Jean Grey vs. Marvel Girl

January 08, 2016:

Scott and Jean go on a date and are interrupted by a young woman needing help - but all is not as it seems.



NPCs: Lightning Bug


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Fresh roses waited for Jean when she returned back to the room she now shares with Scott after the school day was done. A small folder sits on the bed next to the explosion of vibrant colors, reds and whites mixed together in a bright display of the colors that only pale compared to her beauty. The folder contains reservations for two at Le Bernardin in Uptown Manhattan, a Michelin three-star restaurant. Scott really is dipping into his funds for this date. Behind the dinner reservations are a pair of tickets for the skating plaza at Rockfeller Center, and then hotel reservations for the Mandarian Oriental hotel, including a spa and massage package for two. Along with a note: Meet me in the garage. - SS.

Scott, dressed to the nines in a tailor made suit stands next to Jean's 'newish' car, a trenchcoat and scarf covering him against the winter cold, and a pair of gloves set on his hands. When he decides to apply the spit and polish, he cleans up quite nicely, the black suit standing out even in the relative harsh light of the garage.

For a moment, Jean almost missed the display of roses, her eyes closing as she leans against the wall to plop heels from her feet. It was a -long- day of meetings, school board functions, meeting with the Professor for her usual therapudic sessions. Briefcase was tossed to the floor as she slowly strolls across the room, a slight yawn upon her lips as she spots the roses.. which suddenly wakes her up. There was a glance around, and a little dance given as she saunters up towards the roses and snatches the folder to quickly open and.. ""

Speechless? Yes, yes she was.

And there really wasn't any time to waste! She immediately and properly tore her clothes from her person and showered the day away, even taking the time to wash and blowdry her hair which.. for once? She leaves down. That entire shock of red covered and brushed against her back as a page was taken from Emma's book to wear a simple, elegant white and heels to match.

She was a vision in the darkness of the garage, her regular peacoat and scarf to match, even with earmuffs just to battle away colds. And she smiles, oh so sheepishly as she sees him dressed to the nines. Yeah, he cleans up well, alright.

And she is jaw-droppingly gorgeous when she decides to go all out. "Hi." Scott manages sheepishly as for a moment he realizes that the lovely rehead before him is completely out of his league when she wants to be. There's a million little blessings that Scott Summers should be saying at the moment as he reaches out his hands to settle into hers, leaning in for a chaste and quick kiss - because if it goes any further, the two of them will never leave the garage; and getting out of the mansion for a night and possibly the next day is the whole point of the evening he had planned.

He opens the door for her, and once she's settled, they're off into the city. They pull up to the restaurant, and Scott once again is out to open the door for her. A lovely window view on the upper floors await, with a view of Rockfeller Plaza down below where people appear like ants, skating around on the ice.

Pheu-Simonet champagne is delivered to the table along with a pair of salads - Scott remembers Jean's reaction to the Blue meeting she told him about and does not have raw fish brought to the table, even if it is sushi. This is not a night for missteps. He pours two flutes, and offers one to her as he takes the other. "To a New Year, Jean Grey. New adventures. And to taking the time off that we both need to be.. us."

It was all … so much! She wasn't overwhelmed to the point that she was going to break down crying and ruining her make-up, but.. it was so sweet and she was so excited. She contained it however, attempting to remain reserved even though there were times that she occasionally looked in his direction with a fond smile, and.. lifted her hands to cover her lips to hide the grin that she wore. Tense shoulders soon came relaxed, and the seating and food.. it was marveled at to the point where she actually took out her phone and snapped a picture.

She grips the wine glass that was offered and lifts it in a toast, still.. speechless, unable to offer up even a profound word for the moment. As she clinks the glass against his to take a sip to seal the toast itself, she carefully rests it aside of her salad, her shoulders lifting, then exhaling.

"Oh my god." She finally says, one hand pressing against her cheek. "Just.. oh my god!" She couldn't help it, those giggles come forth and soon a hand covers her lips, her cheeks flush. "This.. this is amazing, Scott. Truly!"

Scott chuckles softly. "I figure I had a lot to make up for in the past few years, Jean." he admits as he drinks from his flute, setting it aside as he reaches to take the phone from her to look at the picture that she took, and then Scott's expression dims slightly, concern creasing his features. Even on their night off. On a night where he had so much planned. He turns the phone so that Jean can see it. Standing outside the window - eight stories up, there's a femalish figure that is standing at the window. She looks sad, scared in fact.

The form suddenly flickers to life next to the table, looking at the couple. "Help.." she manages to say, her breath cold, felt through to their cores. Judging by the expressions of everyone else in the restaurant, noone else can see the young woman, somewhere between sixteen and twenty that is at the table. "…please. Trapped. Help." she manages, flickering back out - as if a television is derezzing, before she appears again, near the doors of the restaurant, as if beckoning the couple to follow her.

As Scott takes the phone, she reaches for the fork to immediately stab a few leaflets of lettuce, getting a decent bit upon her fork as she looks up towards the phone with a slight frown. She carefully lays her utensil aside, fingers reaching for the phone to draw the picture closer of the woman, her eyes looking up towards Scott with slight concern as she glances out the window..

And there she was!

Jean jerks a little upon her seat, a soft gasp touching upon her lips as she draws her arms up to warm herself, her own body immediately shivering as she looks towards Scott.. and then towards the woman again.. slowly drawing her chair out and standing as she surveys the rest of those gathered. They didn't see a thing.

Sad as she was to leave this moment, this was more important. Without further word needed, she quickly grabs her coat to toss upon the crook of her arm as she waits for him to lead the way.

Scott.. I think she's astral projecting..

He understands. He'll always understand. Getting to his feet as she does, Scott heads for the coat check to get his own coat. He's already loosening his tie as he steps onto the elevator, glancing at Jean. Can you communicate with her? he asks as they get to the ground floor and he hands his claim ticket to the valet. The woman appears again, before vanishing, reappearing further down the street. The car comes around to the side and Scott waits for Jean before he slides in.

It's a spirited game of 'Find the Astral form' as the two of them pursue the woman down into of all places.. Mutant Town. She finally comes to a stop at a burned out Subway station, one of the areas that was hit during the recent air strikes on the area. But there's something more here. Something that Scott and Jean are more intimately aware of. As he exits the car, he's already frowning. He knows that they are near one of the areas that the Morlock Massacre was carried out, and he feels the hairs on the back of his neck rise as the figure appears next to him.

Now that they are closer to where she is, she appears more in figure. She's still astral blue in color, but more of her details of her clothing shows. A skirt, simple blouse, jewlery. "Please. Near." she says quietly, fear in her voice. "Collapsed."

With that, she disappears and reappears deeper within the closed subway station.

Scott looks around and then to Jean before he nods and lowers his head. Reaching up, he picks up the large lock and lifts his glasses to blast the metal, smashing it as he pulls it away and tosses it aside, opening the gate with the large 'CONDEMNED' sign on it.

I can't. Not while we're on the move.

And on the move they were, allowing Scott to take the lead as she fixes herself more appropriately; in the car, her hair was immediately tied upright and wrapped around to the point it wouldn't fall into her face. The elegant gown she wore, ripped enough to allow her easy movement, her shoes soon kicked off upon the floor as she reaches into the back to pull out a pair of ballerina flats that she usually keeps on hand. A woman always keeps those on hand. Those were slipped on as soon as they arrive in Mutant town, Jean frowning just a touch.

Why was it always there?

As Scott blasts the way, Jean grits her teeth and bares it, this time taking the lead as her invisible TK shields rise to prevent her and him from harm. She doesn't even say a word.

I have us shielded, Scott. Be careful.


Scott responds, taking out his phone and turns on the flashlight function to illuminate the way. The stairs lead downward of course, bringing the couple down to where the platform once stood. However, there's a reason why the area is condemned. Having suffered a direct strike from one of the many attacks on the city. It's blasted and blackened, the tiles on most of the walls shattered and pillars barely standing, the rebar showing through the concrete pillars.

The Astral form appears in the station, and then down one of the tunnels, appearing again, flickering brighter as she leads Scott and Jean down deeper into the main tunnel before turning off onto a service tunnel. Another door blocks the way. Scott repeats what he did earlier, blasting open the lock and grabs a hold of the door, but it has a tight seal on it. Little push. he thinks to Jean as he tries to wrench it open.

Once they force it open, there's a rush of dust and the stench of death and mildew that hangs heavy in the air. Scott takes the lead, having switched his glasses for the older visor he keeps in the glovebox of the car. While not as updated and tactical as his new visor, it serves it's purpose well enough to focus his energies.

The walls of this room are well blasted - firebombed in fact. Jean can teall easily enough, there's noone alive here.

Once they step in, the door slams shut behind them.

And what they find is skeletal remains, many of them burned to a crisp - trapped as they were when the room was flamed out by those that murdered the Morlocks. A lone skeletal form, leaned against a pillar in a sitting pose has a pile of jewlrey set before her.

The figure appears again, this time behind Scott, where her hand passes through his head and the mutant looks briefly surprised before he collapses to the ground, rendered unconcious by the astral passing through his brain.

The figure flashes and reappears, no longer the young woman that first approached Jean and Scott at the restaurant where they were celebrating a date. Instead, the blue and gold uniform fits oddly on her. The X on the belt, the hood that covers her head but allows long curls to flow from the back.

Jean Grey finds herself looking.. at herself.. from ten years ago. Marvel Girl.

You left us to die. she says quietly, angrilly, before her face deforms, becoming as skeletal as that corpse against the pillar as she flashed forward and slams into Jean, trying to force her astral form from her body, bone-chilled fingers wrapped around Jean's neck as she tries to catch her by surprise and kill her. Now you will remain here. In my place! And I shall take your body, your life, your love! All that you couldn't save for me!

There was a moment of inkling fear as she traveled further and further down with Scott, keeping her mind open towards the young woman who she believed was there, occasionally reaching up to touch Scott's shoulder to remind him that she was there, and ready. She was quiet all the while, assisting him where needed.. until the dust and mildew hits her nose, her hand lifting to press at her nose almost instinctively…


And nothing, but the collapse of a body upon the ground, her eyes immediately widening as she turns to find him slumped. "SCOTT!" She nearly screams out, stopping as soon as the woman appears.. seeing herself.. her younger self, her brows furrowing ever so slightly. "What.. the.."

"I didn't.." She stammers out, taking a step back, her hands slowly raising to try to ease the young spirit down. "We did every thing tha we cou-.." As the icy cold grips touch upon her neck after the hard slam against her body, she falls.. flesh upon the ground and nearly perpendicular to Scott but the Astral version of Jean remains.

She was in her uniform, green and gold, sash upon her waist but that didn't matter. The fierce glow that coated her body seemingly dimmed as the woman locked themselves in a struggle.

Everything that was done was all that could be done!


Lightning Bug, as the woman was codenamed in life yells, as she tries to force Jean to her knees to finish her off. Jean can feel the surge of power from the woman, but it's not completely overwhelming. Locked in their astral forms, she can sense what the woman has gone through in the last ten years. While Jean has had her own life and trials and triumphants, Lillian Bell was dead. Gutted by Sabertooth during the Morlock Massacre, she was attempting to pull herself together for psychic healing and had left her body in Astral form to complete the process when Pyro firebombed the entire area, roasting her badly injured body alive.

She spent the next several years begging for help from within the walls, not knowing that the world had been cut off from her, buried, lost, forgotten in this makeshift tomb. It was a recent Purifier attack that had allowed her Astral form to finally escape from it's prison. No longer burdened to be trapped within these four walls of a former Fallout shelter to watch her body rot into dust, she went to find help. But then she saw Scott and Jean together. Two people that were there - that were supposed to help them. And they failed. They caused her to die.

You galavant and celebrate while I rot! Now you will know what it means to rot, to be left with nothing, to be forgotten!

She rips away from Jean, drawing back to try to gather her powers and wits about her, a sword springing into existance in her astral form's hand. But even this effort causes her to flash for a moment, a now familiar derez and reappearance. This is truly her last ditch effort to try to survive.

Memories, they all flash through her at the point of contact, her body nearly faltering to the point where she touches down upon one knee, that final shove that breaks her away in the form of a rip that leaves her upon both hands, slowly glancing upright. She slowly rises at the gathering of power, Jean could feel it deep within her spirit, the swell, tugging and pulling of the gathering of ethers within the area, her own invisible breath drawing in as her own power surges and swells even when she didn't want it too, but it was necessary. Survival of the fittest.

We were -children-! Children in the face of a war that -NEITHER- side had no win in!

Her astral form begins to peel away, fire slowly building at her feet as an unearthly glow comes upon her, a quiet explosion of light and a lick of flame that coats her and changes her into the spritely form that she's accustomed to taking.

How dare you measure the suffering of others to your own? How can you be so selfish..

Jean clocked two deaths.. and each time the resurrection and into life has been much worse. She had felt the falls, the pain of it all, and even having her body stolen and inhabited by something.. some other part of yourself… and the screams. It fuels her now more than ever because she was finally -mad-.

+MEET: Ravager has arrived via +meet.

And I was a casualty of that war!

Even in the face of the sudden surge of power, the form that Jean assumes forces Lightning Bug to take a step back, closer to the skeleton that lies against the pillar, the twisted metal of burned and melted bunk beds surrounding the body like a twisted throne.

You cast yourselves heroes and villains, and you don't care anything for your victims of your silly, childish games! All that died here, their blood is on your hands, Marvel Girl! You, and him..

She gestures with her astral blade towards Scott, where he and Jean Grey's physical forms are currently unconscious. Scott's finger rests on the beacon that he had pressed as the door slammed, before Lightning Bug took him down.

The astral form flickers, derezzes and appears again, suddenly charging and surging forward, her sword gripped tightly in both of her hands. The blade flashes as she raises it above her head, preparing to strike down Jean before she becomes more powerful.

You won't be returning this time! Your body is mine!

We -all- were casualties! Don't you see?

There was a simple calm about her, something simple and yet so dangerous upon the astral, the fires raging from her skin and yet her temperament was even. A calm in the eye of the firestorm that was about to unleash hell upon the spirit world. But the further words of the spirit drew a certain sadness from her, an all too knowing sadness and despair wrought full of anger that only Jean could possess. A step was taken forward, and another.. all slow, treading tracks of molten fire upon the invisible ground.

As the form flickers and disappears, Jean moves slowly, building up that little hint of power as she flashes and runs towards Jean, her hand snapping up and fingers splaying forth to unleash a wave of telekinesis right at the attacking spirits middle.

Then I'll take you with me, gladly.

The telekentic burst slams into the astral ghost's stomach, shredding it, causing her to drop to her knees. The sword falls to her sides as her hands cross over her stomach, feeling the pain again - just as Sabertooth had gutted her all those years ago, Jean's attack has ripped open the injury in her incorporeal form and she sobs out loudly.

You abandoned us. Why?

It's all she asks as she lifts her head towards Jean, ghostly tears drifting down the faux Marvel Girl's face as she derezzes, returning to her original appearance, the lively young woman that was one of the Morlocks. She was not as deformed as most of those that called the underground lair home once upon a time - just yet another homeless teenager that had nowhere else to go and had thought she had found a family with the hidden society.

Until it all came crashing around them in a flurry of berzerkers and a frenzy of murder and the flames that devoured them all as she lowers her head.

Finish me. I can't live.

Water, it leaked droplets from the ceiling of the pipe to the mire riddled base in a manner that sounded more wet and sticky then it does liquid. Visceral from the veins beneath Mutant Town. Fitting for beneath District X with all the blood shed and bullshit reigning above. So it does not do much more to disturn the rats and the dwellers that sought to be down here for safety from a mutual hatred and a resurgence of history.

Over and over again.

But Lightning Bug is met with a sudden response not belonging to anything etheral.




Cold metal, three barrel of the Chiappa Triple Threat smoke as the barrage of buck shot comes from the way overkill shot gun. Along the now heated steel it traces up to a gloved hand and darkness, but heavy laden boots step over the unconcious forms of Jean and Scott, a spark of flame and Ravager lights a cigarette, revealing her half masked facade and the sheen of scale maille in its contours along her sides as she waits for Lightning Bugs movement, even if it is the injured flounder.

"Fuckin' haters. The lot of you."

Because there was nothing left.

Jean takes a step forward, but not really. She nearly floats close to the fallen girl, even as she flashes her own young face before her. The way her hair floats was almost ghastly as it was terrible, the fire flicking high enough as if she were tethered to the decrepid ceiling. As that visage fades, Jean relaxes her features so much that she was to the point of nearly drawing her power down..


The shock of the sound causes Jean to actually disperse, broiling into a column of fire due to the shock and sudden suprise of it all. It's rare for Jean to go Astral, only doing so to not miss a thing and yet, it was so few and far in between. Someone was completely out of practice.

Like an over-dramatic spectre she nearly screams, that column of fire straying away from the fallen spirit to come together once again, Jean's fingers gripping her ghostly hair to try not to allow herself to come undone.

Lightning Bug looks up at Jean, as if to say something, but then Ravager's cannon blast rips through their astral forms. While it does nothing to neither her nor Jean - the skeleton that she was standing in front of is shattered and collapses into a pile of ash. That is not what kills her, however, as she derezzes and disappears before reappearing -

- right in the burst of pure Phoenix like power that Jean has unleashed in the shock of Ravager's arrivel and blast of her rifle. It is this fire that consumes the astral form of Lightning Bug and she screams out in horror and pain one last time before she vanishes, much like the pile of ash that she is now physical, a wisp of astral smoke and soul that drifts lazily into the air before disappearing.

A rush of air swirls the ashes on the ground, leaving behind only a small locket with a picture of a smiling young woman on the inside of it and the initals L.B.


*Click* The zippo closes and i tucked back within the tac belt at her hip as the shot gun is snapped back open to drop three shells back within.

*Clack!* Closed it is lifted and tapping the freshly used barrel against her shoulder while looking around and nudging the unconcious forms with the to of steel reinforced boot.

"That lacked climax." Ravager sounded almost saddened by it, despite Jean's scream and burst of flames, but the woman is a red head and alread proven volatile in Rose's experience. There is no shock, just a sidelong glance towards the projected figure while she heads for the locket and picks it up with a pluck betwixt fingers to dangle the happy picture before mismatched gaze.

A single derisive snort passes and she hangs it on a piece of rusted pipe en memento mori before cracking open the small stick bearing smelling salts waved before noses. "I don't feel like hauing you carcasses back up to ground by my onesie, so…wakey wakey."

The column of fire nearly seems ever-lasting, only faltering once the spectre of the woman hits, slowly thinning itself away into nothingness. A blank space where the heat itself used to be. There was nothing for a time, no sound.. no words, no fire no wind.. at least until the smelling salts rouse her. The sharp sting of hit touching her brain which causes her to take in a deep shrill of a breath, her eyes opening wide, her body lurching upright as she lets out a heavy series of coughs.

"Wha.. what the he-.." Don't swear, Jean. Her gaze falls upon the boots of their rescuer, her brows furrowing as she follows the leather lined body towards the multicolored gaze and…

"Oh." Try not to look glad. Too glad, at least. With a hand that smacks upon the ground, she pushes herself upright with a bit of a groan, her hand lightly massaging her neck as she bears the brunt of the bruises from being choked. It carries..

Scott, who was out of it for most of the battle between Jean and Lightning Bug wrinkles his nose as Ravager rubs the smelling salts underneath his nose. The sharp smell hits him hard as he suddenly lurches, hand racing to the visor as if preparing to fire at Rose before he catches his breath, a harsh noise as he hacks and tries to draw himself together as he rolls over and pushes himself to his hands and knees. "Jean?" he manages, his concern immediately falling for the woman.

"What happened.. my head's killing me.." he mutters as he blinks behind his visor, raising his face towards their rescuer and mutters. "Oh." he echoes Jean as he moves to try to stand up properly. "Are you alright?" he asks, a hand offered to Jean to help her balance.

Oh? Oh?.. That's…weak. Ravager looks at them both, taking one step back while smoke plumes from both nostrils in a dual billowing stream to dissipate in the cold air of the sewers. Lips set into a grim line as eyes shift to follow her lowering hand holding the cigarette before it is dropped to the ground and stepped on.

"Yeah. You're welcome." A sniff and Ravager bounces the barrel of her Ciappa against her shoulder before turning and walking away. Money doesn't make itself and they can either tell her what the fuck that was later or not.

They both saw her. The spectre of the woman who was.. well.. dead and gone. Only Scott didn't hear the words that she spoke, seen what she's seen, felt what she's felt. Maybe Rose saw an image of a young Jean that turned into the true form of the girl weighed heavily, and she answers them all in kind. "I don't know." She didn't know if she was alright, she didn't know what the hell that was.. or.. was she sure that she was going to speak of it again.


She really didn't want to talk, keen on following Rose out of the way that she came, though her hand striking out to capture the necklace that was hung as a momento mori to her death spot, which was immediately tucked into her blouse.

Perhaps she could make sense of it all later…

Scott frowns. "Thank you, Rose." he manages as he watches Jean for a moment then he follows after the two women. Once they're outside the door, he turns, closing it and his optic blast lights up the tunnel as he seals the room shut, so that noone else can find it for now.

"Sorry about the ruined date, Jean.." he starts apologetically. "..we can head home, if you want, or.. I still have the reservations for the hotel and spa?" Sure, they may not have a chance at dinner, but the hotel does have room service.

Ravager only comes to a pause below the manhole that leads up into an alley in Mutant Town along side Frankies Lounge. "You two go that way." A tilt of her head and a gesture with the uptilt of her chin in directive. A glance between Scott - who gets a frown in return, and Jean, brings only a slow blink towards them and a slow shake of head before she walks on.

"Might want to quit apologizing now. Should be used to the fact you have to settle for quickies in your line of duty. I've already met…" Pause, fingercount. "Three of your children? Or four? So I know you got it in you. Chill."

"I got an upgraded exhaust I have to get my Tomahawk." Watchcheck. No watch.

Pivot and gone on the words…

Listen, yo' ass is about to be missin'
You know who gon' find you, who, some old man fishin'
Grandma wishin' your soul's at rest
But it's hard to digest with the size of the hole in your chest.
Ya'll gon' make me lose my mind, up in herr.

*CLICK, CLACK.* Mount up.

Jean's coat was in that tunnel. It didn't matter, with the odd weather as of late, she was going to make due. As Scott apologizes, she gives a slight shake of her head. "It's part of the job. Don't worry." She purses her lips slightly as they were above ground, the open air a welcome treat, even if New York smells of piss and the people are mean. "I'm.. just.." She shakes her head slightly, turning away from Rose and Scott together as she gives a point towards the ride that Rose rode in on.

"Go with her. I'll be home later." It wasn't spoken like a leader, but just someone who wanted to be alone to digest.. and take in the fact that a ghost committed 'suicide' with her astral fire.

"I.." Scott frowns as Jean wants to wander off, and then his resolve strengthens. "No." he finally responds. He waves off Rose and goes to fall in step with Jean. While he may not have her abilities, he's been in the field enough to perhaps understand how Jean's feeling right about now as he glances over his shoulder towards Rose and then back to Jean. "Do all of our 'kids' have such crazy tastes in who they date?" he mutters underneath his breath.

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