Magical Resonator

December 24, 2015:

Fenris, Hax and Zatanna visit Pepper in Stark Tower


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Fenris has asked for a rather… unusual meeting with Pepper Potts. He wants to talk about using the building for a rather… uh… odd purpose. He's got to talk to a few people like this but Pepper Potts is likely to be the most sympathetic and understanding. And knowledgeable. Fenris is, after all, a bit weird. He's brought along Zatanna, who has a lot of expertise in these matters… and Hax. Who has a rather personal stake.

Stark Industries CEO Pepper Potts meets the slightly unusual looking trio in the lobby. She intentionally planned this meeting for after normal business hours on a day before a major holiday to reduce the number of people meandering about that might see them. She is still, however, dressed in full work attire despite the date and the hour.

After everyone is checked in with Security, she leads them first toa ground floor conference room just off of the main lobby. "Please, everyone, have a seat. I have to admit, Fenris, your request intrigued me. Mostly the vagueness of it."

Hax's eyes are filled with bewilderment as he takes in the shear magnitude and magnificence of the Stark Tower. "Bless my testicles that is a proper skyscraper!"

The aging mage has advanced to his early 60s and the deterioration of his mind has only gotten worse. He had mentioned using Arkham Asylum to perform a form of rejuvenation ritual. Did it fail?

"It would take millions of metric tons of cheese to buy a place like this!" the mage pauses as if listening. "Right, right you are cheese is much too good for a place like this. I wonder what the exchange rate is for cheese to parsnips?"

Zee eyes Hax as the trio are lead through the tower. Hax had probably forgotten about the Arkham ritual the minute he left the library… Zee truly hopes that is so.

Dressed as she normally is, complete with the Limbo collar, she's covered in fading bruises and there's a new scar on her temple.

"Thank you for taking the time to meet us, Miss Potts." the youngest mage murmurs.

Fenris sighs as Hax rambles on about Cheese. "Hello Pepper. I'll… get right to the point. We were wondering if you and Tony would let us use Stark Towar as a magical resonator. We need a building of sufficient height and this place qualifies." He leaves out the part for the moment about how he's already started divirting ley lines under the foundation of the place. "We need it for a couple of purposes. One of which relates to the daft old man next to me."

Hax begins to wander a bit as he is most certainly not paying any attention to the conversation. "One, two, three… 4 MILLION parsnips!?"

"Damn it all I can't afford that many parsnips! Bah, forget this tower… or maybe I could rent it…"

Turning to Pepper. "I say young woman what is the going rate for this here establishment?"

Pepper can only smile at Hax with a mixture of amusement and tolerance before she briefly puts a hand on one of Zee's shoulders and looks at Fenris more seriously. "Done. Do you need to do this immediately?" She looks ready to lead them through the building, though her eyes fall on Hax again. "Last I checked, sir, it was about three thousand parsnips per month for a one thousand square foot office space." And yes, she manages to say this with a completely straight face.

Peppers hand on her shoulder has Zee relaxing a little even as she eyes Hax again. "Fenris, I'm not sure he's going to be able to…." she lets that thought trail for the moment, Peppers already agreed and given Hax some sort of number. Hopefully that will distract him.

"Miss Potts" they mage starts again "Have you been introduced to Normand, yet? This is Normand." she continues and touches Hax on the shoulder, perhaps not lightly to get his attention "Normand, this is Miss Potts."

Fenris sighs. "Three parsnips per square foot, mmm?" Is that high or low? The God-Wolf entertains that for a moment and then shakes his head. "Normand here should be a lot younger. But he's not. Self evidently. We have to recharge him. I also need to repair the magical barriers around here… though I'll need to secure some… buildings in Metro and Gotham for that part as well. If you're willing, and Tony is, we can at least set Hax right quickly enough."

Fenris pauses. "Ah, we'd also need to borrow some power…"

Zee's hand on his shoulder gets Hax's attention "Hands to yourself, love. I know I'm a magnificent specimen but I do have a certain amount of self-respect." Hax snorts "I mean me and a pretty one thing what would they say."

Hax turning to Pepper as he is introduced "Potts. Haha! I once knew a lil' boy name 'Chip' adorable little thing who kept claiming this kettle was his mother! HAha! No relation I suppose then." Hax pauses and looks at Pepper head to toe. "Say I just saw someone who could've passed for your twin sister! What are the odds. Well if you count population statistics working in genetic lines…" Hax trails off as he works out the numbers.

Pepper simply nods to Hax and lets him work out those numbers for himself. "I'll tell Tony later. How much power are you talking about, and in what form?" She's already brandishing her tablet, expecting JARVIS to share the specifications that will best sure whatever Fenris is about to ask.

"Well… it's a spell component. Someone needs to supply 'lightning from heaven'. Ordinarily for something like that I'd conjure a storm but with what the Atlanteans did last year I don't dare. So… a reactor's worth, really." Fenris knows he's asking quite a bit. "And I may have mentioned before… but I may need something a bit more personal from you Pepper. Highborn lady, and all." Spell components are a pain in the ass.

"Zee keep an eye on Hax?"

Zee cuts a look to Fenris, she's ready to banish Hax to a pocket dimension where time has slowed in order to try and beat the effects of the ageing on him. "They'd say you must be rich or well… " Nope, Zee's not going to finish that, not with Pepper around.

Given 'sitting' duties of the cantakerous mage, Zee's eyes narrow at Hax and she takes up position beside him.

"11111.11111 to 1! Funny how those numbers work out."

Hax begins to wander towards the elevator. When Zee takes up her position she begins to see that same shadowy apparition hovering over Hax's mind.

'Lightning from heaven'? Really? Pepper blinks twice, then visibly starts struggling to not laugh while she taps at her tablet. She manages to regain her composure after a few seconds, and asks Fenris, "You mean the power from a normal, baseball-ish sized arc reactor, yes?"

"Or whatever you need to use for it. I have no idea how big your ferromancy has to be." Fenris winks. He's an expert on a lot of htings but the branches of science Tony is pushing are just too new for Fenris to have made a study of them. Of course… that's been a pattern for mortals in the last century or so.

Hax approaches the elevator. "Melon!!!!!" Hax says with his arms spread wide. He waits a moment to see if the elevator opens. He here a *DING* as one of the elevators going down arrives on the lobby floor. "Come little one (motioning to Zee) we shall save this tower from the Shovel Knights besieging the gates!" Hax confidently strides into the opening elevator.

Zee /thinks/ she see's something but with her loss of power and the fact that mind magic has never figured in a huge way in her casting, she's simple not sure and she peers at Hax. "Fenris, are you seeing what I'm seeing here?" she murmurs as she follows the infirmed spellcaster into the lift.

She's listening to the conversation about 'arc reactors' and casts Pepper a curious glance, still distracted by Hax's behaviour.

"One point twenty one gigawatts it is, then." Pepper ALMOST manages to keep a straight face, but then she busts out laughing as she moves to follow Hax and Zatanna. She recovers quickly, though. "JARVIS, what will it take to create a single discharge from the building's arc reactor of sufficient voltage to emulate a lightning strike?"

"For what duration of time will the simulated lightning strike be required, Miss Potts?" Pepper looks at Fenris questioningly for an answer. Or at least a guesstimate.

Fenris is very tempted at this point to drop Hax down a portal that opens up in the cieling on the other end and just let him fall for a bit. He doesn't, but he's tempted. "A few minutes, Pepper. Hax will have to… well he has a task. But it will be over for him one way or the other in the space of a few minutes."

"An electrical discharge of that magnitude will require approximately seventy percent of the building's power reserves for the duration. Power will need to be diverted away from all non-essential systems in the building. Shall I proceed with powering down all administrative and vacant residential floors, Miss Potts?" The AI asks politely.

Hax gets excited over going on an imaginary journey that he begins to run out of breath. Stopping in the elevator leaning against the wall, "

"Not so young anymore. HeeHee! Go on without me girl. Give those knights a beating up their sticky wackers!" Hax sits down in the elevator. "Maybe a quick nap." and Hax knocks out.

Peppers 1.21 gigawatts of power has Zee smirking a little herself. It's an old joke, but a good one and Pepper might not be far of the mark.

With Hax sliding the floor, apparently passed out, Zee casts a look of frustration at Fenris. "Can we just leave him here?" she asks the God-Wolf "Perhaps restrained so he doesn't wander if he wakes up?"

"That's not nice to Pepper…" Fenris says as he drops Hax down a hole to… well don't ask about the details.

"We'll be in touch for this soon, Pepper. Possibly tomorrow soon. Or… day after tomorrow if he doesn't get too much worse." Fenris knows there's a holiday or something on. Christmas… yes. Christmas. That's it. "See you soon?"

Pepper blinks as Fenris makes the older gentleman disappear, then looks between the two spellcasters. "No, JARVIS, not yet. But prepare the soubroutines to divert the power." She then looks to where Normand used to be and back at Fenris. "You know, we have spare suites. You could all stay here and rest and prepare for… for this procedure." Even if it means she'll have to talk to Tony and make sure he doesn't have kittens over diverting that much of the building's arc reactor power.

As Hax disappears, Zee blinks … and then looks to the God-Wolf, a question in her eyes. She knows he'll bring the elderly mage back, but that was … just a little funny.

Seeing Peppers concern, Zee tries to reassure her "He'll be fine, Miss Potts. Fenris will bring him back." and hopefully in one piece. At the offer to stay until the ritual is complete, Zee shakes her head.

"Thankyou, but no. I have someone waiting for me." Christmas might not mean anything to him, but she's determined to ensure that he knows someone cares.

"Fenris, if we're done … may I trouble you for a Way?"

Fenris opens a second Way back to Shadowcrest for Zee. As for him… "I'll stay. I need to run a few errands nearby and it'd be good to catch up, Pepper." And he'll need to check in on Hax… eventually.

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