Let Me Give You The Power

December 30, 2015:

Wanda wants to give Zee a present

Shadowcrest - Gotham


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Fade In…

Wanda has a plan…which is always a worrything to hear. The Vishanti gave her power, lots of it, to see what she would do with it. Maybe they expected her to go mad(der)? Maybe they expected her to destroy the world? But mostly she has spent time thinking. And now she has made a decision and it is time to see if it will work.

The Scarlet Witch lowers herself to the grounds of the manor before striding for the door. Thankfully Zatanna has given her the necessary code words and she is soon striding through the halls of the vast mansion in pursuit of her friend. "Zatanna?" she calls out, the sound echoing and probably bringing that servant of hers running if not the owner herself.

Zee is in one of the artifact rooms, reviewing the pieces that she and Jericho had found. Hearing Wanda's voice in the hallway, she pokes her head out of the door, just as Richard appears behind the woman. "Miss Zatara is in Artifact Room 3, Ms Maximoff. If you'd follow me…"

"It's ok, Mr Fitzgerald" Still refusing to call the man by his name until he uses hers, Zee steps from the room "Wanda? What's happening?"

"Hello Richard" Wanda grins before nodding to him. "I know where she is. I just didn't want to just show up. Rude to use magic like that." A wriggle of her eyebrows before she hears Zatanna's voice and starts moving quicker towards her.

"I have an idea!" Wanda enthuses, "Something that will make things better. Show the Vishanti and their tests and things. Are you alone? We probably need alone space for this. Not sure it will work either but won't know until we try. Oh…and I owe you a Christmas present…but it's not Christmas yet. Not my Christmas."

"Uh…." Zee stammers as Wanda enthuses. Richard fades into the background. When his mistress is like this, he knows better than to intrude. "We're alone." She leads Wanda to her workroom … Kane's out and about in Gotham. They haven't really had a Christmas.

At the mention of a Christmas present, Zee blinks at Wanda "You … don't owe me anything" Waiting for Wanda to enter her workroom, Zee cants her head "Tell me more about this idea of yours…."

"You don't get people Christmas presents because you owe them or what something in return. You get them presents because you love them" Wanda sighs, shaking her head as if explaining it to a little child. But then they are in the workroom and Wanda takes a deep breath.

"The Vishanti are testing us. They want to see what we do with our powers or not powers. It is to measure our character, right? Our suitability for the role they wish to give one of us" Wanda explains, words tripping over themselves. "They gave me too much power. They wanted to see me go mad. They wanted to see if I would use this power for the good of everyone. And I have thought about this a lot and I have figure out how I can use this power for the good of everyone, to ensure we have a Sorcerer Supreme that we can be proud of." Another deep breath as she stares into Zatanna's eyes. "I am going to give it to you."

"I know… Wanda…" Zee reaches to the back of her workbench and pulls a small gift wrapped package forward, handing it to the woman as they speak. "You know that you're my friend, right? And I don't use that term lightly."

Listening as Wanda explains her thoughts, Zee nods along. She's got her own trial to undertake … as evidenced by her bruises and scrapes … and then Wanda drops that bombshell. "Uh, what … and how?"

"How? I can do anything at the moment" Wanda shrugs as she takes the package with a curious look. "Now I feel bad that I did not bring your present with me. But that does not matter. They wanted to test what I would do with my power so I am going to share it with those who can also use it well. And that is you." Her fingers jerk and twitch as her power starts to build. "It will not be chaos magic. I have not had good experience with sharing that. But I will use its chaotic nature to make it what you use. Are you ready?"

"NO!! Wanda… don't" Zee takes a step back as Wanda speaks. The young mage thinks she knows what the other woman is planning. "STOP! Think about it. The Vishanti took my power away. We've no idea what you trying to give it to me will do…" To the magic and to Zee herself…

"It will give you your power back and you should have your power back" Wanda replies with a smile - which may be slightly crazed. She really believes she is doing good. "They gave me this power to test me with what I do with it. They expected me to be selfish but I know who deserves it more. You do. Maybe this is what they wanted to see." She looks sad for a moment at the reaction from her friend. "Don't you want to be all you could be again?"

"Wanda!!" The raven haired woman takes a step back. "I want my power back. You have no idea." she speaks quietly, sadly … her loss of power, hasn't devestated her … it's just made things so much more difficult.

"I am all I can be …" unconsciously echoeing a recruiting slogan. What she hopes … is that coming through this, she'll be more.

"I… I'm honoured you think I can do this. But … don't you think they want to see what I can do?" Zee looks to the Scarlet Witch "Please Wanda … don't do this…" Zee can try to stop the other woman … but will it work?

Wanda stops mid-stride, her smile gone as she looks down at the energy around her hand. "Okay…" she says softly. "I am sorry…I thought it was a good idea. I should have known that it would not be. The Vishanti will be laughing at me now. Such a silly witch." She looks at the present in her hand. "Thank you, Zatanna. I shall leave you be. If the Vishanti are smart then you will get your powers back soon."

A faint smile before Wanda turns on her heels and heads out of the room. She feels like an idiot.

"Don't go… " Zee calls after Wanda, immensely relieved the woman didn't try to give that power to her. Who knows what have gone wrong with that?

"You haven't opened your present … and we can have tea." Zee speaks so quietly "I … I don't get many visitors. I'd like if you can stay."

"You do not get visitors?" That confuses Wanda. "But you have a boyfriend. And Richard. And you are in Primal Force. And Gods come to drop by all the time. If this is not visitors then I do not know what is?" A little laught at that before she warily returns to sit with Zatanna. "Tea would be nice" she admits as she starts to open her present.

"My man… stays when he can." Zee sighs at Wanda's questions "But we're all so busy that I rarely see /people/ … " She's all of those things that Wanda has mentioned and yet… particularly with the loss of her powers… she feels so alone.

As Wanda opens the present, she'll see a pendant inside. A deep, crimson red, ruby secured on a leather thong. If she touches it, she'll sense Zee's fingerprint…. and know that it's a warding token.

"Thank you" Wanda smiles as she takes out the pendant and places it over her head. "Do you still have the ward I gave you? The one to fight me off?" Her fingers idly touch the ruby, caressing it. "I will stay here with you until he comes back. If he is a smart man then he would spend all his time here. Milk and two lumps please" The latter to the question of tea.

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