Tell Me What's Happening

January 06, 2016:

Ollie catches up with Jemma to find out more about what's going on.

Cafe - New York


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After thai the other night, Jemma's received a text from Oliver. Obstentibly checking in but also to ask her to meet him.

It's taken a few days but she's agreed to see him, at her favourite coffee shop not far from The Triseklion. She /might/ have asked someone else to join them, if they can.

Waiting for Ollie, Jemma's ordered a pot of tea and is currently tapping at her tablet - no rest for the Biochem… not with the information she's been gathering.

Oliver had been waiting for the right time to contact Jemma, not in a stalkerish sitting by the phone just outside of her apartment kind of way but definitely with anticipation. So when she agreed to meet him at the coffee shop he readily arranged his schedule to do it. Stepping into the coffee shop it only took him a few minutes to look around and find the woman before heading to where she was at to sit and join her. "Sorry, traffic was crazy."

Looking up at the man as he approaches, Jemma turns her tablet so it's face down. "Oliver, thank you for coming." she greets him with a warm smile. "I'm sorry to drag you all the way out here, I know you're as busy as I am." beat "You said you wanted to see me?"

As Oliver joins her, a server appears asking if he'd like to order something.

"Coffee, please." Oliver informs the server with a polite nod before looking back at Jemma, putting on his smile and settling in. A small stretch and his hands fold on the table in front of him, a rather business like posture as he nods. "I'm glad you got back in touch with me. I was hoping you'd bring me up to speed with some of this trouble you're in."

Jemma winces and flushes a little. She'd known this question was coming. How could it not? With Psyborgs and Sigma agents interrupting their earlier dates, and then running into him the other night … she really does owe him an explanation.

"Uh… there's somethings that are still classified, but I can tell you something at least." tapping her fingers nervously at the table… "It's all a bit convoluted, really. Let's start with Sigma. Several months ago, I received information about new type of energy, nicknamed Bio-E." Glancing over, she smiles faintly "It's rather fascinating, but I won't bore you with those details. Suffice to say that my investigation into that energy has bought me across a group known as Sigma and… they seem to either want me out of the picture or … they want me."

"Bio-E." Oliver repeats back as if trying to comprehend what that might stand for. When she starts talking about the Sigma connection however that has his attention. He holds up his hand momentarily, not wanting to be rude before asking a question. "The group existed prior to your learning of this energy and is tied to it?"

Nodding slowly, Jemma confirms Olivers question "Yes. A… colleague…" she won't tell Oliver that it was Felicity "and I got some paperwork from an unknown source that prompted us to look into some things. They have existed for a while, perhaps since 2007, perhaps earlier and are linked to a shadow organisation that has been covering up Bio-E for years. BUT… we don't think SIGMA is part of that other organisaion."

Taking a sip of her tea, she shrugs a little "I told you it was convoluted. We were initially fed the information, which got me investigating and now SIGMA has come out of the woodwork."

"So just to see if I'm following. You found energy, this group surfaced, you investigated but found a different group behind some stuff that isn't SIGMA but don't know who it is?" Ollie asks it as if trying to make sense out of some kind of advanced book, like Cat in the Hat. "So why don't you just, I don't know, talk to one of these SIGMA people?"

"Sort of?" Jemma knows how it sounds … it's a damn mess. "SIGMA aren't nice people, Oliver. In the time I've investigating this, I've seen them kill two business people, try to kidnap me and attack SHIELD assets overseas." They really aren't nice people …

"And they seem to ex-special ops people … finding information is worse than finding hens teeth. The one SIGMA agent we managed to apprehend, gave us very little … and then the facility where they were being held was raided, the agent killed." The implication? Likely killed by his people. "So it's not quite so simple as finding them to talk to them. And before you ask, we've been trying."

"And now… I'm finding there's connection with the other projects I'm working on, so whilst it was dangerous before … it's even more so now."

Oliver is listening, doing so with only a little bit of fidgeting once in awhile as Jemma explains the stories, the intricate way things are weaving together. He tilts his head and smiles just a bit at something said but doesn't comment on it, instead going to nod again. When she pauses he frowns, "The uhm… The one things, from before?" He may recall the name but is fishing for her to say it rather than reveal he's not quite as idiotic as he seems.

"The things from before? The Psyborgs?" Jemma considers that and gives off a soft laugh "Well, maybe. There's another project I'm working on related to shapeshifters that also seem to have the ability to possess a body." Biting her lip she shakes her head. "There's not much I can share on that, yet… but they appear to have some form of connection to SIGMA … we're trying to find out what."

Another sip of her tea and a self deprecating smile "The Psyborgs are still around too, though they've gone a little quiet since the attempt on the UN."

"So the main issue is SIGMA, that seems to at least be the common thread that you can't get ahold of to pull on and see what unravels." Oliver asks it softly before nodding. "They're an international organization I take it? Not just based here but have tendrils in other countries from what you've been able to find out? With all their former Spec Ops folks?"

"SIGMA's an issue. Yes." Jemma will allow that. She's still trying to pull the threads together. "They've certainly been operating on foreign and US soil for several years, it seems. I … don't know if that's tendrils to other countries or an International focus."

Oliver should remember the SIGMA agent that attacked them one night as they were leaving a restaurant. They'd been wearing glowing wings and some form of suit and Jemma hadn't been surprised by that.

"If I remember, they had some technology right? The wings and suits and things?" He asks it as if jogging his own memory. Oliver takes a deep breath then smiles at Jemma. "Well. I think I know the best solution for fighting giant moth men." He pauses, waits, then states levelly, "We find Godzilla."

"Polymorph suits." Jemma confirms for Oliver. "Oliver, a lot of this information, I shouldn't be sharing. But I think you should know. You're connection to me, can put you in danger." Her concern might be evident but she chuckles a little "I… find Godzilla?" It's lightened the mood.

Canting her head, considering the man "I'm sorry, my life is complicated."

There's several beats as Oliver looks at Jemma and then he just smiles reassuringly. "It's ok, a little complicated is ok, really. I mean, without your complicated I'm either in a meeting or trying to open up a restaraunt or some other thing. At least your complicated is interesting." He says it with a straight face at least, never batting an eye. "And thank you for telling me this, I promise I'm putting it in the vault."

A little complicated would be ok. But Jemma's complicated is complicated. She'll let it go at that. "Interesting, yes. And rather fascinating. My research is taking leaps and bounds." Of course she'd think that … SCIENCE!!

"Now tell me, Oliver, if you've got no more questions, how's the restaurant going and your charity project?" The server finally returns with their orders and sets them on the table in front them.

Oliver picks up his cup of coffee and smiles at Jemma. "They're going very well actually. I've got a few locations selected and simply need to finalize the offerings and get the last details sorted out for the restaraunts. The charity work went well also, I've been able to hand off the leg work with that to those more suited to the type who enjoy that work a bit more than I do." He sighs softly, "See? A nice unboring life I have going on. Of course, I am going to have an entire British section of the menu in honor of the only Brit I see regularly."

Jemma snorts softly, amusement filling her eyes "So you'll have bangers n mash and yorkshire pudding?" She's joking of course. "That could be interesting to see. Particularly as to how the patrons take to it."

"I'm sure it's not all boring, I couldn't imagine trying to deal with all the business side of things." Watching him carefully, Jemma adds "But it does seem to suit you. You're more relaxed now, than before you went away."

There's a pause at the mention of that, his green eyes flashing a moment before the smile settles in. "Well, you know how a vacation is. Or actually, probably not since the entire time I've known you, I don't think you've ever taken time off." His eyebrow lifts in silent question before he continues. "The business side I hate actually. I really like the kitchen side, the service and interacting with people side. I think being alone I've started to appreciate people again." He leans forward towards Jemma, speaking softly. "We all get caught up on things, forget about the importance of friends."

Jemma blushes a little. Vacations from SHIELD are a little difficult to take - particularly, right at the moment. "I think you're right, Oliver. I haven't had a day off in a while." Giving Ollie a fond look when he mentions people and friends "You're … very good with people, I've note. I'm pleased for you, Oliver, I really am."

"And yes, friends are important …" As they're speaking her phone beeps and she sighs "Speaking of work … " she checks the message. "I have to go, I'm needed I'm afraid. Thank you for dropping by to see me."

Starting to rise, she puts some money on the table - this meeting, it's her shout. "Don't be a stranger, Oliver. And don't take this the wrong way, I hope I don't bump into you, like I did the other day."

Oliver rises as Jemma rises to leave as well, it's the proper gentlemanly thing to do. There's a small but sad smile on his lips. "I understand the sentiment you're trying to express Jemma. But… I'm a big boy, and if my friend is in trouble, I want to be there to help her anyway I can. Even if it is just getting her dinner."

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