It Involves Genetics

December 26, 2015:

A broken kettle and a request to meet Pepper, brings Jemma face to face with Stark

Stark Tower - New York


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The Time: 7PM
The Place: Stark Tower - The Penthouse. So pimp.

In which Tony has called it a day in the boardroom, and is now relaxing in the penthouse. Triple scotch, no rocks, no chaser. Before him, is multiple diagrams of a segment of Iron Man's armor, along side which is a hardlight representation of DNA. In between sips, he seems to be playing tetris with the genome, next to him sits a copy of Darwin's complete works (unabridged) — How long has Tony been experimenting with DNA and armor segments? Approximately 8 minutes, and he's already closing in on a couple of key answers. Okay - not really, in actuality, he's arguing with JARVIS on different ways, the genome can be spliced. The conversation isn't heated, but more bater-related.

"But what I'm saying, is that we need to be able to fuse the DNA with the armor, and be able to use specific neuropath patterns in order to call it to the surface from the bone, if not the bone marrow itself."

"But sir, you're forgetting to realize you have no working knowledge of neuroscience."

"Give me a few minutes, I'm on my first drink!"

The day in the boardroom may have ended, but more often than not, that's when Pepper's work really begins. Today is no exception, though she does find herself having to track Tony down to get his signatures on a new retail system design phase amongst other things.

Stepping off of the elevator and into Tony's penthouse, Pepper calls out before walking further into the residential space. "Tony? I know you're going to make unhappy noises, but I have paperwork for you to sign."

Tony Stark makes a grumbling sound, "Okay, bring it here, and don't ask what's going on on the coffeetable. It's not coffee."

Jemma's just returning to her apartment in Stark Towers after the operation in Hell's Kitchen. There'd been paperwork to complete and data to download and by the time she left The Triskelion, it was late, not that that's unusual for the biochem.

"Good evening, JARVIS." she's made a habit of speaking to the AI, when she enters. Making her way to the kitchen, kicking her shoes off and pushing them next to the couch, she flicks the switch on the jug to boil water and sighs as there's absolutely no response. "JARVIS? Is there something wrong with the jug?"

Pepper Potts walks over briskly and sets the clipboard with the stack of paperwork and a pen attached on the arm of the sofa nearest Tony for him to pick up and sign. She's completely unaware of the threat to the civilised world going on just a few floors away as the appliance in Jemma's suite refuses to start heating water for tea.

Tony Stark isn't sure what he's signing or why, all he knows is that he needs to sign it because Pepper's the one handing it to him. "So..what is all this - purchase orders, grants, paternty test orders?"

"The kettle does not appear to be damaged, Doctor Simmons, and is it currently connected to an electrical source. Testing the electrical source. Test has not found any anomalies in the circuitry. One moment please."

The AI's voice pipes up while Tony's signing Pepper only knows what. "Miss Potts, Dorctor Simmons appears to be experiencing difficulties with one of the appliances in her suite."

"Thank you, JARVIS." Jemma sighs and looks wistfully at the mug on the counter. She could really use that tea, right about now. Without any feedback from JARVIS, the biochem heads to the shower, running the water, disrobing and getting in. Hopefully, by the time she's finished showering, the jug will be fixed and she can have that cup of tea.

Pepper Potts glances up at JARVIS' voice (it's habit!) and ohs softly. She glances at her wristwatch and realizes it's likely too late to request a maintenance tech. "How difficult would it be to get a replacement at this time of evening, JARVIS?"

"Unknown, Miss Potts. The appliance appears to be one that Doctor Simmons brought with her from elsewhere."

Tony Stark Listens to the back and forth. "Should I just run her up my own pot and get a replacement shipped from Twinings in London in the morning? Tea is serious business for Brits, right?"

Finishing her shower and dressing, Jemma looks again at the jug and makes a decision. "JARVIS, Miss Potts asked to see me sometime tonight. Could you tell me where she is?" Looks like Jemma's not getting tea this evening.

Taking a snack from the fridge, enough to tide her over till morning, she waits to hear where the redheaded CEO is at the moment.

"Miss Potts is in Sir's penthouse currently, Doctor Simmons. Shall I send notification that you are inquiring after her?"

Pepper takes the clipboard back the moment Tony is done with the signatures. "It sounds like her kettle isn't working…" She's got a fancy electronic thing in her office she could send up to Jemma, and then Tony offers to send his up, and she can't help but smile. She didn't say no.

Tony Stark nods, "Settles that, then. Come along with. JARVIS save this and file it away as Extremis configuration 0.1" he says standing up, as the file winks over gets filed. He steps into his kitchen, grabs some of the actual English black tea he has on hand. "Let's go make a house call on the good doctor, shall we? Tut Tut, Allons-y, and all that stuff."

"Please, JARVIS. Can I just head up there? I've had a rather long day." Jemma answers the AI. Nibbling on the piece of cheese she's taken for a snack, she glances up … much like Pepper she can't help it either.

"Sir, Miss Potts, Doctor Simmons has requested permission to join you here."

Pepper blinks at that. "OH. Well." She looks at Tony to see if he's okay with it. This is his private residence, after all. "I can get some tea started so it'll be ready when she gets here."

Tony Stark nods, "Sure. You guys can drink your tea and I'll drink mine. It's happy hour after all. Time to be social." he says, plopping himself back down on the couch.

"Doctor Simmons, Miss Potts and Sir are expecting you. Please head to the elevator and I'll take you there."

Simmons eyebrows rise at the mention of Tony. "Mr Stark is in the tower, JARVIS?" She asks, entering the lift and being taken to the penthouse.

Stepping out, Pepper and Tony will see a rather casual Jemma, dressed in a T-Shirt with a 'SCIENCE!' logo printed on the front and pair of faded blue jeans. She did remember to put shoes on, a pair of joggers that might have seen better days. For a change, her hair is left down, not pulled back into a ponytail.

By the time Jemma arrives, Pepper has pretty much taken over Tony's kitchen, a fresh pot of English black tea steeping and the larder pilfered to make some of those toast-with-an-egg-in-the-middle things. Unfortunately, because she's minding the stove, she can't go out to greet Jemma and act as a buffer between the biochemist and Tony.

Tony Stark comes over when he hears the door and then stops. The gigajoule smile lights up as he slows his approach slightly, "Doctor Simmons..I believe this is the first time we've met out of formal settings. I must say, the dressed down looks suits you very, very well."

"Mr Stark." Jemma holds out a hand "I believe it might be." His comment about her dressed down looking down and colouring a little. "I was about to turn in for the evening, but knew that Miss Potts wanted to see me." beat "Please, call me Jemma …"

Finally noting his smile and the way he approaches, Jemma stammers a little "Ii… is Miss Potts here?"

Pepper Potts calls from the kitchen hopefully loudly enough to be heard, "Hello, Jemma. I have some tea ready if you'd like a cup." She apparently missed that tone in Tony's voice, and she certainly can't see him at the moment.

Tony Stark he smiles and offers his hand, "Call me Tony, then, Jemma. JARVIS told of your problem with your kettle, and Pepper thought she'd brew you a cup or two. Come in, have a seat?" he says, head cocking boyishly to one side.

"Tony then." Jemma shakes Tony hand and looks towards the kitchen with a relieved smile on her face "Tea would be lovely, Miss Potts. It's been such a long day." Taking a seat as Tony gestures, blushing faintly at the boyish look he gives her, the biochem glances up at the man "I'm very grateful to Miss Potts for the accomodation she offered. And at such a good rate, too."

Pepper Potts offers Jemma a smile and a coffee mug freshly filled with tea when she arrives, then starts plating the eggy toast things. "Tony, when did you eat last?" If he's sipping scotch, getting some food into him can only help. The first plate goes to Jemma, and maybe it'll be enough to tempt Tony into eating.

Tony Stark shrugs, "About two or three. Working lunch for some eggheads from Roxxon. Nothing major. Was working on a new interface for the suit." he looks to Jemma, smiling, "The perks here are not bad at all. Residential, stipend, insurance..I make sure my minds want for nothing."

Pepper Potts starts a second plate for Tony. "Jemma isn't an employee here, Tony. She's staying in the Tower because someone targeted her home, and SHIELD felt we'd be better able to protect her than hiding her away in some safe house."

Taking the tea from Pepper, Jemma offers the woman a warm smile and then looks a little shocked "I don't work here, Tony." she echoes Pepper… but Peppers already explaining and she nods.

"A new interface for your suit?" Jemma had done some work with Warmachine recently, which isn't the same as Tony's suit but still "What do you have in mind?"

Tony Stark gives a sheepish grin and a shrug, "Sorry..I don't know who works here and who doesn't half the time. Would you LIKE to intern here? We could work it with SHIELD…" he takes a sip and trails off, "Well..I'm trying to do something involving genetics..pretty boring, doubt you'd be interested."

Pepper Potts sets a plate of eggy toast in front of Tony, "No stealing SHIELD's employees, Tony. You remember the complaints last time, right?" She then returns to the kitchen for just a few moments. Enough time to get and bring back her mug of teach and a final plate, though her toast and egg are not attached to each other.

"I think, Tony" Jemma smiles, watching Pepper place eggy toast in front of the man. "I'm a bit beyond interning…" She does have a number of Phd's afterall. The mention of genetics though, gets her attention "Which doesn't mean I couldn't consult. Agent May doesn't mind if I have side projects, as long as they don't interfere with my work."

Glancing to Pepper who comes to her rescue, the smile warms "I'm not sure I'm stealable, Miss Potts."

Tony Stark looks down, delighted. "Toad in a hole! I hear Wayne has his man make this for him every morning. Weird guy, that one..anyways, you wouldn't be first long term conulstant I've had here..I find most of them want to go native after two or three days. Something about a bottomless research budget that they seem to get behind, but we can talk to your Agent May, I guess since I happen to also be one of SHIELD's pet projects, or something like that anyway. They had me consult once, ended up in a bar talking to a grizzled old general to keep his mitts of another friend of mine. Almost too easy."

Pepper Potts just smiles and shakes her head at Tony's enthusiasm. She's not sure how long this current fad inside Tony's mind will last, but if it doesn't interfere with anyone else's jobs, she won't have any reason to complain. "Okay, I need to get back to my office," she says as she finishes her toast. "You two play nice.

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