Danger Room: It All Falls Down

February 03, 2015:

Xavier Institutue


NPCs: Lockheed and Uruk-Hai


Mood Music: ''X-Men''

Fade In…

So, the newbies wanted to see the danger room, well, some of them werent newbies, but the newbies currently outranked the old-timers in this moment. Jean, in all essence, is going to be the high school bully, the one with all of the power to knock down the little whelps and pick them back up, only to do it again to carve them out of wood.

And if they're already carved out of wood? She was going to make them into stone.

The message was sent out on the telepathic waves to keep this simple. Students would have loved to crowd the observer deck just to see what most of them are made of; some would heckle and others would offer cheers while /those/ types would start a betting ring on who would go down the fastest.

And it's bound to happen with Jean running the helm. She hadn't had any sleep; and when this mood strikes her she was feeling particularly abusive and uncharacteristic. Sleep was her snicker bars, she just wasn't herself without it.

Which brings us here; The Danger Room. The controls were set to the highest setting, even tweaked and pushed to the limit, the console.. which is constantly facing upgrades due to the X-Men wearing it out and coming up with new scenarios has been remotely programmed into the tablet that she currently holds. She was in her entire get up. Tight, ribbed shirt with the sigil of the phoenix across the breast, thick trench coat that flows down to the back of her calf with jeans made to move and boots fit for terrain. She was in the middle of the room, not on high, fiddling with the tablet, hair tucked into a high bun and out of her face to prevent irritation. It was here that she waits, waiting for the lowsome few that ..

Let's just face it. She was going to rip them a new one.

Well, it might still be nicer than the time she deal with the Brood. like, what divine entity thought ramping up face huggers was a great idea? What's the deal with that? Nevertheless, Lunair made a promise to show at least Logan and perhaps anyone of the peeps she mentioned promising to where the Danger Room was. She'll take whomever wishes to follow her. Lunair seems to be in an okay mood, given what's been going on. But she's a bit worried. "It's right this way. Whoa." Her eyes widen, waving to Jean. Strangely, Lunair is dressing sensibly. It's like bizarro world. But she does look kind of sharp in a long coat and old, vintage clothing.
Having heard from Lunair of a special training area, and seen some of the others wearing special getups, Logan figured, what the hell, he'd wear his costume too. He'd already shown a few of them his claws, so what's wrong with yellow spandex? Of course, it's not actually made of yellow spandex, but Logan, or the Wolverine as he likes to be called when dressed as such, makes his way down to the Danger Room, curious to see what kind of a training program money can buy.

To Lunair, who had shown him the way, he says in that gruff Canadian accent of his, "if I'm going to the trouble o' wearing this getup, this Danger Room o' yours better be worth it." He had picked up the suit when he was with Alpha Flight, and the damn thing still felt ridiculous. Sure it fit him in all the right places, but it was bright canary yellow and blue. Add in some red and he'd be wearing all the primary colours.

The complete opposite to Jean's sleep deprived and intense attitude, Kitty Pryde phases her way through the door and into the room with her typical sunny sort of attitude. Seeing Jean in the middle of the room, the phaser crosses her arms and gives the red head a nod of acknowledgement and a smirk. Her own outfit is not her 'Shadowcat' get up. Instead, she's dressed in slacks, a dark green v-neck top and her leather jacket. If the point of this is to be tested, best to do it in civilian gear - catastrophes don't always happen while wearing a superhero outfit. Lockheed perches primly on her shoulder, forked tongue testing the air every now and again.

The curly haired computer science teacher gives a friendly nod to Lunair and a raised eyebrow to Logan, head tilted ever so slightly to the side when she sees him here. It's a bit of a strange juxtaposition for her. But, despite all that it's Jean she addresses: "Rough night?"

Lunair said she would! But Rose was not going to wait and suffer through watching 'Kitten Bowl' to pester her more about it last night, and she was drinking. She was giving these people /some/ credit. Test them sober first, so she geared up, finally not feeling such tension upon incisions that she could get on the full body suit of black reinforced leather, stripes of red outlining that of seams, accenting where padding was in thin inserts to aid in the blow of a harsh land where your limbs react to absorb shock and end broken. Preventative measures, but not so much as the scaille maille that lines down over the top, embedded neatly in an archaic fashion down arms and sides, along the curvature of hips and thighs, additional protection for vitals. Needless to say, her uniform was meant for her profession, as well as the hopes the room is truly /Dangerous/.

Nate peers around the Danger Room with mild curiosity. He finds a little hard to take simulations seriously, but given Jean's current mood, he is trying to look professional and stuff. No, really.

Besides, after several days living in a building full of teenagers (and their thoughts) with a snowstorm outside, the possibility to unwind and smash some virtual targets feels like a great idea. He glances at Rose and smirks, quite sure she is feeling pretty much the same. "Give us some hell, Jean!" Just in the case she needed more encouragement. So much for being serious.

Longshot sits in the center of the Danger Room, his longsword balanced across his knees. His head is tipped forward, golden bangs falling into his eyes. To him, this is what he does - fighting for sport, fighting imaginary enemies. He only regrets that there'll be no crowd, no audience to cheer. His teammates, perhaps, but such people are often competitive - they hate to be outshined. And outshining is what Longshot was designed to do.

As he hears the others coming in and chattering, he rolls backwards, kicking the sword into the air until it somehow, impossibly, lands right in the sheathe along his back as he stands up. He looks over his shoulder at the arriving group, his right eye glowing, "Stinger. Roll credits. Start theme music." he says, "Let's do this thing."

A glance upright was given towards Lunair, her eyes drawing upon her attire with a slight nod, then the glance cast towards Logan with a double take and a smirk. She doesn't say much, glancing down towards the pad to set everything in motion, not pressing the button just yet, but waiting for the last few to trickle in.

Kitty's words give her a slight nod, though she puts on a smile either way. "Couldn't sleep. Only got two hours in." Hey, at least she told the truth.

Nate's and Rose's appearance only gets a nod, despite the cheer that Nate let on. She intended to do just that. Longshot's commentary drives her to press the button, flaring the scene before them to life:

A parking garage. Yeah. It looks pristine, four levels of pure hell in the making, filled with cars of various states and sizes all parked neatly in a row.

A little ways behind Longshot, there is movement in the darkness, the electricity clearly faulty, designed to keep what lurks in the dark hidden til the reveal. Low growls could be heard, along with a scraping of metal upon concrete, but that was just the beginning.

Footsteps.. or stomps could be heard upon the upper levels, the weight so heavy that ash seemingly drips and falls right atop of Jean's hair. She really didn't notice, didn't care.

"Alright boys and girls." She finally states, a gentle smile now drawing upon tired features, the pad tucked away inside of her jacket pocket as she slowly begins to take a step back. "I'm going to start with the end game. Get to me, and you've completed the exercise. Think of me as the Boss kill. Pretty sure one of you would at least enjoy that." A look was cut to Rose then, as she continues.

"While you were all filtering in, I've coated you with a telekinetic shield to prevent serious injury.." As she continues to slowly strafe backwards, her eyes give a dim pinkish-red glow, fire slowly building at her back as the phoenix rises and curls with a startling shriek that sends whatever was on those levels and forward into an uproar.

"Yada. Yada. Yada.." She slowly says, soon disappearing into the darkness with only the light of the fire illuminating her figure. She does not say go, she didn't say pass it. But those steps in the distance pick up as if there were a sea of them heading straight for the group.

Your moves.

A polite smile, and wave to Jean. "Hi there! And really? You should get some rest," Lunair looks a little concerned. And Lunair did say she would! She honors her word. Also, drunken danger room shenanigans are probably more silly than dangerous. It's probably best Lunair not go in drunk or there might be a twerk party with the Brood. Can Brood even twerk? She would find out.

Weirdly, Lunair has no unusual clothing. She's dressed. That's it. How odd. Is she brave? Stupid? (Both?) She looks over her shoulder to Logan. "I - okay. I'll give you a hundred bucks for beer if it isn't," She promises. "I'm not cruel," Lunair nods sagely. She waves to Longshot. "You have a themesong? Cool." And while Jean gets to speaking, Lunair's either got an item or power as sleek, totally-not-ripped-out of various video games and sci fi armor covers her. It's minimalist in appearance, darkfaced and anonymous. A visor folds neatly over her face. Today's colors are a dark black trimmed with forest green. "I still wish I had cool red hair. And ooh, boss." She's even got a boss theme? But soon there's - steps? Lunair is going to find herself some cover and out of freaking nowhere, she has an immense, tripod mounted rifle. "Well, okay."

A sideways glance was given to Kitty when she approached. Logan still hadn't had the chance to speak with her since he began spending time in Salem Centre, but he would have to do that soon. There was much to be said, and truthfully, he had no idea how it would go. While she might have sparked a moment of apprehension over their shared history, it was genuinely good to see her again, and her little dragon too. He even offers a little fist bump to the purple guy, as he stood near enough to Kitty that he could whisper in her ear, "it's good to see you again, Kitty."

After that, he'll turn his attention on Jean. She really doesn't have much excuse to smirk at him. Her outfit's almost as bad as his is. Though he is wearing canary yellow, so he probably does take the prize. You gotta be a badass to walk around in bright yellow, at least, that's what he was told when he was issued that costume. Maybe he should change it into brown and yellow, that might look good.

With her rising like a phoenix, he looks up, "nice light show, you ought ta sell tickets." And as glib as it sounds, he meant it. It's not every day you get to see someone manifest a giant flaming bird. But he had a mission, he had to get to her, but "one question? This a group exercise, or a winner takes all kind o' deal?"

A touch of sympathy reaches Kitty's eyes, mouth opening to offer some sort of sympathy for Jean, but the timing isn't right. This is the danger room and there's a mission. She'll ask later. The others are also given once overs and nods, knowing them by sight and reputation even if she hasn't yet spoken with them. At least she's worked with Lunair before, the smirk turning into something more of a grin at the woman's enthusiasm.

As Logan approaches, the one raised eyebrow is met with the other, Lockheed sniffs at Logan's hand for a moment before nosing it and then taking to air. Perhaps he's a little intimidated by the light show - or perhaps he wants to show that he's not the only one who can fly around here. The Shadowcat gives the Wolverine a bit of a smirk, but there's no malice there - only teasing. "Is it?" Eyes are already scanning over the area, narrowing in on the movement and the darkness.

"If this is merely a tag you're it sorta thing, then, I'm certainly game." Kitty drops her arms, hands flexing and curling into fists as she slides into a defensive stance. While she doesn't yet go for her katana, it's certainly within reach.

The smirk from Nate is met and returned, captured in the sweep of that single blue eye over each and every face. New, old…Pause on yellow spandex… Blink. The sword stunt though brings one corner of her lips into a curl that is not exactly friendly. Perhaps more of an unspoken 'challenge accepted', though one had not been made. Yep, she is one of /those types/. Bloody money = mo' money!

Upon one thigh is a belt, a small gun holster is there, but empty, this is for fun and the tiny high tech weapon that looks like it should be called the 'bumble bee' was nothing you should bring indoors anyway. Around that holster those throwing knives rest, looped at th tops of their handles for quick and easy access, though only a trigger would let them fully release, meant to keep them from being taken by anyone but the owner. Upon each hip is a SIG Sauer SG 553, extensions braced just like that of the throwing daggers. Safety first! Though the big ones stayed in her room.

The token object is her two swords strapped like a large X across her back, the base touched fondly with Longshot's little theatrical, but then as Jean speaks her smile darkens and she reaches up and back, fingers coiling around the hilts to snap thumbs down and *click* release.

"Got a safe word I need to know?" On like Donkey Kong now!

Nate's left eye pulses with light and his clothes shift shape, becoming less casual and more uniform-like, even gloves covering his hands. His own telekinetic forcefield forms over his body, giving him a golden sheen and making him almost invulnerable.

"Guess we need to go up the garage levels, beating the enemies along the way. Or we can cheat and blast through the floors if we get bored, hmm?" The stomping steps are getting close, he assumes whatever is doing it will come through the ramps. Just in case, he opens his telepathic senses. Maybe the Danger Room is advanced enough to give telepathic signatures to its hard-light constructs.

Longshot laughs, "Aw, and I just sheathed this thing, and it looked really spiffy," he says, a four-fingered hand reaching back and snatching the blade from his back. He sees the others moving but just does what the hero is supposed to do - he charges, breaking into a run and heading towards the center of the oncoming fray.

"You can spare yourself protecting me, Lady Grey! I won't be getting hurt today. I'm just feeling lucky!" he grins, somersaulting fearlessly into the darkness before he even sees what's on the other side. Just trusting to luck - never done him wrong before, 'Hip hip geronimo!'

Jean didn't say a word. No answer to anyones questions, no snarky reply, nothing. She was just gone. The light up ahead disappears and seemingly moves and weaves itself to the upper level, where she'll land and sit upon one of those cheap, steel chairs that break easy when Stay Puft sits upon it. The firebird itself detaches from her, extinguishing the flames, yet the glow is still held within her eyes as she takes out the pad to view the stats of her creation.

One finger swipes across the screen….

…and down below, the hordes of monsters, all digitized in 32 bit, rush forward. Some have claws, some swords, some knives. It was like the Uruk'hai mixed and melded with orcs, who then in turn mated with goblins to create a nasty mix of monsters to grace the scene.

Thank Debra, the class genius in graphic design for that one.

And there were a lot of them; their images shimmering due to the quick code and upload, but they were still there and controlled by the press of the button and fingers.

All growls and no snark. These babies were designed to kill. Well, sort of. They don't hold punches and they packed it in spades.

They swarm the group, a stampede against the small, blades and maces swung, staffs pitched, gunshots fired..

There was also one big asshole in the corner who thought it best to pick up a car to hurl towards the group.

Longshot gets the first bit of business, however, two uruk'hai hybrids immediately descending on his form, spear extending to give a sharp jab towards his middle while the other goes low to take out his legs.

First one in, first one out. (Attempted, at least!)

Lunair smiles to Kitty. She does like the lights, it's true. "It did," Lunair offers helpfully to Longshot from behind the totally-not-overcompensating-special. Unfortunately, she's got a normal person body behind the armor and infinite ammo. And no cool stunt training. So it's a more subtle (is anything with eff off huge guns subtle? Freudian, SURE, but…). "…" A stare after Longshot. There's no time to think about it. "Oh my god, it's got a car. And that one -" Wait. Is that a - Nevermind, incoming!

The gun sits beside her, and she'll just pull a freaking rocket launcher and aim for the one with the car. "Don't tell Mike I blew up another car!" There, that's covered. She's a pretty good marksman, actually. Shame that her melee skill is on par with someone slapping their opponent with a badger. But it's getting there.

With no answer on the question of whether this is a team exercise, or everyone for themselves, and operating in the knowledge that no real danger can come to them thanks to that telekinetic shield or whatever it was that Jean talked about, Logan starts heading in the most expedient manner he can come up with.

He starts climbing. Well, that's not true. He'll take a running jump, his claws coming out of the gloves he wears and start working his way up rapidly. There may not be much for him to jump off of, but as long as there's a wall, he has something he can us to get himself forward, or in this case, upward. He claws into the walls, moving at a surprising pace for a guy who's essentially climbing by use of daggers, but up he goes. Is something, or somebody going to stop him? Let's see how they do. Of course, Lockheed and Kitty have one hell of an advantage. He can fly, she can turn them invisible. It's a major combination.

"Hey, my lips are sealed," Kitty tells Lunair as she unsheathes her katana and surveys the situation. "If someone can lend a pair of us a boost, we can get a head start on the upper levels." A thumb jerks upward even as she slices at one of the Uruk-hai with the weight of a proper stance behind it. "You know, this isn't…" she starts to call out to Logan as he starts charging ahead without any sort of cohesion, continuing with a yell, "We're all here together, you know!" With a rolling of the eyes and a sigh, she glances at the others. She was raised on Xavier team playing values, after all, and she'll try and keep to it. Even if these are a bunch of loners, maybe she can do something about that.

Lockheed breezes forward, wings touching the ceiling as he surveys what's ahead. Kitty glances at Rose's array of weapons and as well as Lunair's and gives a smirk. "Lunair, can you give us some cover?" Pointing at Rose, since she was never properly introduced, moves in as close as she can. "Care to be the pincher movement? We can run through the group and cut our way back." Seeing Longshot already has his own orcs to deal with, it's probably best he stays with Lunair.

Kitty gives Nate a sideways smile, "I mean, I could be through the ceiling and run my way to Jean without stopping, but I don't think that's the point."

Badgers hurt! But Rose is standing there a minute… "Wait? This ain't real?" They /aren't/ slapping eachother with badgers, or their swords, or shooting at eachother? Yes, her childhood was fucked. Whose wasn't? Both swords are falling in the risen and drawn posture, almost drooping like a let down flower lacking sun.. Then again, the end result was getting to punch Jean again….

Eye tic.

Okay, she's in!

But she is not bothering with the gremlins from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, not until her burst forward and after Logan has the shadow of a car muting her form. Wile E Coyote's ears would have folded down as ACME hammered him down, but Rose does not pause, she's on a mission and as the car sweeps through the air she drops to her knees and bends backward, her body now folded parallel to the cement and sliding in her dead-set direction.

Reaching the other side one of her swords spin, aiming to slide the car-chucking Jabba the X-utt from bottom to top, right down the middle.

Move Bitch, Get Out Da Way….

"He got a car, yeah," comments Nate. "But plenty of those around," he spreads his hands, and the closest four to his position lift from the ground, hovering a few feet above the floor. Then they fly forward, as if thrown by an invisible giant, hitting the largest clusters of monsters in the attacking horde.

The idea was that scattering the attackers would allow his team mates to easily take down the rest without having to worry about being overwhelmed but Logan is already leaving. "Sheesh… why the hurry? This is a training exercise? Or are they giving extra points for finishing early?" Maybe they sent a note with the rules and he missed it. It wouldn't be the first time.

"Oh, fine. Be that way," they young man looks up and concentrates a second. A beam of golden light burst from his left eye, hits the ceiling and shatters a large hole explosively. And it goes on, blasting through every floor of the parking garage and shooting into the sky. Hopefully the ceiling of the Danger Room can stop it. "Elevator up," he offers, "next stop, final boss floor. Phoenix level."
Longshot leaps in the air and runs up the length of the spear jabbed at him, scampering along the length and bringing his sword in along the side and chopping the top of the thing's skull off. Nothing fancy about his sword, but it seems plenty good enough for chopping through digitized orc stuff. He flips forwards, a handful of throwing knives flicking from his fingers to catch the lowboy in the back of the neck.

Others can concern themselves with the purpose of the exercise. Longshot, for his part, doesn't have a competitive hollow bone in his body - he knows he's a star, he's always been a star, and he'll always be a star. He's not even sure what the prize would be for winning. There aren't any stakes - just a game. So he uses it for the best purpose he can imagine, what games are, in fact, for - to look awesome and have fun doing it.

He's a whirling dervish, blade flashing, stabbing, slicing. He's flinging blades and kicks willy nilly, somersaulting off of shoulders, cannonballing himself into big snotty faces. He somehow always lands on his feet, their weapons somehow always just barely miss. He's laughing because he's in his element, because this is what he does. He's laughing because he's Longshot, crying out intermittently through it all: "Come, brigands, let us do that voodoo!" "Oh my Mojo, do you kiss your mother with those tusks?" "Bang! Pow! Swish!" "TROLLLLLLLLL! TROLLLLLLLL IN THE DUNGEON!"


The explosion rocks the car and ten others behind it, all disentigrating into thin air. There was no debris programmed into this one, though Jean was starting to have second thoughts. Lunair was pretty damn rocking with her out of no where and it's there type power. The crowd was surely thinning due to that act alone.

As Logan begins to climb the walls, a few other of the uruk'hai hybrids begin to follow, their longish fingers soon dripping with claws that plant themselves into the concrete, crawling with rapid speed behind him with the attempt to bring him down.

Jean's fingers lift to type in another command; two smoke sentinels springing to life and crouched upon the ground as such.

"Go get 'em."

The sentinels stand and take a running leap, sailing off of the side in a graceful swan dive, dissolving into a ring of smoke that soon barrels down with the attempts to knock Logan back onto the ground with the rest.

"Danger. Scan the schematics of the parking garage and set the demolition apparatus."

Along the corners of the parking garage, a low.. red glow begins to flash slowly.

Lockheed gets a full view of the commotion that awaits them. Rows upon rows of Uruk-hair hybrids waiting to tear them into pieces. They're even fighting each other to get to the bottom to grab some of that delicious human meat.

Kitty takes charge, give commands, seems Rose and Kitty had the same thing in mind, for she's pushing through the Uruk like butter.

The lift of the cars from Nate did wonders. It cleared the path for them to ascend through to the higher levels, the bounce and roll of metal disentegrating the Uruk's like a childs hope of wonder when their legos are tossed in the garbage.. the level clear.

However, the blasts through the roof sends Jean herself sprawling backwards in a tuck and roll as the ground beneath her opens up..

Longshot's whirls and twirls and twists through the crowd clears them out as well, his spins and thrusts take him towards the beginning of the second level and possibly beyond.

It doesn't seem like he's paying attention to where he's going.. unless there's a fight there, and he's being magnificent. -Cue 'oo'waa' anime girls for effect!-

At least Lunair is wise enough to keep some rocket power in her boots because - everyone is charging and climbing. She looks a little uncertain behind her visor. A faint sigh. But then, there's a Kitty and she smiles and nods. "I don't mind if you want a portal up, I'm not sure." She has a freaking portal gun in a heartbeat. Fortunately, Lunair is only really competitive to a point. She enjoys things for the sake of them.

It's hard not to smile at Longshot showing off and everything. "I really should just drop a bunch of C4 everywhere. Oh well." She's a good sport about playing with others well. At least between her portal gun and making ammo and guns appear and disappear, having a huge, automatic gun is no problem and it's pretty decent cover. But Lunair is going to stay back out of melee. The dubstep gun WOULD be pretty funny, but fortunately she's actually being serious. For now, mind you. It's hard not to feel a little small here now and then. And yes, she stole the portal gun from the portal video game. Shameless, really. "That was neat." Rose has talent! And Longshot and - okay, they're all good, really. But she's staying back, pelting anything that gets too close with a hail of lead and fire. Cover is good. Yes?

Where Kitty may have been raised to be a team player, Logan learned from an early age that the only one you can count on is yourself. But he can play in a team environemtn, when it's expected of him, but his understanding of this exercise, based on what Jean said and didn't say, was that it was all about the mission. He would achieve the objective in a timely fashion, or he would di… have a difficult time trying.

But these guys, man they could be distracting. Longshot seemed to believe he was in a movie, Lunair was a motormouth, but at least Rose and Nate seemed more up to his speed, and Kitty of course was the one person in the room he'd trust with his life. Well, her and Lockheed. Small or not, Lockheed had Logan's trust too.

Continuing his rapid ascent, Logan soon has followers and is forced to take some evasive actions. He uses his claws to carve up some debris under him, letting it fall towards the uruk'hai hybrids who have begun to scale the walls. Those are easy enough to deal with but sentinels that are made out of smoke, what to do about them? He tries to swing at them when they come close to him, but what good are claws against mist? And that mist can solidify when it wants to. His claws lose their grip for a moment, but he slows his descent by finding new holds, and will again try to work upwards.

He'll carefully time his attack, hoping to launch a claw attack the next time one of the sentinels materialises. But can he get it right without losing his footing again?

Outside the Danger Room itself. The Control Center.

"What dis?elf. The Control Center." Gambit questions while easing down in to the chair behind the controls of the Danger Room. Looking it over he grins, "Lookin' like Jean authorized some sort of party." A quick skim of the console and he debates spicing things up, just a little.
With no one around the Cajun lights up a cigarette placing it between his lips.
"Where to cause some mischief…"

Cover is very good as far as Kitty is concerned! As Rose cuts her way through the orcs in front of them, Kitty gets some intel from a swooping dragon. Perhaps it's no use to try and get people to work together in an instance such as this, but she can't help it. Figuring out what might be a catalyst, the Shadowcat goes running, passing through orcs and allies alike until she's almost caught up to Logan in her phasing form.

At the end of her run, she turns substantial again, cutting at those around her in a deadly arc of pressed steel. "Logan," she hisses. "This isn't just a singular thing. We're all here for a reason. You're turning this into a competition. Help us out here." Even if no one else is listening, she's going to keep being a team player. Though she's already past the group of orcs, she starts slicing her way back towards the others to clear the way. Lockheed blasts an arc of fire in front of Lunair and Nate, before dodging out of the way when a large open hole appears in the ceiling by way of a golden blast of light.

Rose is not holding back now, the first sight of splitting a monster in twixt gets the blood boiling, her slide ending in a pivot to rise, resting weight on one knee in a kneel, her other foot thrust forward to carry her back in a direction that would carry her to the second level, one by one the throwing blades unsheathed.

The eye of an Uruk, then using it like a small stepping lever, kicking off of his face while yanking her smaller blade free and pirouetting to spin and land in the center of a cluster of them as they headed for the group en masse, turning herself into a spinning fan of blades that slices, dices, and makes them into digital julienned fries!

Rose is all about fighting alone, in fact that is what is her bread and butter, how she was raised, how she was trained… But that changed when she got thrust into a group before, and its engrained now - muscle memory that keeps her at the front. A few pass and that is when one sword gets rolled and flipped back to line the back of her arm, held with the wrap of pinky and ring finger while the remaining draws one of the SIGS and blasts down one of Kitty's persuants, sending into a digitallized pixellated explosion.

Let her tell Logan off, lips part as she takes aim towards the rest, but Lunair is mowing them down like a professional lawn mower woman and Nate is making a shirt cut that has 'crete dust falling and dusting her extended arm….


Oh shit. Backpedalling!

Nate has not moved much from the starting position, so he has a privileged view of the battlefield. The enemies pixelate instead of leaving bloody corpses. So very clean, Jean. He snerks. "Hey folks, we can go upstairs through this hole instead the ramps. Would be faster." Nevermind the whole building is creaking ominously. So he looks up. It is not such a large hole… and he is pretty sure he didn't break any of the walls or main support columns.

Longshot functions essentially as a one-man Castlevania game - he splatters the monsters with his sword, collects the power ups, dodges the attacks with somersaults. The gleam in his eye is evident when he snaps of a kick, knocking a handaxe from the hand of one monster, catching it and flick-throwing it ahead to splatter into the skull of the next in his way.

No cheats, no level skipping, no Konami code. Just Longshot.

He kicks a few into the path of Lockheed's fire, saluting the little dragon with in mid-dive as he performs a spinning somersault plancha (OLE'!) onto a whole pack of them.

Dust in the air? Crumbling walls? He doesn't think they exist.

From that tuck and roll, Jean stands to dust herself off, the bluetooth pad that she connected to Danger damaged during her evasive manuevers. "…Dammit." Jean was hardly known to swear, that was about as worse as it was going to get. And with no way to control which way the fight was going to go; she had to step up and into action.

Lunair was providing good back up support, for the last remaining Uruk on that particular level was sniped out before they even had a chance to piddle. She was clearing the way effectively, and being a total kick ass team member.

Lockheed's blast of fire proved handy; it rained down upon their foes with the fury of a thousand suns and sent them back into the ethers that was made of digi.

Logan's evasive actions worked; the Uruk were programmed to be ruthless, not smart, so his actions cause a few of them to fall, right into the line of Lockheed's fire and the debris that Logan himself created. One of the sentinels form into solid mass and tries to grab Logan's neck, but was met with claws and dispersed…

Kitty's expert slices were met with resistance /at first/, though her arms were quick like Thousand Eyes, and the bodies mounted and fell with her blade.

Rose was like the Black Swan; her arms flailed and feet joined in, if Death had a song it would play just for Rose. She was a leaf with blades on the wind; light as a feather and swift, deadly.

Longshot was on par with Rose, but in a different sense. While she was graceful in her killing, Longshot was elaborate and cunning. Moves were direct with an added bit of flash, there were no pauses to break or look…

..Lets face it everyone! We lost Longshot the second the first Uruk-hai swung it's spear. The man is just gone!

…But Nate? He should be sure. For the blast through the middle of the structure wasn't the one causing the dust and tiny debris to fall.

It was Jean; arms soon parted at her sides as her eyes retain that healthy glow of pinkish red, her feet soon lifted off the floor as her head tilts just a little to the left.

Fingers splay, crook and curl as the building itself begins to shake, the unhealthy sway breaking the foundation with large pops and snaps. She makes this look effortless, hiding the strain within her features as her mind seeks out the bombs placed..




*SZWOM~* Disarmed. She was going to bring it down upon them /by hand/.

Everyone could surely guess that Aunt Flo was comin' to town… and these folks would suffer for it.

To be fair, Lunair was spoken to and it's always polite to let people know you're firing in their general vicinity. Nevertheless, things just got a bit serious. And it's a bit hard to play team when the competition is on. Then it's time to make the battlefield in her favor. Lunair is, and one lady quoted, 'touched by the Wildways'. Her nose wrinkles a bit. And there's a giant robot guy in play. Hmhmhmhm. "I dunno, barreling ahead to the final boss - doesn't it leave our backs open?" Plus, Jean worked hard on these. She looks worried, seeing things start to crumble.

If the sentinel(s) is (are) still up, it's going to get blasted with the Dubstep gun. it and anything near it (if Logan doesn't move…). There's explosive party grenades coming out, and she's sort of keeping them busy while managing a few bursts of gunfire.

Despite being fairly small and petit, the hiss from Kitty spurs Logan into action. She insists it's not a competition. He almost on the next level, but Kitty asked for his help, and she'll get it. With a growl, he'll retract both claws, kicking off with his feet, doing a lengthy summersault, and come down into the thick of the orcs, tearing through them and clearing a path.

It proves to have been a good move, as Jean, or Phoenix as she goes by when dressed as she is, brings the house down. Knowing that Kitty can go intangible when she wants, he doesn't try to shield her, and everyone else is shielded by the telekinetic barrier, but still, he almost goes to help Lunair before he stops himself. "Funny," he calls out, "really funny there, Jean." Logan is not amused. He just had a building land on top of him. Still, he's had worse days, like when he spent six months trapped under a glacier.

Remy is far too indecisive and this is just an easily juicy moment. "Battle music. Dat be what be needed." A finger flex and he thumbs through what is available, then…
Y'all gon' make me lose my mind
Up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me go all out
Up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me act a FOOL
Up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me lose my cool
Up in here, up in here… begins to blare forth out of nowhere in to the holographic environment.
Remy spins in the chair and takes a long drag, singing quietly to himself, "If I gotsta bring it to you cowards then it's gonna be quick…" Occasionally he looks at the Danger Room as the chair allows him in it's circle. He's a little sad he didn't get to join in earlier but then again he's also just this side of lazy so it's not all bad.

Bringing down the house… Okay, Rose is looking at Nate as she backpedals, both brows up.

Really?!? Head cant and all.

But of course Jean would get that look too if she could see the woman, instead right now as large chunks of bracers, concrete, and brick begin to fall she is racing for a car, jumping in through an open window and jamming one of her throwing blades into the steering column, wrenching it open and starting it with the peeling wrap of a couple wires in the matter of seconds.

Timing is everything, that music starting with the revving of the engine, Rose stabbing the radio….violently then it dawns on her…


Slamming that car into gear though, speed junky to the core she is swerving now, running over those Uruk and sending them sailing as she clears another path and starts trying to head upward at a faster rate while making target practice of the ugly little scaly shih-tsu's.

Uh oh. "I guess Jean didn't like the cheating. She is trying to bring down the building on us!" Warns Nate. He raises his arms and tries to hold the ceiling in place. "You better move, X-People!" It is always easier to make building crumble into rubble than to keep it standing.

Yes, he knows this from personal experience!

A golden telekinetic barrier spreads over the floor of the garage, but fails to hold completely and great chunks of the upper floors cave-in, particularly in the areas farther away from Nate. "Everyone out! Get into that car!"

Longshot finally notices the crumbling building when a big chunk of it splatters the Uruk in front of him into a big puddle of Campbell's Cream of Ogre Soup. "This is getting a little splatterpunk!" he calls out to the director, although he's not sure if that's still Jean anymore. Still, if the building's about to come down, he's got to make a dramatic exit, something that will let it explode in his wake, usually as he's walking away from it.

He does a spinning sidekick, whipping across the face of a fat, bulky Uruk and then shoving it violently until it's right in the path of Rose's car, he and the Ogre sprawling across the hood, rolling over the windshield in a grapple, "Hello!" Longshot waves as he bounces up onto the roof and finally kicks free of the baddie, grabbing either side of the roof and looking behind as the car whips them out of there, "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Smoke my bandit, suckers!"

The Dubstep gun. Funny thing that.

Sentinel's and Uruk-hai alike are hit with a blast that sends them back a step with a confused gaze. One looks at the other, and a grin rocks their face as they take a step forward then turn to high five the other. One leaps forward with a land upon the ground, feet in the air with an arc and it begins to twirl. The other gets crunk. Dirty south style, arms flailing and ass popping, head bobbing to an unheard beat. A sentinel literally rocks out with it's socks out; left foot jutted forward as it begins to do the stanky leg, moves so cold it makes medicine sick.

What was that? A goblin doing some wet noodle dance across the floor.

Mixed with Remy's music? Perfect.

It may not have been a twerk gun shot, but there were at least three of them twerking to DMX and another one jumping behind them Jersey Style due to the party grenades thrown, hooting and madman DMX barking.. ARF! ARF!


The theft of the car gives way to insult and injury, one of the Uruk's was right in the middle of spinning atop of it's head before a leg goes this way and an arm flies that way, disappearing from view. Many more were mowed down but..


Nate's effort was met with a lot of resistance. Jean could feel that he's pushing back against her by holding the building together as best as he could..

.. where did he gets those genes from? Right. Mama pushed back harder with a display of pearly whites, clenched with effort and a growl.

Longshot, lucky as he was, grapples upon the car and holds tight, but.. crazy woman driver. Hook your feet into it, boy!

And now back to Jean. She was throwing a fit, a right temper tantrum, her arms lift up.. down.. up.. down.. she was making that parking garage jump. Rose was going to have to work for this, cause the building was going to go down fast.

"You. Are. Going. To. Learn. To. Day."

Lunair's throwing the battle field into chaos, because that's what she do. And then - did someone just get run over? She at least was wide enough to avoid the falling debris.

Everybody! Put your hands up! There's a dance party over - yeah, Lunair's a bit weird and she gave up trying to play support alone. And there's glitter bombs into the mix, too. Sparkles, twerking robots and monsters. It's a bit surreal. Lunair shrugs, in a sort of Bugs-Bunny-esque 'Welp'. Wait. Is Jean visible?

Every neuron is screaming TERRIBLE IDEA, despite Lunair not being quite old enough to have a fully developed frontal lobe. This is why the NOS booster powered shopping cart was hilarious. And this is why she's going to try to shoot Jean with the dubstep gun before GTFOing with her portal gun. Hey, portals are a handy way to travel in the general direction of AWAY fast.

For a time, Logan seems to have disappeared. The debris lay on top of him, its weight crushing him. If it weren't for the telekinetic shielding, and his own abilities, he would have probably gotten hurt, quite badly. And then, the debris begins to shift. Slabs of concrete, rebar, and other building materials stirs, moving thanks to some unknown source.

When enough of it has moved, Wolverine is laying there, having used his body to create a tent around Lockheed, who was caught under the falling debris. Unlike Kitty, he can't go intangible. Getting up and off of the little guy, Logan asks, "you all right there, short stuff?" Lockheed may not be his pet, may not be a pet, but he's still protective of the little guy. "Easy there." And with a look up at the orchestrator of this sorry event, he adds sarcastically, "nice one."

As she flew forward, Kitty attempts to get to as many people as possible as she can to turn them intangible in order to make it past the falling ceiling. However, there is not enough time to get to everyone. She grabs who she can to protect from the debris. Unfortunately, Lockheed is not one of those. After a moment, she climbs intangibly out of the fallen concrete and dust, checking around to make sure everyone made it out. "Hello? Everyone okay?"

As Logan shifts away from Lockheed, a breath of relieved air escapes her lungs and the dragon flies it's way over to the brunette. "Hey buddy," she sighs, giving a hug. This may just be the danger room, but the danger often feels real. "Glad you're okay."

Rose has a hitchiker! Though, Longshot is okay, so she does not /intentionally/ try to shake him off with irratic driving, but to hell if she is releasing off the gas pedal as she comes to the front where Nate is standing, Lunair making her escape and the others too(?), but slamming the gears of the car she yanks up the emergency brake.

"Hold on!" Spinning the car now it does a 180, facing back towards where there is a fallen bit of platform… a nice angle…"Get off the car…"

It's like lining up a pot shot, but at an angle, certain speed, maybe she can drive a car into Jean… Literally. "Or stay on it and jump with me. Pick one.."

One split second and Rose is peeling it out, plugging that car to top RPMs, needles bottoming out and smoke raising from behind tires as she throttles it towards that ramp of fallen platform, jumping just before it hits the ramp.

Tuck and roll! Then she goes intangible just as a pillar crumblesover where she would have been, instead rematerializing on the top of the pile with arms crossed over her face. Yeah, that wouldn' save her.


Yes, Rose just tried to drive/throw a car at Jean.

Longshot is hanging on by just two fat fingers at one point, clinging at one point by a single finger, a sharp turn flinging him off to the side. "Keep driving!!!!!!!!!!" he calls, actually managing to swordswipe an Uruk pointlessly diving for help.

A quick tense of impossibly perfect abs and a kip-up get him on his feet at the rooftop just as Rose sends the car flying and gets herself out of there so that he's actually riding the thing like a surfboard on its way down as it flies at Jean, "Hi, Jean!!!!

Nate is kinda busy trying to hold it all together, but there is a very unhappy expression on his face when Rose brings the car to him, instead of getting the hell out of the place. He can fly, y'know?

Then the building crumbles anyway. Just too many pieces to hold, it was all cracked from the pressure of both high-power telekinetics. Fortunately Kitty gets most of them. And somehow Longshot and the car keep going. That should be impossible, or maybe just crazy luck. And Nate, not so lucky, disappears momentarily under a mountain of concrete, but he will dig himself out in a few seconds.

Not fair. Among the building jumping, Jean got hit with the blast of the Dubstep gun, which knocks her rocks off and brings the building to a stand still.. for now. She barrels into the wall, smacking her back against it and crumbling towards the ground, one hand lifted to propel her telekinetic force against a piece of rubble that threatened to flat her against the ground below.

It was tossed aside with ease as she draws herself to a stand, her left shoulder soon twitching and jumping to a beat which was soon grasped with a clutch of her hand.

Jean loved to dance. But not today.

Lunair gets away and out of sight, while the rubble of the building begins to move revealing Logan with Lockheed safe in tow. It was a sure shit show, but Logan made it out without a scratch and nothing attacking him just yet.

The last of the building begins to tumble and fall, but not before the car comes flying in Jean's direction. She's trained for this stuff; one hand pressed against her temple, pinky finger curling against her lip to stop the car within it's track as Rose ejects herself into a tuck and roll, Longshot soon lifted in the air for his own safety..

And promptly tossed to the side like a rag doll. He'll land on his feet. Just like a cat.

Kitty's efforts were life saving, if it were truly dangerous. Whomever she grabbed was phased through, and placed atop of the mountain of rubble that was left behind of the garage.

Nate? He wasn't so lucky. But she shielded him, and he reinforced that shield. He'll get out eventually.

Jean lowers herself to the ground, attempting to hide the proud look within her eyes as her hands slowly lower to her sides.

"You all were never meant to win." She states matter of factually. "But, next time you're going to have a fighting chance."

The smile was plastered upon her face as her hand lifts in Nate's direction to assist in the tunneling out of his person.

"In a weeks time, you'll all get your wish. If you want. All of you, against me." And.. she says nothing, flicking her wrist to toss the rock/debris aside and away from Nate to stalk off towards the exit of the danger room.

Hopefully no one can see how much she tries to keep it together.. she was almost doing a little stanky leg with a twist and bop of her hip, there was even a twitch gone on in her shoulder.

And the rumors would say this: Jean stopped the Danger Room shenanigans cause she got blasted with the Dubstep Gun. The need to get down was strong in /this/ one.

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