January 02, 2016:

Jemma decides to examine the Daemonite body SHIELD already has in custody.


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Psyborgs, Sigma agents and now Daemonites … Jemma's schedule is full. Today, there's been a special delivery to The Triskelion. If May has been keeping tabs on where Jemma has been, she'd know that she was called to a Warehouse and met with Ronin.

Not long after that, a SHIELD detachment had been called … to remove a metal container and several unconscious asian 'businessmen' from the scene.

Right now, the SHIELD biochemist, can be found in an examination room off SHIELD medical. On the table is the 'body' of the first Lizardlike creature that was recovered a week or so ago.

Melinda May arrives at the autopsy room and enters quietly to avoid startling anyone working. She looks at the form on the table, then at Jemma, where ever she's at in this room. Rather than speak up right away, she waits to be noticed, though the aroma coming from the thermos of tea in her hands might give her away soon enough.

The tea does get Jemma's attention. She'd been standing, with her back to the door, observing the body on the table and running some diagnostics. Turning to look at the Senior Agent, she smiles and gestures her to enter "Agent May, heard the news I assume?"

May … might be interested to note, that the creature on table … although dead … is restrained with cuffs circling it wrists and ankles, securing it to the table.

Melinda May moves to a nearby table to set down the thermos before approaching the creature Jemma is working on. "Run it by me again, just to be sure." She looks at the restrained corpse, and can't really find fault there.

Taking two mugs off the side, as May puts the thermos down, Jemma looks at the creature on the table. The rather large cut across it's kidney's, inflicted by Jericho's sword, has nearly mended.

Pouring tea for herself and May, Jemma starts to summarise.

"I had a call from Ronin today, asking me for advice." At least May doesn't seem to mind if Jemma sometimes answers calls like that. "I … had thought he needed patching up again but … instead, there were, what I believe to be, Yakuza unconscious in a warehouse with a deep freeze container in the middle of it."

On one of the screens on the work table, an image of the metal container and it's contents are shown "Ronin had uncovered … another daemonite. Frozen, or cooled at least, by the people he had just subdued."

Gesturing back to the creature on the table, Jemma sighs "What I saw there, had me looking more closely at this one. It's … wound is healing …" More images flash on the screen … the wound when they had taken the 'body' into custody and the wound now… Jemma's not wrong.

Melinda May listens attentively, not interrupting but nodding as Jemma explains. And when she shows that the creature's injuries have indeed healed some. "How quickly can we arrange to put this one into cryostasis?" Because she is NOT going to deal with this thing getting loose in the middle of any SHIELF facility.

"Uh…" Jemma blinks. May is always so direct and whilst the biochem is getting used to that, it still sometimes takes her by surprise.

"That's the thing, Agent May." she starts to explain "I'm not sure cryostasis will have an effect on it." On the screen are images of the one in the container, the large gash under it's left arm and the torso peppered with bullet wounds.

"I managed to get some samples of these wounds when the container was bought back today. They'd be no more than a day or two old…." and yet, they look like they've been healing for a while.

As she's talking, one of the monitoring machines, shows a peak….

Melinda May is absorbing that information when she straightens suddenly, the peak on the monitoring machine catching her attention from her peripheral vision. "We need to lock it down somehow, then. And right now." She's already pulling the new mithril swords that Ryden made for her and mentally preparing to try and fight off something that got past Captain Marvel. This could … be very brief and unpleasant.

Jemma's noted the peak on the machine and is stepping towards the bed to check on her 'patient' when it rips free of the restraints, in a rending of metal on metal. Arms and legs exert an unnatural force against the cuffs used to restrain and an arm whips out to knock the biochemist flying.

Sitting up on the bed, gaining its feet quickly … the Lizardlike being turns it gaze on May … and then Simmons … and both women feel a telepathic pressure on their minds … urging them to let the creature go ….

Melinda May squints against the telepathic pressure, forcing herself to use both SHIELD anti-coersion techniquest and Shaolin mental discipline to not let its urging win over. "NO," she grates at it. She wants to check on Jemma, but now is not the time. Okay, Pendulum. Any help you can offer, now would be a good time.

Jemma lands hard, back against the cabinet and slumps to the floor. Looking dazedly at the creature, she blinks … and blinks again, trying to clear her head.

With great effort she shakes her head and tries to emulate May, and canting a mantra in her head and staring back at the creature. But she's dazed….

The pendulum, does indeed flare, and May can feel her mental resove strengthening… giving her some clarity to do something but it's going to be a hard won clarity - this creature is strong.

But perhaps she's too late … the creature runs towards a wall and phases … right through it … and the next and the next …

Melinda May tries to chase after the creature, but has to stop as it phases through the wall and she can't. She bites off a curse, then turns and rushes to the comm panel by the door, slapping a red button there and setting off all of the building alerts. "Ops, this is May. Containment breach outside of Medical. Large lizard-like being is loose. Very fast, psionic abilities. Clear the halls and do not engage. I repeat, do NOT engage." As soon as she's done speaking she steps over to check on Jemma. "Are you all right?"

Jemma's still dazed but relatively unharmed … a little sore and sheepish from being slammed against the counter "'mmm fine…" she mumbles as she slowly draws herself to her feet, gazing at the space where the creature had last been.

"Agent May, no sign of the creature. On cameras or in person." Comes the report from SHIELD security. "Positivie contact, no it's gone again."

By the time they go looking for the creature it's gone. The question that has to be asked … has it left the Triskelion or … has it infiltrated? How would they know?

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