Not Quite Rooftop Encounters

December 20, 2015:

Lunair and Rhodey are having beers on a rooftop … Pepper and Jemma have been spice shopping and the four meet up.

New York


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Lunair nods. She listens, not seeming to mind. Even if he doesn't listen, she is happy to listen. She even sits cross-legged nearby in her power armor. Though, she glances down, to check on people below now and then. If anyone texts Lunair, she will respond. But armored peeps on a roof might catch some attention. Either way, there are surely ways to join them. She is listening. A slow nod. "Some of them may have been ones I hung out with," She admits. "I don't think I shot at you. We were mostly there because of HYDRA. To cause trouble and keep the war going. All the sun, the mud, the blood…" Her voice goes quiet.

A nod. "I hear a lot of my soldier friends got to travel." And really, Lunair hasn't bothered to turn herself invisible to radar, so Starkpeeps could pick them up, too. But Rhodey and Lunair are up and about, chatting. "I am sorry I brought up bad memories. What would you want for Christmas?"

And along the street below, two women are walking and chatting, at least one shopping bag being carried along. They've just left a small shop that specializes in teas and 'ethnic spices'. Mostly curries.

"…no, really, Jemma. It's all right. I've been wanting to try a few different curries myself, and having an extra reason to stop in here is just a bonus." Pepper is trying to make the biochemist walking alongside her stop hyperventilating. Because, yes, they just spent THAT much in a single store. On tea and spices.

Jemma is not /quite/ hyperventilating but she is certainly gasping … "That's an awful lot of curry, Miss Potts." Of course, considering the hours the bio-chem puts in at her lab and all the things happening around her, she really doesn't cook for herself that much.

She's carrying her own bag, with some speciality teas that she thinks her Senior Agent might enjoy. It's her contribution to the 'secret tea stash' that she keeps raiding in The Triskelian.

If all else fails, there's the War Marchine armor. Sitting behind James and Lunair like a gun metal gray and black vigil while the former drinks another beer on the brownstone building above the pair of curry adventuring ladies. Provided she's got some indicator that the armor might pick up, PATTON would certainly inform the Colonel of such a high priority package as one Pepper Potts.

For the time being, he stares out over the skyline with a dark expression in his eyes everytime the end of his cigarette glows a brighter orange. "New socks." It's partial joke, but there's never a bad time to get new socks.

Lunair peeks over the side, just in case. And then she spots them. "There's Miss Pepper and Miss Simmons!" Wavewave. "Do you know them?" She looks to James She's leaning over a bit. Then a giggle. "I'll keep that in mind. Fuzzy or not fuzzy?" A wry smile. She does fold her visor over her face as she looks down. She trusts James and them, but she'd rather not be outed needlessly. She has 99 problems, and HYDRA is definitely one of them.

"No matching robe?" She asks James. Half-teasing, half not.

Pepper does indeed have something on her person that PATTON would respond to — her JARVIS-linked StarkPhone. The device will ping and 'greet' the armor, and it likely would ping audibly in response. Though, that's probably all moot anyway since Lunair spotted them.

"It is, but I'm going to give it to the building cafe cooks and see what they can whip up." She doesn't really have time to cook herself. Luckily, she's SPOILED. "I know there's at least one person on our kitchen staff that's from London." She is completely unaware of the rooftop conversation, and the pair of them continue along, headed toward the cafe on the corner of the block.

Something pings on Jemma's phone and the british born bio-chem checks her messages as they walk. Stopping a moment and looking around and then up … she touches Pepper gently on the arm. "Seems someones trying to get out attention." she murmurs and gestures in the Lunairs way with her phone.

Seems Jemma's minders have let her know that someone familiar is trying to get her attention. Good thing that Lunair is familiar to the 'holograms' … it might have been a little messy.

"Colonel, Miss Potts is on the street below us." PATTON says in the earpiece James wears looped over his ear connecting him to the War Machine's AI. Between the affirmation and Lunair's indication that they're down there… two for one special or something. James hops off the air conditioner and steps up onto the ledge to peer down at the duo below them with beer and cigarette in hand.

"Merry Christmas." He shouts down at them with a smirk and a touch of two fingers to his brow in a half salute greeting.

Lunair waves to them again, now that she is noticed. She doesn't seem too worried. She looks to James and nods. "Merry Christmas!" She echoes, and manifests an elf hat over her power armor's helmet. What a smart git. "Need help up? Wanna hang out?" She asks. She seems okay with helping out. Yup!

Pepper Potts stops when Jemma checks her messages, then looks up to where the biochemist is pointing. "Oh!" She waves back to Lunair, then hears a familiar voice. "Rhodey?" She looks momentarily surprised, then really pleased as she shouts in the middle of the street. "Rhodey, get down here right now!" There is zero hint of anger in her tone even if the words seem like they might be angry.

"Colonel Rhodes, Armory." Jemma looks and waves to the pair, using Lunairs codename "Merry Christmas!" She hasn't really thought about how close to Christmas it is, with everything that's going on around her! "I think they want us to go up, Miss Potts… " beat "Maybe Armory, it's a long way up though."

James drains the rest of his beer, crushes the can, and tosses it over his shoulder with a look in that same direction at the War Machine armor standing nearby. He could, of course, use it to get down to the sidewalk, but they'd still be standing around chatting in the street. Instead he holds up the last beer on the plastic ring so it dangles from his index finger, "You come up here, we have beer…" One beer. Maybe more. There's a lot of extra space in the armor, afterall. He's all grins though as he motions to the fire escape around the corner in the alley.

"Well. She wants us to come down, although… I could make a rope ladder or give THEM armor if you really don't wanna go down," Lunair offers. She looks between the group and smiles. "They really seem to be fans." She is happy. She has forgotten her beer for now. And thankfully, Lunair seems to have fair to good alcohol tolerance. Good times! "And Christmas is awesome. SO MANY TREES." She totally gets Christmas.

Pepper Potts shakes her head no. "No. Absolutely not. I'm NOT going up there. I want to sit in that cafe over there and have a hot tea and possibly a scone." Yes, they're still yelling. Someone's bound to start complaining any moment.

Jemma just looks … bemused… she really doesn't want to be attracting attention, either. There's more than enough people targetting her. "Uh Miss Potts…" she begins and then coughs "Ma.. Maybe we could go up for a moment?" Although the last time she climbed a fire escaped she had to use a rope to get down .. but then, there had been a Sigma agent after her.

James rubs at the side of his mouth and glances in the direction of the fire escape connected to the side of the roof, then over to Lunair with a shrug. "PATTON, stay in sentry mode, I'm on comms." As he starts in the direction of 'down'. It's hard picturing Pepper Potts climbing up onto the roof, anyways. Not really her style. "Of course, Colonel."

Lunair blinks owlishly. she will nod at James and start down after him. Her armor will disappear, leaving her in a long, military style black coat that falls to her knees, and sturdy pants with winter boots. She even has a scarf about her neck. "There we go." Nod. She doesn't seem at all odd now. She beams at James, quietly amused and sympathetic.

Pepper Potts crosses her arms and is perhaps a little smug as she watches the pair climb down from that rooftop to join them. Of course, said smugness is gone before either of them get to see it. "Have you met Rhodey before, Jemma? He's a very long time friend of Tony's." And, as she named Armory, Pepper figures she knows the young woman accompanying him already. That makes things easier.

"Yes Miss Potts." Jemma ducks her head to hide her own smirk and brushes a strand of hair behind an ear. "He was very helpful with the Psyborgs. I was relieved to have him on our team." Pepper may recall Jemma briefing her on that and the heart issues he had experienced due to the increase in anger because of the Psyborg devices.

"It's been a while though, since I've seen him." she murmurs as she watches the two disappear from view… presumably to the fire escape.

James stops at the armor long enough to grab one of the many sidearms stowed in hidden compartments and tucks it into the waistband of his jeans beneath his jacket before descending to the street by way of rusted escape stairs. Once in the street he walks towards the pair of ladies with a grin, arm out to offer Pepper a brief hug if she accepts. "Simmons, been awhile. Sorry I sort of fell off the map, but you know how things go: if it's not psyborgs it's ruthless South Asian dictators."

Respect Peppa's Authoritah! Or something. Lunair isn't keen on staying up on the roof either. She follows James with a faint smile. She nods at his words. It is true. And James totally has the dad stare down, so Lunair is probably a lot less threatening than her powers would imply. She will tag along, enjoying the cafe and generally not blowing things up.

Of course Pepper accepts. She gives Rhodey a proper squnch (ala that Peter Pan movie with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman) then hooks an arm through his. "Does Tony know yet that you're back in town?" She turns the man so their group now four strong can continue on the way to the cafe on the corner.

"Jemma, please, Colonel Rhodes." The biochem murmurs to the man. Watching the affection he obviously has for Pepper, brings a smile to her lips as she falls in with Pepper and continues to the cafe.

"I, of all people, understand being called away. Duty and all that." She still hasn't heard from Fitz and it's been many weeks since he went on assignment. "The immediate threat of those beings was averted, though." she adds.

Nearing the cafe, Simmons steps forward and holds the door open so Pepper, Rhodey and Lunair can enter.

It's old hat and James falls right into place with it. His arm loops over Pepper's and he steps in line on the quartet heads towards the cafe, "Not yet, no. Just got back a few hours ago… long enough to pick up a six pack and post up on the roof." It's sort of a ritual, head back to new York, find a rooftop to watch the city, and forget whatever he was called off to do. Nothing about their work is pretty, but trying to find normalicy in it all can be every bit as difficult. "Where are we going?" Looking to Simmons with a hard, understanding smiles. "He's a good agent, smart.." She knows that, no doubt, but it doesn't hurt to hear it sometimes.

"Well, then it was serendipity, Rhodey," Pepper says as they enter the cafe. "I'm guessing you haven't eaten anything either. You're in luck. This place makes some amazing soups and sandwiches." She leads them to a table and finally lets go of Rhodey's arm so they can sit.

"I know. I just miss his company and his brain and I can't say anything to his girlfriend, either." Simmons waits for the group to pass through the door and joins them at the table Pepper selects.

As Simmons Senior Agent knows, the biochem has been confronted with many things that Fitz would know right off the bat… things she's needed to work out on the fly, in the field, under fire. It's been challenging.

"Soup sounds lovely, Miss Potts" she finally says as she takes a seat and then looks to Rhodey "Any more issues with your heart?" It's clear she's concerned.

"Soup does sound good." Rhodey agrees with Simmons as they all settle into one of the tables with his arms crossed over the top, "So far, so good. I had to do light duty for a few weeks before going back on active patrol, but I haven't run into any issues once the endorphines cleared my system completely. Actually felt a lot more calm under fire, if you can believe that." And he's already pretty calm… most of the time anyways. They don't call him Peace Machine, right? As for her position? James chuckles, "Never had a doubt in your ability in the field. Don't think you give yourself nearly enough credit… not that it's bad having two brains on a single task, but I always imagined you two were more of a paired set working equations from seperate angles. Anyways, PATTON keeps telling me I need to let you spend a few weeks updating his medical knowledge and he's got a directly line on every medical journal on the planet. So for what he's vote of confidence is worth, there it is." And a look to Pepper, question long overdue forming on his lips, "How's Tony? Last time I saw him we were under fire and he didn't seem himself then…"

Pepper smiles as Rhodey and Jemma catch up, but then he asks about Tony. "Busy as always. You know how he is." And with her busy with CEO duties, she has less and less chance lately to go in person to make sure he's not killing himself in his workshop. She's been having to trust JARVIS to hodl down the fort on that one.

Jemma cants her head and considers Rhodey for a moment, eyes thoughtful. "Yes, I can believe, actually. After experiencing the levels of emotion you were subjected to, your training likely kicked in and helped you adjust.

Waving off his compliments about her abilities in the field, the biochem blushes slightly and murmurs "Thank you." before her eyes widen at the rest of his revelation "I'd be delighted too, of course. But … I'm not sure I can add very much." Still the thought of discourse with PATTON is obviously intriguing to the young woman.

"I still haven't had chance to meet Mr Stark, now that I've moved into Stark Tower." Jemma looks to Pepper and then to Rhodey "I've attracted some rather unwanted attention and my current accomodation was made unliveable" she explains "Stark Industries was referred to me as somewhere safe … and Miss Potts has been most generous in an apartment there." Jemma just hopes the Sigma agents don't find her there.

"Pepper has access to PATTON through JARVIS subroutines, I'll clear him for some R and R to get a little face time with you while you're staying on property." Rhodey says with a small grin and a nod. The rest, however, has him paused. Not just about Tony either, they both know he's going to do what he's going to do whether they're keeping him on task or not, so James focuses his attention on Jemma a moment, "While I'm in town, I'm at your disposal if you need a little extra muscle with… whoever is after you." Open check, ready for a signature.

Then he's stepping up from his chair, "Speaking of, I should go get the armor off the street." Not that it can't take care of itself or wouldn't tell him before things went south. Pepper probably knows what the real deal is… he's gonna go try and check in on Tony, for all the good that'll likely do. "Let me know if you need anything, either of you, yeah? Civilian life is boring…" A little ghost of a smirk cuts the side of his mouth. "Keep me busy."

Pepper Potts chuckles at Rhodey. "Sounds good. We'll be here. And I'll bet I can find a few things to keep you busy around the Tower."

"That would be lovely, Colonel Rhodes." Jemma responds and she looks to Pepper. "I'm sure I could use the help." Event the 'holograms' appear stretched in protecting the biochem - go figure.

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