Mana Wyrms

January 09, 2016:

The healing of the Veil Between Worlds begins…

Stark Tower - New York


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Fade In…

Fenris is at the tip top of Stark Tower setting things in place. For all the prep involved the actual setup is deceptively simple. All the components arranged just so. There's a thrumming nexus of power beneath Stark Tower that is not an arc reactor and Fenris has asked that Zatanna and Pepper be present. This is not going to be complex… but it is going to be a lot of work.

Standing next to Fenris, Zee's hand is on her Pendulum, eyes closed for a moment, drinking in the feel of the magic. She's still scraped and bruised but it's a different set of injuries this time, remnants from the last battle in Limbo.

Over her shoulder is her messenger bag and in the top of her boot her Sgian Dubh. "Ready whenever you are, Fenris." The young mage murmurs …

Pepper Potts arrives a bit late for this party, but at least this time she's wearing garments that she doesn't feel a bit awkward about. And Keds sneakers. Because reasons. She's been guarding the apple jealously since they returned from Asgard, quite literally carrying it with her everywhere (carefully concealed in a drawstring pouch inside her shoulder bag)… almost to the point of sleeping with it under her pillow at night. So of course it's with her now, even though she's not sure that this is the point at which it's needed.

Fenris looks up at Pepper and nods to Zee as she murmurs. "Hello there Pepper. We're almost ready to start. I'm afraid this is going to require a great deal of you. Zatanna and I will be channeling the power, but in order to properly direct it, we need the will of someone who has some 'claim' over the land… that isn't mine. Because I'll be busy." So they're channeling one point twenty one gigawatts…

Smiling as she sees the Apple, Zee holds out a hand to Pepper. "This will test all three of us. But I know you can do it."

"Walk us through the process please, Fenris." Zee knows that it helps to know what to expect. Well, as much you can expect when magic is involved …

Pepper Potts looks from Fenris to Zee as she steps closer to the teen mage and actually looks a bit relieved when Zee asks Fenris to explain what they're about to do. She's the Muggle in this equation, she has NO idea what to expect, and she's honestly a little freaked out about it.

"I will draw the power from the bottom of the tower, through the Arc reactor, up to the spire where we are. Once there Zee will attenuate it and direct it to you. You'll have to stand out on the viewing platform for that. When the power enters you, you'll enter another state of being and be able to percieve the magic around us. You will have to will that magic, the power flowing into you, to fill the gaps in the veil. It will radiate out from you, like radio from a broadcast tower. You, simply put, have to be the DJ."

For Zee this is fascinating. She's never conducted a working this big … and it's well, it's exciting, even depowered as she is. "You'll do well, Miss Potts. You really will." the raven haired mage has total faith in her friend.

For herself though, there's a worry that without her own power, she won't be able to do this.

Pepper Potts looks between them concernedly. "Are you sure? That sounds … dangerous." Not to mention, she would likely be the WORST DJ ever. But, she promised to do this, so she takes a deep breath and squares her shoulders. "I'm ready when you are."

"It's not safe, Pepper, I won't lie. But the risk to you is… well, it's less risky than doing nothing." Fenris takes a deep breath and nods to Zee. "Alright. Here goes."

There's a thrum about Fenris felt more than heard and he begins to glow. To the outside observer, ghost lights and witchfire begin to creep up the sides of the tower. It takes nearly a minute for them to arrive but when they do they all converge on the circle that Zee is standing near.

With a wan smile to Pepper, Zee draws her Sgian Dubh and steps into the circle chanting softly, in that backwards speaking way of her. The witchfire and ghostlights encompass her, slowly creeps up and around her legs, drawing a slight gasp of pleasure from the power-bound mage.

Eventually, her entire body becomes a glowing beacon of magic and she turns towards Pepper and starts to funnel the magic towards her, controlling the flow till Pepper starts to take control of it.

Pepper Potts moves toward the viewing platform as the other two begin their parts of this ritual, stopping and turning to watch them until Zee begins to funnel the magical energy toward her. At first it's just a strange tickle, but as it builds, it becomes more and more unpleasant, a jittery energy under her skin demanding to be let out. She resists the urge to try and burn off the energy by moving about, and that's when she starts to notice it.

It's like looking at the aurora borealis, but patchy, like disintegrating lace. And that just won't do. Without realizing it consciously, she starts reaching toward the holes in the things she's seeing, tracing their edges and 'coloring' in the holes with her fingers. She starts with the smaller ones, moving on to the larger patches as she becomes more confident in what she's doing.

The magical barrier throughout the city shimmers to Peppers vision. Fenris can see them himself. Zee might not be able to in her current state.

More than just holes Pepper can see… serpentine things at the edges of them. Like viscious morey eels. Several of them dart out and latch onto the power at the base of the tower as Fenris starts to channel, causing a drop and making the godwolf strain more… and pass that strain onto Zee as well.

Zee can't see anything but the maelstrom of magic that encompasses her. This might be more of a problem than either she or Fenris thought. Power bound as she is, her whole being reaches out to take the magic in and it's her will and intent that keeps it flowing to Pepper.

The strain that she feels as the 'eels' latch onto to the tower, makes her want, even more than ever, to take the magic into her and strike back. Knees buckling slightly, she draws in a deep breath … trying to hold that strain from Pepper … and keep the magic flowing.

Pepper Potts frowns slightly at those greedy eels, and flicks at one with her fingers, trying to shoo it away. If she manges to chase it off, she starts multitasking — something she can do as easily as breathing — and one hand keeps tracing holes closed while the other swats, pinches, flicks, and otherwise makes those eels go the frack away. Preferrably permanently. If they start biting at her she simply grits her teeth and tolerates it, and continues trying to get rid of them while closing up every hole in the aurora she can se.

Fenris grunts with the effort. Pepper can feel heat now. Real heat, from the building. Power is coursing through it, of course. The eels scatter at Pepper's 'reproach' but some of them come back. Others dart back into the holes before they close. She's gotten most of the small ones now. The big ones are closing, but slowly.

Zee can feel one of the eels latch onto her. Well, it's a mana wyrm technically. But it's starting to 'bite' as it tries to get at her locked away power.

Even Zee can feel the heat through the soles of her biker boots but as uncomfortable as it is, she manages to maintain her focus, feeding the magic through to Pepper.

As the mana wyrm bites, she cries out, her control faltering stopping the feed that Pepper is getting. Struggling she gains control of the magic flow, she can't spare the attention to get the damn mana wyrm off … but she draws the Sgian Dubh down the inside of her arm… readying to cast another spell in just a moment.

Blood drips slowly into the circle with her, as tears of pain run down her cheeks.

Okay, that can't be good. The arc reactor has all kinds of heat dissipation tech, but Pepper knows they're drawing on it in a way that it was never designed to handle. She ignores the sensation of sweat starting to make her shirt stick to her back despite the winter air, and tries to work faster, squashing the eel things more aggressively to get them gone faster.

She hears and FEELS Zee cry out and turns toward her. Her expression is about as angry as either Fenris or Zee have likely ever seen and she's starting to do a pretty good impersonation of Drew Barrymore from Firestarter even as she reaches toward Zee to pull or squash the eel-thing she can see there.

The eel biting into Zee goes splat. The last of the big holes has closed up now and Fenris is dropping his power levels. The last of the mana wyrms are scattering and already everyone can feel that everything is settling in a way it hadn't before. The world is… right-er somehow.

Thank goodness Pepper did something, Zee couldn't spare the concentration to deal with it, even though she had let her blood.

As the mana wyrm releases, she relaxes a little and revels in the magic she's channelling, until it drops. Fenris will her reaching to him, trying to draw more for a moment and then that too stops and Zee sinks to her knees in the circle, the blood still dripping from her arm.

Pepper Potts sees the eels retreat and the now repaired aurora fade from her vision, and THEN realizes she's panting like she'd just finished running up EVERY flight of stairs in Stark Tower. She looks around one more time, then moves a bit shakily to check on Zee… who is bleeding. Again. Really?

Even Fenris seems winded. He just channeled all the power of two ley lines. Into two other people. And didn't kill them. That takes some doing. "You did it Pepper." He pants. The city is safe, well safe-ish, once more. And none too soon by the looks of it too.

Really … but this time Zee didn't need to invoke on the power of her blood. Looking up from knees as she fumbles in her messenger bag, the mage smiles tiredly at Pepper "I knew you could do it. You're amazing, Miss Potts." Fenris gets a look "Is it done? Or do we still have the Wild Hunt to worry about?"

Pepper Potts sinks to her knees next to Zee and starts helping her locate a first aid kit or something to stop that bleeding. As she catches her breath she's becoming more weirded out by the whole thing, and because of that is mostly silent. She's processing.

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