Where Is The Codex?

December 31, 2015:

An attack on a bookshop in New York, reveals an interesting target

New York


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You can find occult bookshops in the oddest places. And mostly they're pretty harmless so far as Fenris is concerned. Even the genuine ones sell very little of genuine power. The deep secrets of magic aren't nearly so easily plumbed. The owners of these establishments range from clueless mortals to minor witches and even the odd magical creature masquerading as human. That last is actually more common than you might think. Off beat bookshop owners are expected to be, er, a bit off beat. So no one bats an eye if they're a bit less than normal. Again, these are generally of no import so far as Fenris is concerned.

But this one is the Finder. Spirit, witch or creature of the deep faeire wilds, no one really knows and she never tells. But her ravens flit to and fro about the city and beyond finding things of various kinds and sizes and bringing them to her. She often opens a stall at the Nowhere Market. Fenris visits her quite frequently there.

And someone is tearing up her bookshop. The alert goes out first to Fenris, and then from him to the rest of Primal Force. Trouble in Queens. Magical trouble. The Old Wolf himself appears via his usual methods, stepping out of Way just across the street from the shop in question. He can hear the sounds of bookshelves being overturned from here.

This is Zee… the blue eyed depowered mage sends through the Leylines On my way.

It's a good thing that she's at Shadowcrest - it lies on a Leyline Nexus! Taking up her messenger bag of holding, she focusses on the pendulum at her side and steps into the magical stream… to appear a few blocks from the bookshop. "Next time, I'll ask Fenris for a Way." she mutters as she starts at a reasonable jog towards the bookshop.

It will take a few moments to get there….

Is Tigra technically a magical creature masquerading as human? Let's not think too hard on that question. Fact is, there is a magical side to making Greer who and what she is, going back to the history of the Cat People. It doesn't mean she can use magic, but she is, at least in part, tied to it.

Unrelated circumstance - or is it? - has her in Queens, atop a roof that gives her a good look at the street below and outside the bookstore. She was thinking of looking for material related to amulets, so there's that. Fenris draws her attention. "Oooh," she says to herself, tail lashing a couple times in interest as she watches him.

Ryden arrives doubled over and still tying his shoe. He frequents places like this and this store happens to be a favorite because the woman actually does have the odd magical tome. She's also interesting and she he has a permanent travelspell keyed to just across the street. THe lorekeeper is wearing hot pink striped Zubaz and a black long sleeve pink button up shirt with a blue and pink unicorn on the front. His goose is at his side and wearing goose shoes to protect his feet from the cold harsh pavement.

Ryden gasps in pain and falls forward onto his face in surprise. "What the fuck!?" Ryden grabs Damnyou and leaps to his feet and darts across the street, heedless of traffic and almost being flattened by a bus. The destruction of books that he's handled and magicked causes him real pain. There are at least a few such books inside this store. He shoves the door open and bursts inside, ignoring the honks and irate yells of the motorists behind him.


ETA thirty seconds, Fenris. May is getting all too accustomed to having to abruptly leave the Triskelion and get to a ley line. The SHIELD facility in Denver, a little less so. But at least they have a nice ley line right outside.

Appearing at the same leyline as Zee did just a moment before, she sees the magician jogging away, and picks up the pace to catch up with her.

Fenris is already moving as the group of people - some called, some not - converge on 'Knicks and Knacks'. Which is aptly named. He opens the door just in time to see a bookshelf get uprooted and hurled against the back door, only to break apart on a faintly shimmering barrier - barely visible - in front of the back door. "COME OUT HERE FINDER! YOU WILL DO THIS FOR ME!" The person shouting is a large, muscled man with one eye in the center of his forehead. He's dressed in a business suit, more or less, and flanked by a pair of low set lizards each easily twice the size of a very large dog.


"HEY!" Fenris snaps as the cyclops turns to look at the front door. Apparently he recognizes the godwolf. "Salt! Peter! Attack!" The two lizards lunge forward with hissing snarls, their eyes beginning to glow.

Further inside a man with a oddly long, crooked nose rifles through the scattered books. He has a sword and also starts at Fenris voice. "Ack!"

Rounding the corner and following Fenris into the store, Zee rocks back as the bookshelf is thrown… and blinks as the barrier shimmers. "The Finder, Fenris? From The Nowhere Markets?" she questions the God-Wolf and starts as the Basilisks start at them.

Pulling a small compact mirror from her messenger bag, Zee falls back … and starts chanting a spell … If what she's read is true, showing these creatures their own reflections should stop them and the windows on the shopfront should help her with that.

"Finder? That's a strange name," Tigra tells herself, close enough to hear a yell like that. She scrambles down streetside as Zatanna and May close in, but also about the same time Ryden is rushing in without delay. That draws a stare. "What is that guy wearing? My stripes are much better." At least she noticed, but it looks like things are getting more hectic very quickly.

The woman with the feline features begins to say one thing then changes her mind as the scalies show up. "Zee!" She waves. "Um, what are you calling up, or summoning, or..? Yeah." Fenris gets an attempt at a wolf-whistle.

Ryden is even more pissed off as he gets inside and see the destruction. He doesn't look at all alarmed by the large cyclops or the the lizards. The lorekeeper pauses only long enough to set Damnyou ontop of a table against one wall where he won't be trampled. A loud popping sound is his travelback suddenly appearing. If he's a certain distance away from it for more than five minutes it travels to him. If he can't find him, he's spelled it to Zee. Oddly though it doesn't appear right in front of Ryden but just over the head of the one the lizards. "Oh you assholes! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Ryden snarls.

He grabs a blank journal from the floor and opening it in the direction of the crooked nose man. He holds the book open with one hand and traces symbols on the back of the book very quickly with the other. These people need to be taught a lesson. What better way to do it than trap them inside the very thing they are destroying.


Melinda May enters the store immediately after Zee — starting to get crowded in here — and upon seeing the two huge lizards promptly pulls her swords and swipes at the one that doesn't suddenly have a travelback over its head. She'll put herself between the lizards and the two spellcasters now busy casting spells to give them time. But she's putting this out there officially. If one of these disgusting lizards bites her…

It's easy to mistake the crook nosed man for a goblin. Because, you know, he kind of looks like one. Unfortunately for Ryden, it's a Tengu, and an old one. The spell that Rydens' casting rips his disguise from him but the creature actually manages to bring his blade up and deflect it at a a nearby window, which winds up in the journel. Odd. That must be an enchanted blade or some of that rather fabled mystical eastern swordsmanship. Or both.

"KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAA!" It's a battle cry even though it sounds like the name of car. May will no doubt be familair as the swords-bird (it has full wings now) tries to lunge past Ryden and slice at May in an overhead move that's a textbook kendo maneuver and executed very quickly.

The Basilisk that May swiped at falls back and the one with Ryden's travel pack on it starts to shake its head back and forth. Then Zee gets a glare. A basilisk death glare which luckily reflects, rebounding onto the creature and opening a large tear in its side, dripping with Venom. That only makes it mad and the thing immediately rushes bodily at Zee. It has to get past May to do it but she might possibly be distracted at the moment.

Fenris spares Tigra a glance but that's all he can do as the Cyclops begins a rush that ends with the Wolf God using a blast of hurricane winds to throw him through the opposite wall. Sorry Finder. A silver blade sweeps into his hand as he steps forward to meet the cylops' next rush. And then…

"Wait!" That's the Tengu, still fighting May as he gets a better look at Ryden. "Stonebrow we don't need the Finder! He's the one with the Codex!"

Uh oh.

"Holy shit it's a basilisk!" Ryden gasps as he turns to follow the sword and gets a closer look at the lizards. Then he turns back and blinks. "Oh you've got to be kidding me." The Codex. Of course. "Like if I did have it, I'd give it to you, you bunch of stupid ignorant book destroying BASTARDS!!!!" One of those vases filled with little decorated rocks and Ryden grabs a handful from the floor and starts throwing them one after another at the One eyed man's eye. Damnyou takes flight from the table and goes past the second Basilisk, letting loose a massive liquid mess into the things face before he perches on the top of an unknocked over shelf.

Tigra's appearance and question causes Zee's spell to stutter … "Can't talk … stop those things. Their look…" Zee ducks as the first Basilisk glares at her, holding the mirror up out of reflex, although the shopfront windows are turning reflective.

"Don't let them bite you or turn their gaze on you." That's for both Tigra and May … the young mage is thinking furiously and starts to circle, trying to angle the creature towards the windows… as she continues to chant … hopefully she's quick enough and the thing isn't smart enough to work out what she's doing.

Melinda May is about to press the attack on the basilisk as it backs off, but then the strange little man yells. Her head snaps up, and she manages to deflect the overhead strike. His form is good, but he's wasting momentum. And, instead of responding with the correct Kendo counterstrike, she uses her two little Shaolin-origin swords to 'trap' the Tengu's sword and then aims a kick at his chest to knock him back just as he identifies Ryden.

In no time, things get absolutely crazy inside the bookstore. Tigra is only about to the doorway by now, and it's utter chaos. She may not know everything about the things they're facing, but a cyclops is a cyclops, the Tengu is being dealt with, sort of, and when the basilisks are named as such she instinctively moves back behind a shelf of books. "Right. Yeah. The things I wander into the middle of sometimes. I swear."

…speaking of the Tengu, as soon as the tigress catches sight of its wings, this triggers a bit of a predator-prey thing in her. It must be one of those days, and as soon as she's slinked (slunk?) her way around to a better position, sure enough, she hunkers down and pounces at its back. And its wings. And its feathers. Shred? Rawr!

The Tengu is an expert swordsman with - in this case - hundreds of years of practice behind him. May's good though and the kick sends him stumbling a bit, still keeping a grip on his blade hilt and trying to break the lock. He was prepared for a fight. He has learned to expect resourceful mortals.

But nobody expects to be Tigra'd. The catwoman pounces on the bird and a cry of agony goes up as blood and feathers begin to fly. His grip on his blade slips as he reaches behind him to get her off, yelling a near unintelligable stream of idomatic Japanese of which 'bakatare' is both the most easily understood and the most flattering. He's completely open to May now.

Fenris winds up meeting the Cyclops in the middle of the store and it quickly becomes a question of brute strength verus bladeplay. Fenris is easily stronger than this thing… but he'd have to reveal himself to take advantage of that. The cyclops winds up with a stab wound in the shoulder for his trouble instead and has to give way before an irate god. And then he's distracted by Damnyou and abruptly blinded by Ryden… and slips. This may be over quickly.

The basilisks go after Zee as May is otherwise engaged. As she circles, they follow, eyes glowing. As she reaches the window they both unleash blasts of cantankerous ill will at her, enough to rip her from tip to teakettle if she doesn't do something.


Two Basilisks chasing her… and Zee's starting to limp. The imp bite she sustained the other day has pulled opened and slowly the power-bound mages progress. Perhaps it's good luck then, that just as the blasts aim at her, she steps on a book and slips … only getting hit in the shoulder as she stumbles under the beam.

"Ow…" she bites out the word and keeps moving, in a stumbling, slipping motion to get the Basilisks to aim at her again and up against the window.

Seeing the cyclops fall Ryden lets out a cheer and then mutters. "Dickface." Oh crap Zee. He shouldn't curse in front of Z- Ryden's eyes widen as he catches sight of her running from the Basilisks and then falling. He whirls around and looks for his back pack, blinking in surprise as one of the lizards darts past after Zee, all covered in goose mess. "Dude. You're aim is getting better." He spares a glance for Damnyou and seems both pleased and disturbed. He doesn't see the damn pack so he races to the window instead. He trips over the Tengu's legs and smacks his nose on the side of a shelf but just rolls til he reaches the window and uses the blood pouring now pouring from his nose to write. MIRROR on the glass. They'll have to see their reflection for sure. "Don't look at the window Zee!" He calls out in warning. "Or anyone!"

Melinda May lets Tigra 'play' with the Tengu and promptly pivots to slash at the basilisks before they get too much closer to Zee, seeing as the woman's already hit the floor. Goose mess is gross, but far less gross than other things she's had to deal with in the past. Come on, you stupid Komodo rejects. Pay attention to me.

Tigra's got herself a big bird - yes, the tail was and is still lashing side to side - and she's not about to let go of it that easily, even as the Tengu tries to pry her off. Four sets of claws and even some fangs grip and dig in tightly enough to keep the damage up as she tears out a chunk of wing meat and feathers as a prize…with her mouth. "Same to you!" she says to the Tengu's insults, losing a feather or two in the process before flexing those claws as if to remind it to stop struggling so much.

While the craziness goes on around her, Tigra does not have to compensate for May doing anything else right this moment, but there's enough of a weight shift when Ryden makes contact with the Tengu that she finally has to let go and hop back to a safer spot. This happens to be atop a bookshelf, and she stares at Ryden with blood on her hands and feet, and at her mouth. "You're a strange one," she tells him, before licking at the back of a hand. She's hardly taken notice of the goose, and that may be a good thing for it.

It's also possible the goose is smarter than Ryden but that topic can be left for another day. The tengu goes down in a mess, groaning. It's just been mauled by a large cat, functionally, so it may not be getting up any time soon. Though… it is a tengu. Someone should keep an eye on it, really.

The second blast of basilisk gazes lance out at Zee… and these bounce off the window and reflect right onto the beasts, both of which screach and stop moving. Which just leaves the Cyclops.

Fenris snarls at the one eyed creature and drops him down a portal. Where to? That's… probably best not asnwered just at the moment. At any rate the second all the threats have been eliminated the door to the back of the shop opens and out comes a woman with dusky skin and short black hair… unless you're one of those fortunate enough to see magic, in which case she most definitely has raven feathers for hair. "Thank you, dearies. Old Stonebrow there was most insistant…"

Zee stumbles, ducking just in time to avoid the second blast from the Basilisks. Good thing her spell to turn the shopfront windows reflective worked … and she'd like people to believe the slipping and stumbling had been part of the ploy (it so totally hadn't).

Breathing heavily, resting her hands on knees, the blue eyed mage starts to straighten, wincing at the pain in her shoulder and leg. Glancing around, taking everyone in, she croaks out "Is everyone, alright?" before her eyes fall on the Finder and she makes her way, painfully to Fenris' side. "Hello Finder."

Damnyou rolls one eye over to look at Tigra but otherwise remains completely still. He's just going to pretend to be a statue for the moment and hope the bigdumbassbird on the floor keeps her attention. Ryden stares up at Tigra for a moment in utter confusion. He is one hundred percent Not High. So he should remember summoning a Tiger Lady!! It takes him a moment to figure out she must be a mutant or a Meta and that his tripping interrupted her.. meal? Ooops. That's never a good thing to do. "Uhh. Sorry, Lady Tiger. I uh.. didn't mean to interupt." Ryden backs away and moves towards Zee, pausing long enough to kick the feebly stirring Tengu in the face. "May? Zee? Finey?" His voice is a little muffled as he holds his nose. He's pretty sure Fenris is fine.

Melinda May looks at the basilisks to make sure they aren't getting up again, then turns to see what's left. The Tengu. She steps over and claims his sword, then points it at the bird-like being in case he decides to try and be destructive again. Ryden's kicking the being in the face earns a brief glare. You don't kick people when they're down. That's just rude.

The goose appears to be safe, for Tigra is still staring mostly at the downed Tengu as if waiting for a reason to finish the job. The moment of attack has gone by, and with it the more rational side that makes her just what she is returns. Somewhat, because those feathers still look like they'd make a fine prize. "Yeah, that's what I thought. Bakatare yourself, bird-brain."

With the basilisks down for the count and the cyclops suddenly off to parts unknown, the fight is just..over. Still perched on top of the shelving, the cat-woman eyes Ryden and May, pausing to tell him with something that sure sounds like a purr, "Tigra, and it's fine." She's got a few feathers to go home with, and now she's licking the other hand. Then it's Zatanna and Fenris that get some of her attention. Finally..the one they're calling Finder. She squints over that way but there's no sign given when it comes to what she sees. "What was this all about?"

"Stonebrow wanted me to find out where a powerful magical artifact was being hidden. Apparently his superious want it." The woman explains as she looks out over the ruins of her shop. Oh dear this is going to take a bit to clean up. "I suspect, though, that you already know where it is. The 'Total Codex' it was." Ryden gets a rather penetrating stare at this. Despite not having been in the room she seems to know.

Fenris sighs and looks at the Tengu who is indeed not moving. If May wants to try taking him into custody the God-Wolf doesn't seem to have any objections. "You need healing there Zee?"

Tigra's regard gets a glance up from the lean faced man. Ah, he recognizes her scent. "Hello. Nice day to buy a book." He says rather dryly.

"Hello Tigra." Zee looks mildly amused at the cat-woman perched on top the shelving "Nice moves there." Glancing at Ryden as The Finder mentions the Total Codex.

"Uh, yes please, Fenris." She's not going to turn that offer down … "And a cleansing of the wound on my leg if you can …. "

Ryden looks back and nods at Tigra. "I'm Ryden." He catches May's look and then pointedly looks around at the mess of the store. "Plus. I've got a pretty good idea what they would have done to me if given a chance. That tengu isn't human and its dangerous. And if Zee were the one with the thing.." He honestly hopes Tigra just eats the rest of the Tengu. It might be a better fate than what would have happened if Ryden caught him in that journal. Ryden will go out of his way and do almost anything to help the innocent, children and women. "Assholes get no quater from me." Especially not dangerous ones with basiliks and swords attacking his friends.

"I'll put this right. All of it, Finey." Ryden turns to the Finder and executes a perfect sweeping court bow. Despite his girly clothes and bloody nose he manages to look graceful. "And anything else you need. I am so sorry. This shouldn't have happened."
He had not told her the codex had come into his possession but he's sure she knows and isn't surprised when she stares at him. Instead, Ryden looks around the store again with a forlorn expression and moves over to catch his goose when it hops from the shelf while Tigra is looking at someone else. He clutches Damnyou to his chest carefully and absently strokes the top of the gooses head while it makes soft worried noises at him. Whatever Ryden is thinking, he doesn't seem to like it.

Melinda May is not here in an official SHIELD capacity (she's supposed to be in Denver, after all), so she nods Fenris toward the downed bird-man. All yours. The sword, though… As soon as the Tengu is properly dealt with she'll take a moment to examine the blade. Impractical for every day carry, but still. A good blade is a good blade.

Tigra waggles fingers toward Zatanna. They're mostly cleaned of Tengu blood by now, but there's still a bit of it at her toes. "Got a few tricks of my own," she beams at the magician, following up by keeping that grin on Fenris himself. "Yeah, and I completely forgot what I was going to look for!" She lets him see her fangs, her grin wide. It's high on playfulness, low on anything else.

By the time Ryden has the goose in hand, Tigra's looking his way again. The little bird is given just a passing glance before she stuffs the few feathers she's still got nearby into the side of her shorts. May's interest in the Tengu's sword is noted, then the striped woman hops down to the floor to nudge at the Tengu briefly, followed by a closer inspection of the basilisks. "This kind of stuff happen here often?" she wonders toward the shopkeeper.

"Goodness no. Mostly I get poor sots looking for unusual books and not knowing what they want or more interesting types looking for more interesting things." The Finder smiles. "Speaking of which, that's a nice aura you have. Care to trade anything for a nip? I have some wonderful-"

"Finder…" Fenris half growls. The Finder must trade fairly, it's her nature, but that doesn't mean she won't ask for things that are best not parted with.

"Oh don't be such a went blanket dearie." The Finder sighs to Fenris. "In any case, yes. The Codex. He wanted it. And he works for… people. Powerful people."

"Clearly." Zee's tone is dry as the Finder gives the small tidbits of information. With a look to Tigra, she raises an eyebrow "Becareful what you choose if you take the offer up. She'll sample your aura and provide something in return." Zee had been asked, many months ago, and politely declined the offer.

"What did he offer you for it?" Although the young mage has to wonder … it looks like The Finder removed.

Ryden winces as Tigra asks that question of the Finder. This is all his fault. He should have made a decision already but there was something he'd needed to know to first. He doesn't see the interest in the sword but Damnyou does and nudges Ryden. "Hm? What sword? Oh. Right, sure." He looks distracted and moves through the store til he finds his pack. When he returns to the others it's open and Ryden sets it down on the counter and reaches inside. He removes two bundles wrapped in plain brown paper for protection and then covered with lengths of red silk. "These are for you, Agent May." It had taken him more time than he thought it would after speaking to Fenris about it but they are finally ready.

Melinda May looks at Ryden from studying the Tengu's blade, then sets it carefully aside to unwrap the… "Oh." She pulls two swords from the red silk and brown paper wrapping, superficially appearing to be identical to her accustomed swords. The metal they're made from, though, is somehow whiter than the steel of her everpresent butterfly swords. She looks them over for several seconds before looks at Ryden squarely. "Thank you."

Tigra raises a possibly curious brow toward Finder as she talks of trading and a nip. "I only know about two kinds of nips, and they.." The interruption by Fenris followed by Zatanna's explanation leaves her to make a face, her subconscious resulting in her briefly fingering the cat-head amulet. "I'm not much for trading anyway. I usually buy my stuff." Now her brows have moved closer together as she tries to decide what she makes of the talk of her aura. She places herself closer to the front door, seemingly ready to go at a moment's notice.

Fenris watches the interplay between May and Ryden for a moment as he drops the Tengu down a hole and casts on Zee. That should take care of things nicely. "Well, I think we should let you clean up shop."

"Yes of course, Fenris. Do come back now. I'll have her cleaned up in a jiffy." Since Tigra is apparently not of a mind to trade right now the woman gracefully steps out from behind teh counter and begins to channel a spell to put everything back where it belongs.

What. No one thought she was just going to pick it up, right?

The Old Wolf motions to everyone to follow him out. "This is a bit disturbing. Someone with a lot of pull is looking for that book." Not surprising, but very disturbing. The Old Wolf glances to Tigra for a moment. "I sincerely hope no one comes after you for this, but watch your back all the same. The Total Codex is not an artifact to be trifled with."

Zee sighs audibly in relief as Fenris casts on her. That wound on her leg had been days old. The swords Ryden presents to May get an interested look, but she'll ask the agent about them later.

"Wise choice." Zee smiles faintly at Tigra as she follows Fenris out of the store, clearly not surprised by the way The Finder is 'picking up'. "Nice to see you again, Finder." she calls.

Ryden nods at May and manages a small smile. "They are spelled to never need sharpening and Mithril is very strong. They shouldn't break and they can deflect magical attacks. You fight exceptionally well against very dangerous things and you follow a code of ethics and honor that I very much admire." He has his own code and it's not so strict. He can and has been quite cruel to those he deems deserving of it. It wasn't always that way but Ryden's been around a very long time and there are only so many times one can see history repeat its self before it begins to change you.

"Those ought to help even the battlefield a bit." Ryden shakes himself free of his inner thoughts. "I'll come back tomorrow and put any books back together Finder." He'll also bring her a few rare works to pay her for the trouble. Ryden follows the others out and nods at Fenris. "Thanks for healing. I've got potions for you Zee, in case you get hurt again but they taste a little.." Like hot ass honestly but he probably shouldn't say that. "Uh. Strange. But they do work."

"You mean like that thing didn't?" Tigra gestures toward..well, where the Tengu had been. "Neat trick." While the others are doing their own things, her focus remains on Fenris and Fenris alone. "Then maybe you ought to fill me in on what this Total Codex thing is all about, and why I should be careful about retaliation. And make it quick, would you? I'm still hungry." A quick look follows toward Ryden. "But not for your goose. I have something else in mind."

Melinda May nods to Ryden and then carefully wraps the swords back up. She hesitates, and looks at Fenris questioningly about the Tengu's sword, wondering if it would be more trouble than it's worth to keep the unusual blade. If Fenris okays it, she'll wrap the blade in with the mithril ones.

Fenris glances over to Tigra. "It's an artifact and a spell at the same time. It takes the form of a book that will answer any question you put to it… but exact a price commensurate to the question answered. It is immensely powerful and immensely dangerous. Especially in the hands of someone unscrupulous."

The God-Wolf stops outside the store and extends a hand. "Can I offer anyone transportation home?"

"Lot's of people are looking for it." Zee adds, hopefully helpfully! "It's not something that we want to fall into the wrong hands." She purposefully doesn't look to Ryden as she speaks. That's another discussion to be had at another time.

"Yes please, Fenris. I'd like a Way. Beats all the running around to the Leylines." Not once has she complained about her loss of power, but it's starting to wear on her, that's for sure.

Tigra rubs her chin in momentary thought and consideration of what Fenris tells her. The woman's answer is remarkably light-hearted in spite of the serious nature of the book. "I see. Well, I don't have it I and never have, so nobody's getting it from me. But if they want to send another one of those things after me from in there, maybe I'll make the biggest fried chicken meal ever." She gestures toward the bookstore, and nevermind the fact she was the one who hunted the Tengu and used the element of surprise in her favor.

Shaking her head to the offer, she flashes him one more grin. "Much as I'm thinking we should do dinner sometime - and all you can eat places are my favorite - nah. I'm good for now. See you all around." With this, her attendance comes to an end as she ducks into a nearby alley en route to some other destination, the tip of her tail the last thing the others will see.

Melinda May considers. "No, but if you could keep these for me until I'm back from Denver…" She holds up the wrapped blades. "I need to get back before they list me as AWOL, and returning with these would raise just too many questions."

Ryden looks relieved. He likes May and he'd put alot of thought into just what would be the best enchantments for the swords and while it was tempting to have carved designs and special hilts, those things aren't meant for weapons that are made to be used. So he'd gone with purely funtional instead of fancy. There is still a kind of elegence about the swords and Mithril is a very pretty metal. Now if the damn Vishanti would just give Zee back her power.. "You are holding up so well." Ryden murmurs to Zee. He is so proud of her. He looks a little surprised at Fenris telling Tigra about the Codex but he doesn't question it. She must be trustworthy then. He watches her disappear with a bemused expression. THen Ryden looks at his bloody pajamas. "Um. Yeah that would be good, Fenris. Thank you. I had a spell to get here but erm…" Not one to get home. Not that he'd forgotten but he's living in the basement of a Catholic Church and not doing very much magic there for obvious reasons.

"Right then. Portals ahoy." The God-Wolf opens up a few and steps through one. The others will linger until everyone's safely away. Then they close, leaving the street and the block as empty as it was when they arrived.

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