It Is You, Raven

December 27, 2015:

Tabitha is taken to visit Professor X, so she can join X-Red in full… an interesting discovery is made (emits by Iceman)

Xavier Institute - New York


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Joining X-Red doesn't necessarily mean having a connection to the wider X-Men. After all that group is sort of secret and their specific operations are most definiely kept out of the day to day affairs of X-Red. However X-Red does work with members of the X-Men and their members can be made privy to certain secrets… if they pass a certain test. Charles Xavier is expecting someone to show up for just such a test today. It's one of the more invasive uses of his power and he generally prefers to do it only with the consent of the person being searched. That's not always possible but that is the reason for the present set up.

The Professor is sitting behind a mahogany desk with a fountain pen, penning a letter to… well that's not important.

Arriving at the Institute not too long ago, Brins ushered Tabitha inside. "Professor Xavier would like to meet you, before we can confirm your full membership to X-Red." she's explaining as she heads towards his office.

Professor, It's Mana. Permission to come in

For show, she knocks on the door and looks to the redhead "I'm sure you'll like him." Brin does, but then Brin likes just about anyone.

Raven hasn't seen Charles in a good long while. She isn't entirely sure how this will go either. Over time she has become very hard to read or control with her training and slippery mind, but then Charles has always been better than anyone else at this. That said she figures worst case she has to kick an x-men or three in the head and blow her cover.

So Tabby is going to her 'interview' with Mana. She really needs a decent codename. Arrives with Mana checking out the campus. "I am still amazed this is just… here." she was out here with Mana once before in an emergancy but this is the official trip.

Charles looks up. His sense are a part of him. He uses them by reflex, the same way a normal person looks, or listenes or breathes. "Come in, Brinley, Tabitha." He says aloud. Yes he knew who to expect. He gives the two women a welcoming smile as they come in. "Please sit. Tabitha you've been told what this is about, I presume?"

"It's a school." Brin smiles at Tabitha as she opens the door, letting the other woman enter ahead her. Closing the door, Brin looks over to Charles, knowing that he'll pick up her injury and that she's on edge again. It's just how it is.

"Hello, Professor." she speaks quietly as she takes a seat. She'll let Tabitha answer the questions.

Tabby looks around the old ancestral home "Of course it is.. fancy fancy school." of course this is just … Tabitha's second visit. Innocent thoughts. "Well uhm.. I mean Brinley .. uh Mana and Iceman made it sound like some sort of background check. I mean.. they said just a conversation.. interview…. chat.. honestly they kept trying to make it sound like nothing to much.. so yeah background check right?" she smiles "I already graduated college though… so don't need a school." that is her lame attempt at a joke maybe.

"More or less. I'm a telepath and one of the things I do here is make sure that people don't slip in who mean us harm. Brinley could tell you, and easily, about the sheer number of people who wish us ill."

The Professor puts his feelers out and starts to probe 'Tabitha's' mind. This ought to be interesting in just a moment. "Speaking of, how are things on that front Brinley?"

"Tabitha's already met some of them, Professor." Brin murmurs. X-Red have been dealing with Purifiers and Reavers for months. She has /no idea/ who Tabitha is, of course or would see some irony in all this.

"It's going, Professor. Purifiers and Reavers are still out there. I'm sure you heard about The Sentinels that were released by the Purifiers." she speaks quietly. In all honesty, it's like a battlefield in her mind. "We believe that there might be some Government connection. I'm just not entirely sure we're not jumping at shadows, though."

Biting her lip, watching Tabby's response to Charles mindprobe "There might be a new complication. An old NAZI sympathiser targetting Partisans' safehouse network." That's not been reported to the X-Men at large, the news having only just been confirmed last night.

Tabby has been surprisingly useful at chasing down leads to be .. well chased concerning the Reavers and Purifiers. Also those damn Sentinals. "Who?" looking to Brinley.

To Charles, well Raven's mind is .. very slippery.. hard to read at all.. and then Tabitha, well she glazed over the surface with some hypnosis. Still Charle's has been reading Raven's mind (with effort) for a long time. "We need to stop the Sentinels."

Mmmm. I had wondered if it wasn't you Raven. It's been a long time. Hello. What are you doing with my youngsters, may I ask? Charles expression doesn't waver. At all. Brin has seen him do this process before. It ordinarily doesn't take long, and he doesn't ordinarily really look like he's doing much. The less, er, aware mutants often aren't even aware their mind is being read. "I had heard some rumors. The Partisan is it?"

Professor X doesn't approve of Partisan's methods, but he's around long enough to know that conflict, even particularly brutal conflict is an inescapable fact of life on earth. "The Paritsan is a warrior of some repute who has come to our attention before. She sometimes works alone and sometimes with… other allies."

"I'm sure I've mentioned her before, Tabitha." Brin … has problems with Partisans methods… on many levels. She simply doesn't condone them, to begin with - the brunette would rather change hearts and minds. Secondly… the methods remind her of 'The Incident', something she's not fully recovered from. "She's insisting on helping mutants … and it seems her operation might have been infiltrated. She … asked me for help last night." Brin had refused to do it Parts way, and offered an alternative.

Brin would be most amused to know Charles referred to her as a 'youngster' - she doesn't feel it, not at all. Not seeing, or feeling, anything untoward she watches and falls silent.

Tabby leans back in the chair there and looks over to Brinley then back to Charles and cocks her head a bit like a dog. "Well we do need to stop the sentinels.. and yeah I remember her name I meant which Nazi.. a famous one.. like Hydra or something?"

~Damn.. well hopefully it was harder than the last time Charles. It has been a long time.~ a mental pause and she tries to keep her mind the opposite of clear. ~Not shooting them or throwing them out of planes. I … determined with the mostly scattering of the Brotherhood that I needed help dealing with these .. problems Brinley has referenced. There is a bad connection with the Purifiers and this technology… I've seen several government connections for certain.~

Charles nods slowly as Tabby starts to talk. "Brinley will have the most recent information. And happily you're well placed to be assisting her. Be careful if you engage with the Partisan. She is very good at what she does, do not underestimate her or the lengths to which she is willing to go to achieve her goals."

I see. Well I do agree with you there and it is all rather disturbing. But why come to X-Red? Tellingly, Charles hasn't said anything about who she really is.

"Oh!" Brin colours a little as Tabitha clarifies. "Someone Partisan used to run with, Hauptman Armin Keller. I don't think he was a big name" she sighs and shakes her head "I'll brief the team on it, soon. Promise." Charles at least will know that Brin needs some space for the moment.

"We're already engaged, Professor." the words spoken softly "The number of times I've tried to stop the violence." Remember: changing hearts and minds "She wants to help … and it gets messy, but I'll do my best."

Tabby nods "I've been helping.. the Purfiers and all have to do recruiting.. though the sites they use on the net are pretty disgusting… we can't let them succeed in hurting all of us though."

~Because the Brotherhood is .. less subtle about it. A combination of the soft glove and the stick are needed depending on the circumstances Charles. Erik has…. dropped off the scene and while I do not buy into your vision of peace love and doves… you are family and not the enemy.~

I see. Well you've come to me… even if it took you a while to get around to it. I won't turn you away. Just don't cause trouble for them. They don't deserve it. And they have a chance at making it where you and I could not… or chose not to.

"I think we're done here Brinley, Tabitha. I've found nothing that concerns me. Do let me know how things go with Partisan and the Purifiers." Charles picks his pen up again.

"Thank you, Professor." Brin hadn't expected anything else … but then she's still an optimist for everything she's been through. "Welcome to X-Red, Tabitha. You're now a full member." Standing and opening the door, she waits for Tabitha to precede her. They'll be in the car and heading back to X-Red HQ in no time, where Tabitha will get another briefing.

Turning to Charles as she leaves "If you ever feel up to a visit…" it's an open invitation, but she likes to remind him.

Tabitha stretches and slides up to her feet "Cool." she chirps all cheerful. God Tabby is sacharine. "Does this mean I get a cool codename finally like Iceman or Mana… well.. Mana is cooler than Iceman.. I'm not sure Bobby had much imagination when he got it…"

Raven mentally sighs ~I'd never hurt you Charles or them unless they were going to hurt mutantkind. We just don't see eye to eye on .. techniques. Much like Partisian and Brinley I imagine.~

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