I Bear Tidings of War

January 08, 2016:

Captain Britain tracks down Lady Amaya at Strange's Sanctum and delivers bad news between their two worlds.

Doctor Strange's library.


NPCs: Wong



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Boxes are everywhere. Well, where it's safe for boxes to be, at least. It looks like someone is either moving in, or moving out, but whatever the case may be, currently boxes are neatly stacked upon each other. Each box has something scrawled upon the side of it: clothes, weaponry, misc. provisions, etc.

The owner of said boxes looks just a little embarrassed, as she finally sees the amount of boxes that were sent with her. Grimacing, she'll mutter mostly to herself, "Mom, when I said pack light, this isn't what I meant."

Usually one needs an invitation to Strange's Sanctum. However, when Merlyn decides that something requires urgent attention, he'll cheat the system a little. In this case, he scryed the location of the Lady Amaya of Nilaa. The portal that opens and deposits Merlyn's chosen represenative, in this case, this world's Captain Britain catches the erstwise Brit by surprise. One moment he was finishing getting treatment for his wounds suffered the night before at the hands of Bison and the next he's in the library, his shirt pulled up while he's finishing wrapping the patch on his side.

"The blast?" Britain asks as he looks around and tugs his uniform shirt quickly into place. "You really should warn me when you decide to transport me, Merlyn." he growls under his breath. Merlyn's voice comes to Britain's head, giving him instruction, and Britain's eyes widen. "You're kidding me. Really? Why can't the Knights of Pen.. oh. I see. Very well." he mutters.

Straightening himself up and making sure his appearance is in check, he starts to wander through. "This don't look like Nilaa. Looks like someplace I've been before.." he admits, having visited the sanctu, once before.

The Sanctum Santorum’s anteroom is half-blocked by boxes. Apparently the difficulties of travelling between Gemworld and Earth might be a thing of the past. Dutiful Wong picks a box and heads for the staircase to take it to Amy’s room, currently in the second floor, but crawling slowly towards the third. Strange himself is supposed to arrive in a few minutes, but it is better not to assume he will help with the moving.

In fact, he is forced to come early, as Merlyn sends Brian to the Sancum with just a few minutes warning and he need to open his wards to make sure the British hero doesn’t splatter against the house defenses or bounces off and ends up in Weirworld or some other amusing place.

“Captain,” the Doctors calls from the other entrance to the library. “This way. If you go that direction you will likely end up somewhere in Italy around 1665. That hallway is temporally unstable. I have to re-anchor it but I have been busy. Would you like some tea? I have just… by the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth…” boxes are invading the dining room, “ah… so. This is your luggage, Amaya? I suppose I need to coax the House to make your room larger.”

While Doctor Strange might not help with the boxes, Amy does. Dressed in casual clothes, appropriate for Earth, Amy is just putting one box on top another, as the two both say 'weaponry'. While some might think two boxes of weaponry is over-kill, both Amy and her mother know that's not always the case.

The box is set down with a quiet thunk, before the voices are heard. It's Doctor Strange who's seen first, as the blonde young woman peers around her stack of boxes. "Doctor Strange! Good Morning." A faint grin is flashed towards the older man, as she risks a glance around the dining room. "Uh. We'll have this cleared up shortly. Sorry for the mess."

Of course, at the sight of Captain Britain, Amy will give a curious look before offering a friendly enough wave, looking for all the world a normal eighteen year old. "Good Morning."

"That does not sound like a very decent tea, Doctor." Britain offers with a wry grin as he crosses the library at Strange's direction, with a glance at the portal. "I don't feel like getting visited by assassin's today." he admits with a chuckle as the young man makes his way across the foyer towards the Doctor and then pauses as he notices all of the boxes in the hallway and his left eye arches up in a curious gesture before he glances towards Strange. "I didn't know you were having company over, Doctor. New assistant, or family relation?" he asks.

And while she may look like a normal eighteen year old, Britain can immediately sense the high degree - almost overwhelming levels of magic that come from her, his own Otherworld magic mingled and finding it familiar as the Captain adds. "You're a fae?"

“Amaya Wiston,” replies Strange. “She is my new student. I am sure you noticed the power of the Old Blood. No, she is not a fae. Amaya, this is Captain Britain, one of the greatest heroes of Europe and currently a fellow member of the Justice League.”

Strange looks at the boxes quizzically, but no, it is not really a good time to haul them up. “What brings you to my house, Captain?” He asks to the larger man.

Fae? Amy is quick to shake her head no, even as she offers, "Nope -", and while there's a vague uncertainty to her expression, that uncertainty vanishes when Doctor Strange confirms her assumption. As for her introduction? She waves a hand, at her first name, adding quickly, "You can call me, Amy."

Then realizing that Captain Britain could sense her own magical aura, Amy's eyes narrow slightly. She's stretching out her own magical senses, but the everything within the Sanctum pings back to her as magic. It's overwhelming enough, that Amy can't quite pick out if Captain Britain is magical or not. With practice she'll be able to, but at this moment, not quite yet.

At Doctor Strange's last question, Amy simply turns a curious look upon the very tall costumed man. Obviously intending to stay here and listen in.

Captain Britain offers a small chuckle at the Doctor's introduction. "I am but one of many." he explains, "Though I am the one assigned to this particular Earth… and I'm actually here for her." There's a slight gesture from Britain before he offers a proper bow. "Lady Amaya." he intones before he rises back to his tall and proper height.

"I am a representative of Avalon and Otherworld, I'm not sure if you may be aware of their presence, but our lands are connected by the great Celestial Ocean. It is with regret that I have come to tell you that it seems that one of our dragons, known as Malcolm Drake on Earth, has escaped from his captivity and has made his way to Nilaa. He is a red, with an eager appetite for all things golden. As I am not sure of your lands riches.." he pauses, and frowns. "..but it seems that he is attempting to stretch out to find a new roost."

“Malcolm Drake?” Strange frowns. But that can’t possibly be the real name of a dragon. But… “ah, I remember now. He was driven off Wall Street when it was discovered he was using magic to manipulate the gold markets. I remember hearing his spells were unusually subtle and creative for a dragon. Nilaa is more famous for the gemstones, not for the gold. But I am not surprised they will awaken the greed of a dragon. Come, lets talk about this in the living room. If Merlyn believes this creature is a problem, there is little doubt it will be.”

Amy's blue eyes widen, when Captain Britain states she's who he's looking for. When he offers that bow and a very formal one at that, Amy can't help but lose some of her carefree expression. Her features morph to a more formal set, as she offers a nod in return to Captain Britain's bow. "Captain.". Is all she says, in return to the bow and 'Lady Amaya'.

The rest of his words are listened to and then digested. Her expression looks both parts worried and exasperated, with just a touch of frustration as well. She hadn't expected to find 'trouble' so soon coming back to Earth, but really, she should have expected to. Her time on Earth was always full of troubles.

Listening now to what both Britain and Strange have to say, Amy only speaks when the two are finished. She's frowning now, hands settling on her hips, "A dragon?" She says completely rhetorical, "And no, Captain, I wasn't aware that our lands were connected. Thank you for telling me this. I've only recently learned of my … history, so I'm afraid I have a lot of gaps in my knowledge." Abandoning the boxes now, Amy will easily follow Strange into the living room, still talking as the trio walks. "Doctor Strange is correct. We primarily deal with gemstones, but, we do use gold. It may not be as highly prized by us as to the dragon, but I'd still rather not see him take over /any/ part of Nilaa."

"Well, the dragon is a problem, but he's not the sticky wicket in this case." Britain admits as he moves to take a seat at Strange's urging. As he settles down, he gives a pensive frown. "The protectors of Avalon, the Knights of Pendragon, left in pursuit of the dragon. However, as soon as they arrived on the shores of Nilaa, they were immediately set upon and captured. Merlyn has sent me here to petition for their release so that they may continue in the pursuit of Malcolm Drake, and once he is taken into custody, they will surely leave your lands. This was not meant as an act of war - just overeagerness on their parts." he explains as he lets out a small breath.

"Doctor Strange, if she is your student, as you say, surely you can see the issue that this would cause, not only on Earth, but in the magical realm as well. I'd perfer our lands remain in peace." he admits. "But we are only with Roma and Merlyn for protection should the Fury press it's attack."

“Well. Gemworld has been rather insulated from Earth for a thousand years,” comments Strange. “But there are trouble brewing between both words. I have to wonder if there is a relation between this incident and Eclipso’s return.” He glances at Amy, as Eclipso is her business, too. “And the knights got captured straight away? It seems very inconvenient they were found so quickly and met a force strong enough to detain them.”

"An incursion." Amy says, and then with a grimace that is a total Earth expression, the blonde young woman says, "I will definitely be explaining this to my mother and aunt. They might take that news poorly from someone else." A quick grin is flashed towards Captain Britain, before Amy's gaze swings to Doctor Strange.

She's taken a seat near enough to both of them, that she can look upon each without having to crane her head or neck. "And just to be clear, I prefer peace too. I would imagine the majority of the other houses prefer peace, as well … " And with that said, something seems to click behind Amy's eyes. "House Diamond. I would bet everything on them. Eclipso - " Amy returns Doctor Strange's look, "And they have the men to hold your Knights, Captain. I agree with Doctor Strange, it seems coincidental that they were snatched up so quickly like that."

Turning to Captain Britain now, Amy asks, "What's your next step? Would like us to send an envoy on your behalf? I can't promise that'll help. Diamond and Amethyst relations are … strained."

"That's why Merlyn was concerned this was a trap." Britain offers as he rubs the back of his head. "I doubt he will send his daughter as an envoy, Roma is important to the protection of Avalon." He leaves the reasons why unexplained. He returns Amy's smile, though Brian's own is slightly forced, concern showing in his features. "Would House Diamond gain from causing a war?" he asks seriously before he folds his hands in his lap.

"As far as an envoy goes, if things are as strained as you suggest, perhaps I should go. While the Knights are powerful, I can handle my own as well. And bring those that may be able to assist me should there be an attempt at capture." He's already assembling a team in his mind. His smile slips back into a more neutral frown. "How would your mother and her sister respond should the attempt be made to rescue our Knights?"

Strange nods, “different Great House, Captain,” mentions Strange. “But all the Houses should be warned about Malcolm, I suppose. The fae courts too, if they don’t know already.” The sorcerer had yet to take a seat, and he doesn’t look he will. “I am going to scan with the Orb of Agamotto. I want to know where exactly Malcolm Drake was last on Earth before returning to Otherworld. I have a hunch it can be quite important. Wong will bring you the tea in a minute.” He leaves the room.

A very unladylike snort can be heard from Amy at the question about what Diamond could gain by causing a war. "What could they gain? Power. They'd love to take over our house, along with all the others houses. Really, though, House Diamond just likes violence. At least, the current head of household does. There might be a few who'd help us within the House, but it'd be few."

As for Captain's next question - Amy falls silent for a second as she considers just how her mother and aunt would react to a prison break. "It depends. If it causes chaos for Diamond, then they probably wouldn't mind it. If it causes problems for our House -" She shrugs, "- They wouldn't like it. In the end, however, it doesn't take matter. I'm head of household for Amethyst. If I decide to allow you into our lands, they have to agree to it."

Of course, that'd probably make Amy's life a little hellish, should they not agree, but Amy can weather it. When Doctor Strange makes his departure, Amy will offer a quick nod. "Let us know what you find out, Doctor!"

"Thank you Doctor, I'm sure it was probably the financial district." Captain Britain offers as the young man returns his attention back to the young woman. "I know it isn't the best of circumstance to meet on.. and start your first day. Perhaps I can help you with your boxes while we converse further?" he offers helpfully. He definetly has the build for manual labor.

"You said you haven't been on Nilaa long?" he inquires as he rises to his feet. "We can probably swap stories or such, if you feel comfortable with it. I mean, it's not every day someone shows up and says 'hey, I'm going to invade your home'." There's a slight smirk. "But noone ever said Merlyn had the most.. subtle approach to things."

The offer of box hauling earns a grin from Amy, as she says, "Thanks. I appreciate you helping. I know I was for sure not looking forward to hauling them up and down stairs." And she's pretty sure Wong wasn't really feeling it either, though that's left unsaid.

Rising from her seat, Amy will motion for Captain Britain to follow, as she leads back to the library. It's easy to see that a few more boxes have disappeared, thanks to Wong, but there's still a half a dozen or more waiting to be carried upstairs.

The boxes are definitely heavy, at least for mortal hands, but thankfully both have a little extra in the strength department. Easily hoisting a box up, Amy will nod towards the stairs that lead upward, "Up we go.", she says. It's only as the two begin to carry their boxes to her respective room, that she'll finally speak again. "And no, I haven't been on Nilaa long. There was a … misunderstanding." Yes, that's what she's going with, "Between my aunt and mother. To protect us, my mother brought us here to Earth. We only recently returned when I came into my power."

Tilting her head slightly to the side, Amy will then ask, "Merlyn? Like in the books?"

Lifting a pair of boxes easily, Britain moves to follow after Amy and gives a nod of his head. "Yeah, sword in the stone, Arthur, all of that tobbyrot. Merlyn was the one that decided that when the world of humanity turned from magick to move the Kingdom of Camelot to Otherworld, where it became Avalon." he explains as he floats slightly, so he doesn't have to step so terribly much. His side was still in a bit of pain from the night before.

"Ah. My father was from Otherworld, my mother was human. I didn't become Captain Britain until I was nineteen." he says with a small chuckle. "So I understand the whole late bloomer bit."

Amy's room is quite bare. Just the essentials, bed, dresser, closet, chair, table and boxes, of course. So many boxes.

The story of how Avalon became an Otherworld causes the young woman to frown thoughtfully. "I wonder how many of the Otherworld's have similar beginning story? Nilaa's is much the same." She'll set the box down, near another stack, as she gestures about herself. "Our ancient ancestors decided to leave Earth and come to Nilaa, because the magic was lessening. They didn't wish to live in a world where there was the potential for no magic, whatsoever. So, they found Nilaa and made their home there."

"You can drop the boxes wherever there's a space." She also adds quickly, before she nods to the last of what Captain Britain's said. "Late bloomer. Ha. I'm definitely that." A grimace twists her lips a little, as she asks, "Did you ever feel like just as you were figuring something out, something else would crop up a mess it all up? That's how I feel right now. Just as I figure one thing out, another thing confuses me."

Setting down the boxes, Captain Britain looks around the room. "Tidy. But I think Strange is right, he's definetly going to have to make it bigger." he says, a slight teasing lit in his tone as he gets a chagrined look. "You probably know that just as well as I do, Amy." he admits with a sigh. "Take for instance this whole thing with the mask.." he admits as he considers her. "Strange has already deduced who I am, and the Council of the JLA knows as well. But because of some.. family.. issues, I keep my identity a secret from most." he shrugs his shoulders absently.

"I remember in the early days, Merlyn thought I'd need someone to show me the ropes. So I got stuck with this elf, called himself Jackdaw. He used to drive me up the wall. I swore he was half-imp. But I realized in all the mistakes and misadventures that he helped cause.. he was actually helping me to train and become better suited to the powers I suddenly found flowing through me." he admits as he turns to head downstairs for more boxes.

A grin, with only the vaguest traces of embarrassment, flits across her features at the mention of needing a larger room. To Amy this room is already huge, having lived in such tight quarters for most of her life. "When my mother provides provisions, she makes sure to leave nothing for chance."

The revelation that he wears the mask only to protect family, causes Amy to turn a curious look upon his costume. "So, if you didn't have family to worry about, would you do away with the he costume?" She frowns a moment, she almost has to wonder if she should come up with a costume now? Not that she plans on becoming a hero, but with the way things tend to go on Nilaa …

"An elf.". Amy echoes, a grin quirking her lips upward, "Sorry. It's still weird to think in those terms, but I think I know what you mean. I've a friend, from another House, who's been helping me in much the same way. Though not with misadventures so much, as helping me figure out the lay of the land." When Captain Britain turns and heads back down the stairs, Amy is quick to follow.

"Still." She continues, "Sometimes it's still hard, even with help. Neither place feels like home right now."

"I know some of the Britains in other realms - on other Earths, that don't wear masks, but most do so that they can still have something of a social life. I'm no Tony Stark, I don't have oddles of money to support me, so I still have to live a life. And you know how hard it would be to get a date if eveyone knows who you are?" Britain asks it in a teasing way as he stoops to pick up a couple of boxes.

"It's a hard balance, and one you're going to have to figure out. I don't envy you. While I'm a member of the Corps, I'm certainly no ruler and have that on my shoulders. Heavy is the crown and all that." he offers with a comforting smile as he starts back up towards the room with a few more boxes. As he does so, he pauses, getting a message or feeling something and the young man frowns. "This will have to be my last trip, I fear. I have something I need to take care of back in the real world, as it were."

"Ha. I can only imagine what it's like to date when people know you're a hero." Amy says with a flash of a grin again, even as she hefts another box up into her arms.

The note about dating is heard and causes her to look thoughtful about that. One would have to weigh the risks of coming clean, as it were.

Up the steps they go again and when he pauses, Amy likewise pauses. Nodding, she says, "No problem. I know how hit is when you're juggling different responsibilities. Let me know when you'd like to come to Nilaa. In the meantime I'll start sending out feelers secretly to see what we can learn. Sound good?", And then, "And thanks for helping too. I appreciate it."

"Let me get a little help put together, and I'll be in touch." Setting down the boxes, Britain offers a grin and extends his hand to Amethyst. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Amy. See what you can learn, and together, we'll bridge the gap between our worlds, hopefully without exploding too much of either." he winks.

Amy's return grip is quite strong for someone of her size. "Nice to meet you, Captain. And as long as we don't excite war within our realms or between our realms, I think we'll be okay. I'll see you later."

Britain nods and offers a smile. He appreciated the strong grip, before he turns to head to the portal that opens for him to send him back to Earth.

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