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January 05, 2016:

Doctor Strange visits Nilaa, to inquire to Amy (Amaya) and her mother Graciel of House Amethyst about a certain visit from Eclipso.

Nilaa - House of Amethyst

The House of Amethyst looks to be made of crystal, amethyst to be exact. The audience chamber is a vast room, with a raised dais and throne.


NPCs: Lady Graciel



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The world, while holding some similarities to Earth, is also vastly different. It's animals are much more fantastic and the magical energies that can be found here is far beyond what Earth typically holds. The world is broken up in various nations, both major houses and minor houses, with the major House of Amethyst somehow being tangled in the middle of it all.

While activity can be found all throughout the majestic crystalline house, almost castle, the Lady of the House, can be found striding through one of its great halls. By her side is her mother and the two are walking and talking. Or rather, Amy is walking, while her mother is walking and talking.

"It's important that we finish your education here, Amy -" It's been so long since Lady Graciel thought of her daughter as anything but that, that she still calls her by that name. " - Once you're up to speed on everything, especially the politics, you'll feel better."

Amy for her part offers a faint grimace to her mother, as she says with just a hint of edge to her voice, "You mean you will mother." And while Amy does agree with her mother, it doesn't stop her from adding that little barb in there. She knows her mother worries about just how well she'll navigate the politics of this world. No longer is about friendships and gossips that have gone bad. This isn't high school, after all.

At Amy's words, Graciel will turn and give her daughter a look. Amy will raise her hands in defeat, even as she grins at her mother, "Seriously, mother. I know. I won't let you down." Lady Graciel's features soften a bit, at that. "I know, honey. You've done far more than I had ever hoped you'd be able to."

It had been many years since Dr. Strange heard about Nilaa. There are many magic-rich dimensions and worlds out there, and a sorcerer could spend lifetimes exploring them. Unfortunately he has little time for exploring and ultimately he spends more time in the places that cause problems to Earth than in the places that would be interesting to him.

Except a few weeks ago something came from Nilaa and fired off ancient alarms set in the Orb of Agamotto, which consequently revealed some pages in the Book of the Vishanti so far had escaped his attention. And ever since passage between Nilaa and Earth, has become more common, to the point he has finally decided to track down the traveler. To the Amethyst lands. But what little he remembers of the Gemworld makes logical to think the traveler is a noble.

The next dilemma is how to approach the situation. Subterfuge or diplomacy. He has chosen diplomacy on grounds problems back on Earth won't let him spend too many days sneaking around and trying to figure how to get through wards and alarms created with magic traditions he is unfamiliar. So he just walks to the gates of the palace and introduces himself as the Supreme Sorcerer of Earth, requesting audience with the house ruler.

The guards are quick to react when the unknown visitor approaches their gates. Their weapons, which look to be swords sheathed at their hips, are withdrawn with a sharp metallic ring. The swords are a combination of metal and crystal, purple crystal to be exact, and for those in the known the gem is actually amethyst. A casual look at the guard houses next to each side of the gate will reveal pikes, as well as several more guards inside. Already, the group of soldiers are exiting from the guardhouses.

"Stop there!" The initial guards call out in unison in the Nilaan language, their swords pointed towards the Supreme Sorcere of Earth. Yes, he already stopped, but they still say those words of theirs. Even with their numbers swelling to eight as a whole, those weapons are still pointed toward the stranger.

Inside the great hall that Amy and her mother can be found still within, a page is quickly running towards them. Word has already trickled from the guards to the great house, as the page skids to a stop before the two ladies. He quickly bends to knee, before gasping out his message, "Ladies. An unknown man is stating he's from First Home. The guards have him surrounded currently."

Both Amy and her mother look sharply at one another, before the two seem to move in unison. Amy says, "First Home? Who do you think it could be?" Graciel shakes her head, even as she says to the page, "Get the head of the guard. Tell him to ready a troupe." A look is given to Amy from her mother and it's enough to cause a mental kick for Amy, as she follows her mother's words, with, "Yes. Have them escort him to the audience chamber. Armed."

Lady Graciel nods and then both herself and Amy make their way to the audience chamber. The page dashes off, intent on doing his duty for the 'ladies' of the household.

After about ten minutes, the guard, with a troupe of five men and women arrive at the gates. The Sorcerer Supreme is given a once over, as the guards look for any known weapons upon his form. When they see none, the head guard will step forward. "The Lady of the House has granted you an audience. This way."

After a route through a variety of twists, turns and hallways, Doctor Strange will be led into the audience chamber. It's a huge affair and in the center of it is a raised golden and amethyst colored throne. Sitting upon it is Amy, while her mother is settled off to the side of her daughter's throne. When Doctor Strange arrives, Amy will frown. There's clearing no recognition within her purple hued eyes, but Graciel's? That's a different story. There's recognition in there, though she has yet to say anything.

Doctor Strange waits patiently at the gates, apparently just waiting, although in truth he is studying the flows of magic around the building. He carries no weapons, at least not sword, wand or staff. If the guards recognize the Eye of Agamotto on his chest, they probably deserve a raise. Almost everything Strange is carrying is magical or has been enchanted, and he is openly wearing the Cloak of Levitation over a pale blue shirt with the sigil of the Vishanti emblazoned in black.

On stepping into the audience chamber, Strange's expression remains calm, although his eyes narrow briefly at spotting Graciel. He might have found surprising the one in the throne is a very young woman, but bows politely regardless. "Greetings, and well met. I am Doctor Stephen Strange, I thank you for receiving me so promptly."

The guards settle in a rough semi circle around Doctor Strange. Perhaps if he had come weeks before, he'd have been met with a different response, but so soon after the attack on the major houses by the man from First Home … Who was originally from Nilaa, but was banished to First Home … Well, let's just say that everyone is on high alert. While their swords are now sheathed, their hands stay upon the hilts of said swords.

Amy takes in Stephen Strange's appearance, not recognizing the Eye, the cloak or the symbol for what they are. Power. And a lot of it. Graciel on the other hand, does recognize it and while she's uncertain why Strange is here, she knows he's not necessarily a threat to them. Or so she hopes.

Finally, after he introduces himself, Amy likewise does the same. Pitching her voice to be heard across the whole hall, Amy says, "Greetings, Doctor Strange. I'm Lady Am - Amaya, of the House Amethyst." There's only the smallest of hesitancies with introducing herself. She still thinks of herself as Amy and almost said just that. "Why have you come to Nilaa from First Home?" She asks, quite bluntly. Tension clearly evident in her voice and along her shoulders, as she sits upon that throne. It's only after she asks that last question, that Lady Graciel will step forward, to lay a hand upon her daughter's shoulder.

It should be clear to Doctor Strange that Graciel is acting in an advisory role here.

A one sided conversation is easily seen, as Lady Graciel reveals just who Doctor Strange is. At least, the information that Lady Graciel knows herself. The tension that rode along Amy's shoulders lessen slightly, but she still waits to see how Strange answers her question.

Strange arches an eyebrow at the bluntness, and considers his words for a few seconds, then he explains. "There has been some unusual traffic between Earth and Gemworld. And recently a fallen celestial, an enemy of all humankind, crossed over causing some ancient wards to flare up. I came to investigate these crossings, most of which seem to have come from this area."

Perhaps if Strange knew of all that has occurred upon Nilaa aka Gemworld, he'd understand the tension and the bluntness, as it is - Well, it likely seems rude to him. Upon seeing their new Lady of the house relax just a hint, the Captain of the Guard does the same, though he doesn't lose any watchfulness when it comes to Doctor Strange.

The mention of the fallen celestial causes both women to grimace and Graciel especially, as she unconsciously touches her side, where a wound used to be. It's healed now, but it was terrible enough that she still feels a twitch of phantom pain occasionally.

"Fallen celestial?" Amy begins, as she rises from her seat, obviously trying to dispense with the whole ruler and subject set-up currently. "- I can't say I know exactly what that is, but if you mean someone who was powerful enough to enslave hundreds, if not thousands of people at a drop of a hat? Than, yes, definitely a fallen celestial. We were able to defeat him, but it was rough."

Graciel follows her daughter down the steps and once they've cleared the throne, the older woman will offer a faint smile towards Doctor Strange. "It has been many years, Strange. It's good to see you in fine health." As her mother speaks, Amy will wave the guards off and while they step far enough way to give the illusion of privacy, they're still close enough to attack if need be. The Captain of the Guard stays quite close, the hulking beast of a man simply listening with a closed expression upon his features.

"It is good to see you, Lady Graciel." Replies Strange, "I see your daughter has grown into a woman, and taken the power of the house," is a question without a question. But there are more important business at hand. "Yes, a fallen celestial. Ages ago this creature was a mighty champion from a race of divine beings. Now he is a parasite, a demon. Mortals call him Eclipso, his true name was Galid."

"Yes, she has." Graciel says, a maternal smile going towards her daughter; answering both of those rhetorical questions. Amy returns that smile of other mothers and then she's turning her attention to Doctor Strange again.

"That's the name we learned of. Eclipso." Amy says, even as she settles her hands upon her hips. "And his power seemed to grow when an eclipse happened here. Thankfully, with help -" A look goes to her mother, "- We were able to banish him out of Nilaa once again."

"So, yeah, I'm sure you saw /a lot/ of comings and goings from here to Earth and back again." Comes Amy's final words, sounding just a touch non-regal, as she slips easily back into the speech patterns of an eighteen year old. "And you'll probably see more. I plan to keep ties with Earth and Nilaa."

That causes Graciel's gaze to focus on her daughter once more and there's a look to her face. A pinched look. They've had this conversation, really argument, for weeks now. Graciel feels Amy should stay here and forget First Home, while Amy feels far differently. "Yes." Comes Graciel's response, with only a hint of disapproval coming through, "Amaya feels very strongly of this. Even if she still has so much to /learn/."

The tone brings Amy's gaze right back to her mother and the two stare at eachother for a handful of second. Oh, yes, they love each other but they're too much alike. Stubborn. And as such, they butt heads, a lot.

Well, that explains the comings and goings. Not an agent of Eclipso after all. Strange nods, "well, as you know Earth is no longer particularly hostile to sorcerers. In fact, it looks as if we are experienced a new Heroic Age. But I am very concerned about Eclipso's return. Too many powerful hostile beings seem to be moving against my world at the same time."

Amy's expression turns grim, thoughtfully grim, if that's such a thing. Her oddly colored eyes will go from Doctor Strange, to her mother, before she says, "That's … not good." And even Lady Graciel, while hesitant to get involved with Earth politics and troubles, likewise nods. One fallen celestial, as it were, already invaded Nilaa, to have more … "Troubling indeed."

And while her guards may be surprised, her mother isn't, when Amy says. "We should help." And while Lady Graciel agrees to some degree, her expression turns cautious and when Amy sees it, she quickly follows up. "If one celestial returned, who's to say another wouldn't? I'm sure there are more enemies to our homeworld and theirs-Earth, that would affect both of us." Sometimes it's hard to know just how to refer to the two worlds that Amy calls home. Really, it is.

Lady Graciel holds a hand upward, as she says, "While I would love to disagree, I have to agree, but we must be cautious. You have so much to learn, we cannot ignore your education simply because trouble is about."

And while Graciel speaks, her gaze turns thoughtfully towards Strange.

"I am now the Supreme Sorcerer, Lady Graciel. I was a mere master when we met years ago. But as the millennium turned the demon Shuma Gorath attacked Earth and my predecessor and teacher gave his life to stop it," and although he wasn't asking for help, Strange seems pleasantly surprised when the Amethyst ladies seem willing to lend some. "Well, this actually could be a good time for the Nilians to become involved again in affairs of their ancestral homeworld. Humankind is meeting alien races, Atlantis has openly revealed its existence and magic has lost much of it underserved reputation now so many superhumans of all stripes walk among the population."

Lady Graciel nods at Strange's words; understanding that his powers have obviously increased, since their last meeting. Amy just looks back and forth between the two, before giving a faint shrug at the undertones. She doesn't remember Strange, obviously having been too young to recall their meeting.

It's, however, Strange's next words that cause Lady Graciel to look stricken. That expression is quickly covered though, as she says, "Perhaps. At least, to give you aide. I cannot see our world stepping back to yours, as it seems Atlantis has done." She shakes her head, "To do that … there'd be much to consider."

And while Graciel is obviously a tradionalist, who doesn't want to integrate back with First Home, Amy is different. She looks thoughtful, but having seen her mother's fleeting expression, says nothing for the moment. "Either way, Doctor Strange." Amy finally says, "We will help. We can at least tighten our magical borders here and help First Home, should you need it."

Lady Graciel nods and then finally, she adds, "Perhaps, when Amaya is upon First Home, you would instruct her in the ways of your magics? Ours are so vastly different. If a being from your realm comes to ours to attack, it would be good of us to know your ways."

Notice, she didn't say /our/ ways. Graciel is pragmatic to the core. If she doesn't have to give up their magics, she won't. Thankfully, she has Amy, as she easily steps up and says, "Yes, we could share knowledge. To a degree, at least." Amy understands her mother, it's about keeping things secret, to be kept safe, but sometimes you can't always be that way.

"I do believe Earth and Nilaa could learn much of each other," notes Strange. But Graciel barely bothered to learn anything, did she? On the other hand Amaya speaks like an American girl. Also, did Graciel ask him to teach her daughter? That was unexpected.

Or maybe it wasn't. The Vishanti want him to train a disciple. That has been pretty clear for about a year. And he had already met a few candidates.

He glances to Amaya, studying her with the eyes of a mage. With all the power of a major house in her, the blonde woman could become a very strong sorceress, if she has the talent to match her raw power. "Yes. That… is actually a good idea," he admits.

Yes, Lady Graciel barely learned anything from First Home. It was all about hiding herself and her daughter from the threat of her sister. That was the utmost importance of her being there. Those first years she grieved too much for her lost husband to look much beyond her pain and then after that, she was too involved with figuring out First World, as well as figuring out how to raise a baby too.

While her mother falls quiet, Amy easily steps up to fill the void in conversation. "Agreed. Then it's settled?" Amy says quickly, even as Graciel shakes herself out of her self imposed stupor. Frowning, the elder Lady says with a good amount of hesitancy to her voice, "Yes, I suppose it is."

Switching her gaze from her mother to Doctor Strange, Amy adds, "And while on Earth, I can look to see just how Eclipso barged his way back in. He was banished, that banishment should have held. It'd be good to know what exactly happened to prevent anything like that from ever happening again."

Which reminds Strange something, he looks back to Graciel, "and I'd like to consult your records about Eclipso's activities here. It had been well over ten centuries since he last plagued Earth. I wish to know why did he come to Gemworld and who did he possess here. And how did the sorcerers of Nilaa neutralize him for so long."

As for Amy, he adds. "I live in New York, my house is at 177A Bleecker Street in the Greenwich Village neighborhood. I will ensure appropriate lodgings are prepared for you if you wish to stay Earth-side for a time."

Lady Graciel nods to Strange's request, saying with that movement of hers, "Of course. I shall contact House Topaz to start delving back in our historical records. It will take time, but I'm certain we can find something about it. All we were able to find mentioned, at a quick glance, is that an ancestor of House Amethyst banished the being to First Home."

Amy nods, along with what her mother says, "Yes, it's why we succeeded in banishing him again. Or at least, that's how it seemed. Our House had the home court advantage." As for accomidations? Amy will nods, as she says, "Please. That would be perfect. I do plan on spending time both here and First Home." A quick look is darted towards Graciel by Amy, but it's clear that Graciel has come to terms with what her daughter is planning on doing.

Turning back to Strange, Graciel adds lastly, "Thank you for helping us with this, Doctor Strange. Our House will not forget this.

"But you offered your help first, my lady," replies Strange with a faint smile. He seems pleased to know there are records from a thousand years ago. Such things are rare among common in Earth nations. And he definitely needs to know more about Eclipso.

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