The Holiest of Holies

January 01, 2016:

As the Outsiders keep being messed with and rotated in a time trap, they end up in Egypt during a crucial Era.


Just off the banks of the Nile and right before the Valley of the Kings.


NPCs: Deepalo K'tten



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Djeser-Djeseru, Egypt 1457 BC. (Part 1)

The Wild West ending left the Outsiders leaving before their mark in history made things twist and turn in a way that may have been better (knowing how it ultimately ends, sadly) and yet it is not their place to Butterfly Effect the history that could even end their own existance, or change it drastically.

Though even so much as truly knowing this is half the battle; fighting the headache from trying to parse it is the rest.

Returning upon the HMSS they tried another flight, another psh with a desire to go home, but the dizzying effect that does not come to those used to such travel lets them know their wish is not granted and the strings are pulled once more where time and space ebb, wane, and drop them over a differing desert.

"The stars differ greatly, their alignments show different longitude and latitude making this time," Beat as K'tten tries to find the exact words and Depalo cuts in. "Over three thousand years ago."

Starfire stands at the control panel now, blinking as scanners from their ship -hanging precariously just within atmosphere but cloaked - sweeps over to send back imagery of the landscape below. Sand covered crags, slopes and hills, desert for miles upon miles, but along a single large river not yet inundating is greenery and farms where papyrus leaves are being harvested as well as that of crops and animals mill just along shores downriver. But just off the banks a large temple bears quite a bit of hustle and bustle as work seems to be ever-going on it with pylons erected as well as Osirian effigies balancing beside that of a Queen.

"Their language is unknown?" Starfires brows furrow as she looks from the communications system to that of K'tten, Depalo, and then the crew of Roy, Skaar, and Reese.

There was nothing Reese could do or say that would mark the moment of meeting her other self in her.. 'prime'. She was not a nice person, that was true to a fact, and witnessed by the very people that she so happily called family. There was a lot of shame there, but what was done in the past was effectively done, save for the temporal shift that was felt in ones bones that made everything go quiet.

She remains there in her slouch, tucked behind and underneath a console, knees pulled up towards her chin as her blank gaze stares outward in listening. She didn't understand much of it, but a thousand years in the past gave her a little bit of relief because.. she wasn't born just yet.

Thank the heavens.

For the evil that she's done possibly had a fair bit of damage upon the world that she had thought. But there was a time and place for reflection, which wasn't here.. a slow crawl brings her out into the open with a push and stand of a gnarled staff at which she leans upon. Feathers and leathers were soon shed which allows the tan garb to remain like a sleepers gown and duffle bag, a clench of her jaw has her tempering forward but not too far from K'tten.

"Depends where we land." She tells Starfire. "From what I remember, the language of the people from way back started with Sanskrit and then on."

"Don't look at me, world history was never my strongest suit. Looks like ancient Egypt, though. Where and when, dunno… is that the Nile…?" Roy squints at the river, tilting his head. "Maybe if you cross-reference maps for modern Egypt and make adjustments for time changes, you could get a rough idea where we are…?"

Draping over K'tten's headrest, Roy takes a moment to ruffle the first mate's hair. "Nice job locating where we are, by the way."

And yes, he withdraws his hand quickly lest she bite it. Or something worse.

Skaar shrugs. "I will learn the language as soon as I can touch the ground. That is not the problem." He will also have an idea how back are they on the past. But the problem is who is doing this to them and how to smash him/her or it. "Before we go down, though, maybe we should do some recon with the spaceship sensors." He looks at Depalo and K'tten questioningly. "Anything unusual there?"

K'tten swivels her chair fast enough that if Roy did not move away in a timely manner it would be a 'cast-off' that he may not recover from in time to see the playful smirk. Some things have to be retained and kept under wraps, like he slow evolution into liking the human with Tamaranean red hair. His offspring helps. But just as quickly as the smirk came, it went to be pushed beneath a stoic focus while buttons are pressed and small blips drop across a monitor her fingers play over and press, giving them directives by eye and touch from afar. "I have dropped probes, a few for sampling, others for filming so when they return we will be able to get the information we need."

But as the probes that are sending back projections and images relay, Starfire is watching with hip thrust to the side and arms folded across her chest - brows furrowed. "As can I, contact has to be made though, and if there is anything I learned from our last hiccup in time is we need to blend." A glance to Reese and Skaar as well and back. "Reese looks closest for now. We need their attire and their language."

All the while relay of the statues of Gods is being sent back. Amun, Sobek, Ma'at, Khun, paintings on stretches of hides in beautiful coloring all eing mixed with mortar, pestel and oils as well as dustings of pure refined gold and kohl.

All of this has Starfire leaning forward as a disk is shown held between what appears to be horns, her hand splaying over it. "X'Hal.." A single whispered word before she retracts her touch and flashes a smile lined in deep purple painted lips.

"This is going to be amazing…"

Reese tilts her head to hear the minor commotion aboard the ship, all of their words taken in, one brow lifted at the mention of Egypt and slight memories of her time there.. though.. it was highly a bit more domesticated and near to the future then.

"Well that settles it then." Reese finally speaks up. "Starfire and Skaar at the helm of translation and I'll just be over here." A little jab to no one in particular, she wasn't too keen on these random travels, their histories were starting to become a little bit skewed. The mention of her looking the closest has her head canting just a touch, feeling down the garb that she wore which wasn't a far cry from the Native American type she wore, the beads soon were stripped free from random strands that clatter to the floor in earnest, which makes her look like some of the poor ones from the displays.

Stick set aside to undo hair in it's elaborateness, bunching it up to try to mat, yet swiping to give an even keel from messy to dressed but not too flashy. Her hair was the troubling sort. "What we do know of Egypt," Reese states of the obvious. "Is the weather. Dress down to your bare bones but still retain taste, women should not speak lest spoken to unless the timing is wrong. However, we are at the low points and basic servants and should retain those roles because we are of the unknown. Travelers in the sense that we are. Observe and adhere to the customs so that we don't stand out as we obviously do." Pause. "You all obviously do. I suppose I'm fine." Okay, so she was having a little bit of fun with this. Might as well, right?

Backing away from K'tten, Roy falls in step next to Kori, before peering at Reese. "Well she'll pass better here, no doubt. So what do I do, show up there and tell people I'm the red-haired stepchild?"

Regarding the costumes, Roy grunts. "Hey Kori, think it's my turn to use your holographic emitter thingy so I can walk like an Egyptian?" Making a pose similar to the hieroglyphs, Roy struts, before looking down at the river. "I suppose for those of us who've seen the Ten Commandments, those are not -exactly- what we should be wearing, so time to scrounge up something. Also, I think dressing to bare bones are for slaves… better dig up more information on who wears what there, right, K'tten?"

"If we are going to disguise ourselves I want one of those image devices." States Skaar, "I don't think green skin has been normal in any period of Earth's past. And you seem so worried about altering the past." Which is something Skaar still doesn't understand well. How can they alter what has already happened? "What are we going to do down there, anyway?" He points to the river town.

"Most of us need inducers." A flick of pupilless emerald gaze goes to Reese who is already reduxing her attire to make it with the times on what the scanners have brought back. Though now as Roy steps in beside her the projector is rolling in feed of a caravan of traders returning from travels with goods of varying gems, stones, dyes, fabrics and animals as well as flora, spices and food that is precariously placed and obviously mostly en route after this stop to the palace.

The peoples language is not deciphered but it is obvious the goods are traded and traded again, passing hands for payment and spread out among the other merchants who head towards the city on carriages of their own drawn by either large oxen like beasts or (if headed for royalty) large deep pitch stallions.

K'tten already has the probes set to course, one following the oxen to the city proper, the other to the palace. "I will set recordings even to that of voices and language, after Skaar and Kori do their part in bringing us back the language both written and spoken for deciphering, Reese gets us garb," A flick of gaze to Depalo. "Inducers distributed we should be good to go to ground."

Kori nods and glances to Roy with a small smile. "You could be one of the rarities these people are excited for! But it seems our best bet and logical reason of ignorance would be.." Kori pauses a reel and tap-taps over the importing caravan. "We're not from here." A nod of affirmation towards Reese as well and slowly the armor that was fully coating skin in purple and white starts to fold away, the silent whisper of tech collapsing in on itself a familiar sound to leave her in the base coverage of straps bearing her homelands red gems inset along belts and gauntlets.

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