Flowers and Cigars

December 27, 2015:

Scott returns to the Institute to bring Jean flowers, and finds out that a hairy house-guest may have returned.

Jean Grey's Office - Xavier's Institute

Jean Grey's office has a comfortable feel, lived in, the office of a person who actually does work and doesn't merely sit at a desk for show. Nonetheless, it is lushly appointed, by any measure, as a sign of her status and her taste for fine things.


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Fade In…

Sharing keys doesn't neccessarily mean that Scott has access to Jean's office, but he does want to kind of surprise her. While she's out for the moment, he's come into her office, setting down the little vase of flowers, some of them missing petals, some with slightly bent stems. They're servicable, just not the gorgeous boquet he had in mind at first.

Looking it over, with it's combonation of roses, lilies, orchids, dandelions and carnations, he sits behind her desk to pen a quick note to her on the card from Sherwood Florist in Gotham.


I know I'm not perfect and in the last few months, I may not have made the right decisions. But I know one thing for certain. That you're the one for me. And much like these flowers, you've accepted me even with me being slightly broken and not quite perfect. And all of our diverse situations. Thank you for being mine, Jean. I would be much less than what I am without you.


Not expecting her back yet, he folds close the card, setting it in the envelope before he rises to try to get out before she returns.

Jean was currently in the kitchen, preparing lunch for the few students that were left behind, rows upon rows of delictable food to eat which were all carried to the 'mess hall' for them to partake of like a buffet. Home-made chips made with healthy coconut oil, fries, burger patties, hot dogs, juice. The works. It almost looked like a little party and even the rolls were freshly baked as well. It was something to keep her busy, really. She's been practically quiet since Logan ran out of her office yesterday, she didn't even have a chance to give him his gift.

But once the children were all fed, Jean settles down within the chair, a hand pressed to her shoulder to rouse her from her little snooze, one of the nurses decidedly takes over for Jean out of sheer worry and her sleeping schedule. That.. and she had ketchup stains, flour, and everything else streaking her face just like a cook would. Yeah, that was buttercream frosting that lined her jaw.

But she wouldn't go back to the shared living space, she would go straight for the office. The day was still young yet.. and there were papers to clear before the Monday hits, where she'd have to call a meeting for all the teachers to plan the second half of the cirriculum. Work.. work.. all work.. Defenses were down as she twists the knob to her office, stepping in without looking up and closing the door, her back turned to press her forehead against the wood to sigh. Ugh.. she even smells like baked bread and beef.

Just as he was opening the door, Jean is likewise opening the door and Scott barely manages to avoid the door crashing into his face, but instead nearly ends up with an armful of Jean Grey before she swoons against the door. He offers a chagrined and slightly embarassed smile. "You look like you ended up wearing more than you had a chance to eat, Jean." he says diplomatically. He knew about the meal and thought he had more time to sneak in and deliver flowers before she could come back.

He doesn't move to embrace her yet, instead watching her as she lets out a little bit of the stress as he places a hand on her shoulder. "You alright?" he asks, the touch of worry in his voice.

"Aufh!" Jean squeals out, slamming her back against the door as her hands raise in defense. Thankfully, she had a little .. no a lot of control within the mansion to not let her powers go off without so much as a word of warning, though her eyes burn red with the heat of the fire of the Phoenix, which immediately dies down once she sees him. "Scott.." She says quietly, her hands dropping to her sides as she leans her bottom against the door, her head soon thumping there after as she looks up, then down towards her tank top. "Oh.." Well, admittedly she ate a hotdog, though one of the children bumped into her and mashed his plate against her stomach. "I meant to go to the room to clean but.."

She looks up towards him, her gaze tilted, a strand of red dangling near her ear causes her to lift her fingers to slip it back behind the lobe. "Oh.. I'm just tired. I didn't sleep. It's starting to catch up again."

What was amusement quickly dissipates as the Phoenix fire rises for a moment, and Scott's expression turns worried and pensive as he studies her, stepping back slightly to give her a bit of space. "I know you haven't been sleeping. Are you having glimpses again?" he asks in concern. Between the Purifiers, his own actions, and what happened to her, he lets out a breath. This is his fault, and that weight settles on his shoulders like an old familiar and heavy blanket.

"I.. was just making a delivery." He steps aside so that she can see the flowers on her desk as he tucks his hands in his pockets, unsure what to do with them. He wants to hug her and hold her tight, but her tone has slightly warned him off as his shoulders and whole frame give a slight slump.

His question gives her a little bit of a pause. Her hand waffles just a touch, a slight sad smile drawing upon her face. "A little.." She murmurs quietly, her brows raised at the mention of a delivery that has the sad smile turning into something of a delight. "Flowers?" Gosh, he was such a romantic, she didn't even take a step forward.. she just looks towards him with that silly face she usually makes when she was about to do something.. weird?

No, not weird. When she was about to hug him!

She closes the distance in between them and draws up upon the tips of her toes, arms around his neck to bring him in, hugging him as tight as she could. "They're beautiful.." She remarks, even if they were a little bit broken, and had a sad state of being down and out. It.. reminded her of her. "I love it, thank you.."

Scott is probably the worst boyfriend ever. He's not one to sweep a girl up in her arms and kiss her passionately. He buys broken flowers because they have a little extra meaning, and when she pulls him into the hug, his hands leave his pockets to wrap around her waist, holding her tightly in return. "I just thought, you know, I wanted to do something for you. I mean, just because." Yes, they had just had Christmas, but there's nothing wrong with a just because, right? "There's a card." he finally offers lamely as he is just content to hold her tightly, even as she smears potato and food on his own black turtleneck.

Leaning down, he kisses her on her forehead, giving her a squeeze. "They would have come in better condition, but there was a little run in at the flower shop with a couple of idiots that wanted to harass the shop owner."

"I know." Jean murmurs quietly, slightly swaying. "You don't have to explain." She kisses his cheek, her head laying slightly upon his shoulder, not wanting to break contact for any reason what so ever. And there was a card! "There's a you." She states, her decision to stay in his grasp was evident, she wasn't going to leave him to read his words upon the paper. She could easily pluck it from his mind but.. she always enjoyed his surprises, even if they weren't meant to be.

The kiss to her forehead causes her eyes to squint briefly, but only -now- does she pull away to look at him more carefully. Left and right. She still had the credentials to be a physician, while minor.. she just had to be sure. "Are you alright?" She asks, arms sliding away to squeeze his in return, checking him over. "Is the owner? What happened?"

No damage. He's whole and hale. Scott chuckles a little and pays her a proper kiss to distract her just a little, giving her a squeeze. And yes, she could pluck the words from his mind, but for now, being in contact and holding onto each other seems to be a lot more enjoyable than trying to seperate and go look at cards or whatever. And the flowers reminded him of how resilient she is, strong and still standing, despite everything that was happening around her - she still will rise to the occassion. It's why he loves her so.

"I'm fine, so is she. They came in to try to rob the place and take advantage of her." he responds. "Her name was Dinah Lance - she apparently has sonic based abilities. Really, really loud." he smirks slightly as he traces her back, trying to soothe and comfort, and to reassure. "One of them had a gun, I blasted it away. Anyway.. I thought it might be good to invite her to the school, see that she's got allies or something?" he asks, better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

The kiss was accepted, though she couldn't help but smile through it, smacking her lipsa fter the fact. He was being oddly affectionate, but.. not that she minded. Perhaps he wanted to ask her something.. or worse.. make her stop working. The travesty!

"Dinah Lance.." She murmurs out, her brows furrowing slightly, her gaze looking up towards his to study for the moment. "With all that's been going on, how can you trust someone you've only just met?" She wasn't scolding him, it was just an honest question. "We'll see, Scott." She wasn't making any promises. She was going to reach out to the Professor at least, to see if he could find anything he could about the woman before she stepped foot on the grounds. She pulls away from him in that moment, moving towards the flowers, both hands planted upon the desk to bury her nose into one of the carnations to take a well deserved inhale, her eyes closing. "I really love these.." She quietly murmurs, keeping herself still for the moment.


"Logan was here."

He's already tried a toe in those waters, and Jean nearly took off a leg in response. Scott's not pressing on any front. As for the extra affection.. perhaps he's had his eyes opened to a few things. "You have to take a step of faith sometimes, Jean. We have to do it sometimes." he frowns a little as she steps away as she returns to the desk, and while her back is turned to him, he reaches to swipe away some of the potato stuck on his sweater now. Sigh.

As she goes over to the desk and she takes in the scent of the carnations, he makes a mental note for later. "I don't think a supervillian would be struggling to run a flower shop in Gotham, Jean." he offers matter-of-factly. And then she decides to set him up for that little piece of news. He visibly stiffens, and forces himself to look away from her. "I see. I thought I smelled his cigars." he says quietly as his hands clench slightly to his sides before letting go with a resigned noise. "And how did that go?"

"I know that, Slim. I do. But I still can't help but retain some of the paranoia of the new people we've met in our lives.." She smiles slightly, her fingers lifting to carefully caress the petals as if they were living things. Then she grips the vase to move twist it ever so slightly so that it could remain a permanent fixture upon her desk. Or.. until the flowers run dry. Then Scott would have to make travels to Gotham often. That was a thought.

"You'd be surprised at what Villains are capable of these days.." Hell, she would too. "But.. it sounds nice. Taking care a nursery of plants.." There was a hint of jealousness there. "I wish that was something I considered before I went into debt." She laughs a touch, quieting down.. a frown curling her face as she turns.

"About as well as anything could go.." She leans against the desk again, hands gripping the edges. "I updated him on the latest events.. and asked him to come home."

Scott stops standing in the middle of the room like an idiot and comes around the desk to settle a supportive hand on her shoulder to try to prove that he will be there for her. Times have changed. There's no more running away. He didn't listen to her advice and came back to bite him in the ass in the worst way possible - and he's trying to bring the damage under control and hopefully repair some things. "I can see that. I mean, the botanical thing. Or even something art related." he offers to her.

At the news that she asked Logan to come back, he frowns slightly. "I see. And what did he say to that?" he asks, fingers tightening for a moment before releasing to fall back to the side as he settles his arms around his waist.

The hand upon her shoulder gets a turn of her chin and a kiss upon his fingers, and.. a raised brow as she touches his hand to smooth away bits of mashed potato left there. How in the wor—.. oh. "Art related?" She asks, her eyes slightly filled with a hint of wonder. "You.. you remembered.." Her cheeks burn a little bit red, it's been so long ago since she's even tried painting, playing a piano from memory, creating something magical from what she's only read once. She hadn't done it in a very, very long time.

"Logan.. is.." Complicated, is the better word for it. "..angry, and considering it." She looks away then, eyes peeled towards the ground. "I showed him everything. Everything that's happened to us in the past month and I think he just.. wants to do away with those people but in more.." She winces just a touch. "Scott. I know that you and him have your.." She gestures slightly. "..thing. But.." Was she going to ask him to look after him? A little? She.. really didn't know. "..can you find him and see where his head is at? I know you saw the notes all over the wall."

Of course he remembered. Scott's very much in love with the woman, he tries his best to memorize all the little things. But her love of the arts was one of those things.. coming in on her as she was playing the piano. Playfully offering to pose for her paintings. It seems like a lifetime ago now, and he misses it terribly at times. His hands reach up to touch her shoulders gently, a press of his fingers into her skin to gently rub and support her.

However, as he listens to her speak of Logan, he feels that little knot in his stomach. Please don't ask what she's about to ask.. and then she asks. He draws in a breath. He has served her well as she has taken over the leadership roles and he's been more active in the field.

"I'll check the dives around town, he's bound to be at one of them. At least he didn't take the motorcycle this time." he rumbles, a hint of discontent in his voice, soothed over by her closeness. "I don't know, though. I'm not going to drag him back here by his ear if he's a raging drunk."

"No.." She states plainly, leaning into the shoulder rub. For once, she visibly relaxes. "He's a free bird, like our Remy and a few others. Just see where his head is at, maybe put him on the right path." She leans over to kiss his cheek, then stands from the desk. "I need to grab a shower." She says nothing else, but heads for the door, her fingers upon the handle.

"That was an invitation by the way.. you smell like dirt."

Seriously, as dense as Scott Summers may be, there is no way, no how that he is about to turn down that invitation. Leaving the card on the desk, there will come a time where Jean will need a pick me up, and it will be there, Scott steps around from the desk to follow after her.

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