous as the Surfacers and a war of attrition could be waged.

"I have spoken with your Wonder Woman. She is a truly amazing woman. But I only know of the other you mention. I'm not here in any official capacity, just to observe and report to my Government. However…" Rowans look is returned "give us the platform to be heard. I can promise we will use it." It might make her life a little uncomfortable, but it's a chance she's willing to take.

Listening to Ulani, Rowan, and Mera, Kara tries to stay positive, but it's very hard. In the end, she simply nods at all three of them, not feeling like she's encouraged or inspired much positive action today. "Well, I'll do what I can," she says to Ulani, her words sounding like a promise. "And part of that is taking all this information to the League. You've given me a lot to deliver, and hopefully it will sway things towards action." She stands up, bows to all three. "Thank you again for the meeting. I'll let you know as soon as there's been a decision made by the League." And after a short walk to a corner alley outside the cafe, Supergirl streaks into the sky, heading to deliver her message to the Justice league.

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