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December 22, 2015:

Oliver Queen comes by Sherwood Florist to seen an old friend as well as buy some flowers.

Sherwood Florist - Gotham

The shop area of Sherwood Florist (RP room was used, no official @desc)


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Having been back in the country for a couple of weeks, Oliver had been making the rounds here and there helping to get some things sorted out both on the company front and in his personal life. The latter of those taking the most effort and time.

His wanderings and efforts have led him now to a flower shop, one of the weirdest places he could have found himself but he was in need of picking up a few flowers for something and it was a friend's shop. The door opened and the man walked his way in, peeking more than fully striding before finally making his way fully into the store.

Luckily for Ollie, the shop is open late. The owner has a big order to finish for tomorrow for either a weekday wedding or, more likely, a funeral. Those seem to happen with a lot more frequency than people get married in this city. It'll take him a bit of time to find Dinah, meaning there's time for him to take in the warmth as well as the heavy scent of all those flowers, the combined 'perfume' from which might be a bit over-whelming.

"Be right there," comes a voice from the back once she realizes the door's alert bell has gone off, drawing attention to how she has a customer. A few minutes pass before she walks in, a large bouquet held in hand and brought with her so it can be put in one of the refrigerator units. The blossoms get put into the chiller and she turns, only to then pause. "Well. Look at what the cat dragged in." Is she happy to see Oliver Queen? Hard to tell.

"Actually, I try to avoid cats. They lead to hairballs." Oliver responds, a small smile on his lips as he makes his quip towards the woman. "Your shop is really lovely Laurel. Business is doing well for you." It is definitively small talk, the sort that accompanies someone when they are nervous, uncertain, or in many cases both. A rare breed of situation for Queen, but he doesn't try to hide the fact he's unsettled.

Dinah Lance runs a hand through that blonde hair of hers, leaving it a bit disheveled by the time she's done. "I do alright. I think part of it is that some of the people who come to get flowers from here remembers the original shop." At that her voice hitches and she looks away, the memory of her mother still painful. "So is this a social call or are you here to buy flowers for one of your many girlfriends?"

"It can't be both a social call and a shopping purchase?" Ollie asks it with as innocent of a smile as he can put together when she goes down a sadder path. "I have an upcoming appointment and wanted to see if I could have the appropriate arrangements for it." He walks around the store some, looking at the various displays of flowers. "I never would have thought a flower shop in this location would work. You're doing well yourself? Outside of the business?"

"Yes, I suppose it can be both," is what Oliver's given in retort, Dinah sounding as skeptical as she feels. But she eventually affords Oliver a quick smile before going to the back room again. In only four or five minutes a fairly basic but still beautiful arrangement's made out of some daisies, carnations and baby's breath, all colors that go with this time of year. "I am alright. Do fine, really. Been busy, actually." Glancing at her friend, she takes him in before adding, with a nod, "You look like you're well as well." The cash register is approached and the tab keyed in.

"Well is a stretch. Better might be a more appropriate term. Better than I have been in awhile at least." Oliver moves towards the register, reaching to his pocket to produce a card. "I didn't realize this time of year was a floral busy time of year. I guess winter celebrations and the like."

Any change has got to be for the better, in Dinah's opinion, but she doesn't say so. It's been a while since they last spoke, after all, and she doesn't want to make this about how things might have been in the past. New Year's is right around the corner, after all. Time for a new start, right? "Oh. It has some to do with the holidays. That's the brunt of my business this time of year. People giving flowers for gifts and big galas and all that." The amount of Oliver's purchase is put into the credit card machine which spits out a receipt as well as a small thing he has to sing, both items handed to him.

The signature flies out of his hand as he finishes it and Oliver keeps talking. "How's everything back home? Or… have you been like me and avoided visiting back home lately?" He finishes signing but doesn't show any indication that he is getting ready to leave. Rather he settles back and takes a hands in pockets posture for conversation.

Dinah looks at Ollie, her expression slightly annoyed. Why did he have to go and bring that up, especially after not having seen each other for a while? "Don't go home much," she says with a sigh and a wave of a hand, the other used to put the credit card receipt in a safe place designated for them. "This is my home now. Got a nice apartment over the shop. Small, but it's just me so I don't need a mansion or anything ridiculous like that."

A momentary flash goes across Oliver's eyes but it doesn't quite touch his lips, "You know Laurel, it isn't my fault that my family left me a trust fund. Also I don't live like that, not anymore at least." Reaching down, he picks up the flowers and tucks them up a bit. "Thank you for the arrangement."

The way Oliver reacts is taken in but she's quiet, Dinah not quiet ready to apologize. When she does it's quiet, so much so that she might not be heard. "I'm sorry." And then a little bit more loudly, she adds, "I hope whomever the flowers are for will enjoy them." She still does not believe that they're for anything like business related. The stairs that lead upstairs are turned towards but she freezes. "What do you mean you don't live like that anymore?

Oliver almost just leaves but instead he stops by the door. "You know Laurel, over time, even someone like me grows up. Gains new perspective. Being on an island alone, seeing what we see." His shoulders lift in a shrug. "I don't live like that anymore. For the moment that is, for myself." He looks over his shoulder and smiles faintly. "We all have our flower shops y'know."

Dinah Lance is not the kind of woman who forgives easily, nor is she the kind of woman who admits when she's wrong without some form of internal-struggle of epic proportions. But there's something about this situation that softens her heart a little and soon she sighs. "Want to do lunch sometime," she asks without turning to face him. "We can catch up on old times." Or something.

"I think I'd like that." Oliver responds, the barest hint of a smile on his lips. "You let me know? My schedule is pretty open these days." There it is again, a hesitant pause, "I'm not the same person you knew Laurel. I suspect you aren't either."

Now Dinah turns and this time she is able to smile although her own is weary looking. Maybe she's been working too hard. "No, I'm not. Look…" Here she pauses, not sure what to say, having to mull over what she has on her mind before she tries to continue. "I'm willing to let bygones be bygones. Leave whatever was the past in the past. If you can do that then… great."

Oliver seems to be contemplating but then his head shakes some. "I would like to leave the past in the past. Not forget it, cause if I forget it, same mistakes and all. But moving forward is definitely something I could sign up for." He's turned to look at Dinah now, still holding the bouquet. "You look tired…"

Dinah probably hasn't had a good night's sleep since she left the team. Paranoia's a bitch like that, after all. Add to it the crazy hours she keeps and it makes for one worn out Canary. What Oliver says is nodded to, both his first and then the observation, her shoulders lifting in a shrug. "I probably should hire someone to help in the shop or something. Maybe a delivery person." Yup, this is Dinah, trying to deflect.

"Or maybe close the doors so that old friends can't come calling on you at odd hours asking for bouquets at the last minute for the retiring general manager at one of their ventures?" Oliver offers, the quip making him smile at himself. Yes, he's a bit easily amused of late. "I'm sure you could find a kid with a bike for deliveries."

It feels good to be able to stand here with Oliver and joke around like however much time has passed. "In a city like this, the bike would just get stolen, you know." A bout of silence lingers for a moment after that is said but when she does speak again it's with a bit more warmth to her voice than what was present when he first came here. "I am glad you came by. It has been too long. Don't be a stranger, okay?"

"I don't plan on it. Being a stranger that is." Oliver tacks on the last part while hiding a grin. "I… I did want to ask about that though. Why here? This city? Is… I mean, it's not home, y'know?" He glances at the window, out towards the streets then back towards Dinah. "Is there something else about this place?"

"Because it isn't home." A lot happened where Dinah came from, a lot she most likely hasn't spoken to Ollie about, it something not much of anyone save a few have been told about how her parents were killed and she never wants to return. "Anyhow, Gotham could use some prettying up, don't you think?" The joke is spoken as she shrugs.

Again Oliver glances outside before he chuckles and nods, "I suppose that is true, that Gotham could use a touch of… well a touch of something." Shaking his head a bit he looks down at the bouquet he's holding then at the door then back to Laurel. "Thank you, again.. for the flowers. And lunch sometime soon, right?"

"Yes. Lunch. I promise. And you're paying, right?" Dinah's shop is doing well but she isn't rolling in money so maybe Oliver will do her a solid, as the saying goes, and foot the bill. "Ah, wait. hold on." A piece of paper is gotten from a drawer near the register and her number's written upon it, that being her personal one and not the one for the shop, and give. "Stay safe out there."

"I suppose I'll pick up the tab." Ollie replies as he accepts the number. "And when do I not stay safe?" The number gets slipped into his pocket and he offers a smile to Dinah. "You stay safe too, maybe lock your door?"

"The door will be closed right now, now that I am done for the night." There are only a few more arrangements to do, meaning the florist can get some sleep and finish up in the morning. Walking Ollie to the door, Dinah bumps shoulders with him, her gaze shot to the side so she can look at him. "There's this lovely Japanese place downtown. We can go there." Someone has been craving sushi and tempura for ages.

"Japanese, downtown, lunch." Oliver repeats back, bumping his shoulder back against her when she does it, glancing back. "Anything else? Need me hire a band as well? A nice little quartet?"

Dinah stops just before the door which she politely holds open for her old friend. "A quartet? That'd be lovely. Make sure they play Mozart. I just love Mozart." Watching, him, she shakes her head, amused at something. "Now, if you'll excuse me. I should get some sleep. And food. Well, not in that order…"

Ollie laughs and nods his head, "Goodnight." He slips out the door, still chuckling as he heads down the streets of Gotham at night, alone… cause that's always safe.

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