Welcome Home, Kitty

December 30, 2015:

Brian catches up with Kitty after she returns home from her vacation to visit scenic Deerfield, Illinois.

Train Station Metropolis

It's the train station in Metropolis.


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One of the perks of being stationed at the Hall of Justice means that Brian's learned about Metropolis and there's nothing quite like a day of shopping in the city, especially when meeting Kitty at the train station. That's where he waits, just outside the station proper, wrapped up in a warm coat and scarf with a bag in his hands. She doesn't celebrate Christmas, but there's no reason to buy her a gift just because, right?

Metropolis is one of those places Kitty doesn't know all that well. She usually sticks with New York City and Westchester. Those places she knows. The train from Chicago, however, always leaves and returns to Metropolis. She only has a small bag - she wasn't in Illinois for very long, after all and didn't stay for New Year. As she exits the station, she sees Brian sitting outside the station and she smiles, moving toward him. "Hey! You didn't have to wait for me here. I was going to come by the Hall."

"I figured I'd catch you here first." Brian closes the distance, sweeping up Kitty into a hug and giving her a squeeze before setting her down, the bag crinkling against her. "I didn't know if you wanted to do a little bit of shopping before the Hall because well.." he rubs the back of his head and looks chagrined. "…it's usually what Betsy wants to do when she arrives anywhere, and totally not comparing you to her, but the idea is sort of like Pavlov's dog." he admits with a laugh.

"That was thoughtful," Kitty tells him, grinning as she's scooped up in a hug. "I was only gone for a little while!" Laughing, she keeps a hand on his arm even when her feet touch the ground. "I had no plans to go shopping. Is that something people do after just coming off a train?" Apparently it's something Betsy does. "I usually just want to put my bags down and relax. But, we're out here now and I'm never in Metropolis." Studying him, she looks at the bag in his hands. "Already did some shopping, I see."

"You've never spent a day with my sister." Brian says with a smirk. "I swear she has built in GPS for finding the nearest sale. And lord help anyone that's with her at the time because they're going to get tagged along." With that, he offers her the bag. "It's not much, just a little welcome home gift. And I know you weren't gone long, but I did miss you." he shrugs his shoulders, hoping he's not overstepping a boundry.

"I've spent a few," Kitty smirks back. "Well, but none of them involved shopping." As she takes the bag, she smiles. "This makes this a little less awkward, as I brought you back something from Illinois. Mine's nothing much, either." At being said he missed her, she smiles a bit. "I missed you, too," she admits. Then, she looks down at the bag and opens it.

"Yeah, I know. Far different than shopping." Like battling Sentinels and Reavers and whatnot.. Brian offers a little grin, though it's laced with seriousness. "Diana was asking about you." he admits quietly as she opens the bag. Inside, on top is a pair of TARDIS footie pajamas. Yes, it might suggest something, but at least it wasn't TARDIS bra and panty set? Beneath the footie pajamas however is a watch, the face engraved in Gallifreyan script with a blue band that reflects the police box elements. "I remember you saying you were a fan."

Looking inside the bag, Kitty smiles immediately. Though, she does raise an eyebrow. "Footie pajamas?" She may not actually use them, but it's a funny gift. Then, however, she sees the watch engraved with Gallifreyan script. "Oh, Brian, it's lovely." She blushes slightly. "My gift is far less thoughtful." Out of her small bag, she pulls out a box. It's not incredibly large, but about the size of a cake box. Inside is an official Cubs hat.

Brian grins brightly as he sees her reaction. "I'm glad you like it." he offers as he glances at the box. "Pastries?" he asks playfully before he opens it and finds the cap inside. His brow raises as her did earlier and he glnaces towards her as he studies the cap. "Trying to indoctirnate me in the ways of being a proper Chicagoian?" he teases slightly as he tries on the cap, and takes it off to adjust it a little before putting it on again. "Better?"

"Here, help me put it on," she intones to Brian as she holds out her wrist and the watch. "I do like it." As he puts on the cap, she beams. Kitty may not be entirely into sports, but this was something she thought of while staying in Deerfield. "Well, you're an ambassador to the US and the Cubs are a great team. Plus, their colors are red, white and blue! I thought it appropriate. It's only a matter of time before you start to pick up US sports, and I thought it better it wasn't the Yankees."

"Would cheering on the Yankees be a break up offense?" Brian asks playfully as he steps around to the front of her to help with the watch, the cap resting rakishly on his head as he works on placing it on her wrist and finishes with a light kiss to her knuckles. "It pales compared to the woman that wears it." he winks, as he uses to the moment to remain in front of her to quietly study her eyes. "It was very thoughtful, yes." Offering her a smile, he leans in for a kiss.

"It might just be," Kitty tells him - almost seriously. She may not be into sports, but she does not care for the Yankees. "Flatterer," she teases once the watch is firmly on her wrist. "Not quite as thoughtful as the watch," she demurs. She's not just saying that, either. She smiles back, though, and tilts her face upward to return the kiss. "So, now that we have given each other gifts and ruled out shopping, what would you like to do? I'm incredibly disappointed I missed out on that Stark Industries party. And did you say Diana was asking about me? how so?"

Pulling back after the kiss, Brian falls into step. "Well, I could treat you to dinner in order to make up for the travesty that was missing the party. Though I didn't get to stay long myself, things were busy.." He got called away, after all. "And yeah. You and Betsy and Shift. She was impressed with your skills. I couldn't really say anything.." because well, sister and girlfriend, respectfully. His voice drops so they aren't heard over most of the din of the crowd as the two walk, slipping his hand into hers. "She knows who I am because she's on the Council, but outside of that, noone knows who Captain Britain is. It's a bit of a tough spot.. but I'm making due."

"Deal," Kitty replies to the make up dinner. "Train food is terrible." And so she skipped a warm, stale sandwich. "Busy? What happened?" She hasn't heard much in the way of anything major happening, but that doesn't mean it hasn't. "Ah, I see." So, she's interested in the mutants. "Thanks for not saying anything. If she's interested in talking to me, I'd be willing to meet with her." With a smile, she nods. "I know how that is. It's difficult to manage identities."

"It wasn't anything major. Short handed in light of recent events with things.. and all." Brian admits as he gives a nod of his head. "Guess I'll be the liaison instead of my sister for a change." he laughs at that as he considers. "Let's see. You just came back from home, so.. you're probably tired of brisket?" he asks, not sure how to broach the subject of what she may be hungry for. "Diana's taken the attack by the Purifiers and such on the Hall of Justice.. rather personal. I'd rather say where was that when they attacked Mutant Town, but, you don't cross a Themyscarian princess twice."

Kitty nods as she listens. "Nothing wrong with being a liaison. I've heard that means less danger." Which she would be oaky with. "Not brisket. And not hot dogs. I could go for some good New York Pizza. I know I grew up in Illinois, but I can't stand deep dish." And that's all they really have there. "Well, I take an attack on the Mansion pretty personally, so I can't say I blame her. And I'm not even a Themyscarian princess. Just a mutant with a phasing ability."

Brian smirks. "And I'm just a guy who was given a third chance at life as the living embodiment of my home country." he teases slightly as he considers. "Pizza, pizza sounds good. I'm not sure how it's done here in Metropolis, but if you're willing to wait, we can start back towards New York and grab something to eat once we're back in town. How's the family? Was your trip as boring as you hoped it would be?"

"That's a bit more impressive than just having a mutant ability that makes you fall through floors," Kitty replies with a laugh. "You were chosen. I was just born with it." As he agrees to pizza, the mutant grins and nods. "Sounds great. I'm not totally famished just yet, but once we get back to the city I will be. All the better for good pizza." The question about her family is met with a bit of a shrug. "Same as usual. Mom still nagging about not calling enough. Did some housework for her. But, I'm just glad to be home." Quickly, she changes the subject, moving forward. "What about you? Other than fabulous parties and helping out when heroes are short staffed, did you get to do anything fun?"

"You should call home more." Brian winks at Kitty as they walk back into the very station she had just left to head north towards New York. "That from someone that doesn't have parents.. and yeah.. I was chosen about as much as the multitude of other mes that are out there." he says with a slight smirk. "Which is probably the same of multitudes of you out there. But no, it's been relatively quiet since the attack." he pauses for a moment, and he blushes slightly. "Though it seems that through my deeds on Apokolipis and at the Hall of Justic attacks, I've already been vetted as a member of the League."

"Don't make me compare you to my mother," Kitty smirks. Though, she sighs. "I know." And she has a mother, still, despite her father's passing. She doesn't attempt to fight more on the subject. The news that he's a member of the League raises her eyebrows quite considerable. "So, you're a member now? Fully?" She stops a bit. "Are congratulations in order? Should we be finding a place with champagne? I'm sure champagne and pizza are delicious together."

"We can have champagne on New Year's." Brian says with a grin, giving her a little nudge. "At least your mother doesn't have my number so she can't call me to tell me to tell you to call her." he points out with a wink. He surrenders the argument for now. Having your parents to talk to his improtant in his mind, especially when they forget to mention things like one of them is an extra-dimensional being. "I suppose this is a good thing - though I'm still more of an oberserver than anything else in my mind." he admits. "Pizza and beer works just as well."

"That is not happening," Kitty laughs. The very thought of it sends a shiver up her spine. The last thing she needs is her mother calling her boyfriend to tell her to call. "She's still getting used to me being a gifted child, so everything else may be a little much for her to handle." With a grin, she takes his hand. "I think dedicating yourself to helping others is a good thing. And the League will certainly help do that."

There's a chuckle as he finds out that Kitty does have a fear, her Jewish mother. Brian smiles warmly as he bumps her shoulder. "Don't worry, I'm not in a rush to meet her, but any woman that brought you into the world is a gift in and of herself." Flatterer. "I dedicated my life to helping others when I took on the mantle of Captain Britain. While having the League give me their approval is great and all.. it wasn't a neccessary thing to have." At least not right now. "And we both know, not all of us need to have an official membership in order to make difference and change in the world."

"Maybe it's not an official thing that you need to have, but it must be nice to have teammates. People to watch your back." Kitty knows how nice that can be. Being part of a team is something she enjoys quite a bit. "And you can still be Captain Britain while being a part of a team." The talk of her mother makes her roll her eyes just slightly. Flatterer indeed. "You're not going to be singing the same tune when she gives you the third degree. And then insists on calling you every day just to check in."

"That's fair enough, the team idea." Brian says with a grin as he gives her hand a squeeze before they board the train to head towards Manhattan. "Oh, that would be easy. I'd just give her Betsy's number." he winks at that, adjusting the cap on his head, still getting used to the feel of something that isn't cowled. "Anyway, at least now my sister can't claim to have the market on the team status."

As they board the train, Kitty moves toward a seat they can both share. "I'm sure Betsy would not take too kindly to my mother calling at all hours of the night." And Betsy has some forms of mind control. Though, maybe, that would work in their favor. "That's true. "Looking forward to it? Or are you nervous? Should I think about packing you a lunch for your first day?" she teases.

Settling down next to Kitty, Brian chuckles in amusement. "I fear what you might decide to pack me for a lunch." he teases right back as he leans back in the seat. "And she hasn't blown up your phone since you got back, has she?" he asks with a wry little smile as he considers, thoughtful for a moment. "I assume she doesn't know what else you do when you're not teaching computer classes, does she?"

"As you should." Kitty smirks and shrugs her shoulders. He's never seen if she can cook or bake. He may be pleasantly surprised. "My mother or Betsy?" Either one, the answer is no. What her mother is met with another shrug. "She knows that I love this city. And that what I'm doing is important. She thinks what that is is teaching children. It is that, a bit. But, no, she has no idea about anything else. Nor should she. It's better that way."

"I suppose that's true." Brian finds himself agreeing as he gives Kitty a reassuring smile. It's up to her to decide if or when she wants to cook for him. "I'm not sure if my mother ever knew if my father was.. well, what he was. They died together." he admits with a sigh, glancing down at their joined hands. He gives hers a fond squeeze, mainly to remind himself that things are better now. "That was about the same time that Betsy decided to leave for the States and left me to deal with everything back home."

"My mother still doesn't know how the truth of how my father died. And she never will." It would be too painful for her, wrapped up in something she didn't and wouldn't understand. Even after Kitty's powers manifested, her mother denied they existed. "Sometimes people just have to deal with things their own way." She squeezes back on Brian's hand. "I'm sorry you had to go through everything alone."

"It was hard for a while.. but it's gotten better. I guess in some small way.. I was jealous." Brian admits as he considers. "Betsy got to come to America. Experience the life she wanted. She got to find a family, fall in love for a short time, at least, but to find herself. I'm just now getting to do that myself. And I'm still getting used to the idea. But I think.." he glances up and gives Kitty a warm smile. "..I'm off to a great start."

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