Career Changes

January 02, 2016:

Oliver and Felicity catch up after he returns from his soul searching vacation.

Queen Consolidated


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He had been avoiding it, really avoiding it. Queen Consolidated just reeked of things in his past that frankly Oliver has been attempting to avoid ever since he returned from the island. Money, Corporatism, the Past, all the things that drove him to vanish for several weeks only to come back a short time ago. But as much as he tried to avoid it, there was the reality that yes, he would have to return to the office and at least appear to have some interest in what was going on. So that is where Oliver Queen was, not in the CEO's office — rather a smaller side office where he could look stuff over in private, not that he really knew what he was looking at.

A quiet but persistent knocking happens on Oliver's door once he's back in Queen Consolidated. It took Felicity a little while to find him, but she did. She's someone used to getting her way when her mind is set on something. The door opens just slightly and the ponytailed, bespectacled blonde woman pokes her head inside. "You know, when Oliver Queen comes back to the office, just because he's in a smaller office doesn't mean people don't take notice." She gives him a bit of a smile. "Were you going to at least tell me you were here?"

There's a sudden movement and Oliver is seen moving a book away but it isn't fast enough. The bright yellow of the book with black title on it highlights the name 'Business for Dummies'. He coughs and puts it aside before smiling and pushing back from his desk. "I was hoping to be in and out before anyone really took notice." Standing, he walks out from around the desk towards the door, motioning Felicity to come in. "Sorry. This is just not a place I'm comfortable in, don't want to stay here longer than I have to."

Felicity rolls her eyes in a very loving way as she steps inside and shuts the door behind her. Seeing her half in and half out of a doorway would make people ask her what she's doing. And Felicity's not good at lying. "As if I wouldn't have put a ping on your ID card so that when you signed into security I would know you got in the building. That is, you know, totally not what I did. Because that would be a gross invasion of privacy. Even if it was a friend who did it because she is totally worried about you because you disappeared to an island for weeks."

She takes a moment and a breath, her tone becoming less intense and more conversational. With a sigh and a shrug of her shoulders, she moves leans against the door just a bit. "I know, Oliver. But, you've got to give me something."

Moving around, Oliver perches himself on the edge of the desk and nods a bit as he listens, particularly to the last part and offers a small smile towards Felicity. "Getting around to the things here were… well I'll be honest they were of the highest priority to me. This business was my father's not mine." He pauses then, "But that doesn't excuse treating the people of that without priority. So please, sit." Again there's a pause and then an Oliver-smile(tm), "Wait, didn't the last time we talk about this place you indicate that you were only thinking about an offer?"

"I know it never was a huge priority to you, but you did used to come in," Felicity tells him. As the offer is brought up, she sighs and shakes her head. "This isn't about that." And it truly isn't. She's been worried about him for his own sake. "I was going to accept it, but you disappeared." While she does move further into the office, she frowns and crosses her arms without sitting. "I'm worried about you."

Oliver is quiet for a long while before he nods his head. "I looked at my life. I stepped back and just looked at it. What I was doing, what I wasn't doing." His eyes lift up and he looks at Felicity in hers. "It was like staring into an abyss of emptiness. On the island for all those years … I found who I was and who I could be. When I came back that was —" He sighs and trails off. "Anyway. I didn't like what I saw. It was a hollow shell of a person. I had to find myself, refocus myself." Oliver's voice has been trailing off the entire time and then he straightens some and smiles. "The path I was on left a lot of damage. Broken hearts and broken bodies. I've been working on repairing those, that's where I've been."

Felicity's arms remain crossed while she listens to Oliver. Her face is usually an open book and right now it shows a clearly worried expression. This is nothing new and she's already told him her current state of mind. It's not like she's attempting to hide anything from him. "I get that, Oliver. I really do. But, you could have at least let me know that this was a disappearance by choice. I know what you do. I hacked into morgues and prisons just to make sure no weren't dead or arrested." She sighs a moment and shakes her head. "I'm just glad you're back home safe."

Oliver nods his head towards Felicity, "And I am glad to be back home. Again, sorry that you were worried about me Felicity but, well like you said, sometimes the things I used to do would get me into situations. You don't have to worry about that anymore. What you do need to worry about is the job offer that was put on the table before I left, because I believe that they are looking to fill the spot. Even if my name is on the front of the building, I don't carry that much weight around here." He nods towards the book he was reading, the Businesses for Dummies book. "For obvious reasons."

"I don't?" Felicity studies Oliver and finally moves to sit down in the chair opposite him. "So you're done? With the whole…" she makes a mimed motion of shooting arrows with a raised eyebrow. "…thing?" That's certainly surprising to her. "That must have been some soul searching." The mention of the job offer is met with a smile and a shrug. "I mean, I'd love the job, but I also don't know that much about business. I just know computers, really."

Oliver brushes over the question of him being 'done' and instead leans forward a bit, hands on the desk that he is sitting on to smile at Felicity. "What you are is highly intelligent and adaptable. You respond quickly to situations, you think outside the box, and you refuse to accept defeat. I can't think of anyone who would be better for the position. Plus, people like you and that goes a long way."

The fact that he brushes aside the Arrow Question is not missed by Felicity. He did just say she was intelligent - and it would take someone much less perceptive to not miss that dodge. "Well, I can certainly give them my resume," she grins. "And see how if it happens." Her career isn't really what she's focused the most on at the moment. "Speaking of not accepting defeat, I can't help but notice you completely side-stepping that other question. Seems like an important one. While we're on the subject of careers."

Oliver is quiet for awhile before he reaches over to his Business for Dummies book and tosses it towards Felicity, the cover peeling away to reveal underneath it a copy of Art of War. "Soul searching also included a bit of reading for me as well. I have not decided what I am doing yet, other than I don't want to do it." He smiles softly but it doesn't touch his eyes in the least. "The more I think on it, the less I believe I can do any good without doing what is necessary. And that is a road I am not sure I wish to travel down. In order to be the Green Arrow and truly serve the public I must be willing to go to hell without remorse."

Felicity very awkwardly catches the tossed book, mostly cradling it against herself to make sure it doesn't crash to the floor. Once she's able to properly hold it, she realizes what it is he's actually reading. "Woah, you did the smutty romance cover trick and I totally fell for it." Blinking, she shakes her head. "Not that I read smutty romances. Just that I know the trick." Letting the book rest in her lap, she looks back over to Oliver with a soft smile. "I'm not sure if that's true," she tells him. "Doing what is necessary doesn't mean you have to kill anyone or think you're going to go to hell."

"Perhaps." Oliver responds before pushing himself up from the desk, now the smile does get to his eyes. "But fortunately I'm not going to make that decision for some time. As far as anyone is concerned the Green Arrow is still on the Island. Only Oliver Queen is back for now and I'm honestly hoping to keep it that way. Besides, my hands will be full with the plans I have at present, which will keep me away from the company proper and why I'm hoping I'll have someone I trust still here?"

As Oliver stands, so does Felicity, cradling the book in her arms as she does so. "Well, I'm glad Oliver Queen is back," she tells him with a warmer smile. "He'll always have someone in Queen Consolidated to keep a look out. Unless that person gets fired for using company servers for unusual activity because she is keeping an eye for said friend." Her brow wrinkles for a moment, "Wait, I may have made that more confusing than I intended, as I may have implied you were the one doing the hacking." With a sigh, she begins again, making it simpler. "The point is, as long as I'm here, you've got a friend at Queen Consolidated."

Stepping forward, she holds the book out for him to take, on surer footing here. "And I wouldn't worry so much." While the smile is back, her voice is serious. "You've got a good heart, Oliver. Under all the designer suits and the absolutely crazy amounts of muscle. I know you'll know what to do when it comes down to it."

Oliver laughs a bit and accepts the book back, nodding at Felicity. "Thank you Felicity, I mean it. I hope you are right. I just know my perspective on things is changing. I trust when I need to talk it through you're just a phone call away?"

Felicity grins at Oliver and starts to move toward the door. "You're welcome. Any time." Glancing over her shoulder, she nods. "You took the words right out of my mouth. Call if you need me."

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