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December 23, 2015:

The Clockwork King attacks M-Town …. in a big way

M-Town - New York


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It's been a little while since this happened. Four metal spheres looking for all the world like oversized brass ball bearings rolled up the main drag in M-Town on their own. Three of them are oh, ten feet around or so. The largest takes up the whole road. It'd just be a curiosity in a place that's already pretty damn curious… and then they open up. The three smaller ones reveal legs and cannon, looking like armed harvestmen. The big one though, is hollow. It opens up and things that look kind of like murderous wind up soldiers march out.

And then the area erupts in absolute bedlam.

Caitlin's not quite singing aloud, but she's something close to it. A near-empty dufflebag swings from one hand, and the striking redhead in the professional pantsuit is cutting a swathe through the pedestrian traffic that for once has nothing to do with her height and bulk.

She spots the rolligons of death crashing across the street, blinking, and then dives for cover. "Oh, come ON," she complains, peeking. She peers at a few others who are cowering with her, then starts stripping out of her pantsuit without any modesty, revealing a powerlifter's body in a sports bra and a pair of athletic shorts. "I am NOT letting them ruin this suit," she growls, shoving clothes quickly into a duffel bag.

She looks pointedly at a woman staring at her. "Hey. Eyes front, lady," she snaps, her tone all business as she tugs a pair of fingerless gloves on. The woman blushes and stares the other direction as Caitlin quickly changes into her 'superhero' garb.

With great power comes poor philosophy. That pretty much sums up Wanda's life after being given a power boost by the Vishanti and spending most of her time in a series of philosophical debates with others that may or may not actually exist. Her increased power also lets her be very aware and she stops eating her ice cream and lifts her head as if listening. Then a frown. Once upon a time when she was 'evil' she gave up some of her power to help a villain…and it seems to be coming back again.

"We'll talk about this later" Wanda informs the empty chair in front of her before she takes a running jump off the balcony of her X-Red HQ room. Trailing scarlet energy she zooms through the air towards the disturbance.

Normally this isn't really the Partisan's gig, and I mean look she's got a Hungarian war criminal with his throat pinned under her boot in his apartment and everything. Then shit starts kicking off outside and with a sigh, she gives a well practiced twist on the heel and a pull of the trigger and imagine that. Her day just opened up! Calmly she walks to the window, before lifting a hand to activate her throat mic. Snake bite actual for Command, have priority traffic. Quietly she steps back to snag that dead body by the collar, before hoisting him off the floor.
Out of a second story apartment window, comes a crash as a body comes crashing to the pavement below. "Hey! You fucking tryhards, over here!"Followed by a distinctive -WHUMP- from the Partisan's trademark Gm-94. She's loaded with HE today but hey, a grenade is a grenade to some extent right? Aiming down to try and throw her first grenade into the crowd of wind up soldiers. "Put that in your pipe and smoke it you fucks!"

Wanda's exit from the HQ coincides with the alerts that come in on X-Reds systems. Brin watches the scarlet energy streak away as she organises stepping disks for the rest of the team … hastily changing into her field uniform, a new design, at the same time.

With anyone else who is attending with her, she steps onto the disk as it opens, through Limbo and into M-Town.

Magiks' done her work well and the brunette mutant, wearing a black jumpsuit, with red sidepanels and a belt forming a sytlised X across her hips, arrives not to far from the disturbance, immediately throwing up a glowing green and gold psionic shield over the closest civilians to her. "Follow me, I'll get you out of here."

Iceman on scene. Bobby Drake comes sliding in on a ramp. He lives here so it makes sense that his response time is good. Wanda… we really need a code name for you… uh… later. Mana, it's the Clockwork King. And it looks like he's staging an invasion of sorts…

The ice nerd swoops low as canon start to open up on him from the walkers. On the ground an explosion from Partisan sends a group of clockwork soldiers flying everywhere. The others close ranks and bring odd weapons to bear, flinging sharpened gears at the insurgent.

The view Wanda, Brin and Caitlin get is chaotic. Iceman and Partisan are already stuck in. The former is working on the big guns while Partisan takes fire but he keeps having to dodge large canon shots from the walkers which is, at least, preventing them from shooting into the buildings around them. Partisan is getting formed up on. These aren't modern tactics. It's almost Napoleonic. But there are a lot of these suckers. Fourty or so…

Well, thirty five now. Part's knocking them down admirably.

Caitlin tugs on her boots, which are awesome in that they are super-ruggedized, Justice League issued, and can cinch tight by a single tug on the ripcord that replaces the laces.

"Well, let's see if this works," she mutters, fishing for the last object she needs. She throws a portable drone into the air, and with a *brr* the blades unfold and whirr to life, lifting a tiny GoPro aloft. It tracks on Caitlin, and she gives the vehicle a thumbs up and a million-watt grin. The green short-shorts and crop top are marginally more modest than some superhero attire, but her attitude leaves her looking more clothed than the tights do.

And just like that, almost as fast as one of Partisan's grenades, Caitlin goes tearing out of the alleyway, feet digging into the pavement hard enough to send up a spray of asphalt behind her. With a shoulder-check that would make an NFL lineman applaud, she drops her weight low and aims for just below the center of mass of the biggest clockwork weapon. And unlike a grenade, she's packing about 300lbs of steel-hard bone and sinew behind that shoulder, so she turns a shoulder-tackle into a full on blitz to carry her through as many of the clockwork enemies as possible.

Wanda floats down towards the street. She spots Brinley's arrival and looks a bit guilty for not saying she was leaving but her mind drifts in and out a lot these days. But there are more important things to take care of…like giant balls of death. A frown as she recognises them and why they are here…to destroy everything and anyone. Thankfully it seems she has help.

With her scarlet energy building up around her hands she hits the pavement in mid-stride and keeps walking straight towards the globes without missing a step. What would the Vishanti want from her here? And does it matter when people's lives are at stake? Her chaotic magic springs from her raised hands and enwraps one of the smaller globes. Scarlet streaks of energy course over its shell before it is reduced to its component elements in the form of a sludge. She is /pretty/ sure no one was alive in there before she did that.

Tactics still used by people like, the Ottomans around the turn of the century for sure. It's enough to bring up a string bit of deja vu, but that was a long time ago. Not that there is any hint of hesitation mind you, because there absolutely is not. The Partisan runs that GM-94 like a scalded dog, dumping it's load of HE into the rank and file before just pitching the emptied launcher into the mass of soldiers. Snake bite actual, keep those tin soldiers penned in. I'm going for the heavies. She jerks a frag from her buttpack, pops the spoon and counts twice before whipping it outside. Now she just needs to get the distance, and get around all that squishy infantry. She ploughs through the door of that apartment, and races to the stairs. Sprinting her way up to the roof, that should give her enough altitude right? Snake bite actual, going explosive in five. She has a legacy to uphold of course.

Acknowledged Iceman Brin responds, paling slightly at the mention of the Clockwork King. With Partisan, Bobby, an unknown and Wanda engaging the forces, the brunette focusses on the civilians… sort of.

Rather than focus on pockets of innocents, Brins glowing green and gold shield moves to the between most of those fleeing and the invansion force and begins grow, trying to shield as many as possible … and perhaps some of the building facades …

The ordered ranks of Clockwork soldiers suddenly break as Fairchild smashes into them sending them flying everywhich way. Bobby circles back to start to throw up an ice wall, working with Brin to create a ring of barriers, trapping most of the clockwork soldiers in there with Caitlin. He doesn't expect them to last long.

The first of the walkers just turns to sludge and Wanda begins to draw the majority of the fire. Shells burst around her as they hone in. One will hit her in a moment if she doesn't do something…

And then a spire comes out of the biggest one. One that seems to be tipped with a ruby red crystal. It's purpose doesn't remain a mystery for long. A lance of energy slews through the air, knocking Bobby hard into a wall.

One of Partisan's grenades blows apart a clockwork soldier and sends Caitlin flying sideways. She bounces off a brick wall and lands on her feet, looking none the worse for wear aside from some damage to her uniform, and dodges back into the fray.

Caitlin's fighting style isn't pretty, but it's damned effective. She kicks and punches with stompy, brutal blows that hit with more force than a human being should possibly be able to generate, and she's got enough training to really make the impacts count.

The searing red beam catches her attention and Caitlin jumps twenty horizontal feet, bringing both fists up over her head, and with a shout of triumph lands and smashes both fists down atop the spire of the biggest clockwork robot, hitting with enough force to drive a telephone pole into the dirt.

Explosions. Wanda hates explosions…and death…and destruction…but she brings so much of it to the world. Her arms move in front of her; fingers twitching and contorting as reality warps in front of her. As she continues to walk forward she opens up a dimensional rift in front of her where the shells can disappear and explode far, far away. Hopefully not on some poor innocent trans-dimensional beings but at least they aren't exploding here. She spots Caitlin, eyes narrowing for a moment. She remembers her! But before Wanda gets to excited she focuses back on the matter at hand.

The Partisan can not fly, without an airplane anyway. That doesn't mean she doesn't seem to be trying. She ploughs through the door at the top of the apartment building, and without breaking stride takes that long step. Sailing through the air, carbine slung and a pair of RKG-3s in one hand as she falls for the big sphere. Cat powers, ACTIVATE! So yes she does hit the sphere boots first, but those boots just can't find purchase. She slips, smashes into the sphere and goes tumbling off in a heap. Gasping for air, yeah she's broke some stuff and it seems to have gone terribly badly. Yet those two anti-tank grenades, they're stuck right there on top of the big sphere and she's got the arming cords still in one hand. "Argh fuck me!" Don't worry folks, she broke the fall with her skeleton. Everything is fine! Evidenced by the fact that she has the presence of mind enough to roll onto her back and jerk that laser revolver free amidst coughing gasps, and well without a hiccup she goes to work throwing surprisingly accurate laser fire down range. Snake bite Actual, going explosive in 2. Find hard cover Not that she has any out there on her back, but well she has brand new armor which is supposed to protect her from apparently literally everything BUT huge falls.

Brin watches as Bobby is thrown against the wall as she herself is tossed backwards herself, landing heavily on her back, her shield faltering, flickering and starting to fail and it takes all her concentration to rebuild what she had…

From her vantage, the only thing she can see is the sky … she's no idea what's going on with the others, give her a moment.

Bobby might be glad he was knocked out of the air in a moment. He's not up, in either case. On the ground in a heap. Caitlin manages to smash the spire of the big one right back into its body moments before Partisan jumps onto it and leaves it a present. Ten seconds after she drops off there's an 'earth shattering ka-boom' and the big sphere comes apart in a hail of molten brass and shattered gears. And then a secondary explosion as an honest to god steam boiler bursts. It's the secondary that staggers the remaining 'tank' sending it to its knees not far from Brinley.

Bobby staggers to his feet and pours the ice on. That'll hold it… long enough for the others to do something about it.

"Ackpth!" Caitlin flings a hand over her face, shielding her eyes from the explosion and ducking back from it. "Ow! Hothothothothot!" she yelps, flailing a bit at some brass glittering on her forearm and upper thigh.

Spotting Bobby lining up the hit for her, Caitlin grits her teeth and charges once more, body low to the ground, and slams her bare fingers into the clockwork's hull. She grabs it as best she can, grappling for leverage, and then sets her shoulders and twists violently from the hip in an attempt to rend the clockwork mechanism in half with all the force she can muster.

"Brinley!!" Wanda cries out in alarm before she is running for the woman. She does have a weakness when it comes to injured friends. It will distract her into trouble one day. Kneeling next to her fellow X-Red she isn't quite sure whether to touch her or not. "Are you okay, Brin? Can you hear me?" A scarlet barrier is thrown up to protect them both with a casual wave of Wanda's hand. Such is her concern for Brinley that Wanda doesn't even notice the hot shrapnel in her right thigh.

Partisan is having a bad day, a very bad day. She wasn't all that far from the big guy when it finally cooks, and for the first time in many years she's really gotten herself into a bad situation. The thing blows, and she's blown across the street. Tagging a parked car before tumbling onto the concrete face first, theres a burst of static over the coms followed by a ragged wet gasp and then it goes dead silent as shrapnel bites through her suit's power supply. A rather generous chunk of what had been a spar shoved down through the front of that helmet and into her chest through her collar bone, but hey at least she didn't drop her weapon right? Nevermind the growing pool of blood, this is the Partisan. She'll be right as rain once she comes around, right?

Brin had started struggling to her feet when the shrapnel started raining down on them and the tank lands on its knees near her. Flinching, she winces as her abused back muscles are pulled in all the wrong directions, a piece of molten metal scours her face and embeds itself in her shoulder just before Wanda's shield goes up.

"Ow… I'm alright Wanda. Let me get me up…" No two ways about it, Brin is one squishy mutant … time to get serious about Peppers armour.

Bobby doesn't have time to shield himself. Fortunately he's cold enough that the molten metal that hits him very quickly becomes not molten. It still hurts like hell but it's not burning him at any rate.

Caitlin literally rips the remaining construct in half to the shrieking of ice and abused metal. Which leaves the street quiet but for the crackling of fires.

"Ow. Sonofa…" Bobby winces as he pulls a thin bit of cooled brass from his arm. "Everyone okay?!"

Caitlin's generous chest heaves a few times in mild exertion, and she tosses aside the chunky bits of robot, looking around for anything else still up and moving. She's a bit reddened in spots and covered in grime, oil, and other detritus, but looks otherwise unharmed.

"I'm fine, but… oh crap!" she yelps, spotting Partisan. She dashes over to the soldier, skidding to a halt and landing on her knees. "Help! She got tagged with… like, some shrapnel or something!"

Caitlin fumbles to undo Partisan's helmet and then starts feeling for a pulse and checking for respiration, her face agitated with concern but far from panicked. "Call 911 right now!"

"Stay still" Wanda admonishes Brinley. "You've been hit…and it is not nice." Everyone seems to have been hit. These things did more damage being destroyed than if they'd been left alone! Muttering softly to herself she changes reality for her friend and the shrapnel is turned to water - it seems to have worked so far with injuries.

Wanda looks over at the anxious Caitlin and the bleeding body that is Partisan. It's no secret that Wanda is not a big fan of the other woman's lifestyle but she's not going to stand by and let her die. "Rest, Brin, while I have a look at Partisan." With that she rises a few feet off the ground and speeds over.

"Partisan?" Brinley winces as the shrapnel turns to water and evaporates. "Where's Bobby…" Iceman. This is Mana. Sitrep her voice will sound shaky over the comms, the shrapnel may be gone, but the pain still remains.

Struggling to her feet, she follows Wanda to Part, waiting to hear from Bobby.

The moment somone starts popping the snaps of her helmet, the Partisan stirs. Blood comes washing out of that lid amidst a spray of sparks, but well she's alive. Sputtering up blood, eyes rolled back into her head. That pretty blonde hair stained a rather ruddier hue, but hey at least the skull motif face paint held up. "Auuugh fuck me, hnnnngh."Gasping deep before devolving into shuddering coughs as she finally comes around. Pushing gently after Cait, before lifting a hand to that strut and with a single before giving a tug and a cry of pain. "Nnnngh, fuck that 911 shit. Just rip this fucker out've me, shit's driven down in my lung. I'll be fine just, pull that shit out for me yeah?"Finally pressing that revolver back into her holster. "Not my fucking day lemmie tell ya sister."

Bobby is in the process of jogging over to Brin and Wanda when he sees Wanda get up and both give their attention to Partisan. "Oh… hell…" That looks bad. Bobby knows that Part is tougher than she looks by a large measure but… that's bad. And he kind of doesn't want to watch someone pull that spar out of her… though he's going to anyway. Caitlin or Wanda or Brin'll get it. Right?

"Uhh, no," Caitlin tells Partisan, shaking her head and putting a hand over the wound. She clamps down with enough pressure to slow the bleeding, but it probably isn't helping the pain any. "Worst thing you can do for a penetrating wound is tearing it out. I don't know if you've got like a super-healing thing or what, but if it nicks an artery you could bleed out faster than an ambulance can get here." Caitlin seems oddly calm despite the clear worry on her features.

"I need some pure water," she tells Bobby, nodding at Partisan. "Just enough to rinse off that head wound so we can see how deep it is."

As Wanda approaches she soon hears Partisan in full voice and so she slows down. It probably looks worse than it is. And it also gives her time to notice the shrapnel in her own leg. "Oh…" is her understated comment to go with that realisation before she reaches down to poke at it. Yes…that hurts!! "If there is anything I can do" she offers to Caitlin before looking around the street. "Is everyone okay!?" she calls out to the neighborhood.

Slips a hand back up to grasp that Shrapnel, and well she takes a moment before finally mustering up enough adrenaline to rip that stupid thing out. Theres, well blood before it begins to slow almost immediately. It doesn't take much longer for the wound to stop bleeding completely, and well healing comes along in a hurry. "Hmmf, everyone else ok?"Chuckling as she turns to spit, well theres blood and yeah thats probably like a chunk of lung or something. Gross. It's ok everyone, her cigarettes seem to have survived evidenced by the fact she starts fishing one out and gets it lit. Once her critical life saving cigarette is lit, well she pushes herself up to a seated positon and snags her helmet with a grunt. "Give me a hand up onto my boots if you'd be so kind, I heal fast sure but I'm still a little woozy. Blood loss, probably had a little brain damage for a minute there yaknow?"Offering a glove towards Cait.

Brin blanches as Partisan tears that shrapnel from herself… too numb to notice anyone elses emotions, thankfully. Staggering she finds the nearest steady thing and holds herself upright … nope, she's not going to faint - Nick would never let her hear the end of it.

Bobby winces himself. Just… ow. There are a few people who call back to Wanda's general question but most of the residents have rather sensibly taken cover. It's a life skill when you live in M-Town. "I'm… not badly hurt. Bruised and a bit burnt. Ms. Partisan are you going to be alright?" Apparently Bobby knows Part.

"Wanda, Brin, good work. Miss… it's Fairchild isn't it? Thanks for the help."

Caitlin grimaces and ignores the blood, trying to help stem the bleeding until Parti's healing ability staunches the flow and she recovers. Still, Caitlin gives Partisan a wary look, and the hand up gets a bonus grip on Partisan's power armor, easily holding the majority of Partisan's weight for the wounded warrior.

"Hmm? Oh! I'm fine," she assures Bobby. Then she goggles. "Oh wow! You're Iceman! Nice, wow, it's cool to meet you," she says, visibly geeking a bit. "Hah! I didn't even mean that pun, but whatever," she says, grinning doofily. "I totally wanna get a selfie with you but…" she looks down, and realizing she's covered in Partisan's blood, frowns. "Well, maybe now isn't the best time," she admits, mouth pulling sideways into a moue of disappointment.

"I don't… recognize the others," she admits, though she smiles reassuringly at Wanda and Brinley. "Which is weird, 'cause I thought I knew most of the heroes in the tri-city area. Are you all incognito?"

Wanda frowns at the sight of Brinley's unsteadiness before she turns the shrapnel in her own thigh into water. Hopefully that hasn't unblocked a severed artery. "You don't remember me?" Wanda asks Caitlin as her mind checks and rechecks that she has met the tall woman before. "You have been burned, Bobby?" Wanda isn't sure how that is possible. "I can fix it if you like. I can fix everything." She looks around at the devastation and frowns. "Almost."

Partisan is dragged to her boots, and though a bit unsteady well she seems well enough. Puffing after her cigarette eagerly until she can let her shoulders slump. Her armor isn't even power armor, just an exotic form fitted affair complete with raised armor panels painted in her trademark vietnam era tigerstripe. Her cat skull helmet is, well fucking trashed though which is annoying. "I'm the Mother fucking Partisan, I don't have a regular name anymore really."Offering Cait a slight smile and a pat on the shoulder. Tugging her carbine around to ensure it's alright, before offering Bobby a glare. "Knock that "Miss" shit off right now young man or I'll drag you home by your ear, you know better than that."Wanda and Brin get an appraising look, before she goes digging around in her chest rig. Offering both a neat little vac-sealed bandage and a piece of hard candy, because fuck you she's like a hundred years old.
Slowly Part meanders back towards the wreckage to give it a look over. "I'm not a Hero, I'm the Partisan. I'm more of a paramilitary type, that kind of deal normally. I just happened to be nearby running down somone, didn't feel right to let you kids handle this by yourselves. Not that I was much help today."and out comes the stencil, but well who the fuck knows where the spray paint went to. So she just slaps the stencil on a suitably large chunk of wreckage and rubs some blood over it, yeah thats plenty good enough. "You all are the heroes, and I'm very impressed with all of you. Quick decisive action, no civilian injuries I can see, property damage not really that bad considering these fuckers were great big bombs waiting to happen."And well she pitches the stencil into the fire and starts digging around in her backpack for a pecular sealed metal canister. Pausing to pour, what is that dried rice on the ground followed by…yeah thats a tallboy of Pabt Blue Ribbon.

"Mana" Brin introduces herself to the gushing Caitlin. Only Bobby or Berto could elicit such a response. Given that she, and Wanda, are on the X-Red Website and Wanda's featured in news reports recently, the brunette mutant sort of stares at Cait and shakes her head. "X-Red —-" anything else she might say is cut off by Wanda's words and she looks to her team mate "Bobby? Let her heal you."

Finally turning her attention to Part, the brunette takes in a deep breathe. "I'm glad you're ok, Partisan." she murmurs taking the offerings and sort of staring at them.

Bobby has to conceal a smile. Part will drag him home by his ear, he has no doubt. "Sorry Partisan." He murmurs, making sure she's okay before he looks back to Caitlin.

"Oh, my friends here? This is Brinley Meyers, or Mana from X-Red and uh…" Wanda doesn't have a code name, they were just discussing that. "And this is Wanda Maximoff, the, uh, Scarlet Witch." Yeah he could have done better but, well, she likes red, right? And sort of does magic?

Caitlin peers at Wanda, then blinks and gasps skywards in self-directed exasperation. "Ohhhhmygod I am so sorry," she tells Wanda. Realizing she's still partially holding Partisan aloft, she lets Partisan down and eyes the foul-mouthed merc warily, then casts around for something to wash her hands with. "Gross," she mutters.

"This whole…" she gestures vaguely. "Wow. Yeah, I'm sorry, of course I remember you, Wanda," she tells the Romanii woman, fairly tripping over herself to apologize. "And Mana, right— X-red, I can't /believe/ that didn't click until now. I had job interview today, and I'm just really not completely with it, and then all the blood," she says, babbling a bit, "so I'm /really/ sorry if I came off as rude. Did I sound rude? I really didn't mean to be, but like I said, there's just a LOT going on."

She casts around, holding her arms out to the side as if afraid to touch anything, herself included. "Partisan's a bit of a bleeder, though. Anyone have some bottled water handy?"

Wanda quirks a brow at Bobby and her code name. Scarlet Witch? The more she thinks about it…yeah…she likes it. Smiling happily as if she has suddenly been let into a club she wanted to be a part of for a long time she waves a dismissive hand at Caitlin. "No need to apologise. I was a lot different then. Homeless. Forgetful. Hearing voices." She glances over her shoulder and hisses quietly, "I'm telling her!" Then back to Caitlin. "But I don't hear voices anymore. I have friends now. And I am also the Scarlet Witch…and I wasn't before."

Wanda does have some distaste for Partisan's paint choice…and need to advertise…but she says nothing for now. Instead she moves to heal Bobby as best she can; which is more an altering of reality than actual medical know how.

"It's just blood. Here, man what is it with nobody wearing a god damned backpack these days? In my day everyone had a satchel or something, and usually a gun."Part tosses Cait a little bag of hand wipes, the good industrial scrubby kind. Nevermind the whole "PROPERTY OF THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL" label, its really no big deal. "Well I did used to know this guy, The Expressionist. Just carried a paint brush, painted shit into reality. Lost track of him around '37, heard the Nazis got to him but who knows really. Lots of good heroes they snuffed out, this was before everyone knew about the occult bullshit of course."Finally zipping that backpack up, and snagging a chunk of wreckage to inspect. "Anyone know who these assholes were, or well who built them I guess? Looks sort've clockwork, steampunky or whatever. New one on me."

Bobby's burns and cuts and bruises heal as if they never were and he flashes Wanda a smile of thanks. "Clockwork King. I think Wanda's run into him before. He's got some kind of an interest in the area… not that it prevents him from branching out for mayhem. I've never seen him myself. Just constructs like these…"

Bobby looks at the wreck of the rollers and shakes his head. "This guy has brass balls though, I'll tell ya what…" He mutters to no one in particular.


"Is she for real?" Caitlin says, gesturing vaguely at Partisan. "I honestly can't tell if she's serious or just yanking my leg." Still, she gets to work with the scrubbpads, until she's feeling reasonably clean. Still, her expression seems to indicate she's craving a hot shower or a firehose.

She looks warily in the direction Wanda does when the Scarlet Witch starts talking to… someone she can't see, giving Bobby a vaguely concerned glance, then whistles at Partisan and mimes a toss before lobbing the box back at the short mercenary. "Thanks!"

Caitlin squats down, knees to the side, and pinches something attached to the top of one green-colored boot. It turns out to be a small remote control, and she signals for her little drone to come whirring down to head height.

"Wow, I bet we got some great footage," she says, clapping her hands together excitedly. "Hey, so, would it be a total imposition to get a quick group photograph?" she asks the X-ers. "Only if you wanna, of course, I mean— I know privacy's important. It's for my Pinterest page." She flashes a tight, ebullient grin at Bobby, then at the women. "This is so going up on YouTube but a group photo would really be good press for everyone."

Wanda nods to Bobby's naming of their unseen foe and her previous encounters. "I met him once…in one of my dark times. I gave him some of my power but he doesn't seem to be using it much. And I also gave him some…actually…that is not important." A smile as Bobby is all okay again before she gives Caitlin a concerned look. "YouTube? You want to show us off on the interweb?" She looks to Bobby and Brinley. "I suppose we are public but do we show off what we can do like this? I do not think you would want my photo though. I would break your camera."

"Oh honey, you should really google me before you decide if you want me in a big photo. I'm no hero. "Potentially, Understatement of the year. Most of the shit she's uploaded has body counts, purifiers strung up in M-town have her mark carved into their chests. "Bobby, if you were in arm's reach I'd break your fingers for that pun you smart ass little shit."Not that she's being serious mind you. "Clockwork king, huh. Well this is decidedly not my bag I suppose, Would you kids rather handle him yourselves?"Flicking that cigarette aside, before snagging her gasmask and pulling it down over her face. "If you'd rather let me handle it, well I'm a little busy with Purifiers and Hydra these days but I should be able to pencil him in."This is, well it's not her cats skull mask but its a mask never the less. A throwback no less, decorated in a bright multicolored wolf's skull sort've pattern.

Brin suppresses a sigh at Caits response to Bobby, not that she can blame the woman. "Sure you can, but you need to add the following hashtags…." there's the marketing mind always in action.

In the background, sirens can be heard … the NYPD will be there soon. Not that Brin minds, this is her job afterall.

Bobby watches as Part recovers her old mask. "We've been dealing with it so far though I won't complain if you find him and take a shot at him. Otherwise…" They'll deal with it as it comes up.

"Group pic? Well Part probably doesn't want it but I don't mind." Nor do Brin or Wanda it seems. Well they are public after all and there are much worse requests. "Might wanna get it before the cops show up though." Then it'll be back to work.

At least the block is still standing. Thanks to everyone present.

"…okay, so maybe, uh… just… you and me and Bobby, Brin?" Caitlin hedges, glancing warily at Partisan and sympathetically at Wanda. She turns the GoPro around and sets it to 'track' mode, glancing at her phone, and then mugs for the camera with a big, slightly forced grin. Her cell *beeps* once and she glances at the image, then goes 'yess' and slips the phone into a discreet pocket at the small of her back.

"Awesome. Thanks a ton!" she says. "I'm gonna grab my clothes and then possibly stand in a bonfire until I feel clean again. So, uh, good game!" she says, before jogging off to get her duffel bag before the cops descend.

Wanda steps out of the way of the photo opportunity and watches like she the outcast watches the cool kids at prom night. A small smile on her face as her fingers twitch. There may have been a photobombing by scarlet energy masquerading as a ghostly teddy bear. With the police coming, Wanda decides to make her presence…left. "I shall see you back at base" she promises her team mates before offering a wave to the others. "Good work" she offers before zooming back into the sky.

Partisan hefts her carbine onto a shoulder and heads off ever so casually into M-town, casually shaking the blood off of her helmet as she goes. This is M-town, not like these people are going to turn her in. She just needs to find somoneplace she can rinse all that blood out of her hair before it dries. "No time to Terry here, no time to wait for you. No time to terry here, for I'm on my journey home." Off she goes, carroling and so fourth.

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