Gathering of the Masses

December 29, 2015:

Random JLA members, new and old.. gather in the JLA meeting hall.

Halls of Justice


NPCs: Rachel and Cindy



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Caitlin's been enjoying one thing above all else at the Watchtower: the TV

She'd moved into the Lakehouse with no incident and had been making liberal use of the facilities there. The poor girl hadn't even had a decent computer there, let alone a stable internet connection. Gotham, right? So she's taken to planting her butt in the common room with her comedically undersized laptop, tap-tapping on the screen with an owlish expression and shoulders hunched forward. A cup of cold coffee sits next to her elbow, forgotten for sometime, and she's tapping rapidly on the keyboard with the occassional long-suffering sigh as she fat fingers the keys.


+MEET: Thor has arrived via +meet.

"People don't be listening to me when I say we need one." Ms. Rachel Cupperbuttom states to her co-worker, Cindy, who rolls her eyes ever so faintly. She was holding a clipboard, pen worrying the side of her lip as she glances upright to peer towards Fairchild. "C'mon.. lets ask her.."

Rachel makes her way towards Fairchild, carefully placing the tablet down as she leans upon the table with a slight intense stare. "I got a question."


"Don't you think we need a shapeshifter up in here?"

"Rachel." Shayera calls out, wings gone from her back which allows her to wear nothing but a wife beater covered in oil and soot, her hair tucked back into a pony-tail as her angular jaw sets as if she were about to cause hell. "Should I tell the other members that you are accosting our youngling's about your fetish with those who change the shapes?"

Even though Shayera was a small woman, her presence was grand in the fact that a simple uppercut would send the woman flying. In which.. the woman immediately shakes her head.

"Fetch Hans." Is all Shayera murmurs, gaze intent. "Tell him that bellies need be filled and it is his divine right to answer such a call."

Orders given, Cindy and Rachel skitter out, further into the depths of the hall and out of the Justice Common Room.

+MEET: Oracle has arrived via +meet.

+MEET: Jericho Trent has arrived via +meet.

Though those on the Council know that underneath the Union Jack decored armor is Brian Braddock, he still feels sort of beholden to maintain his secret identity mainly because of the ties to his sister. With his helm settled in place, the British hero makes his way out onto the main floor of the tower, his stride casual as he takes a glance around, and a look of amusement passes his features as Shayera calls for food. "It seems most every time we meet it is over some sort of meal, Shayera." the Captain offers with a faint smile. "Not that it is a complaint.." he gives his side a small squeeze, not getting much. "I can put away a little food."

While the JL:A asset known as 'Aspect' does indeed have a costume (that he has yet to use) he hasn't made this visit in it. That's partly because it's very… costume-y and the ex-soldier can't bring himself to just galavant around in it quite yet. And that's partly because he's bringing a 'friend.' Apparently the rather scarce hacker has pried Barbara Gordon from her perch in Gotham and brought her down to the JL:A. She's been at JL:A functions before as a guest. Like the incident Jericho calls 'the Unmasking'. The formal declaration of the JL:A where so many things went wrong.

The man himself is unremarkable. Long sleeve tee, coat, jeans, boots. Holding the door open for a woman in a wheelchair and looking himself rather… plain? Well, plain but for the literal glimmer in his rather unusual amber eyes.

Diana comes in a moment after Shayera, looking just as akin to the other woman, grease stains and smears across forearms and face but unstaining to her vambraces, though within fisted grip is a part of the Valmorra that bears fried circuitry.

"I have found a piece as you said… Looks unusable. It is burnt worse then bread in a toasting machine." Like a limp and abused doll Diana wags the part where cords flop like flailing arms of an inflatable ad service made to draw attention. The chips and circuitry is blackened and even crystallized in the breaking of atmosphere, long settled into their being of uselessness… But she literally has 'ripped' them from their holding within the ships chassis.

Upon her is a pair of torn and stained jeans, a white 'wife beater' (though let's not argue the semantics of that phrase with Di) and boots that lace up to the base of calf. Hair is tied up into a high ponytail though outgrowth of whisps hang in waves around her face.

Cerulean eyes rise to Rachel and then the rest of the incoming gathering with a slow blink that shows Diana's ignorance at the gathering of members and recruits alike. After the holidays she had been coaxed into relaxation, to just let business 'rest' and try to unwind…. In doing so she was gifted with a large tool set and constant reminders that it was 'Christmas' and to honor the Yule by burning a large log Thor had brought in and letting the rest… Rest.

That however…does not stop the righting of spine and the nod to teammates as well as those soon to be…

The woman in the wheel chair is a redhead and she'd been rather tall, under usual circumstances. "And you think bringing me down here is useful, because…" she trails off as she enters the hall.

The last time she was here, it was to head off to Themyscria.

Seeing Diana, and then Shayera, Babs offers a slight smile. Diana and Jericho, amongst them all, know her secret. To the rest, she's simply Babs Gordon, IT Security consultant, daughter of Gothams ex Police Commisioner Jim Gordon, and victim of a home invansion attempt.

"I- wh- what?" Caitlin comes up short, blinking as she's addressed personally. Being the newest member of the roster seemed to result in her not usually getting approached for her opinions on Stuff 'n' Things.

"Well, I mean—" and then Shayera comes snarling after Rachel, and the aide scampers away, leaving Caitlin and Hawkgirl at the table together before the tall redhead can come up with a sensible response.

"Oh, uh, hi, Shay- er, Hawkgirl. Ma'am," Caitlin says, trying not to let her intense wariness of Shayera show in her body language. 'cause that woman's friggin' terrifying.

She looks over at the entryway, hearing boots and voices, and spots Captain Britain swaggering in. Her brilliant eyes bug a bit and pink spots flare high in her cheeks. "Holy crap, who ordered the manwhich?" she mutters to Shayera. Then she realizes she's talking to /Shayera/ and shuts her teeth so hard they clack audibly.

Noticing Brian's walking over to the table, she buries her face in her computer as unobtrusively as she can (by which we mean, of course, she completely fails to hide behind the little netbook at all).

She glances up at Diana when the Amazon approaches and starts talking to Shayera, but wisely opts out of opening her mouth this time. Largely her conversation starters thus far had sounded more like an explosion of garbled hero-worshipping than actual team-mate chatter.

~Keep playing it cool, Red,~ she thinks to herself, almost loud enough to be heard. ~Their vision is based on motion.~

Brian gets a little frown. It was almost as if she were to say 'how dare he talk about Hans' food! But, once he grips his sides she all but calms, a grin drawn upon her face as she gives a slight nod, a hand reaching out to clasp upon his shoulder once in greeting; for.. touching just was not her fortay. Greetings were met but as soon as she feasts eyes upon Diana, a hand lifts to reach for the frayed edge of the cords with a glint of anger thrown in her direction. "It looks unusuable because you ripped it! We could have pulled the plastic and revealed the wire and put on a new coating of protective…" Wait.. what was that? Shayera takes the cord and eyes it carefully, gaze gone towards Jericho and Babs with a slight frown.

"Who let this asshole in?" She asks, her gaze soon falling towards Babs. "I implore you, leave your strays at home."

Cait's stammering greet has her smile fading, looking towards the larger woman with a slight hint of concern, then a glance back to Brian.. and.. "What is a manwhich?"

"Is it something you can eat? Does it have sauces? I would like a manwhich." Shayera says, confident in her choice. "There is some peso that Hans raves about and I would like peso on my manwich." She looks to Caitlin, first order of a day. "I want a manwhich. When Hans approaches with the meal for the night order me two manwhiches with peso. And Hans special sauce."

And she was done, for her gait takes her straight towards Jericho and Babs, holding up the frayed wire to the both of them. "Do not mind the tearing, but there is searing where there shouldn't be. Explain to me why." Wires, all wires.. possibly apart of the Valmorra's central unit.


Thunder! What sounds like hale and gusts of wind pound against the front of the Hall of Justice whirling Mjolnir slows in it's motion to drop the Prince of Asgard upon the steps leading inward.

Hail, Champions!"
Thor's voice booms forth before his appearance. An appearance that is rarely changing. Tall, powerful, blonde mane, shining helmet and form fitted scale armor over a godly physique. Obnoxious entry aside the misleadingly youthful looking warrior is striding inward.

Britain offers a grin towards Shayera as she grasps the attempt of a joke he made, though at the mention of a manwich, one brow goes up high on the Briton's head as he settles his hands on his sides. "I think we call those sloppies, back home." he admits with a thoughtful look, reaching up to rub the back of his head in thought. "They're supposed to be rather good, if messy." he adds as he glances towards Caitlin and offers a smile. Diana's arrival is greeted with a polite straightening and nod in return to her as the others arrive and Shayera responds to their greeting, Brian turns to Caitlin and extends his hand. "Hi. I'm Captain Britain. I think we met briefly on Apokolipis? It was rather chaotic." he admits. "Uh…"

"Which one's the stray, and which one's the asshole?" he asks finally.

"Your locks aren't that good." Jericho deadpans in response to Shay's louder question. He focuses on the electronic part as Shay brings is up to he and Barbara, murmuring as an aside to the redhead, "Well this is one reason I think it'll be useful."

The two hackers had spent many, many hours refitting the Valmorra prior to the rescue mission. Many, many, many hours. So while he can't even come close to claiming to be an expert in the technology behind it, he is quite familliar with the innards of that ship and what they do.

"Power surge or a faulty fuse or regulator somewhere, I'd have to guess. The bodge we did to get that thing operation cross circuted a lot of things and implemented tech that is frankly a few hundred years behind the baseline so it's possible they're not playing well together anymore." He hopes that all that jury-rigging has been undone but if it hasn't that'd neatly explain the burt insulation at several points. "Uh… unless your heat sink is failing… look there. Scorch marks on the outside. Getting too hot in there perhaps? I'd check the thermal gel and make sure it hasn't gone to pot." He knows circuits, that hacker.

Of course those are just his best guesses without looking at it. His advice? Call Tony Stark. Get him to replace the whole damn thing.

And then there's a boom and the room is suddenly dominated by a rather… well, a rather will built blonde man whom Jericho could swear he's seen in some computer file somewhere… nah. Couldn't be.

"I'm the asshole, I think. And maybe also the stray?"

Diana let's Shay take the piece and puts her hands up. "You tell me to take at the ship like a hunter, find the weakest and remove it… I removed it. Those tiny metal tubes bore less hex edges then necessary to remove it with smoothness. I did what was next best." Diana's chin up-tilts in the pride of the fact that she just ripped the board and wires clean free… Kind of.

"This is why I use live beasts and means of the Gods. There is no answer for you Thangars technology save brute force I would offer a Chimera…" Mutter mutter, the rub of the back of her hand on her cheek only smudges an oil stain further into olive toned skin while Di lets out an exaggerated exhale.

Brian then receives a reciprocal nod, the wrench held in her other hand offered to his vision, bent like a boomerang in Diana's efforts. "You see these /tools/? What use do you get of them?" Though as Shay stalks towards Babs and Jer, a single hand rising with a finger to define who and what but Jer managed to get it all on his own. That finger slowly recoils into her fist and she nods towards him and Babs with a welcoming smile.

"Do not mind her, she is angry at the home technology that still does not work, tell her she needs a gryphon in its stead…" A plaitive look from Babs and Jer to Shay and then Cait, taking the moment to greet the woman whose aid she saw replay plenty of times over feed from the Apokoliptian rescue. One hand shoots out to extend before the woman. "It is finally a pleasure to meet you as well on better terms, Fairchild."

Thors entry is hard to go missed considering how loud the man is not only in arrival but in presence. Diana can feel her eye tic just beneath the left occular. His 'Yule Log' is burnt down to embers now in the fireplace in this common area and he still had yet to give her an explaination on it that made a lot of sense set aside from it was larger then an old redwood and would burn for more then the holidays required time, though now it is slowly ebbing.

"Shayera…." Babs voice is low and slightly chiding. "Jericho is a friend of mine and it is he, who bought me here … so I guess that makes me the stray?" her green eyes flash with a degree of amusement.

Looking at the piece of hardware that woman offers, the redhead takes it and looks up Jericho. Babs involvement with the Valmorra had been conducted remotely. Code is good for that sort of thing. It's the first time she's seen any of the hardware though "As Jericho says, although … it could be compounded by one of the system subroutines, routing power where it shouldn't. What's this from?" Of course … 'Babs' wouldn't know anything of the Valmorra.

Seeing Diana's look, she touches Jericho on the elbow "Shall we go and greet the others. Shayera, perhaps you'll do the honours?" It's a good thing that Babs didn't hear the Manwich comment …

Caitlin does the legendary epic double facepalm at Shayera, but then Brian's like, /right there/, so she plasters a smile onto her face— nevermind the blush, damnit!— and stands up, putting her eye to eye with Brian. "Yeah, I think so. I'm Caitlin Fairchild, and my super power is putting my foot in my mouth." She flashes a dimpled smile at Brian and shakes his hand softly. "It's nice to meet you more offically though, Cap'n B."

Caitlin's about as sloppily dressed as everyone else is. Official Superhero Slouch day? Her jumpsuit's unzipped most of the way, showing off a black 'Engineers Do It At High Frequency' t-shirt. And is she playing a JRPG on her netbook? Yes, and she remembers in time to close the lid quickly before anyone starts looking too closely at it.

She flinches a bit at the crash of thunder, then brightens a bit. "Oh, cool, Thor's here! Note to self, get selfie," she says, patting herself down to find her sPhone.

Then Diana's offering Caitlin a handshake, and for a moment Caitlin forgets how to respirate, breathe, and move her limbs. "Haaaaa…. haaaaa… hiiiii," she says, exhaling reedily and putting her hand in Wonder Woman's. "Yeah,… 'sgreat," she says, clearly more than a little starstruck. "Really… awesome. Totes."

"Just totes."

Jericho's explanation was wisely taken in, as well as Brian's. A sloppy. She'd like a sloppy. But the order was given to Caitlin to deliver her a sloppy so that the feast will commense with style. "You use beasts of the Gods but we aren't allowed to drive them on fair grounds." Shayera mutters back towards Diana. "I want my Demon back. Me and him made good bonding time the last we hunted."

Back to Jericho, her lips curling into a slight frown as she brings the wire up to her viewing, allowing Bab's to retrieve it from her grasp as she sighs at the both of them. "Perhaps after the feast we four can return to the Valmorra to suss out where and which heat sink is causing the issue."

"And your friend.." Shayera murmurs towards Babs, a hint of amusement within her features. "Is the biggest porker that walks this Terra and I'll eventually have him tied, dyed and fried by the spatula of Hans toolery." She does reach out to rest a hand upon Jericho's shoulder if he doesn't move, a fond squeeze.. highly rare for her to be friendly especially within these halls. There was still a little bit of PTSD to work out.

Thor's arrival gets a wince, a grit of her teeth, and a shake of her head. The hangover from the nights festivities left her aching and near dying for an -entire- week.

There was turkey and she couldn't partake, weakbodied she'd not admit, but the Asgardian Ale put her down upon her ass. She needed to continue the battle to build up tolerance.



"You are not the stray, Babs. I shall forever believe that you brought Jericho here to us and there for he is the stray and the asshole henceforth." Tee'hee.

As Britain is presented with the bent wrench, the Captain plucks it from Diana's hand, and frowns faintly at it. "I'd say you torqued it just a bit too much for it's liking." he comments before he presents it back to her. "Maybe if you throw it, it'll come back to you?" the suggestion is offered before he takes a hold of Caitlin's hand before releasing it to turn his attention to Jericho and Babs and he offers a nod. Stray asshole, go it.

He's drawn over by the call of Thunder, and the Captain offers a grin. "Hammerthrower." he says with a slight smirk but in friendship, after all the two of them made nice over smashing Apokolians. "Over here, Thor, the redhead wants a photo with you!"

That's what she gets for speaking it aloud.

"You're just salty that I won our last go-round." Jericho smirks and his eyes flash. "Hello Thor. Captain Britan. Caitlin. Princess." Of all the people assembled, Diana gets a bow. Perhaps he's used to dealing with royalty from elsewhere and call him old fashioned (and the places he often goes are… weirdly old fashioned in some ways) but he thinks that kind of station deserves acknowledgement and respect. "Nice to see you all. Most of you have met Barbara Gordon yes?" Er, actually… well Shay has…, but Thor, Brian and Caitlin not so much. "Okay maybe not. For those of you who haven't, this is my friend Barbara Gordon."

"No, they haven't, Jericho." The wheelchair bound redhead responds, frowning slightly at Shayera's mention of her ship. "Tha Valmorra?" beat "I'll allow you to believe that I bought Jericho here, but be nice to him … for me?"

Looking around the gathering, Babs holds her out to Diana in greeting - a hug if the woman will accept one - and then nods to others in turn "Call me Babs, please."

"Salty?" Shayera frowns a little, glancing around for a little help. She didn't understand that terminology. "Did you lick me in our battle?" She leaves the wires in Babs capable hands, when they all were ready and well fed, the Valmorra would soon be tended to. As for being nice to Jericho? She grins towards the man. "Not a chance." Hopefully that grin conveys that there's a -slight- respect there.


Shayera has met everyone in attendance, some in less savory situations. But once Hans and crew wheel in the carts loaded with goods from every ethnicity Shayera leaves everyone hanging by reply or word to tend herself a meal.

Caitlin sketches a wave at Jericho, trying to recover her aplomb after a momentary bout of uncontrolled hero worshipping.

"Babs? Oh, hi!" Caitlin shuffles awkwardly towards the girl in the wheelchair and stoops, then hunkers down and offers her a handhake so the two of them are on the same level. "I'm Caitlin Fairchild, but call me Cait, everyone else does. I love your hair!" she tells Babs, with the tone of the girl who has two modes, 'just woke up' and 'ponytail'. "How do you know everyone here? You're friends with Jericho?"

"Ah there we are." Thor says in that loud continued not-so-inside voice, "I still smell Yule burning. Many tidings heroes." A glance at Babs from Jericho and Thor uptilts his chin, "Tis a pleasure, Babs daughter of Gordon." It would appear he is taking a moment to look the gathering over before saying more, "Friend, Britain, you are well?"

"Hello, Miss Gordon. It's nice to meet you, and you as well.. uh.." then Caitlin saves Brian's bacon from calling him something else by giving his name, "Mister Jericho." Captain Britain is far more formal in his greetings than Caitlin is, as he too notices the food and makes his way over to the Hans cart to fix himself a plate. And hopefully not get an arm taken off by Shayera in the process.

"No. Because that would be creepy." Jericho grins to Shayera. "And I'm already creepy enough with the glowing eyes." And the imp. He doesn't say that.

"I've asked Barabara to consult on IT matters for me before. She's been to a few functions as a result. One of the best in her field." The hacker explains Babs presence quite easily. One gets used to 'cover stories' dealing with the kinds of things that Jericho has in the past. Which is a nice way of saying he's a fairly good liar.

The hacker nods to Thor as he gets that 'chin up' and steps back to let people talk to the redhead. In truth he's mostly by to check in on things and make sure all is still well. He's often absent and out of contact so such tings are necessary. "Just Jericho, Captain Britan. Or Mister Trent if you must be formal but as you might be able to tell I'm a fairly informal guy."

"I am well, Thor." Britain quickly adds from where he is putting together a plate, and gestures towards Caitlin. "I believe that Miss Fairchild wanted a picture with you, however. And of course, Mister Trent. I am sure I'll be more informal in time."

Shayera and Jericho get an amused look from the female hacker "Just so, Shayera." She'll leave the two of them to their 'friendly' rivalry.

Caitlin hunkering down gets mild amusement as Babs takes her hand. "Please, just act as you would for anyone else." she murmurs. "As Jericho says, although Diana and I are old friends." a slight embellishment there, but one she hopes the Amazonian will forgive.

Thors rather boisterious manner has the redhead grinning … it's been a while since she's had the like to deal with. "Thor. Captain Britain. A pleasure, to be sure. And I'm sure Jericho is embellishing my skills a little."

"Bah, sorry," Caitlin says, clearly recognizing she's made Babs uncomfortable. "My friend Stacy was in a wheelchair for a year and she said she hated everyone standing around over her." She does straighten up promptly, though, and turns to look at Thor. "Oh! Hey, yeah, that'd be incredible," she says, chin wagging at Britain and Thor. "Cap, you wanna get in on this? I'm at like… a million instagram followers, and all these selfies are blowing me up like crazy."

She shrugs out of her jumpsuit's upper half and ties it off around her waist, leaving her in her XL babydoll joke tee shirt. "Okay, everyone who wants to crowd in!" she chirps, fishing for her phone and holding it at arm's length, leaning back a bit awkwardly.

"I find the personal chariots quite fancy." Thor pauses, "Is that the correct word? Mayhaps." A pondering silence and the large man grins at Captain Britain before hearing Caitlin encourage everyone to crowd in, "What for? I am not one for group hugs at least without many spirits first indulged." Which has him looking around, the Hall for being a Hall is always lacking in such things. Not once has he found alcohol here. Not once. Very disheartening.

+MEET: Tigra has arrived via +meet.

Jericho likes not being shot at and while that had been on the downswing, it does rather depressingly seem to be happening again. Not close to home thankfully but it's clear that he needs to still exercise a bit of caution. So he'll stay out of the selfie.

Honestly it's not like anyone would know who he is, anyway. Well… except the people who already know which…

Nevermind. Picture bad. He'll be over here.

"I've been in the chair a little longer, Caitlin" Babs says with a smile, she'd not been uncomfortable particularly "you get used to it. Think of me as someone short in stature."

At the invitation to join the 'selfie', the redhead shakes her head. She's enemies enough and there's one or two people she'd prefer didn't know that Babs had been in town… one was a paleskinned, green haired monster, who'd likely show up at the worst possible moment.

She gestures to Jericho to join her, they can discuss the Valmorra while the photo op goes ahead.

Doors open, leading to the entrance of one orange, creamy, and black-striped tigress. She strolls along on bare feet, as she tends to do, her tail winding this way and that in back. Soon afterward, her attention settles on the group ahead of her. "What's going on?" Tigra wonders. "Am I late for a party?"

Caitlin's obliged to move awkwardly over to Thor until they're both framed in the phone's screen, and then grins brilliantly up at the image. She's very photogenic, and the camera goes 'beep'! and saves an image of Cait and Thor.

"Oh, /awesome/. This is gonna blow my Instagram /up/," she crows softly. "Thanks Thor! I really appreciate it." She beams at the Thunder God and starts stabbing at the phone with her fingertips.

Spotting Tigra, she looks up, then rises a bit on her toes. "Oh, wow! That's Tigra, right?" she asks no one in particular.

"I, uh, a pleasure fair battle-maiden." Thor rubs the back of his neck and squints down at the screen before shrugging at others present. "May it adorn some wall somewhere and make it glorious." Thats a decent tidings. He still hasn't figured out how to take photos on Sigurd's phone, not that those last longer than a week at a time and the company keeps issuing him more. Silly mortals. "Tigra? It would appear so, yes?" His familiarity with many of the heroes present or not is still lacking. His appearances when he has been about are brief, he shows, he throws his hammer, abolishes an enemy and departs. Perhaps that will change this year.

As Tigra makes her entrance, and the selfie is snapped, Babs look up from her conversation with Jericho. "I don't know about a party…" the redhead responds to the Tigress.

She's just a guest there, after all "I'm Babs Gordon and I think there's a feast being prepared…"

"I thought I smelled something tasty. My nose rarely lies when it comes to that sort of thing." Tigra offers Babs a brief grin as she says this, but just after this she looks toward Fairchild and Thor. "The one and only!" she answers the other woman, the tip of her lengthy tail dancing. "Has someone been talking about me?"

"Uhh, yeah, Twitter?" Caitlin flicks her thumbs on her phone and shows it to Tigra. It's… well, it's a /good/ photo, by objective standards. But kind of salacious by most social conventions. "You were trending on #supers for like two weeks after you got attacked by that giant squid. Totally been there, though, this is why I keep spare costumes on hand," Caitlin says with a wryly sympathetic look. "This one time I got attacked by an ooze monster and… well, it was a cold run home."

"I seek mead I shall return." Thor almost sniffs the air as he wanders from the Hall's central chamber and those present to rooms beyond, "Surely we have something in this museum."

Tigra wiggles fingers at Thor, remarking, "Dunno about mead, but I'm sure someone keeps beer around here." However, more of her attention returns to Caitlin and she makes a bit of a face at the Twitter thing. "I just have a Facebook account. I don't have the focus to keep up with the rest of that stuff." The tail lashes once, twice, then she adds to Fairchild's mention of a different attack, "That must have been a sight. It's probably better I wasn't there for that."

"I do hope you have location services turned off?" Babs has been listening to the conversation. The number of times she's used social media sites and accounts to triangulate people and work out their identities.

"Social media is fine for building a following, but it has it's own inherent security risks." Which is why she and Jericho had declined the 'opportunity'.

Caitlin nods at Babs. "Yeah, I'm using the sPhone," she confirms for the hacker. "It's got that awesome new encryption tech, to boot. So it's great for, y'know, preventing tagging for images and stuff. Love it. Also, insurance," she says with a smile.

She turns back to Tigra and makes a face, nodding. "Yeah, it was… pretty bad. I thought for sure I was gonna blow up on tumblr or something. Thank god I can move fast enough that it's hard to get a good camera shot of me."

She wanders over to Tigra as various JL:A members start wandering off. "So look, I'm kinda new, but it's really awesome to meet you in person," she tells the other woman. "I've been a hero fan since I was a little kid. It's so weird actually, like, /working/ alongside y'all."

"If I had all those social media accounts, I think I'd be in danger of spending so much time sitting around checking them that I'd end up a fat cat," Tigra remarks, giving Babs some attention. "I always keep that stuff off, too. But, you wouldn't believe how many times it's come in handy when I was trying to investigate something."

Caitlin just gets a snickering sort of sound out of her. "I can be pretty fast when I need to be, but it wouldn't take much for me to go from this to nothing at all." She gestures to herself, then goes quiet for a few seconds at the Real Talk. "Yeah, about that. I don't really know how they're handling all of this membership stuff, but I think I'm sort of in the same boat as you. Before this, I just kind of ran solo. It's nice to meet you too, though."

"I don't think I would be." Babs responds to Tigra. She might be making a note of a small project to do, when she's back in the loft constrains of the Clocktower. "I wouldn't know about working alongside heroes. I've done work for Jericho here, and I've known Diana a while."

How the daughter of a Gotham police commissioner knows an Amazonian Princess is really, anyones guess.

With a look to Jericho, the redhead smiles "My apologies ladies, I believe that my expertise is needed. It's been a pleasure to meet you all." She'll wait for Jericho to take his leave, but she's busy tapping the screen of the tablet she's taken from a compartment in the arm of her chair.

"Same," Caitlin tells Tigra, relieved as she finds a kindred spirit. "I was running solo forever. I mean, y'know… I kinda hung out with Captain Marvel a lot," she says, feigning nonchalance and failing at it. "But I mean, no team, no support. It kinda sucked," she admits.

She looks to Tigra and smiles, dimpling a bit. "On the plus side, I'm kinda getting some big attention on Instagram and stuff. I started getting lots of attention and I figured, y'know, I can either be the victim of Twitter, or I can take control of my own hashtags, yanno?" she says, giggling faintly.

Tigra nods slowly to both, but looks distracted. "I know what you mean, just going around town sometimes. But.." There's a sound from somewhere, maybe something only she can hear, and she says apolgetically, "I hate to just say hi and split, but something needs my attention. I'll catch up with you later, all right?"

"Aww." Caitlin looks a bit bummed, but then her phone starts buzzing. "Oh. Well, guess I should go, too. Instagram beckons," she says. She flashes a smile at the others and with a wave, slips out.

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