Dinner With Immortals

December 24, 2015:

Reese drops in on Fenris with foods

Fenris' House - New York


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It has been days since Reese spent her magical resources conjuring the spirit of Constantine back in his body, then days after that since Reese spent time in the Ley Lines, sensing magical shifts, tugs and pulls.. and a day since she was in some random kitchen of Hal's picking (who knows where he took her, she just knew it was warm) creating a nice little feast for at least two that she'd think would be alone on this day. The food was gathered up, still warm and hot where it needed be, chilled and cooled where it should be.. and delivered to the house of Fenris by with a knock on a door and a *BLINK* inside (of course, she didn't warn Hal, she just popped right on in and probably left him standing there).

Even if the door was unlocked or locked, she'd find a way to let the poor guy in, murmuring slightly as she carefully counts the paces that she's memorized towards the kitchen. "I don't know if you've met Fenris and Astryd yet." She says to Hal, offhandedly. "She called me child. I think she's one of the few that's possibly older than me.. and right up there with Fenris."

Immortals are fickle, tricky, and sometimes odd beings. It just so happens that the three fit the bill to the T.

"Chances are, they will kill us for dropping in unannounced and delivering a feast. But if we are dead and they eat our food, hopefully they will live in regret."

"Oh I'd just send you down to meet my sister." Someone rumbles from the study. It's a voice familair likely to Reese but not Hal. Fenris has a project coming up. One that involves shifting the courses of Ley Lines and using several very tall buildings as magical transmitters. He's going over some writing that for all the world appears to be in Dari… that is written on papyrus. The Old Wolf has been digging up some old things to make sure this goes right.

"But since you seem to have brought food, all's well. No need to devour Red Riding Hood today." It's a joke… or… is it?

Hal Jordan has met Fenris before, but only briefly when Evil Demon Cooking Mama came and tried to devour Reese alive in a hospital. Good times, good times indeed. Hal's dressed in a garish Christmas sweater with a giant Christmas tree on the front and actual twinkling lights and is insistently wearing a Santa hat at all times in spite of all attempts to get him to take it off. "Well, it's definitely going to be different than visiting my family in Coast City. No immortals there, although Uncle Leo's getting up there, that lovable old racist bastard," he says.

The ring, of course, alerts him to the presence of both the others, noting their unusual energy signatures but not quite having an understanding to identify them. Magic was a little esoteric, so pretty much all it could do is label them PROBABLY MAGIC IDK in Hal's mind. Thanks, ring.

"Never look a gift horse in the mouth… " a females voice follows Fenris' "Of course, the Trojans would argue with that adage." Astryd's lounging on the corner of Fenris's desk overlooking his work.

"To what do we owe … the pleasure … of this visit?" the grey eyed woman gives Hal a critical once over.

"Have you ever thought, Sun Eater, that there is a slight chance that I have?" Reese replies, carefully putting the food upon the counter top. It was a mixture of teppanyaki cooked foods; most made with cast iron plates found in that kitchen as well as a brazilian style soup that was poured into a hibachi. All was slowly set out, Reese being careful to touch where she will put things, not leaving anything close to the edge, but it was all precise, calculated.. and minimal spill!

"Oh, my murderer!" She jokes.. or was she? Either way, Hal gets a little chuckle as she shakes her head just a touch. "Astryd." She addresses, then answers with mirth. Or.. attempted mirth, there were times Reese was as dry as a desert with her tone. "Hoeiosho declared that the two elders shall not be alone together this holiday eve. Unless.. you two want to be, in which Hal and I would take our leave. I may be old but I am not daft enough to know when someone wishes to indulge in carnal festivities over the holidays."

"You two are more than welcome in my house." Fenris chuckles as he comes out of the study and Hal gives him a looking over. "And that smells delicious. Thank you for bringing it over. Let me just… add some lubrication to it…"

The God-Wolf opens up a cabinet next to his refrigerator and pulls out what appears to be a stone bottle of… something. Something potent. Four mugs come out next and the master of the house pushes them toward his newfound guests. "Asgardian Ale." One for Astryd too. And of course, himself. "Not precisely divine sake but close enough. How have you two been, it's been some time since I've seen either of you. Have you met Astryd?" That last is asked of Hal.

Hal Jordan shakes his head, "I have not. Nice to meet you, Astryd. Hal Jordan - pilot, derring-doer, space cop," he says. He's starting to grow weary of the whole secret identity thing, to be honest, and he figures ancient supernatural creatures are probably not likely to call Lois Lane tomorrow to be all omg Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern. He can tell he's the new guy among a group of old friends, but that's okay. One thing Hal has in abundance is self-confidence.

"Elders…" Astryd's eyebrow raises at Reeses quip and she casts a sidelong look of amusement at Fenris at the rest … accepting the mug as it's pushed towards her. "Well met, Hal, pilot, derring-doer, space cop." The light hearted nature of her response, softening the hard stern planes of her face.

As Fenris pours, the first thing she does is sniffs the air. It smelled different, unlike anything she has ever smelled, a faint hint sweet.. a bit.. sour? She couldn't tell. "I need a chair.." She murmurs slightly, not wanting to move from her arranging, and figuring with the position she was in, it was the best spot to be in. "You shouldn't really extend that invitation to me, Fenris. I just may come over whenever I feel and at the worst timing possible." Beat. "Though I assume you don't fight in your own home, so any time is a good time then." She grins a little, then reaches for the bag, drawing out the eating utensils for the rest.

"I have been well, but busy. Very busy. And you have as well, but I suppose that's to be expected."

Hearing the tone of Astryd's voice, she grins with a little added wrinkle of her nose. "You should call him all of that from now on.." She pauses. "Dumplings? Soup?" Even if she was blind, she could still serve people as long as she could hear them. The ale? That was left for now, lord knows.. when Reese gets drunk, odd things tend to happen.

Three 'old' friends perhaps. The youngest among them is Reese herself and she is not precisely a spring chicken, as they say. Fenris though has barely known any of them at all by his standards. He practically met them all yesterday. "I'd love some. And maybe some of that teppan chicken." It all smells divine. He'll let Reese do the serving as he settles.

"Yes quite busy. Actually doing some things I could use some help with, if you've some time to convene with Primal Force." Hal might even be helpful in that arena. "And you? Aught pressing that requires other hands?"

Hal Jordan raises an eyebrow, "Primal Force? Wait…are you guys in a band? 'cause I can beat a mean tambourine if it comes down to it…" he says with a hint of mirth. He shakes his head as Reese prepares to serve them - she was always doing that. He was surprised she let waiters bring them things at restaurants.

He, of course, is vastly younger than all of them, although he's used to dealing with ancient immortal beings - the Guardians. Of course, they were little blue dickweeds who mostly strained his patience, so these immortals were far more pleasant by comparison. He, of course, is more than happy to take some of the ale, sipping carefully, "And I agree, please, feel free to call me that," he says, his ring flaring for a moment so that a chyron appears under his face for a moment - Hal Jordan, Pilot, Derring-Doer, Space Cop - in flashing text before it blinks away again.

The mention of Primal Force has Astryd glancing at Fenris, clearly something new to the Goddess. Moving a chair, for Reese asked for one, and positions it for the other woman. "I might just call Fenris that from now on. Nothing more than usual that keeps me busy." the last in answer to Reeses question, which isn't really an answer at all and she knows it. "How goes your other issue, that we spoke on the last time we met?"

"A bit of everything, thank you." The Valkyrie has an appetite and isn't afraid of eating. Taking a sip of her ale, as she settles into a chair next to Fenris, she looks to Hal and shakes her head "I think, Hal, will do just fine."

"Of course." She murmurs, tilting her ear towards the three, listening quietly as she begins to serve the three a little bit of everything. Two. She could hear the shake of Hal's head. He always shook his head.

The plates were slowly passed around as she furrows her brows. "I have time. Though I don't know if I've met all of the Primal Force members, but I can lend a hand when needed. Or.. you can tell me what to do, I'll go off and do it, get into some trouble that Hal has to dig me out of, and be right as rain again." She huffs a slight laugh at that, but.. either way. She was on board. No need to ask her twice.

She answers Astryd and Fenris both at once: "No. I don't have anything that needs a bit of help and everything turned out fine on that front, Astryd. Though it seems that I'm still bound to the demon Satana and I fear that there isn't a way to erase that for now. So far it hasn't been a burden, and all has been relatively quiet."

She finally settles in and turns towards Hal. "Remember how we went to the Astral Plane? Primal Force is.. sort of like what you do. But we protect the soul of the earth as a whole. If that makes sense.."

"Ah, has Reese not told you?" Fenris glances to the blind immortal. "She assists me, along with a number of others, in looking after the world's magic and defending against problems that arise from that." He guestures toward Reese and the pendulum that he knows that she has. "And actually one of the worse problems at the moment is that all the recent mucking around has critically weakened the barriers that keep our world separate from other worlds."

Hal Jordan gives Reese a playfully deadpan stare, "Of course it doesn't make any sense, blind magical immortal, but nothing in your world does so I'm more than used to that. I understand that my occasional dealings with Qwardians, Thanagarans, Vilsurplixians and Kree woudn't make sense to you. By the way, I made one of those up and you'll never know which," he says.

More seriously, he nods to Fenris, "Well, that makes sense. If you keep making doors, eventually you have a wall that's nothing but doors. That isn't a wall, it's…well, it's a door. A really big friggin' door that'll let really big friggin' things in."

Astryd listens intently as Fenris and Reese explain about Primal Force, accepting the plate from Reese and starting to eat. "Should your issue need assistance, I would be happy to offer it, Reese. But I think you are right - whilst it isn't an issue, focus on other things." Though a binding that links back to Fenris, concerns her.

"Close enough, Hal." The Valkyrie responds "I tend to think of it as a fabric washed so many time and held taught… it rips ever so much easily."

Reese doesn't tell Hal a lot of things. Some things she should, but.. its the price of being alone for years at a time. Keeping to yourself just.. fits. His playfulness was actually felt, and it has her reaching out to give him a flick at his arm, and in that same motion reaches for her ale and chop sticks. She takes a slight sip, her face scrunching a touch, placing her cup down then begins to focus upon her food. It seems they all have their analogies, while Reese keeps hers short, simple and to the point. Someone dun' fucked shit up!

"I may just take you up on that Astryd. It's.. oddly empowering in a sense. I know that the connection to the woman is a bad one. There was a time when it reached it's critical point I could feel that.. tug. Like.. the life that I gave to others in my healing was being drained from them.. and into me.. and out." She shakes her head. "I never thought something like that was possible."

It was rare for her to open up like that. But still she did. "It hasn't happened since. A.. young friend of ours.." She gestures in Fenris' direction. "Took care of me at her crest, I don't want to burden her with worry anymore."

Fenris smiles a bit. "She still asks after you, you know." Fenris reminds Reese. "And yes, Hal, you have the right of it. I have a plan to repair the place but it's going to require the cooperation of some rich men and then it's probably going to involve making some things on the other side rather cross with us. When the time comes, if you're available, I'll welcome the help."

Hal Jordan enjoys the ale, throwing a wink at Reese when she flicks him. He nods, "Ah, the rich guys. I have eto kiss up to them on occasion, to try and get funding or investment for the company. I was never very good at kissing ass, though. Too tall," he says.

"If there's any way I can help, of course, I'm happy to lend my assistance. I didn't think I could do much with the recent troubles on the Astral plane, but we found a way. That was a hell of a fight, too," he says, even sounding a little thrilled about it. He shouldn't have fun fighting massive post-apocalyptic monstrosities, but, well, he can't quite help it.

"Even immortals and magic types need help, Hal." Astryd murmurs as she takes a mouthful of the food, going silent whilst she eats it "My magic is nowhere near as powerful as Fenris' and I support him by providing muscle …" Which might sound amusing, she's tall and willowly but then, she gives off that predatory aura.

"Do, Reese." the grey eyed woman smiles, it reaching her voice "It is good you found some support …"

Finally looking to Fenris, the Valkyrie smiles "You know I will stand with you, as you need me."

"If you'll allow, Fenris. Let me accompany you to those mens homes." Reese, possibly one hundred and fifty years ago used to be a courtesian. One could rarely ever forget those skills and all rich men want the same. (Longevity, you perverts.) "But.. whenever you need me, just call for me." She pats her chest, right where the pendant is always hidden. "Or you can find me in the Way." She takes another sip of the ale, her eyes widening just a touch as she reaches over to take the cup from Hal. That shit was totally potent. Eyes or no, she knew where to find it.

But.. she grimaces at Astryd's words.. shaking her head.. mocking Hal in the interim. "Do Reese? Well if you insist.." Nya nya.. nya.. Cut the joke off at the head, save herself the embarrassment. "Let's not talk about that now. Eat up. I brought ingredients to prepare a traditional Afrikkan dessert.. made of the intestines of an ape that I've manage to scour three months back…

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