Submarine Story

December 17, 2015:

Sue and Reed aim to assist in an emergency of epic proportions (Part 1)


Baxter Building and the Hudson River


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Fade In…

9:03 PM

"What do you want?!" Ryan Gosling, or whoever Ryan Gosling is acting as is screaming at Rachel McAdams' character over and over.

"What do you want?!"

There's an emotional entanglement and lots of rain and high drama and Reed Richards is sitting on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn between him and his fiance and is looking extremely confused. Modern romance is about as foreign to him as romance from previous generations.

"I don't get it."

"That's because it makes no logical sense," Sue chuckles, taking a handful of popcorn from the bowl. "And if we're going to be entirely honest, the whole situation is pretty inappropriate of him. There's a fine line in media between stalking and romantic gestures. Actually, I'm not sure there's really a line." She picks up the popcorn to set it in her lap, leaning against his shoulder. "Women like to think that the right man will do anything for them, though."

"Of course they do, and of course I would. Good thing you don't have to worry about that," Reed says as he puts his arm around Sue. Every so often his eyes flicker to the hallway towards his propulsion lab, of course, but that's nothing new. "I'm just not sure what the house represents. And I don't know why James Marsden is always the man we are asked to root against in every movie."

"Maybe our movie was just misunderstood."

"Let is go, honey," Sue chuckles, taking another handful of popcorn and tipping it into her mouth. "Poor James Marsden. I think it's because he's just so perfect. I mean. Look at the guy," she points to the screen. "Nobody can trust it because he's just too good to be true. Instead, we're supposed to root for the hero with the tragic flaw. Like the one who can't let go of work," she teases, nudging him with an elbow.

"You call it a tragic flaw, I call it just being industrious," Reed says, looking at her before planting a kiss upon her cheek. Like is wont to happen around these halls, however, the moment is interrupted by a warning klaxon that begins to ring in their ears. "HERBIE, what's going on?"

"Sir, there's a situation out on the Hudson River. Apparently some sort of nuclear submarine is requesting help. Some sort of meltdown warning, sir."

"Ah, you're a lucky man, Reed Richards," Sue smiles faintly at the news from Herbie, setting the popcorn aside and pressing a kiss to his cheek as she stands. "Nuclear meltdown is much better than the emotional meltdown that comes at the end of this movie. Shall we go and save the world again?"

"I certainly am. You know that," Reed says as he stands as well. "HERBIE make contact with them to see if they can come to the surface or not. Sue and I will be there in approximately 5 minutes. Fire up the Fantasticar; Prompt Setting. We won't have enough time to let it warm up to the full charge."

By now Reed and Sue are running to get their outfits and head to the scene.

Before long, the Fantasticar is up above the skyline in Manhattan, looking down upon the dark water.

Sue doesn't take long to get her suit on and jump into the car, buckling up for the ride. As they approach the river, she leans over to try to get a better look, checking a few calculations on the submarine in question. "If we can get everyone out, I can…" She pauses, grimacing. "Well. Worst case scenario, I can try putting a field up around it," she says. "But I don't necessarily trust that I can contain a nuclear explosion."

"You took the thought right out of my mind. The thing about nuclear reactors is that meltdown conditions are primarily a factor of heat. We can cool it easily enough; the issue will be contamination of the water used to cool it. We need a plan of what to do with it once you encircle it," Reed says as he pulls the Fantasticar into a dive, just as the submarine emerges. It's dark and hard to see, but Reed flips on a flood light, making clear the way.

As it approaches, the vehicle hovers over the opening. "HERBIE, take the controls, Sue and I are going in."

"Can we cool it easily enough?" Sue asks, unbuckling herself and forming a platform next to the car door for the two of them to step out onto. "There's plenty of water there, but we're short cooling powers. New gadget?" she asks with a hopeful look to Reed. She waits for him to step onto the platform if he's coming, then carefully floats it down toward the water.

"Well, that's the part I didn't really tell you about my love. My plan is to flood the reactor compartment. I'm going to need you to hold the water and prevent a mass contamination of the Hudson River. I mean if we were to mess this up the environmental damage would be astronomical. I mean…" Reed's voice runs to a stop as he realizes he's probably not helping. "It'll be okay," he says giving a forced nod.

Once they enter the submarine, the sailors aboard look scared out of their minds. Reed has no time to talk, however, and is all business. "Get me to the core," he says to the XO, who shuffles them along countless corridors to the back of the sub.

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