Getting to Know You

March 13, 2015:

Oliver and Connor spend some quality time together.

Queen Mansion

The Queen Mansion can be found near the outskirts of Gotham, and is officially part of the neighbouring Bristol Township. Lying in a heavily wooded area, it affords the Queen family absolute seclusion. The closest neighbours are almost 10 kilometres away. Constructed primarily of Sandstone, the East Midland castle was transported from England to its present site in 1894, where it was painstakingly reconstructed stone by stone. It has served as the main estate of the Queen family since 1976, when they purchased it.

Since then, it has undergone several renovations, sometimes due to changing technologies, and others due to the whims of the Queen family. But while the interior may change with each generation, the main residence remains 60 metres long, 26 metres wide, with a 25 metre high turret in the centre.

In addition to the bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, and foyer, the mansion includes an office, library, armoury, exercise facilities, ball room, dining room, natatorium, wine cellar, and quarters for the full time servants.

Some of the design features are less well known, such as the panic room, the secret corridors, and the security facilities. Overall, it has an old world feel to it. The Queens may not have had money as long as some other families, but they've adapted quickly and comprehensively. As you walk through the Queen Mansion, it will remind you of a museum, with its ornate decorations.


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Fade In…

The tests had come back positive. Oliver Queen had a son he never knew. It was awkward. But he was getting used to it. One of the first thing he did was set up a trust fund, giving Connor some assets. Oliver is a good judge of character, but even if he wasn't, even if he wanted nothing to do with Connor, he probably still would want to ensure that his son was looked after.

It was odd trying to get to know a son who was already eighteen years old, and there were plenty of awkward moments, but things were progressing. It was at that point that Oliver asked, "So Connor, what exactly do you want to do with your life?" It was an honest question, and a fair one.

There was no proper answer, and in fact, an answer wasn't required. All that was needed was to address and consider the question. With the resources that were now at his disposal, the world was Connor's oyster. But what would he do with it?

When the test results came back positive, Connor went from being a well behaved, positive man, into the happiest human-being that one might've ever encountered. While Oliver may have found some parts of it awkward, Connor never let it bother him, which may have added to the awkwardness on Oliver's front.

Oliver would find that talking to his long-lost son would eventually become an easy task. Connor did not lie, and honestly spoke his mind whenever he felt it. On top of his uncanny knack for honesty, he had the most caring heart. Refusing to even kill spiders or gnats. One might look at the two and wonder how in the world they shared genetics, practically polar opposites.

At the question, Connor doesn't take too long to consider the question, "I wish to change the world for the better. There is too much suffering. Too much anger. Too much hatred." His seriousness turns a bit joking, "I might invest in a costume and go parade around Gotham like so many other people with a quarter of the trai-…" He stops himself from speaking about his training, looking out a window, Alex continues, "I honestly was hoping to maybe get a job working for you as a computer scientist… you know… after I graduate. I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out… so I wanted to have a backup plan to show you I wasn't after anything but your acknowledgement."

"That's uh, noble." Usually, Oliver is the crusader. He's the old lefty, standing up for the little guy. He believes in equality, in helping people, he fully believes in the welfare state, in democracy, and everything that he thinks made America great. But he also thinks that America's lost something, so as Oliver Queen, and the Green Arrow, he tries to be a symbol and a role model for how they can be great again.

And yet, it's a bit weird hearing someone else say the kinds of things he often says. "If you do dress up, I'd stick with one of the basic colours, a dark blue, maybe red, but not yellow, orange, or anything that might make you a target." He says it in a joking tone, but there's a hint of truth there. Dark blue and dark red are good colours to wear. They're harder to hit. Dark green also works. Black too. But you have to avoid anything that reflects. That makes you easier to hit.

"How are your grades?" He asks, wondering if Connor would be able to get into good schools without money. Now, he can go anywhere he wants. But that doesn't make it right, or fair. "Course, one problem with computers is that it's constantly changing. You have to stay on top of it, or you get left behind. It takes dedication." Far more than he has. That's why he hires people to do it for him.

There is a sparkle in Connor's eye the moment Oliver mentioned wearing blue or red as a costume. Connor had always had a sneaking suspicion that Oliver and the Green Arrow were one in the same ever since the reports of the two started coming in at the same time, but he never had proof. Without making it obvious he was suspicious, Connor waits for him to finish his suggestion, "Oh, cool. Which color do you wear?" He too asks, half jokingly, but it suddenly becomes clear that he's being serious as well.

Without waiting for an answer, Connor continues to answer the rest of his father's questions, "I've passed every test so far. Top ten percentile of my entire class. It's pretty easy really, but patterns and codes have always made sense. I've got a highly analytical mind.." Wonder where THAT comes from.

Oliver Queen may not be proud of it, but he's an accomplished liar. "When I was young, I was foolish, so I decided that black with yellow, orange, and red highlights would look pretty good. I chipped a tooth climbing a fire escape and vowed never to try it again." Of course, it's said in jest, but the way he tells it, most people would think he was describing a memory.

"That's good, about the tests. I always tested well, but did badly on the home work. I didn't do it, and I… well, let's just say I enjoyed the extracurricular a little more than most." Point of fact, Oliver Queen is probably a poorly trained genius. He'd have to be. He's just too good at too many things. A jack of all trades, but master of none. One can only wonder what might have happened had he applied himself better.

"You know, I heard that most of the mixed drinks I came up with are still in circulation at the colleges I attended." He got kicked out of several. Oh to be young again.

Connor remained suspicious of his father, even after he plays it off with spectacular skill. Connor didn't figure Ollie would up and tell him anyways, even if he were the Green Arrow. Perhaps Oliver wasn't hiding anything! Connor still offers a curious grin at the story, as if to say 'Ooook.'

There's a moment when Connor is listening to his father that he tilts his head to the side, "I ended up graduating top of my class back in Japan. Had very little to do growing up other than martial arts and school-work." When Oliver brings up mixed drinks, Connor offers a polite smile, "Ah, I don't drink. Don't plan on it either."

It really does keep getting weirder doesn't it! Imagine that, the son of Oliver Queen.. a non-partying, straight-edge kid!

The Green Arrow is known as the Emerald Archer, the Battling Bowman, Auu Lanu Lau'ava, the Arrow, the Hood, the Dark Arrow, the Dark Hunter, the Poltergeist, and many more. But the one thing he is not known as is Oliver Queen. When Queen returned, and the Arrow arrived, he took steps to prove that he was not the vigilante. It wouldn't take a genius to put two and two together, so he had to rig the game so that it would make five.

But that's all behind him now. Arrow has gone on righting wrongs, and singing songs, or whatever it is the media seem to think of their modern day Robin Hood. Oliver Queen has kept his name out of the papers, well, he's not as newsworthy as he used to be, and he's quietly gone on about his life.

"A teetotaller, huh? My son's a teetotaller." He doesn't say it like it's a bad thing. Just, odd. Oliver's by no means a drunk, but he enjoyed booze in his younger days, and still enjoys it today, just in higher quality, and lower quantity. A fine cognac is nice. Getting sloshed on bargain beer is not.

"That's good. You should keep it up. And it's nice to know you can handle yourself in a fight. I'll have to pair you up with my bodyguard, see how good he is." And that thought genuinely amuses him. He practically grins from ear to ear.

A blank expression crosses over Connor's face. "I… don't think so? I'm mostly buddhist." Apparently, Connor's never heard the expression before. "I've never been fond of not having control of my mind. I had some… training once to function in combat under the influence of mind altering chemicals. Decided then and there I never wanted to have cloudy judgement." Pausing, a sly smirk slides up the right of his cheek, "I do enjoy sitting in bars and watching people make a fool of themselves." Taking a sip of a bottle of water, Connor pauses, then continues, "I've made a nice little business on the weekend selling my natural hangover remedy to college students." He furrows a brow and quirks his upper lip, "Never understood the appeal of wanting to wake up to a migraines and negative energy every weekend… but hey… whatever floats your boat."

Smiling, Oliver explains that "a teetotaller is someone who refrains from consuming alcohol. And… I could defend the merits of alcohol, but it'd be a losing cause. A friend of mine once said that if alcohol were invented today, it'd be a class A substance. He was English. Apparently that's bad." But instead, it's popular, it's taxed, and 'everyone' is happy, right?

"If it works, you could always share the recipe with Queen Consolidated R&D. There'd be a huge market for a measurable, testable, proven hangover remedy." And it would offset the cost of that trust fund he just set Connor up with. Plus, it'd help many a college student do better in class.

As for how Oliver woke up after a night of drinking, well, that's better left unsaid. It'd probably how he ended up with Connor in the first place. Even at that age, he was the life of the party.

Connor Hawke nods, "It's classified as a poison, so I agree with your friend." For someone whose never had so much as a Coca-Cola, just about any product in the United States is classified as a poison to him.

"It works quite well. I picked up herbalism from my Great Grandmother. She specialized in natural healing, but she taught me a few things about toxins as well, and better yet, how to counteract them in an emergency. Same principles really. I've never had a hangover so I don't know if it works, other than the fact people keep coming back for it I suppose."

There's a sudden look of alarm, "D'oh! Speaking of which, I promised Old Man Fong I'd help him with his garden today! I'm sorry dad, I've got to get going. Need to get to Chinatown!" He jumps up and starts to head out, but something causes him to stop. He looks back at Oliver and… hugs him quickly. "Later pops!" He'd always wanted to say that! He'll wait just long enough for a reply, before shooting out the door.

"I'll set up a meeting between you and some of the boys from R&D. Sometimes that's all science is, testing something out and seeing if it works in a vacuum. And I'm sure we'll find no shortage of volunteers to try a hangover cure." He laughs at that. Usually they pay subjects, whether they get the real stuff or the placebo, but with this kind of test, they might able to charge the volunteers.

He listens, learning more about Connor's family. There's so much he needs to learn about this man who came into his life. But then it's all cut short, and he receive a hug. That's a first. It takes him by surprise, and very little does that. So he doesn't really respond, doesn't fight it, doesn't embrace it, it's more of a drive by, and he's just a little shocked. Nobody's hugged him like that in a long time. "um… wow," is all he says after, with Connor practically charging out.

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