Stealing Daybreak

January 09, 2016:

Beverly Sunderland holds a charity event to help disadvantage mutants and she meets those that support her and those that wish to make her.. disappear.

Midtown Manhattan - West Side

Midtown Center is the site of one of the most famous commercial districts
in the US. This, right here, is the reason they say the city never sleeps.
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Baxter Building, the Daily Bugle and St. Patrick's Cathedral.


NPCs: Meme, Various Institute Students

Mentions: Jean Grey

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Fade In…

Beverly Sunderland, child star, prodigy, and mutant has been hard at work on a new CD series. High Note Records, a music store on the Upper West Side, is hosting a charity CD signing for the young woman, with donations for the M-Town Boys and Girls Club. Set in the lobby of the record store, a large table has been set along with a few balloons, refreshments, and even a standee of Beverly set off to the side. A small doggy bed has been set up to accommodate for her 'Boys', while a couple of extra rent-a-cops are keeping watching on the young woman before she comes out to set up.

Anxious fans, mostly teenagers are waiting in line, clutching copies of her CD or box sets of the 'Megagirl' series, eager to get the autograph from Beverly. In the line himself is one Scott Summers, who got roped into chaperoning a few children from the Institute, his ruby lenses keeping watch over a group of four mutants, one boy and three girls, who are eagerly in line and debating over who would win in a fight between Captain America and Captain Britain.

Bev is as bright and shiny as ever — not literally, since her natural glow really can't be seen in the bright room, but she's smiling, chatty, happy to talk to her fans. She signs whatever they've brought with them, along with whatever they've purchased (the Christmas CD is a bit out of season, but they're selling like hotcakes all the same); she takes pictures with them; she lets the younger ones pet her dogs (not many of the older ones are that interested, unless they're serious dog people). Hercules and Sebastian, of course, are on their best behavior.

As the group from the Institute approach, she overhears their conversation and grins. "I think the better question," she says, a twinkle in her eye, "is which of them would kick the Red Skull's butt first. Who wants a picture?"

Apparently folks from the older crowd also enjoy Beverly singing. Towering above many of the heads was a large brutish looking man, who was quite obviously a mutant. He was wearing just a plain black t-shirt and dark jeans with some boots. People gave him space due to the fact he seemed to be talking to himself, and as two different people as well. "Why are we here again?" he says before answering himself with a heavy German accent "To git vee CD signed! If live here, vii nit join in and enjoy vee zightz!" he exclaims with a laugh before rolling his eyes as if annoyed with himself "Can you act your age" in which he responds "Like how do sie know vat age mah kind acts? Sie were nit even raised here!" But his odd looks and behavior aside, he was 'behaving' as he waits for his own autograph

Cindy Moon groans, twirling a pen along her fingers with one hand as she clutched a notepad with the other. She may well have gotten that promotion at the fact channel, but she wasn't entirely aware that /this/ is what she would get out of it, taking lead on some fluff piece on /another/ super-something. Honestly, it was kind of ironic, but she wasn't going to be too vocal about that, oh no, she was just going to be over here on this side of the far too loud crowd, wondering just how many adjectives she would be able to cram into her article as her eyes lazily drifted over Bev… Maybe make it a top ten? Kids loved lists, didn't they?

Cindy was dressed quite sharply herself, the young woman dressed in a crimson peacoat, bright orange scarf, black leggings and a medium pleated skirt, she really looked the part of the snazzy reporter here on the sidelines. Now, if only the venue was a 'chique' as her updone hair, or the red ribbon she's tied up into it.

"Oh my gosh," one of the Institute children, a young girl that has a hood pulled over her head because her skin is transparent and she doesn't want anyone to be freaked out by it. "Didn't they both fight Red Skull?" she asks as she looks to the others.

"I don't know, our history teacher doesn't talk about the epic battles of history.." the boy says, as he holds out his CD, his hands are webbed and instead of fingernails, he has small claws. He glances back towards Scott and he gives a grin.

Scott for his part, clears his throat, adjusting his glasses on his nose. "Because if we focused on the battles, I would never have time to teach any of you the proper history of the nation." he says with a small smirk. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Sunderland." he offers. "If you would not mind a picture?" he echoes her question as the kids are already gathering around for Scott to take a picture.

Besides the transparent skin and the webbed hands, another young girl, when she blushes, gets a hint of flame around her features. And the last girl giggles, her veins a bright blue and flashing like circuitry. "I already posted on Foursquare!" she beams brightly. "We have likes, and this picture is totally going on Instagram!" A little flash of her circuits, as if she's directly connected to the Internet from where she stands.

"To answer the question, yes, they fought together to defeat Red Skull, and separately. I believe that Captain America currently holds the slight edge, however." Scott grins towards Beverly as he holds up the camera-phone to take a picture, and then he shepherds the kids off so they can do some post Christmas shopping.

Before the German or Cindy get to the front of the line, a very large man makes his way to Beverly's table. "I don't want your autograph." he says with a low rumble as he reaches out to grab the young woman. "I want you!"

While he's making his grab, one of the guards notices the attempt and steps in before Beverly can be grabbed. The guard's arm.. is absorbed into the large man, as Meme steps back, grabbing the guard and lifts him off the ground as his mass expands and shifts, ripping the cloth from his chest as the poor guard becomes part of Meme's bulk, his arms and legs sticking out of the side of the large mutant. "Rargh!" he yells, causing most of the crowd to scream in terror and start to scatter.

"Please, call me Bev," the young woman tells Scott as she rises from her seat and moves to usher the students into position so she can put her arms around all four of them at once. "Miss Sunderland sounds so formal." She waves goodbye to the kids as Scott takes them off, then turns to take in the large figure that's grabbing for her.

Now, Bev's a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. A kidnapping attempt in the middle of a crowded mall? Not very bright, in general, unless one has the power to pull it off. In an instant she's not there, halfway across the room and behind the man, but turning back toward him as she hears the pained cry of the guard. "What is it with guys these days?" she asks. "Buy a girl dinner first!" With this said, she starts pushing back toward Meme, against the flow of the crowd. She's not letting him have the guard if she can help it!

Kadaro cants his head "Is New York City always like this?" he asks to seemingly no one. "Vell… errr…. hard tae say. Bit Ah am goink ta go wif no." he nods "Thought so" He than begins quickly making his way towards Meme and the guard to lend a hand "Guess time we've be kicking vee buttz!" rolling his eyes "Touching him probably a bad idea we know" right… well half of him wasn't the smartest, but either way he was quickly approaching the front where the guards and Meme was.

Cindy Moon tilted her nose down, brow furrowing as she jotted down a scraggled line in her notepad. So many teenagers, she wasn't even sure how she was supposed to work this into a story! Maybe something cute with the dogs? Maybe… Maybe… And then she feels a kick, that oh so very familiar little tingle down her spine that tells her something is just- well, not right! The young woman perks up considerably, turning from the crude drawing of a cat on her notebook as she begins to scan the crowd. Sadly, she only just catches the incredibly obvious threat in the massive man when its far too late, the journalist cringing as a scream breaks out through the crowd. To say nothing of the sight!

And, double crap.

Some small voice in her head is cursing herself for not wearing her suit under her every day clothes, or like- not taking constant note of where the closest phone booths may well be. But none the less, she's moving towards the epicenter of the panic, pulling up the edge of her scarf to cover her mouth, only for her senses to tingle once more as she takes a half step and shoots a look to her right… At the mutant talking to himself… She couldn't put a finger on it… But she had a very, very ill feeling.

"Children, just as we practice at the Institute." Scott says as he he's already reaching into his pocket to take out his phone. "Kevin, I need you to lead the girls to the fire exit, once you're in the alley, head to the front of the store and wait for me at the nearest police officer. I see Miss Sunderland, but I want to make sure everyone else is out of the store first, okay?"

Kevin nods, and starts to lead the girls away. However, when he gets to the backdoor, the brave twelve year old turns to the girls. "I'm going to help Mister Summers!"

"Nuh uh, you want to help Miss Sunderland!" one of the girls pipes up.

"Kevin's got a cruuuuush."

"Do not!" Kevin protests, his cheeks flaring bright red.

"Totally do…"

"Shut up and go!" Kevin says, pushing one of the girls, the circuit-skinned one out of the door before he turns around. Kevin runs forward, and morphs from a human child into a five foot long Kimono dragon. He slithers through the store and leaps at Meme, biting down hard on his leg, trying to poison the large man.

Meme looks down at the lizard creature and growls, using his newfound appendages to grab it and lift it. Kevin gives a surprised and fearful hiss of terror, changing back into his human form before he too is absorbed.

Meme changes with the new absorption, gaining scales, a tail, and his teeth become sharp, pointed, and dripping poison as well as he adapts Kevin's powers to himself. And he laughs as he sees Bev coming at him. He leaps, looking to catch the woman off-guard before she can blink away again as he lands and crushes a rack of records, sending CDs and wood splintering about the area.

This time Bev doesn't port away. Instead, for an instant, she's blazing light, her face and hands shining seemingly as bright as the sun — and right in the face of her attacker. No heat, but blinding light. The kid. The kid is the priority, she tells herself, mentally apologizing to the guard. The boy is only twelve. And yeah, she gets the sense of puppy love there, too. Little boys get that way. So, hoping she's blinded Meme, if only for the moment, she tries to grab Kevin away from him.

Well crap, a kids being absorbed. The suddenly bright blinding light is disorienting to say the least, but at least it wasn't flashing light. Kadaro HATES that with a passion. But he has gone silent once they get close to Bev and Meme. Not the smartest person on the block he tries to grab Meme by the tail at the same time Bev tries to grab the kid, thinking he could perhaps help split things up. And who knows… maybe Meme doesn't absorb aliens? None the less he doesn't seem to take any notice of Moon quite yet, and at least the other children were for now gone!

Cindy Moon glances away from the creepy-talking-to-himself man, finally at least somewhat concealing her identity behind the scarf. And there goes the kid, double crap, she's already making the mental notes to /not/ touch this thing, lest she end up like either of those two. Normally, she would be all about staying right the hell away, but she doesn't have a clear shot at the attacker from here right in the panic. But, well, that doesn't stop her from throwing out an arm, aiming to get a quick shot off on the meme (Like, the cat pictures?!).

Sadly, this is Cindy we're talking about, so she gets her shot off just in time to get flashed by Beverly's blinding elegance, poor Moon sending her line far off wide as her vision turns white. Who knows where that glob of silk webbing could end up.

Meme roars in anger as Bev's sudden burst of light blinds the large man. She's able to get her hands wrapped around Kevin's hands. The boy is staring at her in horror where he has been stuck and absorbed into Meme, and cries out for help. Bev is able to get a good grip, there's a sudden blast of red light that slams into Meme, slicing the skin back and allowing Meme to pull away the young boy. If Beverly is fast enough she'll see Scott quickly tucking his glasses back on his nose, bringing that flare of power back under control as she rips the child away.

Meme immediately loses the powers that he had gained from Kevin and then suddenly there's a new figure that's grabbed him. Meme roars as he draws in Kadaro and starts to try to absorb him. The alien within the young man immediately shows, coating Meme in the familiar symbiote coating as the symbiote howls it's disapproval at Kadaro's plan of action. And it actually forces Meme to expel everything from him, the guard, Kadaro and his symbiote, and the large man stumbles forth.

Fortunately for Meme, Bev's light blinded everyone else, and Silk's wide shot smacks into Bev and Kevin, binding the two of them together. Kevin just got kickstarted into puberty. Way to go, Cindy.

Meme uses the moment when everyone is disoriented and starts to run out of the store, smashing through the storefront glass and into the street beyond. Most people, having seen what happens when he grabs someone are trying to stay away from him, but he manages to grab a few spectators to grow his mass and extra legs to try to run faster.

Well, Bev thinks, this is awkward. She nonetheless gives Kevin a reassuring smile. "Alrighty. Let's try and get us out of here," she says, twisting as best she can within the webbing, trying to get some skin against the stuff so she can try to burn it away — at least enough to separate herself from the boy. Much as she'd like to take down Meme, it's not exactly a possibility at the moment.

It takes a moment for Kadaro to recover, well the human half of him. But the symbiotic half was well aware of what's going on. Standing up, he spots Meme running. But running out into after him was probably a bad idea, and 'suiting' up within the store was also probably a bad idea. But at least Kadaro alien half was intelligent enough to come up with another solution to hopefully give a hand. As such just staring towards Meme as if concentrating on a target, he attempt to actually trip up the fleeing Morlock via telekinesis. How well this works… well neither is the most experience telekinetic at their current power level.

Cindy Moon rubs her eyes, thankfully unaware that she just introduced a poor child to the wide wonderful world of S&M. She can hear the roaring, and the screaming, her silk-senses (she is nothing if not original) burning out as she fights the sensory overload, the superhero turned journalist turned superhero stumbling as she puts her hands on her knees and gasps. Maybe she should invest in awesome sunglasses like other heroes, because this really, really sucks. Like, really sucks. Why did trouble have to constantly follow her around like this?!

Finally her vision clears, poor (She's really the poorest in this situation!) Moon cringing as she gets an eyeful of the wonderful sight that is the Meme-man absorbing more people. "A-Witty one liner!" She shouts, her voice barely discernible above the din of chaos as she throws out her hand once more, aiming to throw out a glob of webbing around Meme's many feet. You know, unless Bev wants to flashbang her again.

Maybe Kadaro got lucky with his attempt at telekinesis, perhaps it was Cindy's webbing tangling him up, but several of Meme's legs are wrapped up and the Morlock is forced to expel the captives from his body, as he disappears into the sewers, dropping into a large Con-Ed opening to disappear after the failed attempt to kidnap Beverly Sunderland. Failure will not be met well when he makes it back to his fellow Morlocks.

Scott has managed to gather the girls, and realizing Kevin was missing, has come back into the store, only to find him and Beverly entangled. "…I am so sorry." he manages, though he can't quite hide the smirk off his face. "Kevin, I know you can free yourself."

"I know, I know.. but she's so pretty.." Kevin protests.

"Now." Scott says sternly, and Kevin sighs. "Yes'ir, Mister Summers." With that, he shifts size, becoming a small salamander that crawls out between the holes in Silk's webbing before climbing down Beverly's leg and skittering off to change back into his human form in private. Best day ever for him.

Scott frowns a little. "I'm not sure how to remove this stuff.." he admits. "Maybe if we got it really cold, we could shatter it?"

Smiling wryly, Bev shakes her head. "I can just hobble over to the Gap and burn it off," she says. "Don't worry about it. And thank you for the assist." She saw him clearly enough. She knows to whom she's talking. Slowly she twists so she can get her feet under her, then manages to get herself into a standing position. "You'd think he'd approve of the Boys' and Girls' Club of M-Town," she adds. "Some people are never happy."

"Vell, we nit goink efter him" Kadaro says and nods "We said it" before he looks over to Scott and Bev. They seemed to be okay and looking outside, it looked like those who were spat out more or less would be fine. He than looks to Cindy Moon and asks her, not knowing she had a bad feeling about him "Are sie okay Mam?"

Cindy Moon blinks slowly, a confused expression coming across her face as she watches the Merloc climb into the sewers. Normally, she wasn't about letting the bad guy escape. But well, she's already fought a hydra-bot in the sewers before and she's not exactly in the mood for another tangle in the sewage. She had to admit that it never ceased to be surprising how tidily these things would wrap up, but she can't complain too hard a she sighs and rests a hand on her hip. Alright, at least she had something to bring to the fact channel.

"U-Uhm?" She starts, blinking several times at Kadaro, her senses kicking back into action as she coughs. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks, just a little dazed." She replies, waving a hand as she readjusts her scarf to make sure its covering her face. "If you wouldn't mind, I should be able to help those two." She remarks, gesturing towards Scott and Bev. She wouldn't waste any time making her way over there, the black haired woman nimbly weaving silk around her fingers, forming little claws as she clears her throat. "Sticky situation huh?" She asks bashfully, the cherry red tint of her cheeks only half concealed by her scarf.

"Maybe he was your biggest fan and just wanted to take you to dinner." Scott offers a small smirk, though he shakes his head. As far as he's concerned, she saw nothing. He's just a teacher at an Institute that caters to mutants. And he knows of her already. Offering up a grin, Scott reaches into his wallet and pulls out a small card. It's not his, it's for Doctor Jean Grey, Director of Student Affairs. And a phone number.

"Call us sometime." he says with a slight smile as Kevin comes over to rejoin the girls. "I'm sure Kevin would love to see you again, but perhaps we can talk." he offers a short nod of his head before he turns, herding the kids as he glances over where Kadaro and Cindy are. He missed their actions in the short battle, and they seem to be tending well enough to each other as not to interfere. "And I think, kids, we've had enough excitement for one day. We should get you back to school."

"Awww, Mister Summers!" comes multiple protests immediately.

"You said we were going to go see 'Star Wars'!" one of the girls protests.

"And Nintendo world! There's new Pokemon I want!"

"Alright, alright, Nintendo world. But we'll come see a movie another time." Scott relents, departing the area as he grins towards Cindy with a hint of chagrin. "If you could help her, I'd appreciate it." He has to go now. Herding twelve and thirteen year olds is not as easy as battling Magneto, after all.

Bev flashes Cindy a sunny smile. "It'd be very much appreciated," she replies. "Thank you." And somehow she manages to wiggle a hand free to take the card from Scott. "I'll give you guys a call. Thanks, Dr. Grey." She winks at the man. Clearly he is not Dr. Jean Grey. "Bye, kids," she calls toward Scott's students before giving Cindy her full attention. "Sorry if the light threw your aim off — I was trying to get him to drop the kid." Pause. "If it -wasn't- the light, you DO need to work on your aim," she adds.

Kadaro nods at Cindy, and than suddenly perks up at the mention of Nintendo World "Oh! Almist veregit about vat, vat pokemons hard ta git!" he exclaims before seeming annoyed "We're a few grown adult, and you want to waist time…. on a childrens video game" he shrugs "Hey, et passes vee time, we know vis" he shakes his head at himself as if saying no. He checks himself over, after all that Meme guy did try to incorporate him "Heh, that oddly felt familiar, but not in the good way" before looking to Be and CIndy and asking "Errr… ven sie are nit tied up… mabey ah git autagraf? Yez?" he asks seeming hopeful. A few observant eye may note his 'shirt' was self correcting some tears and scruffs… if they were observant

Cindy Moon shot a short wave towards the kids, though the gesture hangs awkwardly as she realizes that the kids aren't paying attention to her whatsoever. Which, well, they're going to get a perturbed stare from Silk! She's AT LEAST C-list at this point, but well, no suit so she guesses star wars does take precedence. To say nothing of the pokemon, though with how young they are? Well, she's starting to feel old. "Hey, hey, no apologies. Its /my/ web that you're tangled in." She points out, running a webbed claw up Bev's side, just shallow enough to cut web but not the girl's clothes. "And Pokemon are AWESOME." She suddenly declares, shooting a look at Kadaro. "But, you should know that talking to yourself is weird." She adds, just a little on edge, Kadaro is still worrying her.

"… I *could* web you back up if you want to see my aim."

"No, that's perfectly alright," says Bev. "I assumed it was my fault." She glances toward Kadaro. "That's a very interesting accent," she observes, now that she's free, and reaches out to accept whatever it is he wants to have signed. "Thank you for your help back there. To whom should I sign this?"

Kadaro seems very excited as he hands over a CD "Ahhh! We are callt Kadaro Wolf!" he declares "Und ahh yez. Ah be from Germany, only arrived few monfs ago" he says happily. But than he note the… edge Cindy has with him, and it's more the symbiote talking "Right, talking to ourselves is weird, but shooting out silk isn't? We would think we were a tad bit more normal than that" seeming defensive before it seem like a sudden switch off again "Ahhh, donnea mind us Mam. We kin jist be a bit crankie efter a rush like vat! And also we know pokemons awesome. Ah even still hauf mah pokemon yellowz!" The duality in his (their) nature is apparent. Though for all intents and purpose he, they, don't seem malicious.

Cindy Moon shoots Bev a wry grin right on back, her smile hidden behind that scarf as she pulls her hand back, stretching out her fingers a bit before she undoes the webbed claws with a flick of her fingers. "He's all yours." She hums to Bev, taking a step back as she stretches out her arms a little bit. And then she's staring at Kadaro, her brow furrowing as SHE'S called the weird one, well- rude! And well, she's more confused than offended at this point? Poor Cindy isn't exactly the most well briefed on the whole symbiote thing, so she's just going to keep staring at him oddly. "Eh… its fine." She'll play it off, waving her hand once more as she glances left and right. "Anything you two may need?" She asks, hands going to her pockets.

"My crowd back," Bev tells Cindy as she signs the CD — her pen, which she managed to keep through the brief battle, writes in metallic gold ink, and her name is written in sweeping, curly letters. 'To Kadaro Wolf, thanks for savin' my bacon! Beverly Sunderland'

"I don't think they're going to come back, though," she adds with some mild dismay as she returns the CD to its owner. "A shame. I'll have to give the M-Town Boys' Club a decent donation of my own." She caps the pen and tucks it away, glancing toward the clerks, the police who are showing up. "I'd best make a statement, I suppose. Thank you both for helping get rid of that guy."

"We are sure that there will be more donations than just yours" Kadaro says accepting the CD back with a smile, and admired the golden lettering, which match one of his eyes. He pocket the CD, of which his pocket dosn't actualy seem to change at all as he does so. Regardless he seem to be in thought "How, vee are proably goink ta haufta give a statemint az wellz" he says. So for now it seem he will be waiting around, but he does eye Cindy when he just staring at him like that "…we vink we vill be fine" why was she staring at him like that. Like she never seen a mutant before. At least that one of the many thoughts running through his mind.

Cindy Moon keeps sizing Kadaro up, only for her attention to be stolen for a scant moment. "Ah? Well, wish I could help with that." She remarks, tucking her own pen back behind an ear as she grins wryly. "But, well, I'm not exactly a crowd gatherer." She adds with a quick nod, fixing her scarf once more, which honestly looks kind of silly and speaks to the sudden impromptu portion of her appearance here. "The names Silk, I'm sure if you shout it really loud I'll come running." She hums to the two, giving poor Kadaro one more side long look as she turns about on a heel and makes for the entrance. At least the story is going to be interesting now…

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