Day At The Museum

November 01, 2015:

A day at the museum turns terribly interesting when the Titans run across an old friend…


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What do you find in a museum? What DON'T you find? In this case, there's a dinosaur, or rather, the reconstructed skeleton of a dinosaur, and the paleontologist has asked one of his contacts from ESU to stop by and fact-check him on the placement of a particular bone. The contact in question is Garfield Logan, and the reason he's been asked is that he's also known as Changeling, or Beast Boy if you're nasty, and he has a knack for figuring out this kind of thing.

In this case, by turning into the aforementioned dinosaur and letting the paleontologist check the location.

"Yeah, that's not even from the same animal," Gar says through a large, horny beak, careful not to swing his head too widely lest he break something.

"That's from a pterasaur, I dunno how it got in this quadriceratops skeleton, they're not even from the same eras."

"Great," Jordan Joffire (paleonotology) answers. "I thought they might've screwed something up."

Of course to a normal person, there's no way to tell that a quarter-inch fragment of fossilized bone is not from this animal, but apparently after enough time, the bone whisperers learn this stuff.

"Am I the only boy who didn't go through an 'Oh my god dinosaurs are awesome' period?" The voice belongs to one Keith O'Neil, aka Vorpal of the Titans. Sundays are one of his days off and he's decided to tag along with his fiance- because interesting things are bound to happen when the two of them are together. It comes down to chaos magic, or something of the sort.

"It does say a lot, though," the cheshire says to himself as he stays out of everybody's way while Importan Stuff is done, "that nowadays I don't even think twice about the fact I know someone who can turn himself into a dinosaur."

Today is a typical weekend at the museum. Most of them aren't even -open- on Sundays, but this one is famous enough that they at least have limited hours.

One of the local elementary schools has chosen this day for a field trip to the museum, and a group of children who look to be around 4th-grade age are filing in through the front entrance, with a female teacher in the lead and a few adult chaperones bringing up the rear.

All seems to be calm and uneventful for the time being, aside from one of the students noticing Changeling near one of the exhibits. Or at least part of him. "Whoa, is…is that a real dinosaur?" he begins tentatively. He thought he saw it move!

Normally, Gar has keen animal senses, but this particular beastie had no predators under the size of a small automobile, so his hearing is pretty ordinary, and his sense of smell is mostly used for other purposes. So he doesn't notice the quiet tromp of tiny high-end-sneakers and the precise clop of Sensible Teaching Shoes. Instead he's in deep contemplation because there's something wrong with what he's turned into, an internal structure issue maybe? Or perhaps it's that there's too much or too little oxygen compared to the Cretaceous when this critter originally lived. Whatever it is, he's lightly drumming his clublike tail on the floor in unconscious contemplation, a sort of rumble similar to that of a cat purring (but louder and more destructive to the linoleum.)

Vorpal ' s years, however, are perfectly fine and very receptive. from his vantage point he can hear the little troop arriving before they make a visual appearance and he takes steps to disguise his appearance by casting and illusion over himself, leaving behind a red headed human.

" careful there, big guy, you get an itch you can't scratch?" he asks Garfield with a light a light smirk. he had transformed himself so as not to seem unusual, because the last thing anyone wants is a class of children distracted by a talking cat and a gigantic green dinosaur.

The group is now coming over to the display, the children eagerly hurrying over once they heard someone say there was a real dinosaur over there. The teacher doesn't seem too surprised by it. "And this is a quadriceratops from the Cretaceous period," she is saying. Some of the chaperones can be heard softly reminding the kids not to run in here.

Now that the group is nearer, the two Titans will get a better look at them. They seem like fairly typical 4th graders, many of them, especially the boys, are really excited about this green dinosaur. One of them doesn't look happy, though. In fact, he looks rather…abused. And depressed. No one seems to pay him much mind, however, and he lags behind the rest of the class.

Fourth grade. Gar remembers fourth grade. He was a little monster, it was great. He stops drumming his tail lest little feet get crushed, and tells the paleontologist, "If they want to touch a real dinosaur, I'm OK with them climbing on me, as long as their teachers keep 'em safe."

He carefully looks at the class, and says, "You ever seen a real live dinosaur up close?"

That straggler is setting off his Gar Senses though. (No, he doesn't have Gar Senses as such. That's a different guy.) Something worse than "doesn't like dinosaurs" may be going on there.

Vorpal hasn't noticed the kid yet, he's looking at the class as a whole. He doesn't look particularly unusual, just a regular young man in a museum guard uniform- because he has to blend in. He lets Gar take center stage- after all, he's the BFD right now.

At the mention of getting to climb onto a -real- dinosaur, the kids' eyes light up with excitement. "Oh, can we please? Please Mrs. Johnson? Please?"

The teacher smiles, nodding. "All right, but be careful. And take turns, we don't want anyone getting hurt."
There is a collective "Yay!" from the class, and the other adult chaperones move to keep the kids in order as they line up to climb on the BFD, allowing maybe 3-4 of them on him at once, as long as it's comfortable for Gar. The straggler kid gets in line too, though he ends up at the back.

As Mrs. Johnson is standing there, watching the kids have fun, one of the other adults suddenly approaches her quickly. He addresses her in a hushed tone, though if Vorpal's hearing is more keen than a typical human's, he may catch what they are saying.

"We need to -talk-."
The woman gives the man a confused look, then sighs. "Not now, Jack."
But from the look on his face, he isn't taking any crap. He takes a threatening step toward her. "That's what it is every time, isn't it?"
She's starting to look a bit disturbed, though she tries not to show it. "Hon are you all right…?"

Gar makes a great jungle gym, and he doesn't mind having multiple kids climbing on him. It turns out the armor plating around his eyes is also very useful to deflect random hands trying to see what his ceratopsian plate feels like - the armored skull is like concrete. Of course there are questions.

"What do you eat?"

"Mostly plants, but sometimes a small mouse or an egg. Hardly ever children."

"Are there other dinosaurs? Are you lonely?"

"Aww, no, I'm just a part-time dinosaur. I don't know any other live dinos. I'm not lonely though, I have friends."

One of the kids says, "You're not a real dino, you're Beast Boy."

"Shh, don't tell the other kids," Gar says. "I'm here helping them figure out what a dinosaur should look like."

One of the climbers tries to jump up and down and is wobbling on top. Gar's distracted from the increasing drama by the kinderswarm.

Vorpal's ear is feline-sharp, which is pretty sharp. Although it is not evident because of the human illusion, the cat's ears twitch at the hushed conversation.

Now he is paying a lot of attention to this convo. Outwardly, though, he pretends to be nothing more than a bored security guard, hardly someone to bother with anything that a human wouldn't notice.

The woman's tone, though, makes him wary.

Gar is busy functioning as a living playground. The kids are loving it though. "Thanks for letting us play with you, Beast Boy!" says a girl who overheard that last bit of conversation.

Meanwhile, the man, who is presumably Mrs. Johnson's husband, glares back at her. "Oh, I'm all right Linda," He glances at the abused child standing at the back of the line momentarily. "But I think you know who -isn't-. I've been putting up with your bullshit for years, but I'm not going to take it any more!" He raises a hand and the woman gasps as it seems an invisible force has suddenly grabbed her around the neck and pinned her against the wall.
"J-jack! Please stop this, y-you promised you'd never—"
"Shut up!" he interrupts. "You deserve every bit of this and you know it!"

He's shouting now, and has drawn the attention of everyone. Bystanders shriek and run for cover or for the exits, and the kids cower in fear. But what will the Titans do?

The moment the man raised his hand, that was enough for Keith. The security guard is suddenly nowhere to be seen, but right behind the man there is a commanding voice -female- that says "I don't think you want to do that." The voice is remarkable because of its calmness.

Wonder Woman. Diana of Themyscira, standing there in her resplendent bracelets and armor, the Lasso of Truth glowing brightly. Sky-blue eyes are fixed on the man with a warning- there's a look in those eyes that says they are the only warning the man will get. One.

Keith likes using that illusion with scumbags, because everybody knows Wonder Woman and what she can do. Hopefully the man, who clearly seems to have some powers, will attempt to attack the magical illusion. The Cheshire Cat, invisible as he is, will then attempt to tackle the man the moment his attention is turned towards the illusory Wondrous One. It's a good plan…

But you know what they say about plans, right?

"Move the kids to the back way out," Gar says to the paleontologist and the teacher who was helping the wobbly kid down. "Kids, you need to go with the teacher and Doctor Fang here, OK?"

The yelling and screaming and the obvious use of some sort of power means they have to stop this before it turns uglier.

"Call 911, tell them what's happening," he says to Doctor Fang. (His name is actually Feng.)

Once the kids are clear he can move, but in the meantime he's a dinosaur shield for them.

GAME: Vorpal has set the pose order to Gar/Vorp/Joey

With the massive dinosaur shield, the other chaperones are able to get the kids out of the way. The museum staff herd begin working to herd the rest of the patrons out, as calmly as they possibly can, though that might take a while.

As for Vorpal, the man's attention is indeed averted when Wonder Woman herself seems to appear out of nowhere behind him. At first, he looks shocked but quickly regains his composure. "No! You don't understand! This -woman- has been turning the family against my son for years! Treating him like -scum-! I won't stand for it! And if you're as -noble- as you say you are, you wouldn't -either-!" He attempts to attack the image of Wonder Woman and push it away, giving Vorpal an opportunity to try to take him down.

The Cheshire Cat moves noiselessly towards the man as he attacks the not-Diana. A glowing blackjack materializes in his hand as he leaps forward and becomes visible. He attempts to give the man a subduing conk across the head to knock him out. .. or stun him. Whatever the man's grievances might be, they lose all validity the moment he unleashes his powers on innocents.

GAME: Gar Logan has set the pose order to Gar/Joey/Vorp

Now that the kids are safely away (mostly) Gar stops being a dinosaur, and turns into a small bird, flying over to where the kid who was hiding back is, well, probably hiding. He lands nearby and says, "Do you want to go somewhere safe for a while?"

If he were human, he'd expect the reflexive screams of STRANGER DANGER but as a bird, well, he usually gets trusted. Or something thrown at him. Either is better than panicky screams though.

Jack is confused when his attack against the Wonder Woman image doesn't seem to do anything. "What the…?" But then he has other things to worry about, when Vorpal comes after him with a glowing blackjack. He quickly turns and a series of bones from the quadriceratops display fly off and hurl themselves at Keith like spears—it would appear he has some sort of telekinetic ability. One of them smashes against the blackjack, knocking it away but also causing the bone to splinter into several pieces. Joffire isn't going to be happy.

"Stay out of this!" he shouts. "Don't make me hurt you, just let me finish my business with my wife and I'll be on my way!"

The kid should have been ushered out with the others, but Gar would find him hiding behind a T-Rex exhibit instead. He's curled up tight, his knees against his chest, and he is sobbing.

"Th-this is all my fault…" he whispers.

Telekinetics. You couldn't trust them- they had a tendency to go Carrie on you. The Cheshire Cat back flips to get out of the way of the projectiles. This was getting out of hand, and the cat's acute hearing let him hear the child's sobbing. That's a piece of the puzzle that clicks and lets him realize the sordid family drama this is. He could fight it out with the telekinetic, but it would cause massive damage and people would get hurt. So. …

What would Wonder Woman do?

"Finish business with your wife? You claim that she has turned your family against your son," the Cheshire says, erecting a wall of protection around himself and the woman, "And yet the only person who has come here with violence is you. Did you see how people ran from you? Is that the example you want to give your son? Foist your legacy of misery on him? "

Oh yes, Keith has a thing about deadbeat fathers, Wonder why? "You have two choices here. You can end this cycle here and now and redeem yourself, or I will end it for you and you will have no redemption. Just another failure of a father blabbing on blaming everyone else for his own mistakes. "

Vorpal 's voice is quiet as he looks at the man. "Why don't you show your son you are better than that for once? "

Gar isn't going to interfere over there if Vorpal has it all handled, which seems to be the case so far. He turns into a cat, and nudges the kid's hand.

"Why is this your fault?"

Gar knows about abusive-rage fathers too… he had the uncle from hell as his guardian, stealing his inheritance, and then later, his adoptive dad was being bent around by the jerk magus to use his mind-helmet even though using the thing made him paranoid-stupid. Whatever it is about cybernetic mind-amplifying helmets, you gotta watch out for the paranoia effect, right? Well, if the kid can explain why he thinks it's his fault, then Gar can help out.

Jack's countenance seems to falter at Keith's sharp words. But they only seem to anger him further. "Redemption?! You really don't get it, do you? There -is- no redemption…not for -her-! I'm doing this -for- my son, to free him from her—her tyrannical oppression! No child deserves to be treated that way by his mother!" He starts flinging random pieces of wall and ceiling at the barrier, hoping it will breach eventually.
On the other side of Vorpal's shield, the Linda addresses him shakily. "P-please don't hurt him, s-sir…I don't know what's gotten into him, he's never been like this before…he never even wanted to use his powers."

"B-because…mom h-hates me…" The boy answers, barely comprehensible through all his sobbing. Well perhaps all is not as it seemed. Upon closer examination, now that Gar has come close, he will find that the kid really has been abused. He's bruised, and awfully skinny to the point of looking malnourished. There are scars from cuts on his arms, too.

Meanwhile, the bones miss the chesire, but instead crash into various exhibits, shattering glass and knocking over fragile displays. Several patrons who hadn't quite made it out yet dash out of the way as fast as their legs will carry them, covering their heads as debris flies.

Well, so much for that. Wonder Woman would have probably succeeded, but she was Wonder Woman, after all.

"Look, man, I'm going to warn you one last time. If you calm down, whatever the hell is going on, the Titans can help. If you give me no other option but to fight you, I will fight you- and we've taken down bigger threats than you!"

The barriers do deteriorate, but more come into being as the old ones give away- moving in concentric bubbles. The cheshire cat is making a show of being under a lot of strain to keep the barriers up- which is part one of two, should this man choose not to give up.

He can't hear what may be going on with Gar now, due to the crashing and wrecking going on. He knows that whatever is going on, the top priority is neutralizing the telekinetic onslaught. But he wants to give the man one last chance before he goes all Wonderland on him.

Never ask a child why his mother hates him. He's likely to tell you and then you end up making all sorts of rage-based bad decisions.

"Then we'll make sure you don't have someone who hates you be in charge of taking care of you," Gar says.

Really this is one for Child Protective Services to deal with. When Gar was younger they weren't as competent. Another head-nudge and the green cat is now a green human in a purple and white jumpsuit, lifting the boy into his arms.

"No child deserves to see his father kill his mother either. Why don't we let the law handle that part," Gar says in a strong voice pitched to carry. (Theatrical training, also handy on the battlefield.)

"You don't have to wreck your life and leave your son at the mercy of the courts. We'll make sure the truth will come out here. But you can't kill her."

Geez this kid needs a sandwich. And why is this guy only suddenly acting up? Something is still missing from this equation.

"No! I can't let her go back to terrorizing him!" Jack is adamant, continuing to hurl pieces of debris and exhibits at Vorpal's shields, the attacks intensifying in frequency and magnitude. "I have to—fight for him! She has to -pay- for everything she's done!" His voice is strained with the effort of his attacks. Despite his power, it seems he doesn't actually have very fine control over it.
Linda seems desperate, now. "Don't hurt him, please! He needs…help…"

The boy doesn't seem to resist Gar. Unlike his parents, Changeling seems to be -reasonable-. "O-okay," he replies, his voice still shaky, but the sobbing seems to be somewhat quelled. Then his eyes widen a little at Gar's second comment. "Please…don't let him hurt her. She hurts people but that doesn't mean she has to be hurt back…"

"I've had just about enough of this!" the cheshire cat growls and drops the barriers. A suicide move? Perhaps-

If it weren't for the Chaos Wave that spreads out from him as the debris heads his way. Suddenly, they are charged with his magic, and the struggle for supremacy begins between chaos magic and telekinetic powers.

"Sadie, a little help…here!" Vorpal calls out, focusing all of his will into the chaos magic field. He's trying to neutralize Jack's telekinesis, that means he's open to being phsysically bonked. But Vorpal can't do that right now, or else he will lose focus…

"You're terrifying him yourself. Calm down. We'll make sure he's not hurt any more, and that's going to mean neither of you is alone with him for a while," Gar says. "NOW CALM DOWN."

Seriously, if he wasn't protecting the kid, he'd be an electric eel tasering the hell out of Mr. TK, but that won't help either. And he's still bugged by this situation. She was surprised that he would object suddenly? That doesn't make sense.

And the battle of the will commenses. Jack strains against the chaos magic, pushing back with all his might. He ignores Changeling, focusing all of his attention on the task at hand. The pieces of debris tremble violently as they are buffeted one way and then the other. Both of them can feel it, the matter is destabilizing…if one of them doesn't give, it isn't going to be pretty!

The boy squirms in Gar's arms. "You friend needs help, mister!" he urges. "You need to help him!"


Vorpal feels the strain, with chaos magic leaking out of his being under the current strain. He will soon lose control, he can feel it. He has to do something.

He could open a rabbit hole under Jack. Destabilize him… it was risky, but it was the only thing he could try…

He focuses, and tries to open a rabbit hole under Jack, dropping him down a few feet high and onto the ground if he manages to open it, hoping that will distract him enough. Otherwise…


Gar puts the kid down in the safety of "behind the T-Rex display" … it's a safe place for now, the bubble of chaos and telekinesis is over there. Where he has to go.

"What's your name?"


"Richard, I'm Gar Logan. I'm going to go help, you stay back here and don't look. Things might go flying and I don't want you to get hurt."

With that, Gar is … gone. Well, not gone but quite small. He flies over at the top speed of a hummingbird, dodging vibrating debris, and comes to a stop behind the man… Another fast change, and Gar's a human again, and he's trying to apply a blood stranglehold, the one where you wrap an elbow around someone's neck and push from behind. It takes less than ten seconds to put someone out, which is why most people who know how, try to keep other people from putting it on them. (It's also not "fun" in Pro Wrassling because it works fast, and it's effective, and if you do it wrong it can cause brain damage, but Gar learned how to do it from some well trained people.)

He also hopes Vorpal is watching his back. That woman is not to be trusted, based on the injuries Richard is carrying…

Gar Logan says, “I don't want any hint of WinterBuyingFestivus encroaching until after the ritual sacrifice of the Franklin-specified national bird mascot.”


The hole appears in the floor, and Jack starts to fall. He can levitate using his telekinesis, but that causes him to momentarily take his focus off of the chaos field, hence allowing Vorpal to seize control. "No!"

And also giving Gar the opening he needs to quickly come up behind the telekinetic man and get him into a headlock. As he starts to pass out, the levitation ceases. He falls through the hole, crashing to the floor below and potentially taking Gar with him if Changeling is not careful!

"Gar!" Vorpal loses focus, so the debris falls down in one *thud* as the field is disrupted. The cheshire cat moves the rabbit hole to give Gar the chance to move through without getting squashed. It would be very sad, if he got squashed.

The drop wasn't intended to be more than a jolt, and Gar lands on his feet and rolls back to hold Jack in a restraint lock.

"Richard is safe. Stop fighting. I won't let him go back to his mother unprotected," Gar says into the man's ear. He looks over at Linda and says, "You. I'm reporting this to CPS. That kid's been tortured under your care."

He nods to Vorpal. "Behind the T-Rex. Name is Richard. They called 911, so we should have backup soon."

All the debris comes crashing down as Vorpal simply lets go of it all. It lands in various scattered heaps around the room, sending dust into the air. Well, this was certainly a mess. It would be a while before they got this room fixed back up again.

Jack had passed out momentarily, but as soon as Gar lets up he comes to again. Except now, he doesn't look angry and determined any more. More terrified and confused. "Wh-what…what happened…oh no, I used them…I used my powers…did I hurt anyone?? Please, I didn't mean it, I swear!" he begs.

Linda is crying. "Oh god. J-jack…" She hides her face in her hands. Sirens can be heard approaching from down the street, now.

Vorpal walks past Linda, giving her a death stare after Gar tells him what she's done to her kid. Luckily his repeating mantram of WWWWD keeps him from telling her exactly what he thinks of her as he walks up to the kid and gives him a gentle smile, "Hey… it's ok, you're safe now. I'm with the little green bird…"

Gar keeps Jack in a restraint hold. "Stay down please. No, you didn't hurt anyone. You wouldn't have been any danger if you'd gotten proper training instead of suppressing everything in the first place. So, why did you suddenly change your mind and come for Richard?"

He looks over at Linda, but with Richard safe with the Cheshire Cat, and isn't that a disturbing thought, he's going to try to figure out that thing that's bothering him.

Richard nods weakly. "Th-thank you." He says quietly as Vorpal approaches. He's stopped crying, though he is still a bit shaken up.

Jack nods quickly. "O-of course, of course…" he frowns at the question. "I don't know, I swear I don't know! I-I would never hurt Linda, or anyone! That's why I never wanted to use my abilities, I was afraid I'd lose control…" He looks around at the destruction that has been wrought. "Oh…-god-…"

"Don't sweat it," Vorpal calls over his shoulder, "We wrecked this place last year, they're used to it."

They did, too. Constnatine was involved, big surprise. "C'mon, Richard, let me take you to another room. Would you like some water? Milk? Cookies?"

This has all the earmarks of mind control, to Gar. An empath, possibly. But if this man doesn't remember anything that sounds almost like a takeover. Gar's met a few people who can do that, of course. He's back in his "usual" form so he can use his animal senses to their peak, and he whiffs the air, searching for any scent on the man that he might recognize, or for other people in the area.

"What's the last thing you remember, Jack?"

"I…" Jack frowns, thinking. "Looking at Richie. I remember looking at him. That's all." he replies finally.
There are a lot of scents in the air, mostly dust and drywall, since most of the other patrons had been evacuated. He can probably smell Linda's perfume and Jack's deodorant. But there's another one that is vaguely familiar, in fact, Garfield may even remember it from an earlier iteration of the team…

Richard stands up and follows Vorpal. "Uh…a-anything would be good." He's not picky. He's used to eating things out of the trash, after all.

"Alright, stay here. I'll be right back." Vorpal steps through a Rabbit Hole- and into the Titans' kitchen. A few seconds later he comes back with Oreos, milk, s'mores, and what he hopes is chocolate pudding and not that fake carob pudding that someone in the team (he doesn't know who) likes to eat.

He tactfully leaves the negotiation of the parents to Gar. He'd be too… angry.

"That can't be right," Gar mutters. And then the cops arrive, and he gets to explain the whole situation to one of them, and another cop is summoned and then the CPS people… Gar has to explain things twice or three times, but it's plenty of time for them to take pictures of Richard and Linda and Jack. And there WILL be arrests made because (1) debris, and (2) clear evidence of child neglect. Gar leaves the parents with the cops.

"I picked up a scent," he says to Vorpal. "Someone familiar… I'm going to see if I can find anything else."

A green bloodhound starts a methodical search of the area, but unless he gets a solid hit that he can track, he can't leave a note even … if it was him he might've already snuck out riding one of the museum staff by this time.

Yeah, it's fairly safe to say that the parents will be dealing with the law for the next, well…a long time. Child Protective Servies is also on the scene, and arrive to collect Richard, who has just finished the food Vorpal had given him. After many thanks to the Titans, the CPS workers take the kid away, likely to their offices where they can start searching for a proper foster home for him.

Actually, Gar is able to find a solid hit after searching for a few minutes. And yes, it was who he thought it was. He'd find Deathstroke's second son, Jericho unconscious under a pile of debris.

Vorpal makes sure that the kid is safe and that they are listed as contacts to be kept up to date before coming back. "Gar? Did you find anything?" he calls as he steps back into the dusty, ruiny mess that is the exhibit hall.

Bloodhounds aren't very good at moving debris; gorillas, however, are, and if necessary, elephants. Gar is checking the fallen fellow for injury when Vorpal shows up.

"Yeah. A friend from one of the earlier teams. We kinda need to get him to the med-bay though."

Why yes, Gar is doing that thing he sometimes does where he totally trusts a friend who may or may not be trustworthy and he hasn't seen in ages. That's NEVER bitten him in the past, right?

"He was under that stuff when it dropped."

Yes, being as versatile as Changeling is definitely has its advantage. The gorilla has no trouble moving the debris away. Jericho looks a little bruised up, though of course internal injuries might not be evident on the outside.

But as Gar is speaking to Vorpal, he suddenly comes to, and begins to attempt to scramble away. It's kind of a lame attempt, though. He had just gotten crushed by a pile of building, after all.

"Transport to the med-bay, coming up, hon." Vorpal doesn't quite question the wisdom of Gar's decision, if something bad happens they'll deal with it, and do so fabulously. The cheshire cat breathes and focuses and prepares to open up another Rabbit Hole- destination: The Titans Castle.

"Hey, Joey, it's OK, it's me, Gar, remember? Beast Boy? You know, the green one?"

Gar's grown up, yeah, but then he only recognized Joseph Slade from his scent, and those eyes just now. But how anyone could forget the green guy who turns into animals, it's just unpossible.

"We're gonna take you home, check to see you didn't get hurt, OK?"

Joey had appeared desperate to escape, initially assuming that his former teammate might be all too keen on getting him locked up or otherwise incapacitated. But when it seems that wasn't the case, he stops and and turns to regard Beast Boy with a inquisitive gaze. Should he trust him?

Well, if this is the Garfield he used to know, at least, -that- Gar wasn't the sort to resort to deception. After all he was always green no matter what form he decided to take on, anyway.

Finally, he nods in compliance, though he glances tentatively over at Vorpal….he doesn't recognize -that- guy. Is that a cat human? A human cat? He's not exactly sure what he is.

Detecting the look of suspicion from 'Joey' (as Gar calls him), Vorpal raises an eyebrow.

"I'm his fiance. You can trust me."

Because cats have no subtle way of breaking news.

An eyebrow goes up at the mention of being Gar's fiance. (You're going to marry a cat?) Joseph signs at Changeling. There's no tone of course, but the teasing look says it all. (Well I suppose…never mind.) A smirk.

"Yes, I know," Gar says. "It's even better, he's the Cheshire Cat. Vorpal, my friend Joey, Joey, this is Vorpal, one of the current Titans … We can talk more once we make sure you don't have internal injuries, OK?"

And, that'll be an interesting conversation when it happens.

"Wait, are you talk-signing behind my ba-front?" Vorpal frowns, and then realizes he doesn't quite know how to deal with this. What with the telekinetic battle, the poor kid, and then Surprise Titan, it's been a bit of a wringer for the cheshire cat. "Please to meet you, er, Joey. Would you guys like to keep chatting or should I open my hole and push you through so you can not die of internal wounds while pleasantly chatting over crumpets? I'm only saying. Pile of debris. Can't be healthy."

(Right, the Cheshire Cat.) Joey smiles, looking a bit amused. Yes, Vorpal, he is talking about you. When Gar introduces him, he holds out a hand for him to shake. Whether or not he gets a shake, he nods at the suggestion to get going afterward. (I think I'll be all right, but the cleanup crews will probably be here soon.) He pauses, his expression sobering. (And I'm sorry about all of this.) he signs, gesturing about the room as well. (Thank you for…straightening things out.)

"But if you come with us you can see where we live now, and … wait, you have that healing thing don't you … Aww heck. OK, fine, if you don't want to come along… then I can't feed you dinner."

Gar offers a green business card to Joe whether or not he decides to follow.

"Has the email that actually reaches me, you'll need to use the security string there."

Yes, there's people beginning to show up. Drizzl, druzzl, drazzl, drome, time for this one to go home…

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