Joyeux Yule

December 15, 2015:

Rain Needs A Yule Log! It's Tradition! Certain Titans provide one.

Rain's Mansion, Queens, New York City, New York


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Fade In…

It's two weeks away from Christmas. Or actually a bit less. And of all the people in the world who deserve this particular gift, Garfield Logan has decided that Rain is the one who needs it the most. So, he's an elephant. Not pink but green, equally disturbing to drunks everywhere. And he's carrying a very large log. Which, frankly, has an odd look to it. Apparently, Gar asked a friend, one Alec Holland, where he could find a good Yule log, and Alec sent him to a place where the perfect such log could be found. Tree, killed by lightning, and it was about the right size for Rain's fireplace. Well. It would be if they had to use chainsaws to make it so.

Hopefully, though, Gar is being assisted in transporting this thing.

When you have a rabbit hole, transporting things is the easy part. The hard part is staying balanced on top of your elephant. Vorpal is clad in safari clothes- though in a nice teal color- straddling Garlaphant as he opens the aforementioned hole with a destination just in front of Rain's dwelling.

"All alooone, like Tarzan boooy… OOoOoooOoooo!" the cheshire is singing, clearly thinking that the moment requires a soundtrack.

The manor is being repaired after Kythe's jealous rampage. At least the first floor is rebuilt, and good progress is being made. Construction supplies litter the yard, and there's freshly planted bushes after the fire shitting bats took out a good chunk of the plant life. New grass is here, too. Necromancy does a number on the lawn, too.

And then, there's a Tarzan boy songbit. Rain opens the door and peeks out. "Oh goodness, hey." She smiles, and waves to the two. Rain seems a little tired, but otherwise well. Captain ambles up shortly behind. "Hey." He offers, in his rich, baritone voice.

"HIIIIII" Gar trumpets, "We brought you a yule log! In time for it to cure for a week before it's time to start the fire!"

He's so very proud, his ears are flipping a bit and his tail is wagging. He looks around the front porch for the traditional location, and THUD, sets it down.

"Hi Captain! Hello Rainicorn, Hello all you zombies inside."

They might be zombies for real. Gar doesn't know.

"The place is coming along nicely," the cheshire cat says, sliding down the Garlephant, landing in a crouched position on the floor, grinning. "Gar decided to get all festive and whatnot, what do you think? 'allo, Cap'n! How's the ship shaping?"

"Thanks," Rain smiles. "And awesome!" She beams. "It looks magnificent. And oh, gods, no. No zombies. We had to clear the flaming skeletones Kythe left," She explains. "But thank you guys so much," She does mean it. Captain's tail flicks slowly. He's in a good mood.

"Good, thanks. They finally put in some cat walks in the new wing." So now the glorious feline overlord can look down upon his subjects! "Did you guys want to come in? We can help set the log up, and umm…" She's being a good friend and hostess. "How are you guys?"

"I thought it had to dry out for a few days? I have to confess to not knowing what your tradition is, I mean, the German version is to do it on Christmas and the old Saxon version was Whenever But It Had To Last A Month and the Croations and Serbs both have a different version," Gar says reverting to human (wearing his red and white standard costume but with a green scarf.)

"Oh, and what's a Kythe? You don't mean the old scots word for 'togetherness' do you?"

"Gar, stop showing off," the cheshire smirks and begins to head towards the house as they are invited in. "My favorite yule log is the one you make out of chocolate, I'm afraid-" he is referring to the French 'Buche de Noel', of course "- aside from that… I'm woefully ignorant about winter traditions. I'm only along for the sparkles."

Rain smiles. "I'll do it the German way. I just wanted to set it to dry, and invite you in," She offers. "And he was a demon. I gave him a chance after we rescued him, but he was - jealous," She offers. Rain goes quiet for a moment. "My family definitely did a lot of pagan things," She explains. "At least I have a ninja roommate now. Only problem is I never see him," That is both a joke and a truth. "Nothing wrong with enjoying the atmosphere and sparkles. There's a lot to enjoy." Rain is on the porch, chatting with a now human Gar and a Vorpal. Captain is sitting with them. Rain pauses. "You're welcome to come in for a snack. But I wouldn't keep you."

There's an odd truth to Rain's words as she does have a roommate now. Having heard the commotion downstairs, the Silent Master quietly rose from his meditation spot somewhere in the home that Rain let him move into and moves along the floors to find out what's going on. Seeing that she has guests that she knows seems to put Snake-Eyes at ease, as he slips back into the upstairs landing before taking some of the side passages in the house to just suddenly be there just to the right and rear of the witch, arms settled loosely about his chest, emotionless visor looking at the two guests blankly.

"Demon? Ick. Can't get the ichor out of the carpets. I'm proud of Vorpal. He wasn't even creeped out by meeting Alec," Gar says, ruffling the Cheshire's head, "but to be honest, I dunno if he got a good look."

Gar was being a bog monster (aka squashwhut) at the time, so perhaps the Vorpal didn't notice the shambling mount that speaks like a man. Gar should've introduced him as "another one of John's old friends." That would've fixed it.

He pretends not to notice the ninja, though he's intrigued by the completeness of coverage in the costume the man (apparently unless there is some uncommon jutsu) is wearing.

"I do not get creeped out, Garfield," Vorpal informs Gar with a raised eyebrow, "I merely can't stand the smell of demon. They don't bathe." He gives Gar a look and smirks. "I'll forgive that remark solely because you're wearing the red costume." Color coordinating for the holidays was always appreciated.

"A ninja? Is it because they're just very sca-" the cheshire's words fade away as suddenly there is a man, there, in a black bodysuit just behind Rain. "I see. An actual ninja. First Loki and now a Ninja. Rain, you have the most interesting roomies… hello, Magical Rain's Mysterious Ninja Room-mate," the cheshire grins and waves at Snake Eyes, "We are her team-mates and totally not assassination targets." He thought he should point that out. Just in case, right?

Rain smiles, looking to the ninja here. "Yeah, it's - faded by now. We've been cleaning up and rebuilding. Loki has gone home for now," She explains. "So it's just me, and Snake-Eyes here. Snake-Eyes, -" She lets the two introduce themselves. Rain looks genuinely happy to see Snake-Eyes. Huh.

"And oh dear." A wry smile at the two. "Well, you're welcome inside if it's cold."

When Rain introduces him, Snake-Eyes offers a small bow of his head. It's obvious why she keeps him around, clearly - he's the great conversationalist that she can talk with for days on end. His hands lower to the side, releasing the two knives his fingers had curled around in case that Gar the Shambling Mound had been some Kythe summoned beast to cause yet more trouble. The latches are reinstated, and he places a gloved hand momentarily on Rain's shoulder. There's no dark jujutsu around him, he just seems to be very quiet and very covered. The silence could be some weird jujustu, though, who knows for sure.

"Psst. You're not supposed to notice the Ninja until he's introduced," Gar hissts to Vorpal. "And we'd love to come in and get warm. We were in the swamps of Florida just a few minutes ago, and it's cold here by comparison."

He shivers a bit, growing downright furry — though, green fur — when the wind picks up. The red and white costume doesn't have shoes, after all, and it's only short-sleeve and short-tights. Kind of cold for winter, even with the scarf.

"Wuss," Vorpal teases Changeling with a grin, "I thought you were made of sterner stuff than that! We'd love to come in…" he takes the first steps towards going into the house, proper, "So how on earth did you two end up room-mates? I don't think there's a Ninja Roomies Wanted forum on the internet…"

He pauses short of entering, and looks at Snake Eyes with a raised eyebrow.

"IS there?"

Rain smiles at Snake. She seems to enjoy his company, quiet and calm. She is a quiet, shy type, after all. They can just be quiet at one another and call it good. "He puts up with all the weirdness," She offers. "That's a huge point in his favor," She notes.

She accepts Snake as he is.

Rain looks between them. "What would you like to eat and drink?" Then a beat. "And oh, there totally is." She winks. She waits for Snake to go with it or deny it as he wishes. She and Captain step aside to let their guests in.

As he listens to the explanations and meanings on how he came to be here, Snake-Eyes tilts his head in a curious manner. It could just be the SHIELD marking on his shoulder that caused him to be here, or the subtle nod he gives to the idea that Rain has a magical want ad for odd roommates that includes wizards, demigods, demons.. and now ninajs. Releasing Rain's shoulder so she can play hostess, the ninja gestures to allow the two further entrance before he turns to follow along with Rain.

Gar wipes his feet before going inside — he pulls a cloth from his pocket to do so, demonstrating that his pockets are weird and don't show bulges, even when he wads it back into the pocket. (Never track mud from Okeefenokee Swamp into a New York mansion. It'll clash with the carpets. And by clash, 'get into knife fights with.')

"Tea and whatever goes with it," Gar suggests. "We didn't want to put you to any trouble."

Vorpal doesn't wipe his feet, but that's what construct slippers are for, after all. He's familiar with how strange Gar's suit is- he still hasn't figured out where the hell it goes when his boyfriend transforms, and Gar won't tell him. He has been tempted to ask Zatanna if she can cast a spell to find out…

"I'm fine with whatever the green guy has, I'm easy."

And he gives Gar a smoldering glance, as if to say 'I DARE you…'

He nods to the ninja, though. He has never met a ninja yet- well, except for the ones over in Japan, but they were easily overcome, so he figures they must have been low-level NPCs.

"Well, we have hot water, so tea and hot cocoa are definite possibilities. I'll fetch you some tea, then," She offers. "Earl Grey okay?" She lets them enter before her. She quirks a smile at the two and the I'm easy joke. "There's plenty of snacks." And a smile to Snake. She enjoys his company! Snacks, ninja want ads and all. She is quiet for a moment. "For the most part, I've honestly been working and repairing the manor. I don't want to be in the depths of winter weather with half a house apart." And there's even a fire going in the small, indoor fireplace at the moment. The logs crackle, and Captain goes to sit in front of it to warm his hairblz.

"Earl Grey tea is delightful," Gar says, making sure to stress that he's referring to the tea and not to the nobleman. He finds a place near the fire and says, "Easy is entirely on the eyes of the beholder," and smirks. Sideways compliment, check.

"Wasn't there a ninja here a moment ago?"

Vorpal gives Gar a look and then he ponders on something. And grins.

What has he thought about? We'll never know, but he did *think* about something quite fixedly for a few seconds.

"You are right! he's gone, just like that… that's terribly exciting. It's like being in one of those movies. One moment he's there, the next he's gone… does he ever startle you, Wuna?"

Rain just lets her smile linger. "Yeah, he does that sometimes," She offers. Captain is roasting his buns by the fire cheerfully. Rain nods, and will bring out a pot of hot water, some cups with tea bags full of tasty, tasty full leaf earl grey tea.

There's also a tray of marvelous tea cookies. Then a pause. "Sometimes. But it's how we work. We get along well," She offers. "He's very kind to me. I let him set up a meditation room. It's very nice to have someone who can kick ass in a melee combat, too." She will set the tray in the living room on a nice table. There's a nice couch, a loveseat and a recliner.

"Yes, having a martial ARTI… ahem, artist around is frequently… fun," Gar says, giving Vorpal a cookie from the tray. One of those litte hard ones with nuts covered in powdered sugar.

"So, what have you been doing other than kicking demons to the curb?"

The cat gives a rather satisfied grin and grabs the cookie, giving it a CHOMP. "And havig ninjas in the house. Don't forget about that part… I like the ninja. He's clearly the strong and silent type- it's what drew me to Gar," he gives Gar a grin and raises an eyebrow. Silent, Gar is definitely not

A wry smile. "He's really sweet," She offers. "We made sushi and tea once," Rain adds. "And yeah, it feels much safer." Captain is snoozing by now. Rain beams. She will take one of the powdered rose and almond tea cookie. She will pour hot water into the tea cups to let it steep. The fire warms the room well, and mundane and magic heating keep the manor comfortable. "We may have a party when that wing of the manor gets rebuilt. You're welcome to come. Or even just for Christmas, too."

"That would be wonderful," Gar says, "assuming we don't have another Christmas Stupid Invasion Trick. We'll be doing the feed-the-homeless prep early this time, instead of trying to man the hot lines," and he reaches over and pulls Vorpal into a hard side hug. "quiddit," he whispers, then takes a sip of tea.

"Keef was talking about working on Christmas for more money. I grinched that idea."

"Alrightalright," Vorpal answers and chuckles, putting his attention elsewhere. As Gar pulls him into a hug, he rests his head against him. "Yeah, he even shapeshifted INTO the Grinch, if you can believe it. We'd love to come over… we could even cook for you and… Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes… what an… interesting name. Is he a gambling man?" he asks his witch-friend.

"No, he just - prefers it," Rain replies. "I haven't gotten his real name out of him. Probably something major in his past," She offers. "And I'd love to have you guys over," A faint smile. "And understandable." She seems happy at the sidehug. Aww. "Well, working on Christmas is rough. And I can believe it. You're welcome to cook or just party. My manor is open," She says. Rain will be happy to settle in, having tea and chatting for awhile. It's a nice winter evening.

"We'll let you know ahead of time if something comes up, or, well, if it's Titans business you might be called in anyway, up to you," Gar says. "Thank you for the tea and cookies."

It's a pleasant afternoon/evening/whatever, it's dark now; they can return to the Castle after visiting. Right, purple cat?

Right, green elephant! "Yes, I love these cookies… you're going to have to give Gar the recipe." Because he's pushed all baking responsibilities onto Gar for the holidays. Because he's spoiled. "C'mon, Gar, we've interrupted the repairs enough… but do come by the castle when you want, Rain. I'll need some help decorating the tree. Gar insists on being the garland."

"Sure thing. I'll get the card for you when you like," She offers. "And of course," She murmurs. Then a soft laugh. Rain smiles. "He would be the best garland, if he so chose." She will give them small sandwich bags with the cookies inside. "Thank you for coming by. And I surely will. I've just been busy rebuilding and tending to small supernatural fires around here, as it were." A shrug. Captain is asleep, legs kicking in his dreams. He is surely a great lion on the plains!

Rain will open the door, letting them out once she grabs a copy of the index card with their cookie recipe. The evening is peaceful, winter's soft breath soothing the night.

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