I've Been Watching

December 31, 2015:

Catching up with Nick and Pepper, Brin drops some unwanted news and receives an unwanted letter.

Rescue Inc - New York


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For the holiday period, it's been a busy time for Brin and over the last few days she's found out some disturbing information. Something that she needs to share with Rescue.

Pepper though, seems to have a sixth sense about things and had insisted the brunette join her for lunch - no excuses accepted - so Brins compromised and arranged to have lunch at Rescue with Nick.

Setting out the takeaway she's arranged, she looks to Pepper. "If you could pour the drinks, I'll finish setting the table."

Nick should at least like what's bought - it's got meat in it…. Thai from Brins favourite place.

Nodding to Brinley, Pepper scrounges up some clean beverage containers from around the area she presumes is the Rescue Inc. break room. She can't help but think this place could use a little … modernization. She pours the drinks and carries them over one at a time to add to the place settings being arranged.

It is a bit low tech but then for all that it's doing quite well, Rescue is a start up in its first year of operation. Things like this are just kind of… how it goes. The brown werewolf pushes the door to his office open and peers inside. "Ah, Pepper. Brinley. Hey. Make yourself at home." They already have. "So, uh, what's this all about?"

It might be why Brin likes Rescue, it's a little 'rustic'. "We bought lunch. Pepper thinks I'm working too hard" Brin totally is "and insisted. I've information to share and I thought you might like the break too." She knows how hard Nick works.

Gesturing to the table and the food, she smiles sheepishly "I hope you don't mind." The news she has to share isn't great.

Looking at Pepper and then back to Nick "The Partisan, I don't know if you know of them, Nick, has uncovered a plot to discredit mutants. They think it's going to result in terror attacks using a nerve gas … attacks that will look like they've been staged by Mutants."

Pepper Potts claims one of the chairs at the table, but then looks concerned when Brinley explains her news. "That's… so not good." And yes, she's already mentally trying to work out what she and/or the MSF can do to help.

"I've heard of them yes." Nick doesn't know who the Partisan is but the name's come up before. "As Pepper says, that's not good. I can… I mean I can do what I can but we're an ambulance company. I can't issue civic directives or go gumshoeing. Not officially anyway." Hopefullly Brinley has a plan.

"No, it's not good" Brin murmurs as she takes a seat. "It's more of a warning than anything. If anyone is going to get called out to clean up those types of things, it's Rescue, Nick." With a pained look she looks between the pair "I believe the agent they're going to use is Lewisite. An arsenic based chemical weapon that attacks the lungs."

Which means Rescue should make sure their people are equipped with appropriate breathing apparatus.

"From what I know, there's about 20 devices in play." she adds, the concerned look growing moreso.

Pepper Potts blinks, then leans to pull her phone out of her bag. "JARVIS, do the Rescue vehicles have air filtrations included in them already? And if so, are they good enough to filter out arsenic-based compounds?"

"No, Miss Potts, the Rescue Vehicles were only desiged to filter out large particulate matter like smoke. Their vehicles could be upgraded to include a military spec overpressure system rather easily though." The AI responds.

Nick frowns. "Aresinc isn't used in nerve ga-" Oh no. He has an idea of what it might be. "Lewisite. That's almost worse. It'll burn the lungs of everyone it comes in contact with. Wont' kill a lot of people but it will leave a lot of scarred, angry survivors…"

Brins not a chemist and she's still processing what Partisan had shared. "Sorry… yeah, that. And we think that's the plan." Looking at the food, the brunette shakes her head, reaching into her bag to take out a letter. Clearly, she's not feeling hungry right now. "Stage mass attacks, with lots of injuries … and then blame it on the Mutants."

"Nick, please, upgrade your systems and make sure your medics are protected. I saw where some of this stuff was being manufactured and got told to touch nothing … it even burns through rubber gloves, apparently." At least, there'd been no fighting.

Absently opening the letter as she talks, Brin takes the letter out …

"Start fabricating the retrofit kits, JARVIS. And please put in an order for the rebreather kits that were designed for the Deep Ocean Observatory." Pepper gives the AI instrustions, then realizes the other two are still here and smiles a little bit sheepishly. "Oh, sorry." She then looks at Brinley and that letter curiously.

Nick looks at the letter too as he leans back. "We'll buy those from you, Pepper." Pepper's been very, very supportive of Rescue's mission. But Nick really does want to do right by the woman. She and Stark Industries have put a lot on the line for him after all. "What do you have there Brin?"

At that news, Brin looks relieved and drops her attention to the letter. "Oh, just something came in … " she stops talking as she reads it, going paler and paler as she does.

Shuffling the pages, she starts to lay out pages on the table … photo's printed on the paper … photo's of Brin from the time she went back to X-Red to her heading into Starks Festivus celebration. All taken at distance…

Pepper Potts nods to Nick. "The totals will be applied to your account, as usual." And then her eyes start to widen as she sees the pages that Brin is setting out on the table. And she pulls her phone again. "JARVIS. I need you to determine where a photographer would have been located to take these photos, and based on dates and times, get me surveillance footage of where the photographer might have been standing." She knows she's asking kind of a lot of the AI and that he won't have the results immediately.

Nick is listening carefully and his ears perk up when Pepper starts to talk about Brin. He can see her go pale and her eyes go a little wide. "What on earth is in that letter Brin? Is it…" A threat? Purifiers? Some… mutant hater?

Gesturing to the photo's, Brin looks at Nick and Pepper and then places the letter on the table. It's typewritten, or printed, on stock paper … fairly unidentifiable really.


I'm keeping my eye on you… you've grown up so well.//

The last image that she places on the table is one of her, clearly in the middle of combat, a few years earlier, cradling the body of a man across her lap. That image, Nick might recognise … at least, he'll recognise where that was … and when.

JARVIS will be able to determine the location of the photographer, but surveillance doesn't bring up anything useful.

Pepper Potts looks VERY concerned at the note that came with the photos. "Why do I get the feeling you know who sent this, Brin?"

Nick leans over to see the picture and he pales as well. "Pepper… when Brin and I were younger we both attended the same school upstate. On a… field trip before graduation we were ambushed by purifiers. Several of our friends were killed. It was… years ago. Both of us almost had complete nervous breakdowns. I had to be… er… the school counsellors resorted to some extreme methods for me. That picture… is from that night."

"Nick…" Brins voice shakes as he explains to Pepper. "He was very close to me… " and Pepper can probably extrapolate the rest. "This means they've been watching me for a long time…"

At Peppers question, Brin shakes her head "I have no idea … no idea that someone was following me." she sighs, trembling. "And they have been for such a long time."

Looking at Pepper, Brin looks haunted. "I'm going to have to be extra careful…"

"Yes, you are, Brin. May I see your phone?" If Brin hands over her phone, Pepper sets it next to her own. "JARVIS, please update this phone to activate full security protocols." And then while the phones are siting there, she looks at Brinley. "If you feel at any point, regardless of the hour, that something's not right, get to any Stark building and Security there will help."

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