60 Days Later

April 11, 2015:

Supergirl tracks down Logan to catch up with him and see if he'd like her to talk to the others about him joining the JLA!

Out in the country

Some road out in the country.


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Fade In…

It had been several months since Supergirl's arrival on Earth and her first meeting with the man known as Wolverine. In that time, she had worked with several of the X-Men teams and members; even serving alongside one of them who was a new recruit to the JL:Avengers.

She had not forgotten about the old man who had shown her kindness before and so it was that she tracked Wolverine, flying up beside him while he was on his motorcycle.

Waving she said, "Hey Wolverine, long time no see!"

The motorcycle sped along the highway, the trees becoming a blur as it zipped by them. But then a woman came up beside it, and the rider. Logan wore no helmet. Technically it was illegal, but he didn't near to wear one. He'd survive any crash he got into, and besides, he was born before there were motorcycles, let alone motorcycle rules.

Any normal rider wouldn't have heard a word she said, but Logan's hearing ain't normal. He knew what she said, and if it weren't for the speeds he was travelling, he would have spotted her scent long before she actually presented herself.

In no way did Logan appear to be surprised or spooked. He reacted calmly, easing on the breaks and coming to a controlled stop at the side of the highway before he replied, "Kara ain't it?" He says, remembering her name. And he even said it with a pretty good accent, almost as if he had an ear for that kind of thing. It's similar to the human name, but not exactly. The kind of thing a native Kryptonian would notice, but most people wouldn't. Logan ain't most people.

"Yep! Kara Zor-El, you met me shortly after I arrived on Earth and helped me deal with that creeper General Zod. Sorry I never came to visit the X-Men, I ended up joining the Justice League and BAM!" Kara points to the belt buckle on her jeans, "Now I'm a shiny fancy member and I help them save Earth. Pretty cool right?"

"Whatever happened to him?" Logan muses quietly as he straddles the motorcycle. His doesn't look like a new one. In fact, now that Kara's spent some time on Earth, his looked quite old. It's in pristine condition, like new, but the design, it's got to be an antique.

Nocking his head, he makes no judgements on it being cool. He ain't exactly a government type of guy. "Glad to hear yer all settled in. I bet you got yerself a smart phone, twitter account, an everythin', eh?"

Kara pulls out her iphone with the pink case showing it off proudly, "Yep! I've got like everything, even facebook, myspace, twitter, imgur, linkedin.." She lists off practically every single website you could sign up to unless Logan stops her, otherwise she goes on for a good 10 minutes.

When she's done or interrupted she smiles brightly, "Want to swap all those infos? I have mine memorized. "

Logan figured as much. In fact, there's probably some girls at the mansion with the same one. "imgur?" he says, not recognising that one. Either that, or he just wanted her to stop listing websites. Logan hardly ever goes online. He's old like that.

"… uh, I have an email address, and a phone number." Yeah, old fogies like him. When's he going to join the 20th century…

"Well, you should totally share it with me and hey, you know the Justice League Avengers is recruiting. We could have used someone like you this week stopping Ultra-Humanite but I'm sure you were busy off on your own business." Kara pouts a little, "Want me to ask Wonder Woman or Hawkeye if they want you to join?"

Logan says, "My number is ( 914 ) 005 - 6426 and my e-mail ude.etutitsnireivax|nagol#ude.etutitsnireivax|nagol" That's simple enough, he doesn't mind sharing that, but when the team is brought up, he thinks about it, "if you need a hand, just let me know. I'll see what I can do." He's not committing, but he seems to collect teams. Everyone wants him to join them. That's how he ended up in Kuwait, Mongolia, and Peru last week. "Sure, why don't you check with Wonder Woman or Hawkeye, see what they think." This happens far too often. Fury even once showed up in his bedroom. At least Kara let him sleep.

Kara rapidly typed the information into her phone and gave a thumbs up, "Well, I'll go talk to them and then I'll call you ok. I'll try not to come interrupt you in the middle of the night like Mister Fury, but if you see him tell him I really want to meet him, ok?" She offered Logan a hug, "Nice to see you again!"

How'd she find out about Fury showing up in his bedroom, thought Logan. Maybe she's a telepath, he muses. "That's fine," he answers to her question. The hug was a surprise, but it's welcomed, and returned, "all right, nice ta see you too, Kara Zor-El." She seems a good kid, though with that much power coursing through her, she needs help. That's why he suggested the school, but if she's getting it elsewhere, that's fine too. But this, the whole thing, it came as a bit of a shock. She found him in the middle of nowhere, said hi, and then left. Yep, she's going to fit right in with the other teens.

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