Placing The Trackers

January 08, 2016:

Berto gets to meet Natalia and put trackers in place….


NPCs: Natalia Urtrechts



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Having left Brin to drive his car back to X-Red, Berto, along with May and Rain has stopped at the X-Red HQ's to pick up some tracking devices, before travelling to Natalia Urtrechts aparment - and picking up Sushi on the way.

Natalia's aparment is a relatively well appointed thing in the middle of New York.

Rain can work from a fair distance, but closer is easier. She blends in fairly well despite her height and eyes. And really, such a thing as contacts exist. She will be dressed in suitably ordinary clothing, carrying a couple of shopping bags as she does her best to be near the apartment when the woman leaves so she can bless her, and ward the apartment after the woman is gone. Captain is parked near the front of the apartment complex, getting pets and compliments. One guy even poses for a selfie with the cat in a trenchcoat.

All glory to thine feline overlords. Rain would at least like to get a visual on the woman to bless her suitably. Sympathetic magic is sort of a pain in the tookus.

Roberto hits the buzzer at the ground entrance to Natalia's walkup, a stack of disposable Bento-style boxes balanced on his other arm. He glances to each side, well aware that he is under surveillance at the moment, but impressed at how tough it is for even him to pick out his escorts. He imagines that this sort of duty is nothing new to May; surely SHIELD has resorted to similar subterfuges and worse while pursuing their goals. The others, though? He's not embarrassed about his role, but he momentarily hopes that Rain and Brinley won't think less of him.

May watches from across the street on a fire escape, and she has every intention of getting in closer to Urtrecht's aparment once Da Costa is inside. And he had DAMNED well better not drop that sushi. She watches as he waits at the buzzer, her eyes straying toward Captain the Unsubtle. Really? There's no way to LEAVE the trenchcoat behind? Just once?

"Took your time getting here." Natalia's voice filters through the intercom as the door unlatches and opens for Berto. "Come on up, I'm sure you remember you the way."

From her vantage, Rain will see the woman herself, stand at the window, looking out over the street. If the lavendar eyed witch is going to bless her, now would be the time to do it.

May should also have access to the X-Red comms systems and be able to tell when Berto gets those trackers in place.

Time to get lucky.

Blessings, that is. Rain is staying quiet and out of the way. It's not a form of enchantment she uses often, but it's good to flex magical muscles lest she get a flabby magic butt or something (that's a metaphorical description!). Asking and granting blessings, the woman will find herself unusually lucky. Things arrive on time. The weather is nice. Attacks miss. Bad luck is deflected. But then, blessings can be whacky that way, yes? And maybe a small blessing to make Natalia a bit more resilient. But that's the limit of what she can do with the time she has.

For his part, Captain is just watching. People mostly just stop to aw at him. A faithful kitty.

And for what it's worth, neither of them think less of Sunspot.

Natalia's voice snaps Roberto out of his reverie. The Brazilian mutant nudges the door open with one foot and starts making his way upstairs. He's careful enough with the food to do May proud — half of the appeal of sushi is the presentation, after all. Wouldn't do to scatter it all around in the box before serving it.

Once he gets inside, he grins at his hostess — she looks even better than he remembered. (Perhaps due to a bit of Rain's luck affecting the way the low light hits her?) He sets the boxes down on the coffee table, mutters something in Portuguese, and draws the activist into a standing kiss.

"Mana, May. Bento is delivered." She then looks up toward where Rain is to see if she offers a thumbs-up or something to show that the first protective spells have been cast. And, she's prepared to settle in for a bit of a wait to get the wards on the apartment proper. She's done this kind of operation before.

As promised, Natalia is wearing that Little Black Dress and she smiles widely as he enters. "Still looking good, I s—" her words cut off as he kisses her. After a few long moments, she pushes at his shoulder "Food first. I've been writing all day and I'm hungry." Clearly a woman who knows what she wants… "Did you bring wine? If not, there's a white in the fridge, it should go well with the Sushi."

On the coffee table, near where Berto placed the Bento boxes, is her laptop, the case resting against the table leg.

Rains blessing has certainly been laid, she can feel the tingle of its success. Now to move to warding the apartment - without letting the occupant herself know.

"May, Mana. Acknowledged." Brins voice filters through Mays ear piece - where ever the brunette currently is, she's monitoring.

Roberto releases Natalia and takes one step back, hands reluctantly parting from her waist and shoulder. "Sinto muito," he says, his sheepish smile providing an obvious translation. "I think I got caught up in the moment." When he pulls his left hand away from her side, she can see he's carrying a bottle. "What kind of guest would I be if I didn't bring wine?" he scoffs, teasing her. Unwrapping his scarf and shucking his coat, he wryly adds, "Fortunately the weather kept it chilled. How is your essay going?"

He takes a seat on the couch, directly in front of her laptop, and surreptitiously tries to pick a port that looks disused. The tracking device is small enough to smuggle in a socket for an obscure memory card, but not if you want to keep plugging things into it.

Melinda May has to resist the urge to roll her eyes. Chilled white wine. With sushi. UGH. Heathen. Nothing she can do about it now, and besides, even if the sushi made the trip okay, a bottle of heated saki would NOT have done similar. "Rain, how close do you need to be to place the wards?"

Phew. Blessing - GRANTED. Now, she has to be nearby but not too near. Hmm. Rain thinks a moment. She think think thinks. And then it dawns on her. She takes cover and emerges in a magicked up outfit. Today, she is a PLUMBER (but without the crack because crack is whack). So she will work at looking like she belongs, as she quietly casts. Happily, while her magic is slow to deploy, it is silent and requires no gestures. It's just as much a sensor and will turn away unwanted guests, gently guiding them back to the door as if the apartment itself just shunted it back.

She prefers this approach to a brute force ward. At least it will ping her if someone tries to bust in.

Holding 'Bertos' hand at her waist for a moment longer than a necessary, Natalia takes the bottle of wine and looks at it, as she turns towards her kitchenette. "You, mister, can get 'caught in the moment', after we eat."

There's sounds of glasses clinking, flatware and cutlery being produced, Natalia will be a little while as she gets the necessary things so they can eat.

The laptop is a standard configuration and the port that Berto is looking for is on the right hand side, next to the USB ports.

Rain can feel her magic responding, slowly building, layer on layer. The approach is a good one, subtle but effective.

Rain tends to roll with subtle but effective. Once she's satisfied with it, she will go off to do plumber stuff. Or at least find somewhere to revert to normal clothing and scoop up Captain. Scooping up the cat means she's likely done her bit.

Roberto, for one, didn't even see Rain pass by, and he knew to look. After opening the boxes and setting out chopsticks, he brazenly tips the laptop's lid open. "So, is it breaking an embargo or something if I take a peek at what you're working on?" he asks, flashing her a winning, innocent smile. With the hand that's on the opposite side of the device, he slips the tiny disc tracker into the least useful-looking port he saw.

Melinda May keeps an eye out from her 'sniper' vantage point, and when she sees Rain scoop Captain up, she knows that part of the job is completed. "Good work, Rain. And thanks." She's watching the apartment, but not TOO closely, as she's also paying attention to the street going by the apartment building. "Sunspot, returning to starting point, let us know if you're going to go silent on the comms." And with that, she moves to climb back down to return to where she saw Brinley last.

"Hold May … " Brins voice filters out across the comms "Waiting to get the tracker signal." There's a tense silence until the device makes connection. Mays communicator, as well as Brins, will show that's it active. "Connection made. Good job, Sunspot." No, she doesn't think less of him, either.

Rain can sense the ward that she's put in place, so far there's nothing pushing at it, but she can be assured, given what the team heard, it won't be long before it's tested.

Berto's effort to look at Natalia's work earns tap on the back of his hand "Yes, I do and I didn't think that's what you came here for… " she settles on the couch next to him, to take up the chopsticks and Bento Box … Yeah, Natalia, likes to live large.

Seems Berto has that tracker in place.

Rain and Captain reply once they are safely away, "You're welcome. We can hang out nearby. I live in New York, so." She doesn't mind staying somewhat near. "We might get some food, if you need snacks." Hunger can make a stakeout difficult. Otherwise, Rain and Captain are peripheral watchers.

Melinda May pauses until Brinley confirms that the tracker is online, then moves again. "We can do that, Rain, after I drop Berto's car off here." It would seem fishy if he didn't have his ride later. A quick jog and a hop through the ley lines later and May is back where she last saw Brinley with Berto's car keys.

Roberto isn't quite newb enough to vocally confirm May's order, but he makes a mental note to drop some clever comment about tuning out the world before cutting the feed. That aside, he shifts his focus to where it belongs: enjoying his evening with Natalia.

As May appears where Brin is, the brunette is sitting in the drivers seat … the car hasn't moved very far. When she spies May, her eyes widen "I won't ask how you knew I was still here … you going to drive?" She'll happily let The Cavalry take this one.

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