Did You Send That Message

January 10, 2016:

The Titans, X-Red and possibly the JL:A go looking for the Waterpeople

New York


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Finding a certain Emissary to the Blue isn't all that difficult, really. Certain X-Folk know how to contact her and messages have been passed. A meeting place of an island outside of New York set.

On Ulani's part, she's sent a request to Queen Mera. An 'unofficial' request for the Sea Queen to join her - whilst the Blue Government gives the Envoy certain leeway, they've made it clear that she's not to engage on any political level with Atlanteans - or the Surfacers for that matter.

Ulani is waiting, on the beach, dressed as a Blue, eschewing her surface clothes for the more traditional clothing of her kind. In her hand is a mesh bag filled with sea delicacies - black urchins, anenomes and the like. Something she knows Mera, likes.

Mera arrives a few moments after Ulani does, wearing her Atlantean finery — which just means she's wearing armor sleek and form fitting enough to resemble the scales on a fish. Oh, and the hairpiece. Today's is gold with deep green emerald set in the middle. Her entourage of three Tide warriors wait in the waters, out of sight unless needed.

"Ulani, well met."

New York based people are offered a ride to the meeting place, since it's inconveniently located for mass transit; Mike Drakos has a submarine, clearly a submarine despite that it's flying, because it's got the conning tower and periscope and finds and such. It's also yellow and a selection of Beatles tunes is playing softly onboard during the trip.

It doesn't so much land as hover, and a door opens in the side which wasn't there before to let people go out to greet the people from the larger 3/4 of the planetary biosphere.

Captain likes the beach. What he does not like is submarines. Rain will probably go with Mike if he offers a ride. But then, memories of being trapped with Namor flood back and she is likely a very quiet passenger. Even if the Beatles music makes her giggle. "Thank you."

Vorpal emerges, wearing a rather fetching Captain's uniform… even though it's not the kind of thing an actual Submarine captain would wear. Nevertheless, it is showy, therefore it is right for Vorpal.

"Ahoy, landlubbers!" Vorpal says, stepping down after Captain and Rain, "The Titans have arrived!"

This is what we call representing the team.

In addition to her normal duties with the League, Supergirl also makes sure to have time for her other friends and allies. So, having been informed of a meeting that some Titans would be attending, Kara joins them as a bit of back-up. And also to observe for the League. Rather than using the flying sub, Supergirl arrives under her own flight power at the specified island at the meeting time. Supergirl lands gracefully, quickly brushing her hair to make it presentable. The blonde Kryptonian does a quick bow to Mera, saying, "Greetings, Your Highness," before moving over towards the Titans that are there.

"Well met, Your Majesty." Ulani bows slightly to the Sea Queen. A politeness more than a requirement. The Blue and The Atlanteans are separate nations, and relations between the Governments have been strained. The relationship, perhaps friendship, between Ulani and Mera, may not necessarily reflect the way certain people in their Governments think.

"I take it you got my report on the encounter just off the Hawai'ian islands?" The gash on her thigh obvious, although mostly healed. "I'm sorry I could not deliver it in person. The medics insisted I heal…"

As the heroes arrive, Ulani turns to them. "A Chees-Vorp-Keith" Yes, she's still not quite sure what to call him. "Rain, is it not." the question leveled to the Lavender-eyed witch. The other two get a hand offered "I am Ulani. Envoy to The Blue. This is Queen Mera. You requested to see me?"

In Mera's mind, all three names simultaneously are suitable for the purple-furred catperson. His mind is certainly equally crowded. In rather notable contrast to Ulani, her armor/attire covers her from neck to ankles, leaving only her arms bare from shoulders to where the arm guards start below her elbows.

She nods in reply to Kara's polite bow and greeting and looks at the others calmly. She already knows — because Arthur told her — that most Surfacers would either not recognize Atlantean royalty, or not know the correct forms of address and such. She lumps that into the same category of bizarre behavior as the frequent inability to swim and 'selfies'. Whatever those are. Sound like a form of sea slug.

"Your Majesty," Mike says to Mera, stepping out of the submarine. Today, he's not bothering with 'human' too hard, instead wearing a visibly robotic, gold-skinned humanoid chassis, the blue-black and red X-Red uniform in place. Or that's the paint job. Hard to tell sometimes.

"Ulani. That was your message, the sounds of battle? We've been asked to unofficially discover what's happening, since several surface governments are sending investigators."

Rain likes Mera and the blue. They saved her bacon from Namor. And yes, Rain still has the speedo and clamshell bikini. She bows. "Salutations." She can swim. Thankfully. But the witch is well mannered. She likes sea critters. "It is an honor to see you both." Captain pauses. He decides to be quiet and not mention his craving for sea food. Rain is duly bundled up.

"Kara! It's been ages, so good to see you!" The cheshire would hug Kara, but he feels self-conscious in the presence of Mera. He hasn't forgotten the outburst he had last time… but there are other things that need to be discussed.

"Yes, what Mike2D2 said… we're a bit puzzled and concerned about that. Any illumination you can throw our way- outside of a pilotfish- would be greatly appreciated, Ula."

Kara smiles at Vorpal's enthusiastic greeting and smiles at him. "It has indeed been too long," she says with a nod and a look that tells Vorpal 'you owe me a hug later'. Rain is also given a smile and a nod. "Good to see you too, Rain." Turning back to the matter at hand Supergirl gets a bit more serious. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Ulani. I am Supergirl; Kara to my friends. Although I was invited here by the Titans, I am a member of the Justice League and am also here to observe and report back to the League. Hopefully, a combined effort with everyone can help stop whatever threat is arising." Okay, so she hasn't exactly been briefed yet on what exactly is so urgent. But regardless, Kara is always open to help, no matter the magnitude of the threat.

"Well met, Supergirl… " Ulani gives Mera a speaking look. The Justice League, interesting. As Mike asks the question, for just a moment, Ulani looks a little confused and then a look of realization and resignation comes over her face. "We suspected the Surface would have detected that." The concern she exhibits is palpable "Tell me what has been heard and … investigators? In my world that would mean Military." Or the Elite Blue, but the less said about them the better.

As they speak, there's an inaudible 'thrumming' in the Ocean, something moving towards the island fairly quickly. Mera might sense it, or perhaps that escort that she and Ulani have will report it to the Sea Queen.

Mera feels the thrumming at the same moment that the Tide escort report it, appearing out of the water but not facing toward the Surfacers. Rather, they have put themselves between Mera and Ulani and … whatever is making that thrumming. "All of you Surfacers, get to safety." She turns toward the ocean as well, looking almost immediately ready to get into a fight.

Rowan had known of this meeting and had - honest - been planning to attend. But as he'd approached he'd spotted…

Well let's just say he'd spotted something else. If the subtle thrum of power hadn't been enough of an indication that something is a little wrong the group is rather abruptly and unceremoniously buzzed by a fifty foot winged lizard flying mere feet off the sand, kicking up a great cloud of the same in his wake. Said lizard quickly shoots over the water in a big hurry with a roar that could be either a challenge or an alarm. Or both.

"In our world that would also mean Military," Mike says. "Fortunately, one of our military guys doesn't want to see any kind of repeat of the recent unpleasantness. We heard enough to learn that the Blue, and the word 'Elite' might have been used, drove back a 'Lord of the Deep' towards the Marianas Trench. Don't know what you call it, it's the deepest crevice."

The thrumming sensation … Mike's sensors indicate that it's something coming this way. Mera's protective directions cause Mike to smile, then that dragon fellow he's seen around is roaring overhead.

"Anyone who needs to, get to the submarine. The dragon may drip on you otherwise."

Rain blinks. She doesn't seem aware of the thing until later than the others. She looks between them. "Um. I may be kind of useful, but I can heal people from cover." She feels a bit awkward about it. And then suddenly, sand and water EVERYWHERE. "OH GOD. IT'S WORSE THAN MY LITTERBOX," Captain wails. Rain winces, trying to shake sand out of - everywheres.
"I see." She will take some cover so she's not a liability for the others.

"Rain, keep those spells ready. By the shining of our scaly friend's fins, something wicked this way comes."

Vorpal hasn't seen Rowan in a while, either. It's definitely good to see him again. Especially if something nasty was coming their way. "I'll be fine, Mike. I actually don't mind swimming…. Kara, what do you say we take a look Under The Sea (down where it's wetter) to see what this is all about?" A purple, glowing diving suit appears around Vorpal.

Okay, Kara was really meaning to read the briefing. Right after the hurricane in the Philippines. Then there was the landslide in China. The bank robbery in Berlin. And Lisbon. And New York. And Metropolis…By the time the Girl of Steel had a chance to read the report, she had only a few seconds to get to the meeting point on time. So it's sort of a mixed blessing that the monster thing is appearing and distracting from her unpreparedness. As to Mera's command to get to safety, Kara is more used to providing the safety for others. As Vorpal tosses out the plan to Kara, she flies around and picks him up, grabbing the purple shifter under the armpits. With a smile, she hums out 'do-do-do-doo-doo-de-do-do dooo…', ehn dives into the water to take Vorpal on the recon mission. With her Kryptonian physiology, Kara can hold her breath for hours, so a deep breath before plunging into the water should be more than enough as she 'flies' underwater with Vorpal towards the source of the disturbance.

From Rowans vantage, he'll see the 'shadow'… a giant tentacle, something very familiar to the Waterfolk, speeding its way to the beach.

It doesn't take long for it to make landfall, moving up the beach towards Ulani and Mera.

Something is launched skywards at Rowan - a rather large spine made of coral.

As Kara and Vorpal dive, they'll be confronted by just how /big/ this thing is. It goes on for miles and miles … it's thousands of miles long and hundreds of yards wide with a number of smaller tentacles coming off it. These tentacles reach for the Kryptonian, trying to pull her into it… What's that Vorpal and she can see, clutched in some of them? Is that … people … or perhaps Waterpeople … held fast?

Those extra tentacles? For the part that has made landfall - they slap out at those left of the beach, seeking to disable and grab.

Almost snarling as she does so, Mera commands the Atlantean escort and they wade into the fray almost literally. And they fight viciously. For her part, Mera reaches toward the ocean and safely past the Tide but not quite as far out as Kara and Vorpal, thin but incredibly sharp spikes made from solidified water spear up and into the tentacle. The hope is that she can perforate it enough to sever off the end of it. If not, they're all in serious trouble.

Rowan squawks in alarm and veers off to the left sharply, climbing and slowing as he does. The spine - easily the size of a car - grazes his right wing, narrowly missing holing it. "REACHER!" He roars, if there was any more doubt. The Lord of the Deep is here.

How it had gotten this close to land he's not sure. The reachers seem to appear and vanish at speeds that indicate something more than travel through the seas. They'd take weeks to relocate otherwise. What Rowan is sure of is that the distraction of the Eighth Blue fleet probably let this thing slip by with less resistance than usual.

The dragon-blue circles back toward the beach and dives on the tentacle from on high, painting the beach with a brush made of fire, leaving scorched flesh and glass in his wake. Did he burn it? Yeah. But this thing is huge. It's gonna take more than that.

Mike stands still for a moment, trying to figure out what he's seeing. That is … not possible. That's too big. Anything actually that size would be causing tsunami waves, simply because of the volume it displaced, right? It has to mass in the teratons. But rearing up, it wasn't preceded by a huge tidal surge. Therefore, it's got to be magic.

soundtrack: Woa-oh-oh, it's MAGIC! You kno-oooww! Never believe it's not so!


Sorry, number one.

"We need something a LOT bigger than … my fifty foot tall mecha is too small."

Mike isn't quite panicking. But he's not sure that any of his techno-magic can cope with something like this, and regular technology?

"Ulani, how did they drive it off?"

He has an idea, but it may take him a few minutes to get things ready.

Oh dear. Rain is SO out of her league. But she is watching from the safety of a bit of cover. Captain is hiding in Rain's coat. The two have eyes as wide as dinner plates. To go after the dragon would be like Snoop Dogg's grandma trying to take on Bane. It would not end well. Not at all.

So Rain is going to try to help the poor metal man. She takes a deep breath, and begins concentrating. Mike will feel himself enhanced, becoming more powerful and faster. Certainly more durable.

Tentacles. Tentacles coming for him. And Kara. This must be Lunair's vengeance, Vorpal thinks. As long as Kara doesn't dive TOO deep, he should be fine… but if she needs to, he can always Rabbit Hole out. Not being able to say anything underwater, the cheshire cat projects a glowing, purple arrow pointing Kara towards the incoming tentacle with the text "WATCH OUT!"

Not that Kara needed the reminder, but she still appreciates the heads up from Vorpal. She's still holding on to the purple shifter as she dodges and weaves to avoid the incoming tentacles. Kara has an aversion to harming living things, but right now, there are innocents that are in peril that takes priority in her mind. As she continues swimming, ready to let Vorpal go at any time, Supergirl sends out blasts of her heat vision at the tentacles holding the struggling figures. If zaps of the heat vision don't encourage the tentacles to let go, she switches to actually trying to sever them with the red beams shooting from her eyes that are strong enough to cut through a tank.

Mera's solidified water spikes pierce the tentacles skin, obviously causing it pain but it doesn't slow and seems to become more … if that's possible … vicious in its attacks.

The two trio of Tide - Mera's and Ulani's - wade into the fray (all underwater of course). Blades flashing as they hack and slash at it, trying to avoid being trapped and still dismembering the 'child' tentacles … They're aim is clear - keep their monarch and the Blue Envoy safe - Arthur's orders are never taken lightly.

Rowans pass certainly burns some of the exposed tentacle, sand turning to glass beneath it … but that doesn't stop it from coming up the beach … edging its way to the Water People.

"We just hurt it enough to get it to retreat." Ulani casts a look at Mike as she touches the coral pendant at her neck. In an instant, she's covered head to foot in sleek coral armour. "We've never been able to beat one of these." Yes, she just said one of these. Raising her hands, beams of energy fire from the slave bracelets she wears … hitting one of the Reacher's smaller tentacles that is getting a little too close for comfort. She won't leave Mera's side.

Kara's attempts cause some of the tentacles to retract - but they don't let go of their treasure … As she reverts to the red beams, one or two smaller tentacles fall away….

They've done this too many times before. Mera is getting tired of repeating the same actions over and over and hoping they'll end with a different result. So she changes tactics. The spikes disappear back into the ocean and she grimaces as she concentrates. She's trying to dessicate the giant tentacle. Let's see how well that works.

There's magic in the air! Also, in his circuits and superstructure, and it's even feeding into his ghost. Which is certainly helpful to Mike Drakos, because the increased efficiency in his computer brain would outstrip his ability to inhabit it, otherwise. Certainly it's boosted his mutant power, which doesn't have nearly so much stuff in the way here as it does in the middle of the city.

There are three sunken ships and a rather large number of mines right there in the water not twenty miles away. One of them begins to move, vibrating itself free of the encrustation of coral and spitting out a colony of ghost crabs. The metal and hardware move, and it shifts, in the underwater distance.

With no processing dedicated to looking "normal" at all, Mike — Metal — stops looking human much and a defensive force-field wall manifests between himself, the Atlantean and the Blue, and the Groper. It's mostly that he isn't moving and he's glowing slightly. Not nearly as action-y as one would expect from a superhero.

Rowan doesn't dare land. The last time he got too close to one of these things he was laid up for days. So instead he spins in the air and focuses on the place where the sand meets the sea. That place he flames again and again and again. He's under no illusions about his ability to sever the main trunk solo, but he hopes at as the burn gets deeper and deeper the damage will compel the beast to break off its attack before it proceeds deeper into the city… or risk one of the other heroes having a much better shot at some very, very deep wounds.

Rain is keeping in cover. She's reinforcing Mike. There's a steady flow of energy and magic for him to use and draw on. She is mostly focusing on staying safe, and keeping Captain safe alongside Mike.

Vorpal taps Kara's arm and writes in purple script before her eyes:

You might need BOTH hands to fight this.

Yes, he's telling her to let him go, like in Frozen, because this looked like a job for Supergirl, and he'd be in the way for the time being.

Kara's been using her Kryptonian senses to the fullest, first using X-ray vision to see if there's any weak points in the thing. But it's like a gargantuan invertebrate worm of starfish arm. Nothing to really exploit there. But looking down the length of the thing…possibilities atart to emerge. And Vorpal's tap out couldn't have come at a better time. Giving him a thumbs up, Kara lets Vorpal go, then shoots off through the water. As she races along the length of the Reacher, Kara starts to angle towards the massive rock shelves that flank the creature. Using her superhuman strength, Supergirl plows through the solid stone, weaving back and forth to dump hundreds, then thousands of tons onto the top of the Reacher. Again and again, the Girl of Steel keeps knocking down massive amounts of rocks onto the giant tentacle in an attempt to immobilize it. Of course, she's also careful to not drop the rocks in areas where there are captives.

Mera's, Rowan's and Kara's attack seem to be having some effect. The Reacher's forward motion is arrested and it looks like it's trying to fall back.

Trapped momentarily by Kara's rockfall, the tentacle heaves and flails before sending rock flying through the water … Kara and Vorpal may notice that a couple of the tentacles holding captives have been detached. If they hurry, they might be able to save those held there.

On the beach, the end of the tentacle batters against Mikes force-barrier - held at bay for the moment …. until it is drawn back, slowly down the beach …

Mera takes advantage of the weak point that Rowan has started creating with his blasts of fire, focusing on removing water from that specific part of the tentacle. If she can hear the minds of those captives that are held in detached mini-tentacles, she'll mentally command one or two of her Tide to go after them and try to get them to safety.

Now it's time to get aquatic. As others take on delaying, confounding and otherwise irritating the tentacle the red-black dragon's scales turn blue, his form elongates and gains webbed hands, fins and a tail and he dives into the water. The now Water-aspected dragon rakes the mini tentacles nearest him with blasts of sound powerful enough to boil the water near him. Which also make an almighty thrum that gets to anyone who happens to be underwater with him. Er, sorry. Hey, at least it seems to be pulling back.

In the ocean: The shipwreck comes apart into metal and bits of tech, and spins out into a web, with devices at node points. It turns through the water, scanning the monstrosity, trying to get a picture of what it's like inside. Whether it has a brain, what kind of energies move through it. Metal has that information, as much as he can get in the time he's got…

On the Island: "It's an appendage. It's got no nervous system, no bones, few organs. There are some energies I can't describe, I've seen something similar but … OK, it needs to get a big ouchie?" The robot glances to the sky.

In space: Mike has some "storage depots" of metals and tech-components in orbit, for when he needs to do things out there. From three of them, three-foot long rods of metal, six inches across, rotate into position and eject at high speed, trajectories guided by Metal's power and boosted by energy drivers to insane speeds. They're osmium, titanium, and tungsten with a carbon-diamond shield in front so they don't melt; they each carry a tremendous kinetic load when they arc down the sky and strike along the length of the main tentacle body. Not exactly the "god rod" of lore, but certainly demigod-stick-poking. Creature's huge, right? Thousands of miles long, this tentacle is just one of it's 'hands' so to speak, it should be easy enough to hit… preferably a bit further out where it's not going to do bad things to those fighting it. A sharp 'do not go there' sort of slap.

Back on earth: Hmm … the ShipSensor shows that Kara is doing the same sort of thing. Great minds.

"Watch out, Supergirl. Incoming missiles along its midline."

Mike fully expects her to hear him. Kryptonian senses, right?

Rain is just going to keep focused, and blessing the metal fellow. Captain is cuddled into her jacket.

Vorpal is quickly running out of stored air, but he knows what to do when he sees the people being released by the tentacles…

It's Rabbit Hole Time!

The handy portals open up to intercept the captives, leading them to land- somewhere not too far from Rain for her to heal them before they are sent back on their watery way.

Now the question is, can he swim his way back up? Let's find out!

So far, things seem to be going along swimmingly. With impeding the movement of the appendage, Supergirl starts to think of her next move. Vorpal popping all the captives out to safety makes her choice easier. Hearing his struggle with her superhuman hearing, Kara swim/flies over to Vorpal and picks him back up. In a few moments, they're both back above the surface of the water. Just in time as a series of mass-driven three foot rods streak into the water. Landing with Vorpal on the beach, wet hair clinging to her face, Supergirl pauses a bit to see the results of the orbital attack and see what other measures need to be taken.

The Reacher is retreating, but something that big takes a while to move. The three foot rods sent from the heavens hit the water, some penetrating the main trunk of the tentacle in several places and severing a number of the smaller ones. One pierces nearer the beach and a wave of magic, on par with a minor old god, is released … rushing towards Vorpal and Kara…

But what's clear to the heroes at this point, is the Reacher is on the run, well very slow retreat, it's attack vanquished … at least for the moment.

Ulani looks for Rowan and then to Mera, "Are you unharmed, Your Majesty?" and then to the rest of the heroes. "And the rest of you? That … was very impressive."

There's a niggling question at the back of her head - why had The Reacher attacked here and now?

Mera seems content to let the tentacle start to recede, though she IS still telepathically coordinating the Tide to try and rescue as many captured individuals from the tentacles as they can, knowing it's like a mostly futile effort. But they still have to try. At the wave of magical energy washing up at them, all she can really do is put up a wall of water against it, and there's no telling that that was any deterrent at all. "Don't bother with me, Emissary, there are still Atlanteans and Blue held in this beast's clutches. She means right here, right now.

Another thrum underwater rakes the side of the tentacle… this thing is really massive. It's more like fighting a building. A big, big mobile building. And the thing is definitely picking up speed. The dragon-blue knows from experience that it'll retreat into the depths of ocean into some kind of supernatural blackness and then… well he's never been able to follow it past that point…

At this point he breaks off the attack and begins to swim back toward shore. Following it further here risks and ambush. He hasn't forgotten the time it released defenders.

"That can't be good," Vorpal mutters, dismissing his dive suit just in time to see the apocalyptic wave of magic heading their direction.

He could try and see if a Chaos Wave would short it out… but is he willing to put that much faith in chaos magic versus the antediluvian might of some fell beast?

Hell, no.

Without warning, he opens a Rabbit Hole under himself and Kara, with the drop-off being three miles up in the air. The idea is that both he and Kara can fall through, out of the reach of the wave up in the air….

And, he hopes, at that point Kara can grab him so he doesn't keep falling all the way. It's a plan, right?

Sensors show a burst of metapsychic energy rushing towards Vorpal and Kara. (How do you detect it before it hits? Entangled photons, primarily.)

"Kara, get out of there. Magical shock wave coming from below and to your right," Mike says, and then there's a discontinuity in space-time … those things really hurt to look at by the way … and maybe they'll get out of it ok? If he (Vorpal) closes the rabbit hole before it hits.

Then Mera says that there are people still trapped, but Mike cannot feel anything sufficiently crafted by human will and technology that he can use it to reach them. Instead he notes that the energy burst will hit their location, attenuated and diffused, and reconfigures his force shield defense to ground what it can, absorb what it can, and reflect what it can. The shield glows with a series of arcane patterns, written in directly to the projector. (Warning. Shield dissolution in …)

There's a lot of thoughts going through Kara's mind. Magic wave incoming, tentacle retreating, people still trapped by the tentacle… And then, poof, she's up in the air with Vorpal. Falling. Fortunaely, she doesn't really focus on the whys and hows of the situation; she just calmly flies down and grabs Vorpal, bringing them both safely down to the ground again, with no magic wave to harm them now. She pants a bit, actually feeling the exertion of the fight and looks around at the assembled group. "So…would someone mind explaining what in Rao's name that was?"

Vorpal, once Kara sets him down, sits down on the sand, rubbing his forehead. All of that construct exertion plus the rabbit holes… he's going to need to sit for a bit and recoup. "I don't know… but when someone explains it to you, can you wake me up from my nap and tell me? I need to lie down…"

And he does lie down. On the sand. Cleanup? That's for other people…

"It's gone, Your Majesty." Ulani murmurs to Mera. She knows there are still captives there, but there are also ones on the beach that need seeing to.

On closer examination it will seem that they are a mix of races - waterpeople and human - and all being mutated.

As Rowan returns to the beach, Ulani looks to those gathered "That was a Reacher from The Lord Of The Deep. The battle you heard, that your military is investigating, was against his minions … and we nearly lost."

With a glance to Rowan and Mera, they can add to the explanation, Ulani adds to the Blue Warrior. "I think we have just seen how the Surfacer may help us…"

Mera takes a deep breath and visibly forces herself to calm before she steps toward the people they were able to rescue, that the violet-eyed woman is already tending to as best she can.

"Would you each be willing to assist us? This… being has been attacking our settlements for seasons now. Ulani's people have lost more than Atlantis has, I would wager, and it's clearly getting bolder."

As she listens to Ulani and Queen Mera, Kara bites her lip nervously. "I'll go straight to the League with this information and what I've seen," she says, still staring out into the distance over the ocean. "And there are some other allies that I can talk with. Mages who might know more about this thing." After all, it did use a massive wave of magic in defense. Supergirl quickly checks on the rescued victims, making sure they're being cared for before lifting off again. "This is definitely something that threatens the whole world, and we should get as many heroes to help out as possible." Rao help her, that thing was so massive, she's even considering going to Luthor to get help. But she keeps those thoughts to herself and she bows to both Mera and Ulani before flying off with a zooom, back towards the mainland.

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