Maybe She Just Streams Magic Mike

January 05, 2016:

Ronin goes dumpster diving and the wonders what Oracle does all day ….

New York


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Clint Barton gets into some odd things. Today, he's digging through trash. Not that he wants to be. There'd been a rather sharp fight with some people who aren't nearly the kind of archer he is. They'd been transporting something. Frankly, they've been transporting a lot of things and while the former Hawkeye is sure they're mking a pretty penny off it, the things themselves don't make sense. Who is moving all this stuff? And why? And why so… varied?

One thing he's sure about, the canister they'd dropped had said 'Van Dyne Industries' on it. "Oracle, I don't suppose that damn thing had an RFID tag on it? I'd really not like to be digging through fish guts all day."

"It did Ronin." After assisting the JL:A in an attack on a Purifier/Sentinels compound, the redhead is in a fairly good mood. Come on, hacking a Sentinel, taking control off and then flying to the Watchtower? What more could an Information Goddess ask for?

"I'm just pulling the details up now." It's possible that she could work a little faster, but maybe she's enjoying Ronin's minor discomfit.

The Wasp peers down at the garbage hovering above Clint's head. "Oracle? I thought that was just a myth. Also yes indeed it has tracking built into it. So why on earth do you have my container Mr. Arrow and … why is it in fish guts anyhow?"

Ronin, and he is in his splinter cell outfit. Which stinks, at present. He glances up and… "Uh, Mister Arrow? Not me. That's my Dad. I'm just Arrow. Or Ronin if you like. There's a billion guys with arrows. And I didn't take it, I promise. Some guys who like to wear their pajamas during the day did. We had a fight. It fell in here." Beat. "They got away, sadly." Not his best work.

Ronin must have his cell phone on speaker … and the Oracle app activated. Oracles digitally altered voice filters from the device. "A Myth, yes. Among other things. Wasp, it is indeed a pleasure. I am Oracle."

Back in the Clocktower, the redhead might be smirking, just a bit, "Unfortunately Ronin can be a little … clumsy at times." there's a pause, like someone is thinking "We were tracking some people, who happened to appropriate the cannister, and we tracked it to here." Why were they tracking them? Well, that would be a good question.

Wasp considers "Well I appreciate the liberation of the canister from the I assume ninjas…. also I swear I will never understand criminals.. ninjas.. seriously." there is a small sigh and she eyes the Garbage zipping out to look from another angle. "Nice to meet you Oracle. Are you an AI, because that would be problematic." pause "Why were you hunting them?"

Ronin finally finds the canister. It's about the size of a man's forearm and twice as thick. And marked with all kinds of signs that say 'do not mess with this crap.'

"The people in question have been moving a lot of illegal goods. Lots of high tech. To some fairly bad people. I figured if I found out what it was I might find out why they were doing it. I mean sure they've gotta be making money off it but… who wants this stuff? I mean… Er, I don't know what's in here but I've seen everything from computer chips to bulk chemicals."

"Problematic?" Oracle asks the tiny woman, not actually answering the question the question she was asked. As Ronin explains, the redhead sits back in her chair "I've been trying to convince him to let us tag and track components but our biggest issue is … getting something that's tempting enough for them."

The Wasp grows to human sized woman the wings vanishing as she does. She fishes her smartphone out of somewhere…. hard to say in that outfit but bam there is a smartphone. "Unfettered AIs in my experience are .. problematic." she points her phone at the canister and then studies it. "Well they weren't stealing chemicals, they stole one particle… I imagine they didn't realize it either… but maybe they did."

Clint suddenly becomes a lot more ginger with the camera. It's a bit of shock to see Wasp do what she does but the news that all that containment is for 'one particle' makes him get a sort of deer in the headlights look that Oracle might find amusing if she can see it.

"Uh, I suppose you'll want this back? And Oracle's right." He's not going to address what she may or may not be. They can talk about that. "It's hard finding something that they might want to grab and that I really feel safe letting them get away with, which they might well do even if we can track the stuff. I know who the middle men are. I want the man behind the curtain, as it were. No one moves stuff in this kind of volume without a plan. A big one. As you can tell from my getup, I'm the kind of guy who doens't like being in the dark."

"That might true, Wasp." Oracle agrees with the woman about unrestrained AI's … still not answering the question.

Snorting softly - she can see Clint, through the Oracle app on his phone - she takes a moment to compose herself and considers what Wasp has said. "One particle … of what?" Clint is of course correct though "He's right, the risk of letting these … people actually abscond with the goods has to be weighed against what they might actually do with it." Perhaps they need a decoy or similar.

The Wasp tucks her smartphone back.. somewhere… it doesn't really look like a pocket and it doesn't leave a smartphone line in the sheer leather superhero black and yellow suit. "Oh.. classified sort of." she holds her hands out for the canister. "Henry Pym invented them. This should definitely not be bait, though we could make them think they snagged another empty canister. Not like they can see the particle without the right equipment or… well touching it.. which wouldn't help them much… amusing as it may be."

Ronin quirks an eyebrow. At least it's not something that'll blow up a city block. Or a city. "Well do you have any ideas? Wait… you kind of… appeared. Maybe we don't need good bait as much as we need good tracks. If they get tagged for RFID, radiation or anything conventional, they'll get picked up and the cargo will be ejected. If we can figure out a way to tag the cargo that they can't detect it won't matter what it is… though… you know… really really good bait wouldn't hurt."

One particle of what indeed? That's the question he wanted to ask. But Oracle did for him.

Well now, isn't that interesting. Pyms research is known and there's lots of people trying to work it out … but the man has been elusive and even the best Science! minds in the community were kind of stuck thre.

"An empty cannister will work. But as my erstwhile friend there says, tracking it is a problem. Which is why he's ended up in that dumpster." The redhead is already running searches on Pym and his research but, really, what a 'Particle' is seems moot at this point … getting the ones that Ronin is after, is the goal here.

Likely to remain befuddled, it defies a lot of standard science these days.

The Wasp studies the canister. "Well this one was trackable… there is a chance they would figure it out at this middle man of yours those." she ponders. "We could plant me in one of the shipments though"

"Y-…" Ronin hadn't thought of that. He's done a lot of this work solo for lack of people to trust aside from Kate who is often busy these days. And in any case doing work that this… sort of side job supports. "That's… that's actually a really good idea. Would you be willing to work with us, Wasp? We could leak that some warehouse has a security fault. Get them to come in and steal a specific lot of containers with you squirreled away." If it were Clint hiding, that wouldn't work. But the Wasp….?

"What do you think Miss Delphi?"

Leaning forward in her chair as Wasp speaks, Oracles green eyes narrow for a moment as she considers. "What failsafes for your own safety do you have, Wasp?" Whoever Ronin is dealing with, they don't play nice and Gothams Information Goddess won't unnecessiraly endanger anyone.

The Wasp considers "Well, a restrained AI secretary named HAL." she seems amused by that. Then she coughs "Seriously though. I can go smaller than they can interact with in a dire emergancy. I'll be fine I'm sure." confident. She doesn't mention going big.

Clint thinks about it. "Well Oracle, it's not exactly like we're getting as much headway as we need doing it the arrow and punch way… though I think I'll want to be on hand in case some arrows and punches are needed." He might even not fall onto a skylight this time.

That had been… so very problematic.

"Oracle can you set up the necessary leaks to the underworld?" However the Information Goddess does it, it's very effective. "How soon can you be ready Miss… is it Wasp or Miss Wasp or Captain Wasp or something?"

The skylight. Oracle has /not/ forgotten the Skylight … or the fact that she had to scramble a Quinjet to rescue the archer. Problematic only /just/ begins to describe that debarcle.

"Agreed, Ronin." Although Wasps comments about her size get a raised eyebrow. Interestinger and Interestinger… "Allow Wasp to do her thing and you and I will be on hand in case things … go south."

"I can leak information to the Underworld… " that actually isn't easy. The hacker has many persona's in the cyber world and one of those … well, the less said the better.

The Wasp just looks at Ronin for a long moment. "Janet or The Wasp. Maybe Wasp. Who would call themselves Miss Wasp or Captain Wasp?" she seems genuinely puzzled by that. "I set my own schedule. Tell me when you are ready, or rather call the number HAL is sending you now, and I'll be there."

"Hell I don't know." Clint shrugs. "There's a guy who calls himself Captain America who used to work for SHIELD and another guy called Captain Britian who has been seen working with the JL:A. I'm just wating for Sargent Switzerland and Major Madagascar to show up…" He shakes his head.

"Well then it's mostly on Oracle. I'll keep doing my… chasing the guys in pajamas thing while she sets it up and we'll give you a ring." She can, by the way, totally take the cannister he recovered. After hearing what's inside, he doesn't want it.

And this might be why May asked Oracle to 'keep an eye' on Ronin. That dry wit of his, will get him in trouble - again …

As HAL transmits the number, it gets stored - in Oracles database. The one she keeps on all the heroes, along with their identities, when she works them out. "Allow about a week, Wasp." the digital voice responds to the pair. "I'll need to leak the information carefully and then set up the situation to our advantage. "Was there anything …." she pauses and Wasps phone will be beep, the Oracle App ready to install - Wasps link to the Gotham Hacker. "Now you have a way to get in touch with me." or HAL does.

The App is examined and parsed and then allowed by HAL.

Wasp pauses and looks at the phone. "Huh.. well that was risky but okay." she tucks it away. "This sounds like a good plan. Well at least a reasonable one with a chance of working. I'll poke around a bit as well and let you know if I hear or find anything."

"Alright… Catch you soon Wasp. I uh… I think I'm going to go shower. And burn this costume." Well probably just wash it eight times. But he's thinking about burning it. Fish guts stink. "And Oracle can… do whatever it is mysterious not quite greek computer things do…" Whatever that is.

Maybe she just streams Magic Mike all day. He doesn't know.

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